Groovi Wrens, a step by step, Silly Sales and all sorts….

Groovi Wrens, a step by step, Silly Sales and all sorts….

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
So here she sits in her artroom at home, 
up above the garage,
 with the birds in the trees.
She should be up at Port Sunlight with all her mates,
but there we are.
You never know what’s round the corner, do you?
When the kids were young, and we were potless, 
we used to drive old heaps which broke down quite frequently.
I always told them that God was probably looking after us, 
because up the road a little we might have been involved in a pile up.
So God stopped the car and saved us from getting to the accident. 
They still live by that belief – and so do I.
Lovely sunny day here.
Got out the garden furniture and washed that down early.
And now I can blog at my leisure, rather than in the van on the way home tonight!
When I was on TV last Monday, 
promoting our lovely new Lightpanels,
I had prepped a neat little reflection technique on coloured parchment.
Let me show you the steps here today….
The wren plate is really lovely.
Comes in a set with wild flowers. Also fabulous.
Lovely Melanie designed both of these.
I used blue coloured parchment, so having a light source underneath makes life sooooo much easier!
Centre bird only.
That’s the thing with the plates – you just use the bits you want!
Our coloured parchment is only coloured flooded on one side, so when you use it, the images still come out crisp and white on the other side.
I cut an aperture in a sheet of black card, to work through.
It helps if you don’t want the brightness.

Flip the parchment so that you are working from the front, 
and add the same bird as a reflection.
Now for the Deckle Square nest.
Very useful plate.
Position the branches so they sit on a box.

Offset is good.
Leaves space for a sentiment or word.

Quick peep from the front….

Double-frame is good for colouring in.

See ? Without the light source you really struggle to see
on dark parchment!
I want to add a word down the side, so best write it out first, 
or we’ll be spelling FIENDS or FIRENDS.

Start with the middle letter, so that you get reasonable positioning.

Add the Diagonal Grid.
 (Grids also in the 20% Sale)
This is a brilliant piece of kit for patterns.
I like the white dot embossing you can achieve with the No. 2 tool from the Starter Kit (also in the 20% Sale)

Do the leaves too.
The Diagonal grid is great for irregular shapes.

This is what it looks like from the front.

Colour in with a yellow pencil from behind.

One of the best things about coloured parchment is 
when you use colouring pencils or Distress markers,
it acts as a blend. 
So yellow on blue = green.
red on pink = purple.


Light panel great for colouring too.
Especially with my dodgy eyesight!!!

Works really, really well.

The coloured parchment is also amazing when layering up.

So there we have it.
Use a punch to layer up coloured parchment

Very fresh – very lovely.
And you would never even notice that one of the wrens 
is debossed instead of embossed.

Time to go and enjoy the sunshine.

The website crashed again last night when we launched 
the 20% Breakdown Sale to atone for the Van breakdown!
Blimming typical.

Poor old Jim is losing his hair.
But it will work.
You just can’t all get in at the same time!
Here’s Jim to explain what to do 
if you want to take advantage of the 20% sale…..

Hi, Jim here!
To make sure you receive your Breakdown Bonanza SALE discount, the following these steps will help…
1. Ensure you are Signed In to the site.
2. Add a Stamp, Stencil or Groovi Plate to your basket.
2. When you do this you will be taken to the basket. Near the top of the page there will be a box and a prompt to enter a promotional code.
3. Type the code:
Ensure it is all capitals and no spaces. Then press Enter (return key) on your keyboard.
4. Your discount should now be applied! You can keep adding qualifying items (Stamps, Stencils Groovi Plates) to your basket without having to re-enter the code for your discount. But please look to check that the discount has been applied before you complete your order and go to payment.
5. If it hasn’t worked. Empty your basket, log-out, then log back in. And start from the first step.
*If you’ve made an order and the discount hasn’t worked at all. Don’t worry we’ll be checking all the orders on Monday, and we’ll sort out any monies owing to you.
ALSO! The website is slow, but working currently. It’s still very busy! If you find it isn’t responding, it’s because there are too many people trying to get in. If you can, please try again later. Thank you all for being so patient!
love & hugs ,

113 thoughts on “Groovi Wrens, a step by step, Silly Sales and all sorts….

  1. What a few hours for you all. Many thanks Jim, placed my order just now, pressing enter rather than clicking update order was the key.
    Hope the website behaves for the rest of the sale. Try to get some sunshine in that deckchair Barbara xx

    1. I should also have said that pressing enter takes you straight to the make payment page but that the discounts were there at the end xx

  2. Hi Barbara
    Lovely day and beautiful artwork. Those little birds are almost at the top of my favourites list but the garden birds put them into 2nd place. May we have some geese too please? My light panel, coloured parchment and translucent mat are ordered. I am spending the afternoon trying to make a padded case for the light panel. If my sewing skills are not up to scratch I will have to wait until you release the Clarity version. Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs from Chris X

  3. Made my order successfully this morning, please don't tell my husband how much I spent (& still wanted more but….). Thank you for the offer I hope you enjoy the sunshine. I suspect you might be able to get a whole new van not just an engine!! Have a great weekend xx

    1. Hi Morag, thanks for that. Hope you are well and also my ladies, sun has gone in a little now bet we are going to have a downpour! !! Husband has gone to see football so a nice few hours grooving. Take care all. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  4. Hi Barb,
    Love this project. Just ordered these two plates as I couldn't afford them when they first came out. I'm so looking forward to getting my light panel and new goodies, but don't worry if you are snowed under with orders, I can wait without hassling you. Thanks to you and Jim for sorting out the problem with the discount – it's just worked fine for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Well I have fallen onto the mattress just now – the cushion wasn't big enough! Anyway, it's only money and I can't take it with me!! Website is now working well so I hope you'll all join me! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison, did you feel the ground shaking about 15 mins ago!!! There's the alphabet ordered as well as a couple of other bits! OH dear, I'll have to think of something else for my birthday pressie now. haha! Love and hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, hope you're enjoying your warm sun, we're at least 10 degrees colder and dull here, but it's meant to come up this way tomorrow :-). And hope you're managing to make the most of your unexpected weekend off. Lovely artwork, spring colours, thanks for sharing. Love Brenda xx

    I'm really sorry everyone, and Jim too. I never thought last night because I could have put the instructions of how to work the discount code on here for you all after I'd worked it out and saved everyone all the problems. I feel bad now 🙁

    1. Don't worry Brenda. When I tried last night the website was completely down anyway and you wouldn't have known others were having problems then anyway xx

    2. Hi Brenda. Here's your hug for today. Don't you be worrying yourself for things that are out of your control. I know…easier said than done! x
      It's pretty cold here too, but I've kept myself warm by bouncing on my clarity springs. xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      As Morag has said its been cold here today too. The temperature has just dropped a few more degrees again – I think the heating will be going on shortly! Love Alison xx

    4. Hello Brenda oh I don't like to tell you this but we've had a beautiful day down south. We've been sat watching teams of Morris dancers dancing around the cathedral grounds and the streets in the sunshine. Great music and lovely costumes too, quite a sight. I think you should be employed as the Clarity help desk, you always help us out, it's brilliant. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    5. I think you must have sent subliminal messages to Jim! I did my huge pile of ironing today to keep warm Brenda, and hope you're right about the sunshine for tomorrow – I have weeds that need attention! Sending hugs, Susan x

    6. Evening my wee friend got your wee reply before Jim's so here's one yi helped knew I could depend on ma wee techy pal sorted noo but goin in for anither wee order later on to giud ti miss cuddle fir you and your wee Daisy the {sniffer cat}..xx
      Extra sqeezy cuddle for yi…xxx

    7. Oooooo Brenda, I've just been practicing my snipping and I have done it! It looks way better than it before wooo hooo! Must be time for a chocolate treat……………now where did I put that jar 😁

    8. Thanks everyone 🙂 Thank you Chris and Morag for trying to let me off the hook!!! xx

      Nah, nothing with wheat flour Dot, but I've got banana flapjacks in the freezer, should be enough for everyone to have a bit. Glad you got your order in. I'm trying to sit on my hands as I'm tempted to catch up even more on my want/need list, but I've got more than enough ordered already!!!! Hopefully I'll be back to proper stampy stencilly, inky crafting soon, and I've still to crack open my gelli plate too, lost count how many years that's been sitting on the shelf unused! cuddle back xx

      Donna, that's great, did you find it was the pressure of the scissors on the picot edge? I've not practised today. Started off ok today, but been problem solving most of the time since :-(. Wednesday is looming and I've got stuff to sort out for the garden before then too so hoped to get most of the IOU presents and the cards done today! First it was the printer, I needed to print off a photo for framing. I knew I'd need the driver updated with now being on Windows 10 but it didn't occur to me Cannon wasn't going to make an updated one for my older model of printer! So nae printer, not even the facility to print from a USB stick direct from the printer. Cannon website, on the driver page, said to buy a new model! I love my printer there's nothing wrong with it, and I have huge problems with changes, even when they're necessary and good ones, which was making it even worse. And nae photo for framing! I thought there must be some workaround, Cannon just wants your money! After a search on the internet I discovered you can run things in compatibility mode when there's no compatible drivers :-). So all set up and working great, in fact working better than it was on windows 7, I set it for XP which was the OS when I first got it. So got the photo printed and framed, I really like the photo too, it's one of Loch Katrine from last year. So that boxed ticked. Then it was the parchment piece for framing, but I was putting it in one of those clip frames and the pressure was flattening/wrinkling the raised whitework. I didn't have any other frame, it's really hard for me to get frames because I can't get out to look at them, so tend to buy the glass clip frames with the metal clips for wee pictures as I know what I'm getting. So had to have a wee think of what to do. Solved that one by sticking 1mm foam tape under all the whitework frame parts. That worked good, the bonus being pure white whitework which frames it nicely. I'm giving up for today, before I find the next problem! Head is buzzing and Daisy is feeling neglected! And yes I have signed both, on the front! Maybe these problems today are payback for me not thinking about everyone else last night when I worked out how to use the discount code. xx

      Yeah Susan, I had to give in and put my heating on in the afternoon, been trying to leave it off until evening. I'm not sure if the warmer weather is reaching up as far as you, they've already downgraded it a bit here. I'll give it a big waft to help it on it's way to you if it reaches here. I've still got my winter quilt on my bed and still wearing my winter jammies! xx

      Alison and Morag, it should be warming up where you are more than here as it’s coming up from the South. Hope you manage to get out and enjoy it. xx

      It's ok Diane, I know your weather down there has been good, usually is!!!! Morris dancers, always thought it was a bit weird kind of dancing, with all those bells, but there's probably way more that you guys think are weird about us Scots eh!!!!! I love being Scottish xx

      Hope tomorrow you can manage to do a wee bit craft, or sit out in your garden Sheila xx

    9. Hi Brenda, I think I worked out that last time I was putting too much of the scissor tips into the holes. Also I held the scissors normaly as opposed to the parchment way. Much easier for me felt more in control that way. I pricked rows for snipping and then got adventurous and made boxes. I was trying to remember what you said about the tumble dryer sheet when doing the pricking. Xx

    10. Aye I'm definitely guilty of that one too Donna, got the multi-nicked fingers to prove it!!!! I tried holding the scissors normally too, but ended up going back to the proper way as that turned out to be easier on my fingers/wrist etc. once I'd worked out I didn't need to hold them so tight. sandwich the tumble dryer sheet between the grid and the pricking mat. It does really help xx

  6. Thanks for the instructions Jim, I am a bit slow on the uptake but will keep trying. Think I might try a different computer. Love the artwork Barbara x

  7. Such a beautiful piece do parchment. Can t wait for the light panel to arrive I can see how useful it will be.
    Very many thanks Jim for your help I will now try again X

  8. Lovely step by step groovi and so much appreciated. Got on to the web site before lunch but then hadn't got time to have a good browse so I am going to have another try now. Thanks for the instructions.

  9. Lovely project! Thanks for the info about the promotion code, I've tried a couple of times and it hasn't worked so will now place my order with confidence that it will be sorted out in the end. Hope you have a good day off! Just having a heavy shower here, had to rush out and get everything in as we've been outside all morning !

    Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'm now listening to the football in the hope that Oxford Utd get automatic promotion and we don't have to sit through the play offs !

    1. Hi Jackie, I'm hiding away from the Horse Racing!! Hubby is watching racing on telly, at the same time as listening to the football on the radio. So there was nothing else to do except spend and 'visit' Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Jackie,
      I think you'll find it easy to do now Jim has explained it. Mine went straight through. Turned chilly here again today and it won't be long till the heating goes on again! Mind you jumping up when Sunderland scored twice did something to warm me up – and then all the nervous energy until the final whistle went!!! It's never easy supporting teams in the North East! Love Alison xx

  10. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and certainly agree that this happened to save you from something far worse – and turning a negative in to a positive is also fantastic – so kick back – enjoy the sun and know that someone is looking after you xx

    Much love

    Kim xx

  11. Great step by step. Made a rather large order last night oops! We'll it was too good an offer to miss and I felt I was doing a good deed, helping you with a new van engine. Glad you're having a relaxing day. I'm looking forward to going to Maria's workshop tomorrow. She always has such lovely projects for us. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

    1. I like your thinking Jeanette, I feel I must contribute to the new engine. Lovely project by the way Barbara, I have these plates so no excuse xx

  12. Afternoon Barbara enjoy the weekend beautiful parchment work
    Could you tell me when using the coloured parchment on the light tray do you use the light side to emboss on so it shows through on the dark side if I have read the instructions above right I'm a bit fatigued with my CFS today so mind isn't working as it should xxx
    Thanks Jim for instructions to order will put my order through later xxx

    1. Afternoon clarity family thinking of you all zebadee -ing on your mattresses as cushions won't be enough I know mine arnt big hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I feel quite dizzy with the bouncing!! I'm not surprised that you're tired today. Please just take it easy and rest today. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Please take things easy Sheila! I think you emboss on the dark side normally, but for the reflected bird you do it on the lighter side. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    4. Evening dear blog friends Ive been good Tom has made sure I have rested ,I'm in bed now too I haven't even placed my order but Barbara has given plenty of time to place an order I will say night sweet dreams 😴 Xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, yes if you emboss on the dark side which is the side that has the colour on the other side will be sharp white as it has no colour on. I hope you get a good sleep and feel better tomorrow.

  13. Stunning! I love the colours and beautiful birds. Just home from Port Sunlight, you were indeed missed! I hope you have enjoyed a relaxed day and the sun too.
    Linda xxx

  14. What a gorgeous step by step Barbara. I will be making that one come Monday. I hope you're making the most of your break, although I can understand how disappointed you must be feeling too. You got me through a long night…deciding on what to buy today. haha! Each time I woke..I changed my mind!! Hugs xxx
    Thank you Jim for your explanation, it worked beautifully xx

    1. Hi Morag,
      I want to try this one too, but will have to wait until the light panel arrives and also the bird plate. I'm still debating whether there's anything else I NEED before the sale ends!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Morag oh that made me chuckle, you waking up and scribbling things down in your notebook then changing them a couple of hours later! Sending you a hug xxx

  15. Hi Barbara just got back from port sunlight missed you so much it was very very hot you can imagine with that amount of people. Eveyone looked as though they had been in a sauna. Nice to see familiar faces all praising hochanda which is nice. Love your picture today.
    Love June Horrocks xxxxxxxx

  16. Got on site last night not sure if got discount brain dead at time after lots very early mornings. I to believe there is a reason your not there so enjoy some sunshine relax think we'll deserved think summer may be here been grooving as to new baby cards to do and my baby baby plates came mega quick thank you have great evening xxx

  17. Thanks for sharing, love your blogs and thanks Jim for the directions! Harlequins lost dismally today and i have had too much beer, but home now for my birthday party, enjoy the loverly weather xxxxx

  18. Lovely effect with the reflection. Is that how the Japanese Waterhouse was done on the DT card that you showed at Ally Pally?
    Hope Clarity towers is managing under the strain of the sale. XX

    1. Hello Donna sounds like you've had a good day, it's been lovely here in the sun. I'm going to be doing some groovi colouring later and perhaps adding a few extras onto my list!! Xx

    2. Evening my friend what you been up to today well apart from trying to smuggle nutty stuff into the camp how about getting that Swedish guy to air drop it in we can distract Brenda wi some scones Ive made the day…xx

    3. Hi Donna, not done my order yet. Took the grandchildren to see Jungle Book this afternoon, thought it was brilliant. Hope you had a good day. I'm off to bed soon really tired.

    4. No a cover up eh Dot! Och it's Saturday night, you can all have a treat!!! And since you've all emptied your bank accounts in aid of the new engine you'll no be able to buy any more for a while (method in my madness)!!!!xx

  19. Many thanks for the discount – came at just the right time as I was preparing to order 7 new Groovi plates! Really looking forward to playing sme more with this fabulous system xx

  20. Very clever technique, and thanks for explaining what to do Jim – I kept updating my order with the code and it wouldn't work, but I'll have a go again now. Have a lovely weekend everyone x

  21. Hi Barbara
    It sounds like you have had a lovely day and the rest has probably done you the world of good. I'm also a great believer in things happen for a reason even though it may not seem like it at the time! Today's artwork is lovely and what a simple idea to just turn the parchment round for the reflection, would probably of taken me a month of Sunday's to work that one out myself!! Thank you Jim for the instructions on ordering, must text my sister and tell her to read the blog before she orders, just in case I've managed to lead her astray!! Have a lovely evening and hopefully some quality time with Dave tomorrow .
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope you all get some of this wonderful sunshine tomorrow, it's been gorgeous down south. I'm hoping the website is being good later on so hubby can make a few purchases from the birthday list! Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      I hope we get some of your sunshine tomorrow, it's been cold today. Hope you get your goodies from your wish list. Like ve and hugs, Alison xx

    3. Hi to all my blog friends, so tired tonight so off to bed. Hope you've all had a good day, have a good day tomorrow too, please leave me some clarity stock won't you. Love and hugs to you all and everyone on the blog. Pam xxx

  22. I got the best of both worlds today. Managed to get my order in late last night: individual letter stamp set, baby magpie groovi plates, pricking plates and tool set, large leaf stencil. Spent the afternoon at Port Sunlight enjoying the show and stocking up on yet more goodies. I'm glad I only go once a year as I'd be perpetually brassic otherwise -lol.

  23. I got the best of both worlds today. Managed to get my order in late last night: individual letter stamp set, baby magpie groovi plates, pricking plates and tool set, large leaf stencil. Spent the afternoon at Port Sunlight enjoying the show and stocking up on yet more goodies. I'm glad I only go once a year as I'd be perpetually brassic otherwise -lol.

  24. I managed to place a order , think it has done it right,,. Do love a bargain ,,.
    Hope you are having a relaxing weekend Barbara ,,. And it is good that you are safe ,,. Xx

  25. Thank You so much Barbara hope you and Dave are chilling now go on switch that Computer off…and relax…xx
    Que Serra Serra and all that…TAKE CARE …love Dot…XX

    1. Hi Dot, got my May canvas done this afternoon and then this evening I got my pricking mat out and practiced some snipping. I have improved from last time, which is good. Are you doing any crafty things at present? Xx

  26. Was a lovely day here til we lit the barbecue then true to form torrential rain. I have managed to get an order placed, thank-you so much for the fab discount. Felt I had to do my bit to relieve you of some of your stock. Hope the bit of unexpected rest has done you good. xx

  27. To Jim, big hug, I made an order, put in the code and as my math brain is non existant I didn't realise that I only got my diamond discount. So glad you are sorting it out as I felt guilty that I would have to ring on Monday pestering the staff about it, life is too short for that, as you realise at my age, so I will be painting instead. Long live Jim xx

  28. Another gorgeous piece of artwork Barbara and glad you are going out in the sun to relax for a bit, you deserve it! x

  29. I love this project, I have these plates and the wrens are my go to plate. I had a bit of fun placing my order. I started by placing everything I fancied into my basket which came to a grand total of £265! I then had to decide what I didn't need…now that took a bit if time. My order is now in – some stamps, some stencils, some groovi plates, the translucent mat, the black embossing mats, coloured parchment and the picket fence ink pad. I still spent more than I should have but what the heck. All I need now is more time, which website do I buy that from?

  30. Lovely blog today, have the plate and love it. Thank you for the brilliant discount although I've not taken it up yet, I will before it ends. Hope you've had a relaxing day and will again tomorrow. Love Pam xxx

  31. Hi Barb, really love this design with the spotty chests on the birds. I am like you and think if you didn't make it to the show then there must have been a reason that you weren't supposed to get there. Made my order from the website ok and looking forward to my purchases arriving. Really misty here in the north east. Not a hope of sunshine this weekend but never mind it only means that you can craft without feeling your missing out on good weather outside. The wren design would be great as a stamp Barb. Much love Jayne

  32. Hello Barb, love the step by step you have shown here, beautiful images and colours. Hope you had a lovely relaxing day. Today looks promising. Time to get out the bbq, methinks. Hang in there Jim, working in and with IT, is not all it is cracked up to be. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  33. Well that's done it! Was hoping to make it to the show as I wanted to try out the Groovi system and treat myself to the starter kit if I could manage it ok and start a new craft (tried parchment craft a few years ago, but couldn't make the line art look decent, event after practicing for a bit, and gave up. Went to a card class when I was visiting Nottingham and a lady there said she hadn't got on too well with it, so that gave me pause for thought, though with this 20% offer have finally taken the plunge. Couldn't get the website to take any of my credit cards though, kept coming up with an error message about billing first name???. Was going to take the details and phone through the order on Monday, but ended up putting it through with PayPal eventually….Clearly the website was very busy, hope this helps with my mindfulness when it arrives as getting the website to accept the order was pretty stressful!

  34. Managed to get my order done. Loving the Groovi system, but added a new stencil too. It has to be done. Grooving is great for playing with in the garden. This system is so transportable. Thank you to all x hope the sun is sign my for everyone.

  35. Hi Barbara, Hoping everything OK with you and yours after your horrid couple of days. I tried Friday evening to enter the website and it just wasn't having any, so tried first thing Saturday morning before going to Port Sunlight and voila everything OK,thank fully. The show wasn't the same without you, Barbara, but you weren't the only one missing, in the foyer they had a blackboard erected apologising for a couple of changes, they informed people about your van problem, and another person couldn't go due to unforeseen illness.
    This card is fabulous, I have ordered loads this past week, firstly lots of your groovi items from Hochanda and then Saturday morning from you, groovi stuff again that I was planning on getting from you at the show.
    I have ordered the pack of coloured parchment, and noticed that you mention the colour is only flooded on one side, can I please ask (probably a silly question !!) which side do you 'groovi' on, is it the flooded side or the not-flooded side, and also will I be able to tell the difference ??? haha I know it might sound silly, but I haven't tried groovi yet, even though I am a Diamond member, as I've been waiting to order the starter set etc etc etc, and can hardly wait to get all my goodies, including the light panel, and try !!
    I love how you have done the reflection, and you can't tell the difference. I love the colouring too, you are a genius !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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