Birds and Butterflies……….

Birds and Butterflies……….

Hi everyone, Paul here.
Hope you have all had a good Bank Holiday Weekend.

Just a quickie from me today.
Still prepping for next Sunday’s TV show.

Don’t forget that the Floral Stamps Sale runs until midnight Tuesday.

Click HERE for the Floral Stamp Sale.
 Time to hand you over to Barbara.
Paul x

Hey there.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday’s Blog is flowers and trees.

Going through the pizza boxes I came across these samples
from the lovely Lynne Hammond.

Perfect for today’s blog!

Butterfly Tree – Stamp
Butterfly Tree – Stencil
Bird Tree – Stamp
Bird Tree – Stencil
Seasons – Stamp
Clouds – Mask
Moon/Sun – Mask
Maple Leaves – Stamp

Lets look at the first 2 cards using the Bird Tree stencil.
You will see that the layout is exactly the same,
even the hills in the background.

The only thing that Lynne has changed is the colour of the inks being used.

I think it’s quite cool that we can take the same stencil, but make it look so different by just changing the colour.

Lynne Hammond
Lynne Hammond
I really like the perspective on this one.
The stamp in the background and the stencil in the foreground.
The Autumn greeting from the Maple Leaves set of stamps, just finishes it off.
Lynne Hammond
Love and hugs x

78 thoughts on “Birds and Butterflies……….

  1. Hi Paul, thank you for posting on behalf of Barbara, hope you've had a good day. Lovely cards again, this time by Lynne Hammond. Hope your prepping is going well. xx

  2. Hi Paul – it sounds as though you have had another busy day! These are beautiful samples today, from a very talented lady! Barbara chose well! Try to have some leisure time Paul – I think that you will be needing a holiday at this rate! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all had a good day. Our weather has been amazingly good – wall to wall sunshine, blue skies and very warm! Today must be our summer! I have been very lazy and rested and then tried to colour in my peach flowers, it didn't go well at all – so I called a halt to it. So instead I did a little bit of Groovi – for the first time I am pleased with what I have done today, everything else has just been practising & learning. However, now I need to colour it in – so I have left that for another day. I am keeping it very small, just done the largest Cyclamen flower. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Evening gilly pleased you have been able to craft with your groovi even though your colouring hasent gone as well keep resting sending lots of hugs xxx

    3. Ahh that's where the sun is then as it certainly wasn't here today, quite chilly compared to the last few days and windy. Rain tomorrow I think. I'm glad you've enjoyed the sun though!

    4. Hi Gilly,it would be lovely for Pete and myself to meet up with you and Neil, Gilly next time we come down. I'll try to give you some notice if we do, could be Sept/Oct otherwise next Apr/May. Rain tomorrow here so no cutting back in the garden, probably ironing and a coffee out at Costa after my physio. Hope you are both resting Gilly. Hugs Pam xx

    5. Hi Pam, more cloud than sun here today but it is very sunny now and mild. I did have a go at doing one of the club stamp samples but it isn't very good but I am my own worst critic.

    6. Julia you sound just like me, I'm my worst critic too. You need,a rest from all that gardening or you'll have a bad back like me. I'm real naughty as I only tried one of my design club stamps and messed up that's 3 years that I've been in it, I never seem to get around to doing the stencils or the groovy club designs. Haven't even kept my New Years resolution to do it. xx

    7. Hi Gilly,
      It sounds as though you are really enjoying the Groovi now. The small plate and mat really makes things easier. Love and hugs Alison xx

    8. Pam, I'm listening to you as I do suffer from sciatica so today if it is sunny when I get home from work this afternoon then I will just sit in the garden and enjoy.

    9. Good morning to you all – well, it's nearly afternoon now. Still in bed @ the moment – sun shining through the window, it's beautiful again, but more of a breeze today. I'm so pleased to hear that it's not only me, who is hyper-critical of her work! By the way Julia, regarding a good book – I have just finished Last Voyage of the Valentina, by Santa Montefiore and it was SO good. I have also read The Forget-Me-Not Sonata, by her which was really good too. It just depends what sort of books that appeal to you!? Talk to you all this evening – by for now Gilly xxx

  3. Hi to all my lovely friends on the blog, hope you've all enjoyed your Monday and maybe fitted in some craft. Not done any today, been catching up on the washing. Then hospital visiting. Come down with a bit of a bump today, but never mind tomorrow's another day. Can't believe I was first today. Take care all of you, love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – I read your comment (from yesterday) this morning. We live just outside St Austell, 1 mile from beautiful Charlestown and we can easily get to Porth or Carnon Downs, so hopefully if you let me know before you come down again, we could meet up. Sorry to hear that you have come down to earth with a bump – but not to worry – hopefully tomorrow you can do some nice things! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Evening Paul good to know your prepping is comming along for next weeks hochanda show really looking forward to your inspiration beautiful samples xxx

  5. Evening dear blog friends thinking of you all sending you all special hugs .xxx
    Donna hope phoebe is still getting better and can have her opp soon xxx
    I have been able to craft today I cannot believe how these past two days can be so different so I've enjoyed crafting today as don't know how I will be tomorrow sending lots of crafting hugs to you all and to all on the blog xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – I am so pleased to hear that you have been able to craft today! It makes a big difference to us, doesn't it!? I just used the club baby plate mate and my new small black craft mat – it is so much easier to handle for me at the moment. You were so right about that – you have helped me a lot, thanks and special hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, it is amazing how two days can be so different. I did do a bit of crafting this morning but wasn't happy with it. This afternoon we went out and bought violas and petunias which I have potted up. My body is a bit sore from all the gardening I have done over the lost couple of days so I think I deserve and early night. Do you read much? I could do with a good book, any recommendations?

    3. Morning Sheila,
      Pleased that you managed to get some crafting done yesterday and hope you feel as good today. Sending love and hugs, Alison xx

    4. Hi Julia, I love Lesley Pearse books also Rita Bradshaw but depends on your taste. I read a new author whilst on holiday that I really enjoyed and couldn't put down Jojo Moyes' Me Before You'.
      'Blood Sisters' was good by Barbara & Stephanie Keating. Victoria Hislop 'The Island' and 'Sunrise' also by her were really good. Hope that gives you at least one you may like. Look them up on Amazon and read the Forewords. Pam xx

    5. Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll read anything but I do like a true story or biography. My most recent reads were The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and the Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest. I've also read The Goldfinch, The Rosie Project and The Long Walk to Freedom.

  6. That's great Sheila that you've been able to craft today, try not to over do it though, have a little rest in between. Got physio tomorrow hoping they can suggest something that will help. Hugs to you dear friend.xx

  7. Hi Paul, hope you're enjoying your TV prep. Thanks for posting. Lovely samples again. My hard drive is dying :-(. Dreading it packing up before it can be replaced, I really don't cope when I've no internet access, and obviously it's vital for my shopping. Dreading the work involved to replace it and trying to put everything back on, knowing my luck I'll lose stuff and/or stuff won't work. Seems I'm back to my endless big problem after big problem :-(. Better get back to my backing up. Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh no, Brenda! I'm sorry to hear about your hard drive. it's such a good job that you know how to back everything up. It will give you a little peace of mind, but won't help while you're waiting to get it replaced. Keep your chin up. Love and hugs xxx

    2. Sorry you have the worry of your computer now on top of everything you've had. Hope it doesn't give up on you, but good idea you've had, to back it up. Sending you a hug Brenda.xx

    3. Thank you everyone xx
      I think it's not got long left, with the frequency the warnings are popping up. I think I should try to really limit being on it now to try to preserve what's left for shopping and emails etc :-(. xx
      Do you should be backing up every week and depending on what you have there'll be other stuff you need to do in case. If you wait until I've got mine up and running again I'll help you. cuddle back xx
      Thinking about you Donna xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      Sorry you've got this to contend with on top of everything else. Have you thought about getting a portable hard drive? You can get them quite cheaply now and they just plug into a USB port. It might help you. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    5. Thanks Alison, I've emailed my brother with your suggestion. I've done the back ups and created the system image, and repair disc, and my brother is going to deal with setting up the new hard drive when it comes, which is a huge relief and comforting for me to know. Most things I work out for myself, sometimes I ask him for help and he instructs me, but this is a huge one for me. But I bet when/if this happens in the future I'll be told I know how to do it myself now, so give it a go!!!!! His way of trying to help me build up my confidence to do with computer stuff. He'd still come through to help if I got proper stuck/messed it up. Roll on when everything is in clouds and you'll no longer need hard drives and all this carry on! I've sorted out my tablet for doing my shopping on it, it's just going to take so long for me to do. And to write on it, it does normally take a lot longer for me with my Asperger's anyway, but that's greatly increased with having to use the onscreen keyboard, and the slowness of the tablet. Does anyone know how you watch youtube on an android tablet, the video I need is available but it doesn't play it? It does play others from totally different places so it must be a youtube thing. Aye, I'm no so knowledgeable about tablets! I don't like it, so no incentive to learn anything other than I need to!!! xx

    6. Ha,ha, I'm clearly not thinking, my Asperger's, I'm taking things too literal! A portable hard drive is an EHD isn't it!!!! Yes, I've two of those, and that's what I've back up onto, but they won't help other than that, but thanks for suggesting it xx

    7. Hi Brenda, I mostly watch you tube on my iPad but I do have a small kindle fire which I use for reading, I have you tube on it but the app just says Tube on it, it is different to the one one my iPad. I signed in with my Google log in and it seems to play everything I watch normally. Hope you get all sorted soon, wish I could help xx

    8. Hi Brenda,
      I've got an Android tablet and IPad and you tube works fine on both of them. I just downloaded the app. Hope this helps and hope your brother gets you sorted out . Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi I'm shattered too. Hubby and son in law have been decking today and we've just finished our evening meal!!
      Too tired to write any more xx

    2. Morning Morag,
      Hope you had a good night. I would stay in bed this morning it's bitter outside again – more like blooming Autumn/ Winter! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. What fabulous cards and the split two season scenes really work. Hope your prep is going well Paul, and Barbara, Dave and Steve, hope your road trip is really fantastic. x

  9. Evening Paul hope your just about there with your preppy stuff you will be missing a wee help with that from Barbara but hopefully your getting there.
    Take care and hope the three amigo's are still enjoying there hol's.
    Great artwork by Lynne.. Love Dot…xx

  10. Hello Paul (and Barb), love these pieces of art, and they have just inspired me for a get well card I have to make. Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend, and enjoyed some good weather. Bx

  11. Morning Paul,
    Fabulous samples again, I have these stamps and stencils and really do like them. Thanks for posting this. Hope your prep is going well – looking forward to the shows. Love Alison xx

    1. Morning to all my blog friends,
      Late yet again! Hope you are all ok. Weather up here is awful – it's really cold more like winter! I think the wind is coming from the Arctic! I think it's going to be a crafty day to keep warm. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Morning Alison. I've been out this morning to the College..and it is 'freezing'!! I think you're right…crafty day ahead!! Love and hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison and Morag – so sorry to hear how cold it is up there, we are being very fortunate at the moment. Need to enjoy it, as who knows what might come next – love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Pam – I hope that you have a nicer day today! Bit worried about Donna and Phoebe, as she hasn't posted. Hoping that both her and Phoebe are ok – hugs Gilly xx

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