Turn it round Barb !

Turn it round Barb !

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Well, many of you know about yesterday’s little Motorway saga,
which is completely insignificant in the bigger picture (for sure)
but nonetheless has thrown the proverbial spanner in our ClarityWorks !
There we were poodling up to Liverpool in our little van, 
Steve, Paul and myself,
loaded to the gunnels with Clarity goodies, 
all geared up for a fab craft show in Port Sunlight. 
Got as far as the M6Toll road, and without warning the engine seized as did the steering.
At first we thought we would just get it towed to the show, 
and worry about it afterwards.
The sun was shining, and we even had a little picnic with us…
But as the evening progressed, 
and it got colder and darker, we started to reconsider.
All rescue services were maxed out on the other M6,
so we got bumped to the bottom of the priority list.
Maybe they heard we were having so much fun! (which we were)
Steve is such a clown!
After a night of being picked up and dropped off 
at various places on huge flatbed trucks,
we finally made it back to base in Kent at 5am.
Complete Waste of time, but not terminal. 
Nobody hurt, just an inconvenience. 
And when you hear what is going on in Canada!
My goodness. We are so lucky actually.
But what we do have now is a load-a-load of beautiful Claritystamps and Groovi stash.
So let’s turn it around! 
A very good friend of mine, John, always said that to me.
“Turn it round, Barb. Turn it to a positive”

PEASE NOTE! To receive your Breakdown Bonanza SALE discount. Enter the promotional code MAY20 when adding an item to your basket. Then click ‘Update Order’. If you don’t enter the code you will not receive any additional discount. Thanks for shopping!

Starting NOW, we are launching a 20% online sale 
on all Stamps, Stencils and Groovi plates.
If you were expecting to see us at Hulme Hall, 
go to the online sale – I know it’s not the same, 
but hey! When God gives you lemons, make lemonade.
In addition Clarity Club member discount applies too!
And we raise some funds for a new engine!
Van’s already in the repair shop – engine being sourced.
One thing I am disappointed about…..

Our good friend Jayne Nestorenko, 
who you probably know and love as much as we do,
has a fabulous collection of very beautiful stamps.
Well, she’s not up to doing the shows any longer,
and asked us to help her sell them.
So we bought the lot!
We were very proud to be exhibiting Jayne’s stamps at the show,
alongside her spectacular, stunning artwork.
That was going to be a real treat for visitors.

But again, “turn it round, Barb”

The good people at Clarity Towers have constructed a little Jayne Nestorenko shop on our website today, together with her lovely art.
So you all get to enjoy her art. 
20% off all Groovi plates, stencils and stamps. 
And off all Jayne’s stamps too.

It’s a win win.

Oh!! And we get a weekend off!!
Get the deckchairs out!!!!

love and gratitude always,


148 thoughts on “Turn it round Barb !

  1. What a positive blog after last night's escapade! What a shame for all of you, including Jayne, but I'm off to the website! Make the most of a sunny weekend and think of it as a bonus! xxx

  2. Well I live to far away from Liverpool , so it will be nice to have a little spending spree ,
    So glad you are all fine after all that happened on the motorway , I remember braking down once on the M25 near dartford bridge , seems forever that you are waiting for someone to come ,.
    Have a lovely weekend in the garden , it will do you the world of good,,.

  3. What a great turn around of a bad situation Barbara, you always find a positive, can't wait to put my laptop on and shop til I drop….thank you! Love to dear Jayne, I wish her well x

  4. When I said behind the scenes pictures I wasn't expecting them to be of the M6 toll road! What a shame you couldn't get there, but at least nobody was hurt apart from your vans engine. Thank you for the web sale. Xx

  5. Hi Barbara, you poor souls, but glad you managed to be positive, and have a bit of fun too by the looks of it. Do you hire Steve out? He's just what I need!!! ;-). I know most people will be totally understanding, and for those few that maybe aren't – they're not worth thinking about. Thank you for yet another very generous sale, which I will be putting my Zebedee springs on for. Jayne always comes across as a special lady too, I miss her on the telly, sorry to hear she's really poorly. Some Jayne goodies will be going in my basket too. Love to you and Jayne too xxxx

    hi everyone xx
    Donna, guess what I found under your sleeping bag when I was tidying up the campsite after you all left this morning!!!! xx

    1. Website being crashed gives us time to look out our want/need list and decide what we're getting. Mine is very long, make take a while 😉 xx

    2. I hope none of our Canada friends are caught up in the fire. It's unimaginable how terrifying that must be. Seeing the phone videos on the news, they're like out of an apocalypse movie eh. I keep praying everyone escapes ok and all the animals manage to outrun it too.

    3. Come on Brenda, I'm bursting with curiosity..waiting to find out just what you found at the campsite. Surely it couldn't have been a Jar of N*****a!! cos that's sitting in my cupboard!!!
      I'm doing my lost while I'm waiting too. Hugs xxx

    4. Ooo I love Nutella, pancake, banana, Nutella (not too much) and ice cream yum yum. When we went to Switzerland a few years ago we went to a lakeside cafe and had just that, only I think they spread the Nutella too thickly, made it too sickly.

    5. Hahaha oh Brenda that made me laugh, you read my cheeky post to Donna last night😀, yes Donna there was a sneaky jar of the chocci stuff under your sleeping bag xxx ( sorry Brenda I promise to be good next time! Xx)

    6. Brenda, pleased to see you have sorted Donna out but I think you'll have to keep an eye on Pam. It must be a Scottish think but I don't see what the fuss is over Nutella…give me a dollop of real butter on my pancake and day.

    7. Yay, you're my pal Julia 🙂 xx

      Right, picot edge cutting. Got it sussed. Remember how I said I'd got it almost perfect after watching the wee video, well could I repeat it! I've even ended up with a not very good picot edge round the finished picture I was doing, but it's all uneven so kind of looks ok if you didn't know how it was supposed to look, and the person it's for doesn't craft! Anyway I've sat for ages and worked out what I was doing differently. And sussed out to hold the scissors so they don't hurt your hand/wrist. I rested the parchment on the wee foam mat, edge to be cut hanging off. Scissors held the proper way, but held very lightly, no need to hold tight. Left hand finger under the holes to cut, scissors in at an angle, twist your whole arm to the left about 45 degrees, and while twisting put the pressure on the edge nearest you, the waste edge, not the picot edge you're keeping. If you push the scissors against the picot edge you're keeping that seems to be what mangles it up. Once twisted gently snip. No sore hand/wrist, no muscle ache, unless you do loads of course!!! And no mouse chewed looking picot edge!!!! I'm probably all wrong, but it's what feels easiest and looks most like how it should

    8. Right you have inspired me to get snipping this weekend Brenda. I will prick some lines and start sniping tomorrow when I feel more awake. In, down, twist and snip…………………what could possibly go wrong? XX

    9. Ha Ha Ha Brenda C.C.A(campfire security)contraband found and disposed off I'm laughing here your all as nuts as me Thank God you lot really cheer me up. trying to work through this list off stuff I need might work nightshift website be quite then here's yir cuddle Brenda…xx

    10. Donna Brooks!!! You are not going to give up are you? Brenda, you might have to invest in a Nutella detector, something like the detector they have at airports.

    11. Hmmm, wonder if Daisy is any good at sniffing it out!!!!

      That's me done my contribution towards the new engine!!! And I get Clarity and Jayne goodies to add to my stash 🙂 A positive from having no support to pay for! I was thinking, Jayne's Cute Companion stamps were some of the first stamps in my stash.

      Me the perfectionist, I can't give the parchment piece with the dodgy picot cutting as a gift. I did 4 variations, one has already been relegated to the practise piece, now this one too. 50% successful, guess that's not too bad for my first proper go at this parchment lark! It doesn't feel right though to be spending all that time on something that can't be used for anything. This time I'm going to cut the edges with a knife and ruler, play safe 🙂

    12. Good luck Brenda, I bet they are not as bad as you think but I know what you mean about having to be happy with things if you are giving them away. I am going to practice today too. Xx

    13. Morning Brenda you up yet wee help needed here when ordering I get the diamond discount but not the bonanza one I heve put the code in it shows on the item but disnae come off ????.xx

    14. Hit enter after putting the code in, that worked for me. the other thing I found was sometime when I was checking out my basket, the discounts had disappeared, leaving the page, i.e. going to another page on the website and then clicking back on the basket button at the top worked for me. refreshing the page didn't seem to, but that may be worth a try too xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Had a less chaotic day than yesterday thankfully. Been to garden centre to get some new pots etc. Hope you're ok. Looking forward to the sale if I can get logged on. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi Donna treated a friend to afternoon tea today to celebrate her birthday, it was at a lovely house and garden centre. Hope you have a great weekend, the weather forecast is looking good isn't it xxx

    3. Good job I got you that sleeping bag might be a long night I was in the supermarket today came upon the shelf wi the nutty stuff and let out a wee giggle the woman next to me gave me a strange look which made me giggle all the more ….see you at the campfire…xx

    4. Hi Donna, Good day thank you. Hope you have too. Lots of us getting excited over the sale. Haven't tried to get on the website yet, but hopefully over the weekend. Have a great weekend. Love Pam xxx

  6. Hi Barb, glad you are all home safe. And out of a negative there is a positive.

    Hope I will be able to get onto the web site…it is on a go slow …. a memory of Gray Friday comes to mind.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  7. Just seen someone could get on your site so checked could get on
    So went back on Facebook to tell lady must be doing something then someone else said Barbara is having another grays type sale so then came on here at yes you are explains the website being down you are so good to us all what a horrid night you had. Least home and weather looks good so enjoy the sunshine cause think this next week will be busy if crashed website is anything to go by lots love and glad home safely Joy xxx

  8. Agggghhhhhh! Website has crashed again! We can't even get in to reboot it! Please back off for an hour or two so we can get in and change the fuses! Xxxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    So sorry that you've had all the trouble and you were looking forward to the show. Just think though now you get the weekend off and you spend it with Dave! Thank you for the sale although it seems that the website has gone into meltdown again!! Not To worry ,I'll just keep trying. Was good of you to buy all of Jayne's stamps – she's such a lovely lady. Anyway, enjoy your weekend off, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day, been lovely and sunny here today and not as cold. Looking forward to the sale and I can feel the cushions are needed!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. I thought you would be saving the pennies like me. That said I couldn't get on the website either!!
      Will leave the Towers in peace until tomorrow, as long as I can grab a bargain before we go to Edinburgh on Monday,,,,xx

    3. Hello Alison. I think we all may need mattresses rather than cushions this weekend haha! Hasn't the weather been great. Long may it last. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Alison, hope you are enjoying this lovely weather – I know, we could use bouncy castles and inflated paddling pools along with cushions! Hope you manage to get on the website soon xx

  10. Oh I wondered why I had got such a bargain on my Alphabet set. Glad you are all OK and safely home. Will have another little look around the website, well it would be rude not to.

  11. Oh dear Barbara – it looks like you've done it again, less than 2 hours after your blog and I'm getting a message to say the website is unavailable!! Another Gray weekend ahead??
    So sorry that you had a bad experience yesterday but at least you are all home in one piece that's the most important thing when you think what could have happened xx

  12. I guess the elves at Clarity Towers are now running round like mad things. When the website crashes that fast after your announcement, it just shows the level of your popularity. I will go and have a look and do my bit towards that new engine when things settle down again. xxx Maggie

  13. Hi Barb,

    it's great 20% off all Groovi plates, stencils and stamps and all Jayne’s stamps.
    Have a nice weekend with your boys 🙂

    Warm greetings from Germany


  14. So sorry things went wrong in my home county but glad you are turning it round. I have just tried the web site but seems you are too popular again with the great offers you have given. Hope I am able to contribute a few nuts and bolts for your engine later over the weekend.

  15. I always compare your ups & downs with me and my husband (we were luxury coach operators now sold that side of our business and just operate a small fleet of school buses) our stress level was at boiling point sometimes never wanted to answer the phone out of hours in case it was a problem. Hope you find a way to not let the down sides get to you too much.

  16. So sorry to hear about your trip. Just glad you were all ok. It could of been alot worse. Things happen for a reason. It's nice to see you have a sale on. Will have to think what I need!! Hope you sort the website out, so I can contribute to the repair. Will try again tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend off.

  17. Sorry to hear of your van problems. My car engine keeps flashing at me so it's booked for garage. That's life and it means day off work so great crafting opportunity. Every cloud..as they say. Good luck anyway. Off to check out your goodies…

  18. Oops you've done it again…
    I will try complete my order when your website is back online
    Hoping you all have a stress free weekend…but i have a feeling you will be busy

  19. Glad you're home safe and sound, but you must all be exhausted. I think you and Dave should wrap yourselves up in cotton wool this weekend – first the van, then the website…..
    Fab news about the sale – I don't really NEED anything, but that's never stopped me before, and I just cleared out a box of aperture cards that I'm not going to use, so I have a space to fill! I love Jayne's artwork and stamps too, and really miss seeing her fab demos, so that will be a special treat. Thank you, Susan x

  20. Oh Barbara, I think you crashed the site again! Your team only just recovered from Black Friday, those poor guys. You forget your power, one whiff of a bargain from Barbara and cushions be dammed, you've got us all falling off the wagon again, crashing the website in our stampede for a Barbara Bargain! Hope you are all chilled and recovered again from your abortive trip up north. Hugs Karenxxx

  21. I'm so glad you're all ok, and sorry about Jayne. How do I find your website? I'm not too good with computers, and want more Clarity stuff… It may be a miracle if I find this site again, much of my writings just disappear into a puff of smoke. Hope to see you on TV soon – but I have trouble even finding Hochanda. I found your videos on YouTube so I will have many hours of watching you.

    1. Hi Clare, go to the top of this page. Below Barbara's title for this blog you'll see a black band across the page, just click on the name "claritystamp website" and that will change this page you are looking at onto the shop website. Hope that helps, happy spending xx p.s. Clarity are more than happy to take phone orders, if that's easier for you, choose what you'd like from the website, write down the name/number and give them a wee call. I think you'd need to wait until Monday to phone though, but the sale goes on until Monday night

  22. Sorry you didn't make it to Port Sunlight and your website is cowering under siege from us bargain hunters. Thanks for showing so much grace under pressure. Hope you get the website sorted and time to enjoy the sunshine.

  23. I'm so pleased that you are all safe and well Barbara. You really are brilliant at turning a negative into a positive. Isn't it just like you to have bought all of Jane's stock. That must have been such a relief for her. I'm sorry to hear she's poorly. I used to love watching her on C&C….and apart from your dear self, there wasn't many I could watch with the sound on!!
    I'll hang fire before putting my order in. You just concentrate on having a rest. As has already been said 'Everything happens for a reason'. What is happening in Canada certainly does put everything into perspective. Love and Hugs xxx

  24. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I bet the queue for the website will be 10 times round the block before the nights out. haha! I'm sure we'll be keeping everyone awake over the next couple of days, listening to the sound of bouncing on cushions! Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hi Morag and ladies, well such a shame Barbara did not get to port Sunlight, but we all have to give the website a little bit of time to get sorted out. I also will be holding onto my hands but may wait for the Christmas plates just can't wait. Hope you all have a great weekend doing things you like. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

    2. Hello Morag hope you are ok – oh dear I've got the sound of Zeberdee from magic roundabout boing boing going on in my head now as we all bounce up and down on the Clarity cushions! – what a laugh xx

    3. Aaw, I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of Zebedee hahaha!
      I've had a canny day. I managed to make 14 cards during yesterday and today, so well on target. As you can imagine, not a groovi one amongst them! Mind I haven't been able to get it into my head that its Friday, It's felt like Saturday all day!!! So I think I'd better have a rest !! Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Morag, hope you've had a good day, have a lovely weekend, amazing sale isn't it. Been doing a bit of groovy today, not finished anything as only bought the plates and the starter kit up here. But done the line art on 3 cards and coloured another. Love Pam xxx

  25. Sorry you weren't able to make it to Port Sunny but as you say when you think of what those Canadians are going through – it is nothing really. Great that we all get to benefit from a 20% sale and at least all three of you are safe and sound. Best laid plans and all that!! And a superb bonus of a weekend off in the sunshine. Better luck next time eh?? xxxxx

  26. So glad you are all okay. Pure admiration for your comment – turn it round. You are an inspiration to us all. So positive and lovely to know such a nice person.
    Lots of love – have a peaceful weekend
    Anne (Reading)

  27. Oh my giddy aunts it will be like Gray Friday. I was waiting til I came to Open Day with my list but sorry going to have to add to the absolute mayhem that will be Clarity. Thank-you for such a wonderful offer and I am glad you are all ok even if a little disappointed at not reaching Port Sunlight. Enjoy the weekend, weather promises to be kind, well at least until we light the barbecue tomorrow. xx

  28. Wow Barbara what a wonderful generous offer I have some of jaynes stamps so will be looking at the sale I wondered why I couldn't get on your web site I can now so will have to look at the lovley clarity goodies and jaynes too I did hear she was very ill send all the hugs from me to Jayne to help her through a lovley special lady who I use to watch on c&c .i will treasure her stamps .
    Enjoy your time at home with Dave and the clarity family things happen for a reason glad your safe at home now lots of hugs to chill with xxx

    1. Evening to all the clarity family as the list of names is getting so long I don't want to miss anyone out I can hear all the cushions comming out of the cupboards and getting fluffed up and zebadee springs at the ready see you round the camp fire no Nutella for me I don't like it can I have syrup on my pancakes not to much though hugs dear blog friends and hugs to all on this wonderful blog xxx

    2. Hello my lovely Sheila , I've promised to be good and not smuggle in the Nutella – I've packed the syrup ans a lemon drizzle cake so I will be down shortly trailing hubby and his bank card behind me! Hope you are ok and are getting some of this lovely sunshine. Sending hugs to you and Tom xxx

    3. I've had a busy day one of my CFS friend called to see me she has just lost her dear mum six months ago and struggling with it all I could only listen and give her a big hug and tell her I am always there .then my Drs rang for me to go to a walk in for a chest X-ray and pick up a percription for iron tablets as anemic now booked me in to see dr next Friday and the nurse again in 2 months so off we went me and Tom to the walk in center which we both smiled at as I'm in my wheelchair it's was a bit busy so panic attack but did it so see what next week brings hopefully my new medication .got home then my friend called I've know since I was 17 that's an age ago .so in bed now shattered but it's weekend and a clarity sale what more could a clarity addict want .
      Hi Shelagh I thought you was busy with your design team samples and didn't have time to blog enjoy Mike been home and gardening xxx
      Diana your poor hubby can just see him hanging on saying please don't put no more in the basket I'm going to let your cushions down 😂

    4. You have had a busy day my friend. I'm sure your friend will have felt so comforted having your support…and a lovely hug from you. You'll need to have a good rest tomorrow. Take care! I keep putting off going to bed myself…just in case I can get onto the site! But I think I'll have to give in now. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. HI Sheila, it's been a smashing day up here, everyone is so much chirpier these days. I'll be spending a bit of time mooching on the website this weekend but I'd better check what I already have.

    6. Hi Sheila, doubt whether this will catch you before you go to bed, seeing as you are shattered. Hope you have had a nice day, you've had a lot of running around haven't you. You'll need a rest day tomorrow, sit out in the garden and relax. Love Pam xx

  29. You are amazing turning your disappointment around to a positive and then thinking of all your customers with a super sale. So glad you were all ok, what an awful night it must have been for you all. I was saving my list for the open day as well, but can't miss a bargain. I'm sure there will be more New products I will need by then. Have a lovely restful weekend and make the most of the sunshine. We had a lovely walk through Badsy woods this morning, the bluebells were gorgeous. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hello Pam your bluebell walk sounds lovely, we went on one a couple of weeks ago, wonderful colours and a fabulous smell. Hope you have a lovely weekend xxx

    2. Hi Pam. Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers. We have some in the garden and it looks like they're just getting ready to bloom. Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Dot, working my way through the comments, had,a long break in between, been watching Madegascar 3 with the children. Yes great sale, going to make me break my bar. Hey ho you just have to go with it, don't you? Have a great weekend. Love Pam xx

  30. You are amazing turning your disappointment around to a positive and then thinking of all your customers with a super sale. So glad you were all ok, what an awful night it must have been for you all. I was saving my list for the open day as well, but can't miss a bargain. I'm sure there will be more New products I will need by then. Have a lovely restful weekend and make the most of the sunshine. We had a lovely walk through Badsy woods this morning, the bluebells were gorgeous. Love Pam xxx

  31. Hi Barbara
    On my goodness me, what a nightmare journey for you all! The M6 toll road is a fabulous road but what a pain if the rescue services can't get there! That must have been a great conversation when you were finally rescued ( is the flatbed driver now the proud owner of a groovi starter kit?!). Well done on turning the situation round, as you say it's nothing compared to the awful situation in Canada, those poor people, I really feel for them. I hope the website recovers soon, I will wait a while before attempting to order. Have a lovely weekend, now Dave can have a helping hand with the building work!! Thank you for the wonderful offers and for bringing the lovely Jaynes stamps to us too, such a talented lady and such an inspiration along with yourself when I started stamping. Please pass on my good wishes to her. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friend, hope you don't get too many bruises falling off the Clarity wagon! I hope everyone is ok and you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. XXXX
      Dot , oh my lovely lady, I read Wednesday's comment, sending you a huge hug, you are a lovely and very special person xxx

    2. Hi To all my lovely blog friends in the clarity family. Can't get round everyone tonight individually, hope you have all had this super sunshine. Have a great weekend. Been reading all the comments you are all so special. Have yo go yo bed now nearly falling asleep. Love to you all. Pam xxx

  32. You've definitely turned it around. Love your positive attitude to it all. Will be happy to help fund a new engine by spending in your sale plus the bonus of buying Jane's stamps which I would have missed if you'd gone to Port Sunny. Enjoy your free weekend in the sunshine. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  33. … and the awesome prize goes to – Barbara and her wonderful Clarity team, again 🙂 Always finding the silver lining. If the website goes into melt down, just know it's because we love you (and your product) so much. Thank you for daily inspiration, positivity, and a fresh way of finding the good in everything (oh, and the awesome crafting goodies none of us can resist!). Enjoy your unexpectedly free weekend. Claire x

  34. Disappointed that we won't get to see you at Port Sunlight tomorrow, but glad that it's due to mechanical failure only, and everyone is OK. And the misfortune of a failed engine turns into good fortune for all your Clarity followers, as we get to enjoy your generous sale. Hope you manage to keep at least some of the unexpected free time for yourself.

  35. Well, you've certainly had an eventful day. I'm sure there must have been a few choice words when it happened but you seem to have put things in perspective very quickly. Like everyone else I'll be going over to the website to get myself a bargain or two…thank you for the offer.

  36. So sorry you didn't make it to Port Sunlight but there loss is our gain so thank you for this fabulous sale and have a bit of a rest and enjoy Dave's company after such a difficult day. x

  37. Shame you didn't make it to that lovely place for your show bet there was a lot off disappointed crafters until they saw the Bonanza Sale on the website you certainly made up for it.
    Glad your all ok and cheeky Steve kept you giggling all the way home have a restfull weekend now well apart from Web watching.
    I've got that old telly Bonanza tune in my head now..xx
    Take care and thanks…xx

  38. Wow , what a fantastic offer you have given us . And here I am trying and trying to get my discount ,and thinking that I'm the only one in the whole wide world , trying to put in my order . I will now wait patiently send out some positive energy to you and your dear staff . Thanks Barbara . Keep on joyfully . Jan

    1. I think you press on to deliver to this address and the next screen has the promotion code box, then press update and continue shopping if you want even more goodies. Think I have broke the bank for a few weeks xx. Hope this helps

    2. I have tried a couple of times, can get diamond discount but not the extra 20%. Website was down late last night and I think there is still a glitch so I will try later xx

    3. Just had another go and entered it twice all the way through, diamond discount coming off fine but the code doesn't update with the 20% off are we missing something? X

    4. Same here. The 20% off promo doesn't work. Glad I'm not the only one – I thought it was my Mac playing up again… Hopefully they'll sort it soon, or we'll all be on the phone at 9.05 Monday morning! 🙂 Great bargains, though. Can't resist.

    5. Hi it's was same for me thought it was just website playing up i thought I would ring my order in Monday if it wouldn't work poor clarity towers phones will be red hot xxx

  39. Hello Barb, oh that is so disappointing, but at least you are all safe, and that is what matters. And everyone will be jumping up and down now with the sale. Take care, hope the van gets fixed soon. Bx

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