Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

Hi everyone,  Paul here and I have another picture to share with you from Barbara, Dave & Steve
Looks amazing!
and it fits in perfectly with the samples in today’s gallery.
So, since it is Friday and the sun is shining in this part of the UK, I think the mice should play whilst the cats away!
So here goes, all stamps in the Travel Section of the Clarity website have been reduced by 20% from now until midnight Monday!
Click HERE to go straight to the offer. 
I have been extra naughty and put together a mega-bundle
This has been reduced to a silly price of £26.39
Click HERE
So, now I will pass you over to Barbara
Paul x
Hello everyone, Barb here.
When I was going through the various pizza boxes, these just jumped out at me, I must have already been in the holiday mood.
I love what Lynne has done with this one. 
Sometimes less is more.
Lynne Hammond

Highlighting the glass part of this one with colour, gives the card some focus.


Pretty in pink, a typical Jane Telford!
Jane Telford

I really like the way that Linda has used the bridge to link together the skylines and the words
Linda Spencer

A little bit of chic from Maria
Maria Simms
I can’t remember who did this one, as the back was removed to put it onto the art boards
I am sure I will be enjoying my vacation when you are reading this.
Kelly Ketteringham
Beautiful colours from Jo, warm and yet vibrant.
Jo Rice
Love and hugs x

92 thoughts on “Vacation, Vacation, Vacation

  1. Hi bloggy friends! Its Friday YAY! Hope you are all OK today. Xx

    OK Brenda and anyone else who wants to join in the colouring project, I thought a nice place to start would be the roses. There are four, two inside the heart and two in the bottom corners. How does that sound? Go grab your posh pencils!! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, I'm just about to print mine off. When everyone who wants to join in is here we can have a wee vote on what colour our roses are going to be. Lets not be conventional – red is banned from the candidate list!!! xx

    2. Evening Shades of purple I will join in another day as not good today enjoy colouring and don't forget cushions for sale .night dear blog friends xx

    3. Do we have peaches in the spectrum noir pencil range, anyone know? (You can tell I've used mine a lot, not!!!) Peach would be a nice colour? Or we could be brave and go for variegated, 2 different colours?

    4. Hi Donna.
      I've just printed mine off to fit onto a 6 x 6 card front. How does it work please?? Do we all use the same colours?? xxx

    5. That sounds very interesting. I still like the idea of two colours. Pink and purple might be nice. we have a beauty in the garden. Not that it'll be open for a good while yet.

    6. Hi there all my lovely blog friends, sorry you aren't feeling too good Sheila, hope tomorrow is better for you.
      I would love to join in but going away and dont think I'll have any internet. Will try to print off the heart, not as clever as Morag here and got hers printed for a 6" card, but I'll do what I can. Maybe I can catch up when I get home. There are some peaches in some of the Spectrum Noir pencil sets Brenda. Have a good weekend all of you, love and hugs Pam, love to all on the blog.xx

    7. Hi Donna got mine down loaded so am sorted and ok thanks to a wee pal a know you might know her she's a clever wee thing wi heart o gold, jist need to get some printer ink tomorrow and I'm sorted.
      Liking shades o yellow but nae door broons noo and no got the posh ones so nae fancy colours but I'm still in…xx

    8. Now who could that clever wee thing with the heart of gold be!!! Her name doesn't start with a 'B' and finishes with an 'A', with maybe a 'r' and a 'e' and a 'n' and a 'd' in between does it!!!! xxx

    9. Stop it you lot! You're embarrassing me. Just happy I could help. It's good to share and help, gives me a good feeling and makes me feel I have a bit of worth on this planet 🙂 xx

    10. It's cream or peach or yellow with a pink edging Donna. Dot thought yellow, Sheila purple, Morag said purple too, you said yellow. So what about yellows, with a purple edging round the petals. That should keep everyone happy?

    11. Ok everyone, yellows with a purple edging it is then. Hope Chris is ok with that, she didn't give a colour suggestion. We need to say when we've all done the 4 roses, and then we decide on the next bit. Happy colouring everyone xx p.s. hope everyone is happy with the colour choice

    12. Happy colouring, I like the sound of yellow/ purple roses. I'm going to join in a bit later on, printer not playing ball at the moment. Donna I've got one rose out in the garden this week – it's a lovely bright pink ! Xxx

  2. Hi Paul Dave Barbara and Steves holiday looks amazing place such wonderful views let's hope their begin to relax forget about work blog everything as your all and clarity towers doing a fantastic job and Paul with log also loving the art work such talented design team we have in them showing us what to do with the wonderful stamps, groovi and stencils
    Etc lots love and hugs Joy xxx

  3. Loving the photos of far away places and knowing that you are there enjoying yourself. Enjoying your selected artwork too. Thanks Paul for keeping it going.

  4. Love the photo Barbara and todays picks are fabulous! I'm sure the holiday is doing the three of you the world of good so relax and continue to have a great time! x

  5. Hi Paul, one extreme to the other, yesterday you were being too honest, and today you're trying to bankrupt your boss!!!!! Only kidding! Very generous of you, especially considering all the 20%s will be coming out of your wages when Barbara and Dave get back!!!! 😉

    Lovely photo again. But still not jealous, well maybe creeping a little closer to being!!!!

    Lovely samples again too, very summer, unless you live in Scotland that is!!!! I think my favourites are (in no particular order!!!!) Jo's, Saz's and Maria's. I think Maria has been stamp kissing in hers? Must try that wee trick, very effective.

    Thanks for posting Paul. Hope you have a good weekend.
    Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone

    1. Hi Brenda. Sending big hugs to you. I'm off to my bed, haven't slept for three nights now, so I doubt whether I'll be at the campfire tonight. You can maybe sing a lullaby..just in case I wake and need to get back off to sleep!!! Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hiya Thanks Brenda managed it hen do a get a C.C.A badge I'm well chuffed even found some down loaded PDF stuff I thought I didnae dae right.
      As I said YOUR A STAR wee Ian got the teapot for me but noo I can do it myself…here's yir cuddle…Love Dot XX

    3. I've got a huge smile on my face Dot. Now you can do something that will be very useful to you, and all on your own. That's brilliant 🙂 Made my day :-). Cuddle back xx

      Night, night Morag, I'll bring my special calming CD's, they're bits of classical music meant for calming babies, but works for me too xx

    4. Night my friend keep that smile on your face am so gled yi helped me.. cauld the night got ma fleesy jammies oan Amy going to the hairdressers the Morn wish us luck wi that wan…night hen…xxx

    5. Oh, you'll need all the luck I can send you Dot! I hate getting my haircut too. It's an Asperger's/Autism thing, more than having to sit still, stranger being so close/touching, but I've never managed to work out what the extra bit is. I shake, literally! Hope it goes ok. xx

    6. Hello Brenda, when our printer is behaving itself again I will follow your instructions, you are a star. Hope you are ok. Sending you and Daisy a hug xxx

  6. Love these will be perfect for birthday cards for my son and daughter in law.they are off to new York in November…. looks like Barb Dave and Steve are having a well earned rest 😁😁

  7. Hi Paul you are doing a good job I was waiting for a sneaky special offer. The view in the photo looks amazing. The cards of course are stunning and wonderful inspiration. Take care. Hugs Jackie

    1. Evening blog family of friends thinking of you all looks like our cushions might have to come out this weekend hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I'm not having a good day today CFS symptoms head pains and eyes not good with light and pain in my wrist bones so appoligies for not putting all your names I will say night as in bed catch up tomorrow xxx

    2. Hope you have a good sleep and wake up feeling better tomorrow. We'll wait for you. We don't go onto the next colouring bit until everyone has finished the first bit xx

    3. Hello Sheila, my lovely friend. I don't put all the names down now. It's lovely to be able to say there's too many. I would hate to miss someone's out so I just do what you have done tonight. I'm so sorry you're in so much pain tonight. Try and get some sleep and I hope you feel better tomorrow. Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, sorry to here you are feeling a bit pants. It must be very frustrating after having a few pretty good days last week. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

    5. Ah Sheila – bless you! Sorry to hear that you are suffering at the moment. Your turn to rest up again now – take care special blog friend – sending you lots of healing hugs, Gilly xxx

  8. Hi Paul, how good are you, enabling us spend more money!!! My hubby is sure to want to thank you hahaha!! The photo from Barbara looks fabulous, so restful. What a great choice of samples today. I'm getting so much inspiration from the wonderful Design Team. xx

  9. Hello all my lovely friends. Still no crafting done today, but I have just printed the Clarity heart out. Only I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing with it. I know someone will help me out. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  10. Hello Paul – enjoying the pictures. quick question – Barbara said you were on Hochanda on Sunday. I cannot see any programme with you. Is it another day?
    Any out there know what date Paul is on?
    Love to Paul and all the bloggers. Have a good weekend
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne according to the Clarity website, Paul is on Hochanda on 5th June 14.00 – 15.00, usually Paul does,at least 2 sessions so don't know if this is correct, it could change by then.xx

  11. Hi Paul – we did think that you would get up to 'no good' whilst 'the boss' is away!! Thanks for keeping the blog on track and another great photo from the globe trotters! Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – hope that you have all had a good day. We managed to go out to do a bit of shopping today, and snoozed later on this afternoon. Still being good and taking things very easy! Hoping to get the heart printed off tomorrow – so that I can join in! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I'm very pleased to hear that you're both being sensible!! This 'heart' colouring sounds fun doesn't it. This will be the first time I've done this, so it's going to be very interesting too. Take care my friend . Love and Hugs xxx

  12. Lovely art work and lovely picture from Barbara, I'll be having a mooch at the sale stamps in a minute. I received my sale parcel today but I haven't even had a chance to open it yet.

    Thank you to all of you blogites for the kind comments yesterday regarding my daughter's boyfriend. He had a MRI scan today but we haven't heard how he got on yet. He had his four wisdom teeth taken out in the morning, had the scan in the afternoon by which time the anaesthetic had worn of and he passed out. Poor boy has had a rotten day.

    1. Ah bless him Julia! My heart goes out to him (and you and your daughter) – I really hope that the result of the MRI scan is a good one. Pleased pass on our best wishes – hugs Gilly x

    2. Oh dear, that was a lot for one day poor soul. Hope the results of the MRI scan will be good news Julia, you certainly all deserve it. Love and hugs,Pam xx

    3. What a terrible ordeal for him Julia. It's not surprising he passed out. It doesn't bear thinking about, what he must be feeling. I do hope he gets some positive results. Love to you all. xxx

  13. Hi Paul, lovely photo Barbara and Dave sent. Thank you for posting it. You are naughty more sales. Daren't look cos I'll be tempted. Still living on bread and dripping after Sunday. Can't spend until Crowborough now. Goodies arrived today, two boxes. Great Design team cards again today, they definitely have the wow factor. Have a super weekend Paul.xx

  14. Great cards… have just had to splash out on some new (actual) specs so best save my pennies! Plus am coming to Crowborough retreat for the first time and want to have a full purse for then…

    Looks like Barb and co are really enjoying themselves – just as it should be!

    You're doing a great job Paul!

  15. Thanks Paul Fab DT samples.. show's just how Our Barb chose these great artist's to be part of her team in the first place.
    Have a great time you three if you manage to read this Barbara our Paul doing a great job and a wee message from the C.C.A Go on just have a ball us lot were going Nowhere right guy's… Love Dot XXX

  16. Hi Paul and Barbara
    Fabulous photo again today, oh I'm not jealous at all 😀😀. You all work so hard you deserve a relaxing holiday in a magical place. Have fun. Paul you are being a shocker with 20% off and a special bundle, it is good of you to spoil us. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hi Paul, well you have been naughty, but what a super deal, I think I may just have to take up this offer, as I love all the samples. Love the pic from Barb and the guys. Beautiful scene. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  18. In my head I'm sitting under a palm tree with my feet up! Actually it's pouring with rain, a rumble of thunder for good measure, and I'm thinking I probably need the heating on and a cardi…but my gold envelope arrived today, so that will cheer me up. x

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