Stencil time!

Stencil time!

Hi everyone, Paul here.
Hope you are all having a good Sunday.
Mine has been good, playing catchup with boring household chores, a bit more prep for the TV next weekend and an afternoon nap.
As promised yesterday, I have combined Barbara’s Saturday & Sunday blog posts that she prepared before she went away.
Paul x
Hey there.
Thanks for stopping by.
According to my schedule, we should be in Monterey. 
Here is a pic I found on the internet
Does it look familiar?
The stamps and stencils are still on special offer on the website and can be found HERE
Anyway, back to today’s trip through the pizza boxes, taking another look at the Design Teams work.
Today, I thought we would look at some stencils and the Gel Press printing plate.
Here is a list of items used in the samples:
Gel Press
7×7 Stencil Card
Leafy Swirl 7×7 Stencil
ABC 7×7 Stencil
Be the Change – Unmounted Stamp
Sunbeam Moonbeam – Unmounted Stamp
Jo’s Bubbles 7×7 Stencil
Flower Power 7×7 Stencil
Shepherd’s Purse – Unmounted Stamp
Grunge Paste

Kirsty has taken a print from the Gel Press using the Leafy Swirl stencil.
Then run Grunge Paste through the ABC stencil to create the word CHANGE.

Kirsty Goodwill
Another print taken from the Gel Press.
Parts of it have been highlighted using a white Pilot pen.
The verse has been stamped onto blue parchment and then heat embossed with silver embossing powder.
A piece from the Queen of Grunge and Messiness – Sam Crowe.
Again using the Gel Press to lift a print and then the Shepherd’s Purse stamp to add a feature.
Sam Crowe
Another from Sam using the Gel Press.
She has used the Charcoal Pencils to add some depth to the circles.
Sam Crowe
A delicate piece from Janet.
Grunge Paste through the Flower Power stencil.
Janet Pring
Love and hugs x

84 thoughts on “Stencil time!

  1. Hi Paul – sounds like you have been a busy bee again today, no wonder you needed a nap! Love the artwork shown today – particularly the last one from Janet. Hope that you will have a restful day tomorrow, hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my wonderful blog friends – hope that the sun has been shining on you and giving you some warmth. It has been very sunny here, but with a cold breeze at times. Another day of mainly rest for me today, and like Paul – an afternoon nap! Donna I hope that Phoebe has had a good day – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  2. Hi Paul, glad you're having a good day, although catching up on chores and having a nap doesn't sound like it should be!!! Hope you've got something proper good planned for tomorrow. Lovely samples again.

    Monterey looks amazing. BUT, we could do even better than that for you up here!!! 😉 Barbara et al, it must feel good to know you've still one more week to go, savour every minute, lots of mind photos, and have lots of fun. I'm going to have to buy the Beetlejuice DVD now! It used to be one of my most favourite films, and I can't get the craving to watch it again out my head after your photo with Betelgeuse!!!!

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda. I loved doing your peach flowers. I didn't think I had any peach colours..until I took a close look at the skin tones.!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out when it's finished. Sending you a hug xxx

    2. Evening Brenda a wee bit shattered the day busy Granny week finished wi a wee family party at mine last night for ma oldest grandson Liam wee Ian and Amy's brother who was 15 always had a wee party at there Grans from the day they were all born and he still loves it even though he is a heed bigger than me now but a gentle lovely lad.who would do anythinf for me.
      Will have tp catch up on our wee colouring project but I'll get there nae peach pencils though ???
      Take car my friend here's yir cuddle….xx

    3. Thank you everyone xx
      Dot, your grandbairns are lovely because of all the love and care that surrounds them. That's why Amy has the best chance for a good future too. Pink and yellow should make a peach colour, but if you get it wrong it will look orange, so practise first. My instinct is put yellow down first and then slowly add pink on top until you get the shade you want. I would guess a warm yellow too, if you have the choice. As long as you don't press hard with the pencils the pink should lay down on top of the yellow. I'm going to try to catch up tomorrow. Cuddle back xx

    4. Nae worries Dot. Mind if there's anything you want to ask, if I can explain what Amy could be feeling or thinking to help you understand, and so you can help her, please just ask, anything. I can see it from both sides – I know exactly how frustrated and locked in Amy must feel, and I also understand how frustrated and helpless you guys must feel too. Made banana flapjacks yesterday, in the freezer, I'll take some out for the campfire tomorrow!!! xx

    1. Hello Barbara, I'm a fairly newbie too. This is such a lovely and friendly blog to be a part of. You'll soon feel at home. xx

    2. I'm new too Barbara, but can honestly say this is the friendliest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet, I'm just gutted I can't make the open day/retreats this year due to work and operations etc but am looking forward to putting faces to names in the not to distant future (maybe Barbara would like to hold a day just for the 'blog family' later in the year???!

    3. Hi Barbara and Pamela – I too am fairly new here, around about the same time as Morag. You really couldn't find a friendlier and kinder group of people – I am thankful each day that I found my way here towards the end of last year xx

    4. I'm a newbie too. It has taken me a while to realise that people blog answers and comments the next day before the blog is updated xx

    5. Hi ladies, I myself am quite new to the blog. The ladies here make you so welcome , as we seem to have the same intrest in craft. If you need to know anything about a project and are struggling there is always someone to help plus Paul and Barbara. Hope you all had a good day. Hugs Lynn xx

  3. Love using the gelli plate with stencils to get some amazing results. Sometimes I am surprised by how good they look and sometimes I use what I print to die cut from.
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    1. Evening dear blog friends a very restful day today as no energy to do anything and lots of pains in my bones when I got up my left hand ,wrist ,and little finger are well out of shape now but it's 5th week on Monday since my steroid injection I will have taken my 3rd lot of new meds on Wednesday they take from 3 weeks to 12 weeks to start making a difference I'm pretty low today but Tom is trying is hardest to pick me up bless him it will be an early night to bed so sending hugs to you all and hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Donna hope phoebe is brighter today xxx

    2. Evening Sheila – so sorry to hear that you are struggling today, I'm in bed at the moment. It feels hard to think of getting up at the moment, so I'm going to stay where I am a little longer I think. I really hope that as the new meds get into your system, you will really improve. Lots of caring hugs are on their way to you – love Gilly xxx

    3. Oh Sheila, my lovely friend. I'm so sorry you're in such pain and struggling. Know that you are being thought of with love. Sending a very gentle hug for you xxx

    4. Thank you gilly stay in bed till you feel able to get up even its tomorrow hugs xxx
      Thank you morag your message means so much hugs xxx
      Hi Chris no the steroid is wearing of it was only to work up to six weeks I'm lucky at least it has kept working for some relief I should be seeing a consultant within the next 2 weeks but no appointment yet but might have to pay again to see the other rheumatologist if don't hear soon as that is what he wrote to my GP that I needed to be seen 4 weeks into my new meds ,my GP is retiring a lovley little surgery so got to change to new GP's much bigger surgery seen one of the Drs he was very nice and helpful its lovley that you always comment to me hugs xxx

    5. Awww Sheila, I just want to give you a big hug. I know what it's like to feel down but I have no idea what it feels like having your problems. Tomorrow is another day.

    6. Ahhh my wee Sheila you take care noo here is me moaning about been a bit tired wi the bairns and here's you struggling wi so much look after yourself listen to Tom ok here's a wee hug for yi…xx

    7. Hi Sheila – managed to get up for about half an hour and then it was back to bed again. I hope that you can get to see the consultant soon – more hugs Gilly xxx

    8. Hi Sheila,
      Sorry to hear you're in so much pain again. Hope you get something sorted soon. I know how wearing constant pain can be. Sending lots of love and hugs, Alison xx

  4. Hi Paul, I'm pleased to hear you've had a well earned rest this afternoon, you'll have needed it! What fabulous samples today. I love my Gelli plate, it's always so exciting to see what appears.
    Take care xx

  5. Hello my lovely blog friends. I hope you have all had a good day. Special thoughts to Phoebe and Donna. I've been playing nice with my peach flowers today, so they're done! Although every time I look at it I can't help but have another little tweak!!!
    I've also done a little of a fan parchment card. Yesterdays samples really inspired me. They reminded me that I had it….and hadn't opened it!!!!
    Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi Morag see me am a wee doughnut thought I had ordered the fan got my wee parcel and hadnae added it on so had tae strap the cushions on and give our Paul and the gang some work ti keep them going lol …hugs Dot..xx

  6. Hi Barbara and Paul, Such fabulous samples here today using the fantastic gelli plate, I am always in 'awe' at what you can achieve with the gelli plate.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Hi everyone it's lovely to see the grandsons again. Our daughter has been diagnosed with two herniated discs and is waiting to see a specialist. Not good with lively. 4 and 6 year old boys. It will be good to be able to help over half term. She is a rapid response nurse and will not take time off as she works part time so she's pretty whacked. Have a good evening all xx

    2. Hi Chris – so sorry to hear about your daughter. She must be so glad of your help this week. She does a wonderful job, but you must be worried about her – sending hugs Gilly xx

    3. I hope your daughter gets to see someone soon she does well still been at work and looking after her young children bless you for helping with your grandchildren in the holidays xxx

  7. Hi Paul Glad you have had a wee day off well kind off minus the hoosework and the preppy stuff great art again from the brilliant DT team looking forwards to your shows always enjoy them.
    Take care and keep having a ball Barbara Dave and Steve..xx

    1. Just read your message Dorothy your a wonderful blog friend /clarity family ,your grandchildren are such a loving set and that's down to the love they get from you glad they enjoyed the party no wonder your feeling tired bless goodnight hugs xxx

    1. Hi Julia havnae tried the Gelli plate road yet but love all the work other people create I'm a bit Groovi addicted the now a bit easier ti clean up wi ma Granny schedule just now…hugs Dot..xx

  8. Hi Paul, thank you for posting the beautiful gelli plate samples from the Design Team. Been on holiday for a week so just skimmed through the samples I've missed and some of the comments, in fact I've been a few hours reading them. Great samples, so glad Barbara, Dave and Steve are having a super time, great photos and Barbara looks so happy. Thank you as well for the sale. Haven't looked at it yet. Hope you are having some time off and relaxing, especially tomorrow being Bank Holiday Monday xx

  9. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, had a really pleasant holiday in Porth Cornwall in our caravan. Missed you all though with no internet. Been trying to catch up on the posts. Hope you have all had a nice day, So sorry Donna about poor Pheobe having a bad reaction to the medications, hope that now she is settling down that they'll be able to operate on her ligament. It must be an awful worrying time for you. You too Sheila have been having a rotten time of it, do hope your meds will kick in quickly so that you aren't in so much pain. So sorry Chris to hear your daughters news hope things will improve soon. Congratulations to your daughter Anne, Gilly great news. My daughter is at Birmingham Children's Hospital but probably not when yours was there. You should be very proud. Sorry not managed to start my Heart colouring yet so will try to catch up.
    Hope you all have,a lovely Bank Holiday tomorrow, sending you all love and hugs, and gentle ones to Sheila and Pheobe. Love to you all in this blog and welcome to the new people. Congrats to Sarah for winning the

    1. Morning Pam,
      Glad you had a lovely holiday in Porth. One of Dave's best friends from college days used to own the Porth Lodge hotel and his wedding present to us was our honeymoon at the hotel, so you can imagine Porth holds very happy memories for us. Love and hugs Alison xx

  10. Hi Pam – great to have you back, I didn't realise that you had a caravan in Cornwall – you will have to let me know when you come down again and perhaps we could meet up for a cup of tea and some cake! Thanks for your congratulations, which department does your daughter work in @ Bham Childrens' Hospital? Have fun with the colouring – hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly, we haven't a caravan in Cornwall but we tow one, we stay at Porth Beach Caravan Park, are you near there. We sometimes stay at Carnon Downs site, Be nice to meet up when we come again, if possible. Not sure which dept. Our daughter works in, she does diabetes and endrochronology Paediatrics, she is a Consultant Paediatrician. Love Pam xx

  11. Good morning Barbara and Paul

    Love the art work that's shown on this particular blog

    Barbara, I adore Monterey, it's been a few years since hubby and I visited but, given the possibility I'd live there!


    June x

  12. Morning all, fell asleep before commenting! Hope everyone is well, need to catch up and read all the chat above. Phoebe is definitely improving day by day. Not sure when her op will be be booked back in so she is very limpy and unable to walk further than the garden. Xx

    1. Morning Donna,
      I did exactly the same! Glad Phoebe is making some improvement and hope she can have her op soon. It's so distressing to see them injured or poorly. Love and hugs for both of you Alison xx

  13. Must get out the gelli and paints again soon – it took me ages to actually take it out of the packet, but it's so much fun once you get going. Lovely photo Barbara, hope you're all having a relaxing time. x

  14. Morning Paul,
    Really love the stamps shown here and the artwork is do impressive yet again! Particularly like Janet's. Have a good day, Alison xx

    1. Morning everyone,
      Gosh I am so late! I don't know what happened to yesterday!! Well it's a miserable day up here at the moment, so it looks like I've got to do the ironing! Sat at the moment having a coffee and a cuddle from Scamp – since she had her accident a couple of months ago, she has become desperate for cuddles – but only from me! She'll be off upstairs again soon though – she's already been up for 20 minutes! As you can gather, she is not the most active of cats. How she stays as tiny, I'll never know – wish I was like her!! Love and hugs to all of you, Alison xxxx

  15. My gelli plate hasn't had an outing lately and after seeing these fabulous samples I must give it an airing. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Monterey Barbara and hope you are enjoying a bit of a break from work Paul. x

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