Baby baby baby! We need a Folder!!

Baby baby baby! We need a Folder!!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
We are on our way up to Port Sunlight today, 
ready for Show Set-up day tomorrow.

Who’s going?
 Well from down here, Brother Steve, Paul and myself.
Dave has to make Groovi Plates and build a new machine room!
Who is joining us up north?
Maria, Heather and Len. 
Really looking forward to seeing them!
The van is packed full of Groovi and Stamps and Stencils,
and my guess is we will have a great time.
I love Port Sunlight.
Love the show.
Love the area.
Love the people. 

Today I want to shout about something very Groovi though!!
They’ve finally landed!

The Groovi Baby Folders are here!!!!

At last!!
I have been keeping them thar babies piled up on the side 
in anticipation.
We have built up a right stack of them in a very short time!
I think we’ve designed over 40 Babies already…
Remember these Wee Houses and Shops?
But I am so glad their new Baby homes landed in time 
for Port Sunny and the Bristol Parchment Show!
We do like our storage!!


Folder has 14 sleeves, consisting of 2 x A5 Pockets for storing A5 Groovi Plate or A5 parchment sheets, 
and 24 Baby pockets for storing Groovi Baby Plates.
And there’s also another Groovi Folder, 
(the one we send out when you join the Groovi Club)
with A5 pockets for all your parchment.
This A5 folder has 12 pouches, for coloured parchment, or A5 club projects. 

So let’s see….
Groovi Light Panel
Coloured parchment
Black A5 and A4 dual purpose mats
Groovi Baby Storage Folders.

We really are building a Groovi little system here.

What is more amazing is that this time last year, 
we hadn’t even launched Groovi!
Think about that …

Is there more??
Well, let me put it like this:
you may as well get 2 Baby Plate folders,
because we are in full steam ahead production right now 
for our Christmas Collection!

Bit early?? 
I think so, but you know how long this parchment art takes!
It takes as long as it takes.

Got to go.
I am looking forward to spending some time with my brother too. 
We work together but never see each other!
Too busy running around.

Enjoy the sunshine!

love and hugs always,

124 thoughts on “Baby baby baby! We need a Folder!!

  1. Have a super time, would be there as I'd love to go to this show but a special weekend for me and last home rugger match for this season.
    Another folder! Excellent the shelf is looking all clarity! Stamps, stencils, groovi, marvellous!
    Say hi to Steve for me and of course Len, Heather, Maria and Dave .
    Have a fab time and travel safe
    Love Jillyxxxx

  2. I would love to go to this show but no tickets. Heard about it too late. Same as last year. Got in for the last hour, and met Barbara for the first time. And got hooked on groovi. It's a lovely place, hope you all have a great time. Xxx

  3. Folder ordered! No, Barbara dear…definitely not too early for Christmas. With 200 plus to make, I start in January! Have a great weekend. xxx

  4. Hello, Sheila, Alison, Gilly, Dorothy, Donna, Brenda, Diane, Lynn, Pam and all of this lovely blog family. I hope you're all having a good day. The sun's shining here, and I'm off to do some Charity Cards. So stamps, stencils and decoupage here I come for the next few days!! I love it!! Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Wow, must take some stamina to make all those plus charity cards. Do you work out a design then make so many the same? That's what I do for Christmas, about 6 or 7 of each xx

    2. Hi Morag, gosh you do make a lot of Christmas cards, I do about half of that. Hope you are having a nice day. It's been glorious weather again today, hope you're getting it as well. Been on the groovy train this morning, just the parchment bit. Couldn't bring all my card etc up, at my daughter's for a few days on babysitting duties, but they are at school all day, so need to make use of the spare time. Hope your early night's are helping you to feel better. Love Pam xx

    3. Only about 100 of them for Charity Christmas Cards. I make about 40 Charity Cards a month for the rest of the year. the reason I start so early as I like to do each one different. After 7 years of charity cards I still haven't found the knack of making quick cards. I try , but then I'll look at one and think.."well, I wouldn't buy it" so I keep going Haha. All told I make between 700 t0 800 cards a year. It makes me feel as if I'm still doing something useful now that I've retired. xx

    4. Hi Morag and ladies, it is a lovley day up in Leicestershire today. Received my parcel from clarity with a few more Groovi plates and piercing tools and grid now just have to get to grips with this process looking to it another challenge.And more Groovi plates. As you said Christmas will be upon us very soon looking forward to seeing what Barbara has in store for us. Hope you all have had a good day, have a great weekend the weather will be good so may do some Groovi in the garden.!!!!. Lots of love to all. Lynn x x

  5. HI Barbara, I spotted the folder for the parchment on Paul's show so really pleased they are on sale now, must get one next month and a baby folder too.
    Enjoy Port sunlight, and working Steve, I am sorry I can't get there, maybe next time xx

  6. Little things please I get so excited when my Groovi Club monthly envelope drops through my door and can't wait to open it up to see what plate we are getting and read your lovely personal newsletter, £5 a month gives so much pleasure. Enjoy your time at Port Sunlight, don't know where it is but sounds fun. Am I right in thinking its famous for soap and washing product manufacture or is that totally random! X

  7. Hi Barbara, have a safe journey and a brilliant time. One of my favourite shows, sorry I won't be there this time but I will be flying the flag with all things Clarity in Belfast…… Hugs to all…xxx

  8. Ordered my folders, I missed out on a ticket too. Hope you get to see a bit of Wirral while your here, not just Port Sunny the ice cream at Parkgate is worth the trip.Have a great weekend.

  9. Morning Barbara I know you always enjoy your Port Sunny shows looks like a lovely place to visit to, have a good time and I bet you will have a few laughs with your Steve to.
    Oh more baby folders for our wee babies just what we clubby girls need.
    Safe journey no hanging about loos this time.
    Pity Dave has to keep the Groovi train going but somebody has to do it so thanks Dave…xx
    Take care…Xxx

    1. Hi Dorothy. It's lovely to catch up with you, I'm in my bed anytime from 8.30 each night at the minute! Lazybones eh! haha. xxx

    2. Hello again Dorothy. I've just read your post from yesterday. You are so supportive of everyone here, and despite having had to go through what, I think, we all dread. Your kindness and sense of humour always shines through your writing. Sending an extra special hug your way my friend. xxx

    3. Hi Dorothy, I just read Morag's comment and went back to yesterday to read your post as I was too tired to read them properly yesterday. You have seem to try to stay positive despite your sadness. One of the many good things about this blog is that there are always people to listen. Take care xx

  10. Hi Barb. Safe journey. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the Clarity gang on Saturday. What a shame you can't make it Dave. I love Port Sunny; its a fab show with a great atmosphere. Xxx

  11. Hi barb
    Not said hi for ages been a bit under the weather but much better now. Hubby set me up with Groovi hoping the I would love it and he was not wrong I just love it, never done parchment before cos I did not feel I could but I can with GROOVI everyone should have a go have a great weekend the sun is shining and the it good to be alive.
    Hugs Pauline B

  12. Lots of Groovi-ing going on here and the storage looks great and you certainly don't sit on your laurels! Hope Port Sunlight is a great success. x

  13. Afternoon Barbara I saw the baby groovi folders on the web last night so got two ordered both to keep my babies in yippie always look forward to a clarity parcel now looking forward to the light tray black cover to keep it in have a fantastic time at port sunlight looking forward to the new groovi babies for Christmas lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag sue57 Alison pen Chris Julia and all my dear blog friends always in my thoughts hugs to you all crafting hugs to all on this wonderful blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, hope your day has been good. Super weather again here. Been grooving all morning. My daughter has clutch of duck eggs in a huge plant box, mother duck has been sitting on them for a few days now, she's just gone off to feed and covered all the eggs with grass and feathers, so cute. Aren't they clever. Take care, love Pam xx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      You sound really cheerful which I'm so pleased about. Yep, I've ordered the folders too and looking forward to the Light panel cover too. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    4. Two, Sheila…are you planning lots of babies? I finished work at 9pm and walked home, it was a lovely evening with a pink sky. I've now got my cup of chamomile and hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.

    5. Hello all my clarity family I knew you wouldn't be far behind Donna ,
      Yes Julia lots of babies are in my big groovi folder at present so they need a home of there own ,
      Hi Dorothy been for lots of bloods at Drs this morning ready to be able to go on the rheumatic drug Tom took me to choose the colour paint to repaint the summer house which was so good to go out then I crafted a little this afternoon as you can all tell the steroid injection is still keeping pain controlled how good that feels hugs to you all xxx

    6. Pam lovely to read about the duck eggs and lovley to read about pens phesents sat on her eggs nature is so wonderful to see xxx

    7. Hello Sheila oh I'm glad to hear you are getting out and about- I can see you in a light blue summer house with your feet up enjoying the sun and groovi ing away in the summer. Sending hugs xxx

  14. Hi Barbara, hope you're having a fun journey, and your setting up goes smoothly tomorrow. What will you and Steve get up to this time – white carrier bags with secret contents, coke can houses, gents loos…. 😉 take care, love Brenda xx

    hi everyone xx

    1. Hi Brenda, thank you for telling me how to get the years and months back, got it now, just have to remember it. Hope you're having a good day. I've been grooving this morning. Take care, love Pam xx

    2. Hello Brenda. I've just read your post from last night. I would certainly buy any book you cared to write. You definitely have a way with words and the ability to help me, and I'm sure lots of others, to put things into perspective. You always hit the nail right on the head.
      A big hug coming your way…and honest…no Nutella!! haha! xxx

    3. Hi Brenda thanks for popping on the blog how you did your picot and pricking will try that when I eventually buy the plates ect hugs for you and daisy xxx

    4. Thank you everyone 🙂 xx

      Trying a bit more picot cutting before doing it on the real thing. Trying to banish from my head the first half of today by the repetitive Mindfulness of it! Another wee tip I've got for pricking – sandwich the tumble dryer sheet between the pricking plate and the mat, it stops the tool from sticking and lifting and moving the parchment. I can't take credit for that one, I got a recollection of tumble dryer sheet and pricking from some distant memory, just had to work out what to do with it!!!

      Sheila, the problem I'm finding with the scissors is my wrist. I'm trying sitting back with my arm bent, elbow supported on the arm of my beanbag, hand held against my body, that's giving me the support I need for now. Once I've got the technique going well I'll try to work out a better way of holding the scissors for us, I'll let you know if I come up with something. xx

      Donna, I've got the link for the wee video if you want to watch. She's right handed and the camera is looking over her shoulder, she does other cutting too, like boxes, but I skipped that until I've got the basic cutting mastered. I think she does other videos too. It may have helped that she's got a Scottish accent!!!! Only kidding, well she is Scottish, total fluke, but I'm sure that's not the reason it helped me!!!! See, Morag has got the message – Nutella ban!!!! xx

      Morag, if you write the basic structure/headings, I'll add writing the book to my to do list!!!! xx

      Glad it helped Pam, poor soul, spending all that time going back one by one can't have been much fun. Computers, tablets etc. are only easy if you've got the knowledge, or know what to ask! xx

    5. Yes please a video link would be good. I need to practice that's the problem. Just need time to prick long lines so I can then snip them. The light table will help and I will try your tumble dryer sheet between the layers to help with the lifting and moving. Thanks my crafty guru! Xx

    6. Oops, sorry Donna, I did write the web address, but then thought I'd better check out if it was ok to share it, and on the home page it states not for sharing. So quickly deleted it again. Sorry 🙁 xx

    7. Hello Brenda
      I love that you are our groovi guru – just think, we had to persaud you to buy it and take the step to call Clarity to put your order in!!! I did see on Sunday that Barbara started her cutting using the 'proper' way but quickly changed it to something she finds more comfortable – mind you after all the prep work she must have done it's no suprise her fingers were hurting!!! Sending you a Daisy a big hug xxxx

    8. I'd forgotten I wasn't sure if I should try Groovi. Glad you all helped talked me into it, even though it des take forever to finish something!!!! xx

  15. Hi Barb, travel safely. Port Sunlight is on my list of places to go (having only been in this country for 16 years). Hope everything goes swimmingly. Poor Dave relegated to sorting out the less arty bits. I am sure you will miss each other like mad, but at least Steve will keep you on the straight and narrow. Need to go look at the new folders now. Bx

  16. Hope your show at Port Sunshine goes well for you, I'm sure it will. Looking forward to the Christmas baby plates, and ordering my folders for them. Already started the Christmas cards, Be thinking of you Dave keeping the plates going. Have fun Barbara. Love Pam xx

  17. Hello Barbara, it doesn't seem possible that Groovi is still under a year old. I remember when I first saw it on TV and HAD to have it immediately and I never even thought about the journey you would lead us on!
    Hope you have a good show, safe journeys xx

    1. Hello Blog pals. Hope you are all well. I've been making the most of the lovely weather up hare and been gardening – 6 hours yesterday and 6 today. Made the mistake of not reading the blog till 10.00 last night by which time I was too tired to comment. Got my ticket for Leyburn today and looking forward to it, though not wanting to wish the spring and summer away, so will put it firmly in the back of my mind – as long as I remember to save some pennies xx

  18. Hi Barbara, I can hardly wait !! I'm going to Port Sunlight on Saturday, I'm really excited, I only hope that you have the light panel, mat and coloured parchment for me to buy !! as well as the other goodies I will be putting in my basket haha.
    Have a safe journey.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Well here I am – been playing and not getting on very far. Must add those folders to my wish list, along with some masks.

    Its Mums birthday today so sang happy birthday down the phone to her this morning. I wont be chatting to her again today – cos she is far too busy with her friends coming round. I am sure she will love it …. but …doing too much. Thank goodness for the live in Carer…they are wonderful and takes the pressure off me with so much worry.

    Lovely sunny day – I have all the windows open – and the washing pegged out.

    Mrs Pheasant is still sitting on her eggs (14)

    Best go now Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Glad to hear you are having a good day. We have 4 pheasants regularly trampling the borders down, which I don't mind as I have learned to put tough stuff in, but no eggs xx

    2. Hi Pen
      Happy birthday to your mum, I hope she has a lovely time with her friends. 14 eggs! My goodness that's a lot, I'm looking forward to the updates. Sending hugs xxx

  20. Hi Pen, that's great that your Mum has a live in carer, takes a lot of worry from you. I was just telling Sheila further up that my daughter has duck eggs (6) I think, in a huge flower box in the garden. 14 eggs wow, Hope they all hatch. Hope you've had a good day. Love Pam xx

  21. Hi, Donna, Diane, Alison, Gilly, Sue57 and any of my blog friends I've not mentioned, hope you are getting this glorious weather and that you have all had a good day. Love to you all and all you crafty bloggers out there too. Chris M, Julia, Jackie, Lynn, etc etc the list gets bigger every day, Love Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam, it's great that the list are getting so long. Plays havoc with my poor memory that's all haha! Sun's still shining here. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam,
      You're right about the list! I've had to resort to just putting to all my lovely blog friends in case I forget someone and offend them! It is lovely though. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    3. Hi Pam, you'll need to keep us up to date about the ducklings. This morning the cat was in the back garden eating something, on further investigation it was a Robin. She hadn't caught it herself, she's a bit old for that. I have really enjoyed the pair of Robins recently.

    4. Hello Pam oh yes please updates on the duck eggs. Your daughter must be near a river then or has mum just wandered off to find a place she likes? Xxx

    5. Hi Pam , as you say the list of friends does get longer which is why I put Ladies hope so everyone knows I think of them. Lovley to know people think of each and every one of us on the blog. Have a great weekend to all . Lynn x x

  22. Gosh, you look different in the photo beside your brother or do I need new glasses! Love the babies and their covers will keep them safe.
    Very tired after work and another one to come – wish I was in Port Sunlight, helping on your stand. Have a great time
    Love Anne (Reading)

  23. Afternoon, been over to Clarity and got my folders. I have mine in a box at the moment so it will be good to get them organised. Will have to get the black bits cut ready. Have a great time at the show, I wonder what behind the scenes pictures will get this year! Xx

    1. I'm buying you a sleeping bag your better stayin doon at the campfire..been grooving a wee daisy birthday card for my daughter in law she always looks forwards to my cards hope the sun is shining where you are…xx

  24. Afternoon Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Happy crafternoon to you all. Ordered my baby folders, now they will have somewhere to sleep! Xx

    1. Hi Donna, it's gone on my list!! Now keep this quiet but if you have a wee peep under the sleeping bag there's a small jar of the brown nutty stuff but don't tell Brenda 😀😂xxx

    1. Very sensible to leave the card behind!! I only take a cash allowance to Maria's classes as I'm likely to give in to temptation.
      Enjoy your day xx

  25. I'm so disappointed because I was all set to come to Port Sunny, got my ticket, was meeting a friend, and now I can't go. My cousin and his girlfriend are flying from Liverpool Airport on Sunday morning, and they have decided to come a day early and spend time with me and hubby. They want us to show them around Albert Dock and to see some other sights of Liverpool. I couldn't really say no. Never mind. It should be a lovely day, and Port Sunlight is on again later in the year xx

  26. Have a wonderful time wish was coming to say hello to everyone for us. Just back from dentist today tooth out feeling tender have a great time xxx

  27. Hi Barbara, hope you all have a great weekend? I'm sure you will be very busy, what with all the new things you have for us to buy! As for the baby folder I'm pleased you have them but while I was waiting for you to sort some storage for them. I have been using a CD carriying case (I found one last month and it was empty) so I had the light bulb moment and it has worked well for me but It doesn't go with all my other Groovi things😏 See you soon xx

  28. Hi Barb,
    Well it looks like you're going to be having another very busy weekend. Fancy leaving poor Dave behind! Pleased the baby folders have arrived – got mine ordered and yet another folder for the large plates! Gosh I'll never be rich!!! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Had an interesting day today! Went out with some friends for coffee and told one of them that another of our joint friends had very sadly passed away. Anyway got home, and received a phone call from her to say that her husband had gone round to the house of another ex work colleague who was really shocked and said he would contact various people. Anyway, he rang the wife of our departed friend only to speak to him – it was a miracle!! I bet that was one really strange conversation!! I then had to phone my sister to tell her that said person hadn't died! She then had to contact people she'd told! Honestly it was like a farce! I phoned the person who had told me and she nearly had hysterics on the phone and now has to go to school tomorrow to tell everyone the good news. It is lovely that our friend is still with us, but it was just so bizarre! Hope tomorrow isn't as chaotic. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Oh Alison what a day! I had to chuckle though. My sister is a bell ringer and was recently asked to ring at a funeral but didn't quite catch the name. She had the shock of her life when the person who's funeral she thought she was at walked through the door!! As you say, good news that the person hadn't died but it does make you give a sigh of relief and have a little chuckle!!! Xx

  29. Have a wonderful time at Port Sunlight Barbara – I won't be able to visit this year as I'll be doing a workshop in the NE…. Have a great time – I know you will xx

  30. Hi Barbara
    What lovely folders and oh yes I'd forgotten about the wee houses and shops plates, aren't they lovely. I must add them to my birthday list!! Safe journey to port sunlight – is the world ready for you and Steve as a double act again? I remember the loo photos from last year- oh you did have fun together. It's nice to catch up isn't it. Have a fun weekend and love to Dave building the workroom and churning out groovi plates. The bus will be on its way with helpers and cake Dave!!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I'm very late tonight, I've been out enjoying the sun with my mother in law today so late home. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round xxxx

  31. Hi Barbara I will see you tomorrow can't wait look for a bent old lady with a walking frame that's me hope all goes well for you love always June Horrocks xxxxxx

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