Book em’ Dave, I mean Danno

Book em’ Dave, I mean Danno

Evening everyone, late on parade today – oversleeping this morning by half an hour has thrown me out all day. 
Anyway, I have a few more pics from Barbara, Dave & Steve to share with you

Looks like Dave could give Steve McGarrett a run for his money!

A very special couple

Right, time to hand you over to Barbara

Paul x

Aloha! (oops I mean hello) already getting into the Hawaiian swing of things even though I am writing this before I have even left the UK.
Today (Thursday) we are flying to Maui

The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles (1,883 km2) and is the 17th largest island in the United States.[4] Maui is part of the State of Hawaii and is the largest of Maui County’s four islands, bigger than Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, and unpopulated Kahoʻolawe.

So since we will be travelling to another of the islands, I thought that today’s gallery suited it perfectly.

Adjust the Sails Stamp Set
Rope Knot Stencil

Lynne Hammond

I love the colours that Lynne has used on this card – very nautical and a bit of grunge paste through the stencil helps to give the rope knot some texture.

Jo Rice
Looks like Jo has worked her magic with the Clarity Stencil Brushes on this one, perfect for using with the stencil and adding some gentle colour around the edges of the card 

Diane Whitehouse
A beautiful piece of art from Diane, adding some netting and star fish embellishments.
I can just see this in one of those box frames. 
Well I hope you have enjoyed today’s trip through the gallery.
Love and hugs x

107 thoughts on “Book em’ Dave, I mean Danno

  1. Hi Paul – thanks for doing today's post and sharing those photos of Barbara and Dave with us! Sorry to hear that you have had a challenging day! The card samples are wonderful, and I particularly like the last one – it would look really good in a frame! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hello to all of my lovely, kind and caring blog friends – thank you for your comments once again. It did help to know that you were thinking of us yesterday! Unfortunately, the MRI scan wasn't totally clear on one side, but we know that it hasn't spread to the lymph glands or the bones – which is so good! Neill has chosen to have radiotherapy, but needs hormone implants before that can start. So the treatment won't be finished before the end of November – which is a long time, but (as Barbara would say) it will take as long as it takes! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Gilly. I hope you have both been recovering from your outing yesterday. Yes the news could have been much worse, treatments are being refined all the time and I am sure November will soon seem to come round if you can both keep yourselves occupied xx

    3. Hi Gilly, so glad that you've had some good news, it could have been a lot worse. Surprising how quickly November will come round.
      Hope Neill's treatment will start soon, once you're in a routine time will fly. Thinking of you, make sure you still have your rests. Love Pam xx

    4. Hello dear blog friend we are June a week wednessday just take each day don't look to far ahead and that way you will cope now Neil has chosen the treatment he wants and you have got each other for strength and we are here each day on the blog sending lots of hugs to help you through thinking of you each day xxx

    5. Hi Gilly, it's such good news that it hasn't spread to lymph nodes or bones. that was our fear too. Hubby had surgery, but it still managed to spread outside of the site of the prostrate. Radiotherapy did the trick perfectly, and as has already been said earlier, the only side effect that he experienced was tiredness. Easily remedied with you know dear. The time will fly by, you'll both be surprised. The main thing now is to get it over with. Love and hugs to you both. xxx

    6. Thank you all, for your lovely supportive comments. We have both been resting today – and Neill lit a fire this evening as it's very miserable weather here, so we are nice and cosy! The hospital is a 40 minute drive away Julia. I was so sad to read your comment about your daughter's boyfriend – way too young to have to go through all of that. Sending hugs to you all xxx

  2. Anyone remember the Hawaii 5-0 joke? 'Honolulu?' 'No, On a surfboard!' First thing that sprang to mind when I saw Dave's photo.
    Hope they're all enjoying the sun, sea and surf! ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila, managed to do a little yesterday but have been engaged in the old housework today. Weather too rubbishy to walk or garden. Walks planned for tomorrow, though.
      Hope you are managing to do some daily crafting. ;~} X

    2. Hi Shelagh I've mannage to do some crafting a little each day I went on your blog the parchment you made is stunning you are so talented hope you get to craft and enjoy your walk xxx

  3. You ar always an inspiration. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Your light panel has made such a difference, thank you

  4. Wonderful!
    Thank you for the update Paul – get an early night later as we can't have you slacking or getting into bad habits while the boss is away (as if)!!

    1. Hi Donna, it's good yo be reminded of the stamps you have and if you don't have them you can get them on your list. Providing you would want them. Ha ha. Hope you've had a good day, have the children been behaving? Finished my Daughter in Law's card today and pleased with it. Been out this,afternoon having coffee with a friend. Love Pam xx

    2. Hi Pam, children have been good. My list is growing so long! Need to win the lottery……. Of course my chances would increase if I remembered to buy a ticket! Xx

  5. Brilliant photos. Thanks for posting Paul. Sorry to hear you've been all put out by having overslept. You wouldn't think that half an hour can throw you out all day. I'm sure you'll catch up tomorrow. Lovely design team samples again today, love that stencil and stamp and I have used it a few times.xx

  6. Hi Paul. It's horrid when you oversleep, the day never seems right. At least Barbara wasn't waiting with a watch at the ready and I'm sure you more than make up the time on other occasions! Thanks for the update and the samples are lovely xx

    1. Hello pals. Lovely rain last night has made the garden look so much fresher and it stayed fine long enough for me to get the outdoor jobs done, yet rained early enough for me to finish my challenge and send it off. Some lovely ones on there already and spotted a couple from the blog followers, Pen yours is very clever xx

    2. Hi Chris, we've had,a bit of a clear up around the garden, a couple of trips to the tip. Put my calendar challenge in yesterday but don't think I'll have time to do the other challenge, you never know. There are some lovely ones on there as you say. xx

    3. Hi Chris, we've had,a bit of a clear up around the garden, a couple of trips to the tip. Put my calendar challenge in yesterday but don't think I'll have time to do the other challenge, you never know. There are some lovely ones on there as you say. xx

    4. Hello Chris it's lovely in the garden this time of the year isn't it, the start of planting up so you can sit surrounded by flowers in the summer. Take care xxx

  7. Thank you Paul for posting. I love the photos from the holiday it looks like they are having a great time. The cards are stunning. Sorry your day has been tricky. I hate over sleeping. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  8. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all enjoyed today, you were asking about my back Sheila, the gardening didn't make it worse as I was stood up cutting back shrubs. We went for a walk later and I tried to walk fast (really need to loose some weight) but that led to a really bad night, knees hurting and back. Can't win. Never mind take it slower now. Hope you aren't suffering with your hands. I finished a card today and was actually pleased with it for a change. Loving my new light. Been trying the picot edging but so far I'm rubbish at it. Love to you all and everyone on the blog.xx

    1. Evening pam good you managed to garden but shame you pushed yourself a little too much we never learn do we glad you got your card Finnished I love my light tray wow it makes such a difference when groovi-ing I've been making backgrounds today with my gelli plate so much fun for a change I've had a good day crafting hugs xxx

    2. Keep going with the snipping it does get better. I pricked long straight lines and then snipped them all. When I first tried it it looked like a small mouse had been nibbling my parchment! Xx

    3. Hi Pam, have you tried Pilates? I had major back issues some years ago – MRI scans loads of medication physio etc. The hospital physio suggested gym twice a week and Pilates and both keep me going. I find using the treadmill and cross trainer helpful – no cobbles or hollows to negotiate and the weight machines let me focus on individual muscle sets.
      I am useless at picot too but will try Donna's way xx

    4. Hi am laughing at Donna's wee moose picot cutting don't know what mine will be like but going to have a go when my plates come worth a wee try like Donna say's..hugs Dot…xx

    5. Thank you all for your caring comments. Had my parcels from Clarity this morning do I'm a happy bunny today. Have been trying the picot edging like you said Donna, think it's going to take me a while, mine looks like a mouse has been nibbling too.xx

    1. Hi Donna, still no crafting here. It's a bit late in the year, but finally got my winter curtains down, washed and put away. It's been so cold I've been putting it off! But now I can't move!!! A few days rest should put me right, and then craftroom… here I come!! Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna enjoy watching your film, which one is it tonight! When you said your shopping was being delivered I had visions of the ice cream fridge in the victor of dibley!! That would be perfect for you xxx

    3. Evening Donna internet shopping more time for crafting or just chilling wi your sister sounds good to me I'm into the Downton box set a friend gave me just now never saw the 1st series so never watched it after that but I'm loving it …xx

  9. Lovely artwork, this blog never fails to inspire me. I am sure the weather in Hawaii is better than Manchester, it was nice and bright until 3pm then it poured down just in time to soak the schoolchildren on their way home.

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana Brenda pam gilly morag Julia pen Chris sue 57 and all the dear blog family here and to all on the blog I would like to say thank you for all your daily surport you have helped me through some very tough days I think I'm now on the right road I've crafted today with my gelli plate and inks making backgrounds ready for the July calendar challange while I'm on a good day I've got June's groovi one ready to e mail in happy crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I wish I could have been with you to have fun playing with the gelli plate, I do enjoy using the paints. We all have problems and you help us as well. Knowing there is someone there who cares helps a lot even though you don't always know our problems. A couple of years ago my daughter's boyfriend had a cancer scare but thankfully the tumor was benign but he still had a major operation to remove it. We have just found out that the tumor is back – he is 17. I am concerned for them both as they are inseparable.

    3. Hi Sheila, the support and caring on this blog is amazing. But it is definitely a two way process..or maybe I should say 22 way!!! I'm glad you've managed to have a good day crafting. But rest tomorrow eh!!!! Big hugs to you xxx

      Aaw Julia, I'm so sorry for your daughter and her boyfriend. 17!! They shouldn't have to be going through such as that at their age. It really puts things into perspective. I do hope everything turns out okay. Hugs xxx

    4. Julia life can be so cruel 17 is no age for them to have such worries major surgery at 15 also the love they have for each other will get them through sending hugs for you all xxx

    5. Evening Sheila I've not tried a gelli plate yet I came in late to this stamping and real crafty stuff until I came across Barbara on the telly I was very much a CD crafter and a bit of die cutting but now enjoying it even more hugs to keep you going…xx

    6. Evening Dorothy you will have to invest in a gelli plate it's so much fun to use for making backgrounds and with stencils and paint and stamping on to to make reflections I was like you till I found clarity it's opened up my art work (me blogging me entering challenges never ) but I do since watching Barbara xxx

    7. Pleased for you Sheila long may it continue. Sad for you Julia at 17 your life should stretch out in front of you. I hope all goes well xx

    8. Oh Julie Thats so awful for your daughter and her boyfriend, do wish them luck and hope the prognosis will be good. A worry for you too as of course you're worried for them both.xx

  10. Aw Paul, you've no got the hang of this yet so I think me and you need to have a wee chat! When the boss is away and you sleep in, you keep quiet about it and she'll never know, ssssh!!!!!! 😉

    Who is he trying to kid (Dave that is)!!!!! 😉
    The photo with both Dave and Barbara made me go aww.

    Great design team samples again.

    Thanks Paul, for posting Barbara's photos and her blog
    love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone.
    I've been thinking, are we up for doing a group colouring in of our flower heart download Barbara gave us? Like we did the teapots. It would keep us going until Barbara got back, and we'd have lots of pretty pictures to cheer her up with when she gets the post holiday blues! Donna, you're good at being boss for this, are you up for it? Sheila, Dot, Diane, Pam, anyone else wanting to join in? xx

    Glad you could craft today Sheila. How long until your new medication kicks in? I just wanted to remind you that when it does you'll feel able to do a lot more, but please remember your CFS won't be used to you doing more, so you'll need to slowly increase the amount you are doing. And to expect two steps forward and one back. Not to get disheartened, you're still on the road to improvement and a much better quality of life xx

    1. Always up for a bit of colouring Brenda, you know me 😁. I will have to try downloading it again as last time I tried it didn't work. My question is…….wait for it………….. Are we cracking open the posh pencils???? 😮

    2. Of course we are, now I know there are much better posher ones, got to use these up so I can justify splashing out, eh!!!! What movies are you watching? Got my buttons sorted out, just got a long string of today's ones to tie up in sets, but I don't need the daylight as they're already matched up so can do that tonight. That'll clear more floor space in my craft room. It's amazing how much bigger the room looks just by clearing a small bit of floor space. It'll look vast soon! Well until I start the next crafty thing anyway!!! xx

    3. I love colouring Brenda, I'd certainly be up for that. Just tell me what I need to do please. It sounds like you're really getting sorted with your crafty stuff. when you're can always pop in and do mine!!! Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Brenda it could take up to 3 to 12 weeks till I feel the difference but I'm hoping that the steroid injection keeps working ,you are so wise after my busy day yesterday had a bad night with my CFS and a slow start to today but stated to feel brighter as day went on so know that's is my CFS . I wasn't able to download the heart so cannot join in even with my posh pencils xxx

    5. I'm in Brenda but not much hope for me if there's a problem downloading it.. Av nae chance.. but a know a lady that jist might help wi that eh!!
      Need to make two wee cards first though oldest grandson 15 on Sunday and wee Amy is 11 on the 13th June how time flies eh was it no yesterday a wis changing there nappies.
      Here's yir cuddle…xx

    6. Found it really quickly – just put "heart download" in the search box on this blog and it popped up! The crayons are staying in the tin tonight though. Do we post them to Clarity Towers?

    7. Hi Brenda
      I will have to play catch up as the printer isn't playing ball at the moment and needs a delicate touch ( a whopping hit with a hammer!) go get it working again. Whoohooo posh pencils at the ready!! Xxx

    8. Here's your instructions everyone for downloading the colouring in page
      1. go to April 20th blog – FREE Garden Heart Digital Download and a heart-to-heart.
      2. click on the – Click HERE to download the colouring page!
      It's below the picture of the garden heart, and the words are in red.
      3. Clicking on the red words opens another page where you see the black and white garden heart for colouring in. What you need to do to download it is – there's a black band across the top of the page with wee signs in the middle of it, directly above the heart picture. If you can't see them move the mouse about and they should appear.
      4. There's 3 wee signs, it's the middle one you want, the arrow pointing down with the horizontal line under it. Click on that arrow.
      5. this brings up a box at the bottom of the page asking if you want to open, save, cancel. The save option has a wee triangle next to it with the point down. Click on that wee arrow and then click on – save as.
      6. This brings up a wee window which on the left lists all your folders/places on your laptop where you can save it to. You'll have one called downloads, documents, pictures/photos, or if you have one where you normally save your craft stuff. It doesn't matter where you choose to put it, just choose somewhere that you know where to find the folder. Click on the name of the place you want to save the colouring in page, and then click – save, at the bottom of that wee window.
      7. all done. now go to the folder you saved it to and you will see the name – clarity_colouringpage004_gardenheart. It's a PFD. All you do is double click on it to open it and then print it off from there.

      If anyone still can't download it, tell me exactly what's going wrong and I'll try and work it out for you. And please say if there’s anything you don’t understand in my instructions. remember there are no silly questions. And it’s only easy if you have the knowledge or know what to ask/where to find out. So don’t be shy!

      Oh Morag, what an offer!!! Donna will decide which bit of the page we will start to colour first, we'll decide on what colour, and then we go and colour it in our own interpretation of the colour/s. Then we decide which bit next, and it goes like that.

    9. Chris, with the teapots we emailed photos of our efforts to Barbara. A lot of homework before we're at that point though!!! xx

      Talk nice to it Diane, it's more likely to respond to a kind gentle touch!!!! xx

      Aye, time flies Dot. It is a fact, the older you get the quicker time feels to go. It is logical. See if you can get your head round it. A newborn baby, their first day is all they know, so the first day is a lifetime to them. A twenty year old, a day is 1/7300 of their life. So in relative terms is far shorter than a day is to a newborn. Cuddle back xx

    10. Nae worries Dot, happy to help, and keeps ma auld brain active!!! xx

      That should say PDF not PFD. PDF files are opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which should already be on your laptops. If not let me know and I'll tell you where to download it from safely.

  11. Lovely cards and artwork particularly like the little star fish and net. The photos are an added bonus. It is lovely to see you having a wonderful time out there. There has still gone a tremendous amount of thought into keeping the blog going and I am enjoying looking at the different card samples.

    1. Hi Julia it's brought back happy memories for me to my Dad had a wee sail boat when we were wee my Mum wouldn't step foot in it but me and my brothers loved it I can still here us squeal when we went under the Forth Rail Bridge to this day…love Dot

    2. I'm sorry to read about your daughter's boyfriend Julia. That's just so wrong eh. Sounds like he's a strong lad though, to have already got through it once before. Hopefully he'll find the strength to get through it this time too, with all the love and help he'll get from his own family and your family. I'll be thinking about you all xx

    3. So sad to hear about your daughter's boyfriend Julia. Hope they both get the care and support that they need to get through the treatment. I'm not far from Raigmore if you'd like to pop in for a cuppa and a chat! Susan x

  12. Hi Paul. What great photos. It's lovely seeing them both so relaxed and happy. Thank you for sharing them. I think you deserve a lie in now and again. You do a brilliant job. xxx

    1. Hi Morag you still on the nightshift yet sorry wisnae around for the cuppa last night but hopefully your catching up on your sleep tonight. If no keep the campfire going I'm sure someone will turn up till then hugs ; love Dot.xx

  13. Hi Paul and Barbara
    What lovely photos, thank you for sharing, that waterfall is amazing , looks like you are having fun Paul take it easy, a good early night will help! The artwork today is beautiful, thank you for sharing. I don't remember this stamp set! Xxx

  14. Hi Paul hopefully your in the land of nod now at least you remembered our wee special blog had a laugh at Dave should have taken his shoes and socks off though and see he hasn't opted for the flowery shirts yet or maybe on the next pic.
    Hope you get off to a good start tomorrow thanks …Dot..xx

  15. Thank you Paul for more highlights of Barbara's hols and Dave on his surfboard made me smile and a big aah for the picture of Dave and Barbara together. I love those pieces of artwork posted today, absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for posting this Paul. x

  16. Hi Paul, thank you for sharing the photos with us, it looks like they are having an absolute blast. Love the artwork, very inspiring. Have a great Friday all. Bx

  17. Hi Paul, it's also a thank you from me for sharing Barbara's pictures.

    It's always a bad start to the day when you oversleep!

    Love the nautical themed art work. One of our very dear friends is a master boat builder so this has given me some creative ideas for his birthday!

    June x

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