Stamp stamps…………

Stamp stamps…………

Hello everyone, Paul here. Had a message from Barbara, Dave & Steve to say that they are having a great time. They sent me the following picture
Room with a view
Must admit, looks a bit like Camber Sands (not really jealous!)
I wonder if they have really gone to Hawaii !!!!
Anyway, here is the blog from Barbara
Paul x
Hi there, thanks for stopping by.
Today is Mindful Wednesday and even though I am not here, I thought that the Stamp stamps would do the job.
You see, the Stamp stamps are perfect for creating individual scenes, whilst at the same time building a bigger picture.
Which in a way, is a lot like everyday life.
 We zoom in, to concentrate on certain tasks and then zoom out to see the overall effect.
So here is a selection of stamps used in today’s gallery:
One of mine!

I think I did this around the time of the 2012 Olympics, so would be perfect for this years celebrations in Rio

and another from me

Perfect for all occasions

Yep, you guessed it, another from me

Great male cards

Oops – another of mine

Perfect for dare I say, Christmas!

Can you tell that I really like the Stamp stamps.

Dee Paramour

I suppose I better share today’s gallery with someone else, and who better than the lovely Dee. It looks like she has stamped onto some beautiful backing paper.

So, until tomorrow, love & hugs.

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  1. Hello Paul. Thank you so much for letting us know how the trippers are getting on, it's good to know all is going well so far. I love the stamp stamps and the samples. It is really good to revisit older projects and techniques and it reminds you how versatile the stamps can be. Keep up the good work xx

    1. Wow, first today! It's raining this afternoon so I've been finishing a birthday card and adding a bit more to my challenge entry, then I clicked on the b log. I did a bit of gardening this morning so I feel justified in crafting this afternoon. Must go down the road now and sort a neighbour's polytunnel while they are on holiday. At least the outdoor pots won't need watering.
      Hugs to you all, I hope everyone's day has been as good as it can be xx

    2. Hi Chris, did the same as you this morning, still cutting back things in the garden, can't bend much at the moment but at least I can do things standing up to help. A few showers in between sunshine today. I've been making groovy card for my daughter-in-law's birthday next week. Finish it off later. Glad your day was good.

  2. Hi Paul thank you for blogging today beautiful view Barbara has shared and a beautiful set of stamps and art work to showcase them sending lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana Brenda pam gilly morag pen Alison Julia Chris sue57 thinking of you all hugs and smiles hugs and smiles to all on the blog xxx
      Gilly hope today has gone well for Neil and yourself caring hugs xxxxx
      Donna did you eat all your birthday ice cream ?

    2. Hello Sheila, how are you today? I hope your hands and wrists aren't too painful today and you have been allowed to craft without getting too tired. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, been thinking of you and hoping your wrists and fingers have been better today. Hope you are resting in between doing any craft. Used my light wave today, fantastic isn't it? Even managed to get out on the garden for half hour and cut some shrubs back, didn't have to bend for that. Fed up of watching Pete trying to do everything. Made me feel good just doing a little to help. Gardening was always my job, Pete hated it. Hope your day has been good. Take care love and hugs, Pam xx

    4. Evening my dear blog friends I've had a very busy day with Drs chest X Ray chased up so I could see dr this afternoon I'm now on my new meds got to be closely monitored they are not pain meds but to control my rhumatoid arthritis at least I'm on the right road now I've even played with my light tray and groovi plates only did 3/4 hour then was too fatigued to do more so came to bed to rest thank you for all your carding thoughts and messages they have done helped me through hugs xxx

  3. Hi Paul, good you're chatting to us, are you building up to giving us your Mindfulness words of wisdom? I don't think jealousy qualifies!!!! 😉 Thanks for posting and for the wee update and photo. Aye, I didnae think oor Barb could go 2 weeks wi nae internet!!! But at least it lets us know they're safe and having a good time, even if they haven't totally switched off yet! Now, no jealousy everyone, it is Mindfulness Wednesday after all. Save that for tomorrow!!! Only kidding. Nae jealousy here, just very thankful that they are managing to have their well earned special holiday, they so deserve it. It would be good to experience things like that, even things that are 'normal' nothing special to most, but that's clearly not my lot in life. So I make the most of any wee thing I am allowed instead.

    Lovely samples. Great to see Barbara's work up close, the telly doesn't do them justice. She is a true artist, one whose work you look at and it gives you that nice feeling inside. I love Dee's idea too. I've got a stampstamp, maybe 2, and a lot of the other stamps, so I've nae excuse not to play. Phew, 3 days down and so far not needed to add anything to my need/want list!!!! Wonder how long that will last?!!!

    love Brenda xx

    hi everyone

    1. Hi Brenda the picture looks lovely doesn't it, I think we are in for a treat when Barbara gets home, we can travel to these exotic places and see wonderful things without leaving home. It will be quite an adventure won't it. I hope you are ok. Sending hugs for you and Daisy. Xxxx

    2. Evening Brenda thanks so much for your wee message aboot ma techy problem understood what you said so will give it a go if it starts playing up have checked where to switch it off on the rooter thingy just in case.
      Its funny yi ken a couple o years ago I never thought I would be typing wee messages oor the internet but glad I am as as I wouldn't have met you. Here's yir cuddle …love Dot.xx

    3. Hi Brenda, really hope your day will come when you can go off on a holiday. In the meantime enjoy spending your time crafting. I was reading yesterday's comments, my Mum taught me to use her treadle sewing machine. I used to make a lot of my clothes then. Had the needle go right through my finger one day, that was it for Mum she promptly bought me an electric machine. By that time as I was older I made a lot of her clothes well. When I had my daughter I'd make Mum a dress, she would always buy more material than was needed so there would be enough to make my daughter something too. Lovely memories. I too have her button tin and have added to it over the years. Lovely to read your comments, you help everyone out with the technical stuff, reminds us of beautiful memories, it's lovely having your wealth of useful information on this here blog. Love and hugs to you and Daisy.xx

    4. Aw, thank you everyone for saying such lovely things 🙂

      I think you are a very clever artist Dee, always coming up with new unique ideas that work so well xx

      And I never thought I'd ever be talking on the internet Dot. But in finding the courage to do so I've found some lovely friends xx

      I'm used to being told I have a mind of useless information Pam!!! My brother thinks it very funny, all the random things I have knowledge of!!! He's given up asking how I know something, as the answer was always "I don't know"!!! It's Asperger's, we have brains like sponges. Often people with Asperger's have one subject that they know inside and out. But I'm very eclectic, knowing bits about lots of different things. The internet is great for people like me as our constant questions/wonderings are now so easily sorted by a quick google search!!! It's good to remember and share good memories, better than just remembering on my own xx

    5. Hi Brenda. No jealousy from here either. They so deserve a holiday. The more beautiful a place the better. I also learned to sew on my Granny's treadle. She had it converted to electric in the 60's and gave it to me. I used it up to 3 years ago. It was a real workhorse, but oh boy, it weighed a ton. I finally put it to rest in the loft, as I got fed up of having to climb up every time it tripped the electric. About every 10 mins at the finish!!! But every time I used it I would think of my Granny. You do have a knack of triggering lovely memories Brenda. I really don't think you have any idea of your true worth. I love reading your posts, they are always so interesting and informative. Plus you make fabulous flapjacks!!! Love and Hugs xxx

    6. Evening Brenda how's your wee finger doing and daisy too ,see how special you make us blog friends here feel you may not travel the world but you have so much knowledge you would think you had big hugs xxx

    7. Aw thank you all, for even more lovely words 🙂 xx

      Bit of a faffy day getting nowhere fast. Hate these days because I go to bed feeling I've totally wasted yet one more day of my time alive. If you're paying for the taxi Donna, when are you arriving!!!!! I did get some more buttons sorted, but I had thought I would get it finished today. hopefully tomorrow. I'll need to be thinking what crafting I'm going to do when I have. Too much choice and no plan/idea is the problem! xx

      I don't think my finger is any worse today. So hopefully it will start to improve soon. Do you think I can stop worrying my finger is going to die now!!!!

      I've ordered more bananas in my shopping tomorrow to make more flapjacks but we'll need to wait until they really ripen for mashing!!!

      Daisy is good, not that playful just now, but that's my fault because she needs me to really engage with her play wise to get her going, and that can be hard sometimes when I can't find something she wants to play with! But if I don't she just kind of switches off, engages less and less. So it's something I need to keep up. And saying that I'm off to have another try.

  4. Hi Barbara and Paul, The piccie with a view looks stupendous, I would love to be there !! You can definitely recharge your batteries there !!
    Lovely, lovely, cards today.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Heavy rain here spent day I Spalding at craft outlet crafting with Pam, Nikki and lady called Pat we all bring are own crafts and play together showers on way in and out so not to wet thank fully would be great place for a demo day just thought great room craft shop and a coffee shop owner loves us to come crafting when ever we want he is amazed by the groovi plates have a good exvening lovely view from barbara room xxx

  6. Hi Paul and Batbara
    What a wonderful view, I think you will definitely be recharging your batteries there, and Paul, nah you don't sound jealous at all 😀. I do love these stamp stamps, haven't played with them for ages. The artwork is fabulous, I can remember Barbara doing the sport one for the London olympics – wow was that 4 years ago! Doesn't time fly.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello Donna, Dot Pam Morag Alison Gilly and all my lovely blog friends. I hope everyone is ok and has had a good day today. It's been raining most of the day here so a bit of housework and a bit of crafting. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane, glad you managed some crafting, best thing to do when the weather's rubbish. Ours has been sunshine and showers. Hope you enjoyed your day anyway.xx

    3. Hi Diane, been a bit drizzly here today. I've been a busy bee all day, but still no time for crafting. I'll have to get my finger out soon. I'm pleased you managed to get a little craft into your day. Hugs xxx

  7. Hi Paul and thanks hope everythings going smoothly for you and the great team at Clarity Towers. .
    Wow what a view from their balcony so glad for them how great would that be to wake up to.
    Love the artwork today really love to what Dee has done with them beautiful.
    Love Dot X.

    1. Hi Dot. I hope too that you're alright. Did you manage to have a bit play then with the goodies you forgot you have!! Love and Hugs xxx

  8. Hi Paul, thank you for putting on the photo of the view from their room. I'm not jealous either, well not much anyway ha!ha! Hope they're having a fab time. I love the stamp stamps and as Barbara says have used them mostly for men's cards. Don't work too hard.x

  9. No, not jealous, just can't wait until my own holidays in the sun in a couple of months time. I have the stamp stamps but they haven't seen the light of day for a long time. I've got some ideas now.

  10. Hi to all my lovely blog friends Donna, Gilly, Alison, Morag, Sue57, hope everything went well at the hospital Gilly. Hope you've all had an enjoyable day. Hope you had a great birthday Donna. Love and hugs to you all, and to everyone on the blog.xx

  11. Hello Paul. What a dreadful room they have, I would complain if I were them ( see, I'm not jealous either 😀) lovely artwork as ever. Doing a good job in loco parentis. Xx

    1. Hi Donna don't know if I will be any good at the snipping bit but gonnie give it a go pricking plates in my sale order wi my fan and other wee bits so looking forwards to that coming….xx

    2. Hi Donna. Enjoy your grooving, it doesn't take long to get the hang of the snipping when you find your own knack! Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Some people manage fine with the scissors Dot, but they used to hurt my fingers. So I use the 'Snips' and can get round pretty fast xxx

    4. I have the scissor ones, had them years ago when I first tried Pergamano. I find holding them like normal scissors works better for me. My advice when your plates arrive is to prick long lines and snip them before going near a finished project. Have fun. XX

    5. Evening Donna do you feel any older 😊 I wish I had ordered the pricking plates and tools in the sale but got the alphabet stamps instead will have to wait for members sale or if they come on sale again it's been a while since I used my cushions hugs glad you enjoyed your ice cream xxx

  12. Hi Paul, thanks for posting. Barbara's view looks stunning. Of course you're not jealous. There's not THAT much difference between Hawaii and Camber Sands. There's sand and water in both places!!!!
    Love these stamps. xx

  13. Hello all my lovely blog friends. Gilly and Neill you have been in our thoughts today. I do hope everything went well. Alison, I'll drop you a text when I've got a minute my friend. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hello to all my wonderful blog friends – thank you for your kind comments, and thinking about Neill and I today. It went very well at the hospital today – please forgive me for keeping this very short tonight – but I am feeling shattered, so I will tell you more tomorrow.
      I did catch up on the rest of last night's comments earlier on – and I must say thank you to Brenda for triggering such a lot of happy memories regarding button tins and treadle sewing machines. My Nan taught me to sew on hers, when I was about 9 years old I think. Speak to you all tomorrow – love and hugs Gilly xxxxx

  14. Hi Paul, who wouldn't be jealous of that view, glad they are having a good time. Love the selection today using the stamp stamps, I think that has inspired me to get mine out. Have a great day. Bx

  15. Lovely samples today, and what a view! I took my nephew and his girlfriend up to Cairngorm this afternoon, but all we could see was mist and rain – we had a laugh though and took photos of the non-view anyway. Found a lovely new cake shop too with red squirrels and lots of wild birds at their feeders – very special, but not so good for the diet!

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