It looks a bit fishy to me……….

It looks a bit fishy to me……….

Hello everyone, Paul here, I hope you are all behaving.
Sorry I didn’t get the time to comment last night, but I was playing!

Have you seen the new Pergamano Perga Cutters on the website?

They are very easy to use.
This is what I did last night
(also a sneaky peek of a new Groovi plate)
Right, time to hand you over to the lovely Barbara.
Paul x
Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I hope you didn’t get too wet yesterday with our journey under the sea.
But before we dry off, lets delve a little deeper to the ocean floor and visit the fishes in the coral
If you want to venture above the water, check out these beautiful Filigraphy Dolphins
and if you are looking for something to colour them in with, then we have a few tins of the Marine Spectrum Noir Colouring Pencils sitting on the shelf!
So the first lovely piece of art is from Emma.
I had to take the picture at an angle as it has a piece of acetate wrapped around it.
This gives the effect of looking through a window of a submarine or a fish tank – beautiful.
Emma Williams
I really like the colour of this one.
If you look closely you can see that Kim has used some Glossy Accents for the bubbles.
Kim Reigate
You may have noticed over the past week that some of the samples are made by “Unknown”.
No, it isn’t a new Design Team member!
Back in the day when I received the samples from the Design Team, they were normally cards.
But when you need to display them at the shows, they flop open so we have to remove the back so that they sit flat.
So now you know why some of the samples are “unknown”.
Because we forgot to write the persons name on the back!
Love and hugs x

65 thoughts on “It looks a bit fishy to me……….

  1. Lovely artwork and pleased the blog is still going with the Queen away.
    I have been grooving all afternoon – I have pulled a muscle in my thigh! too much dancing class last night. What a better way to spend an afternoon. Must rest my leg for dancing at the wedding this week-end!
    Happy days to Paul and everyone in our virtual world – but it is real, isn't it.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  2. Thanks for keeping the blog going Paul .lovely artwork..Just received my early Birthday present,Stabilo chalk pastel colouring pencils now need spare time to play lol

  3. You have cut your edge beautifully with those scissors Paul and a little sneak peak of things to come too. I love these underwater samples, I think as a theme it is one of my favourites. x

  4. Hi Barbara & Paul, like the look of the new cutters, this looks like it may be a little easier than the others I have got , give a lovley edge. Must go and have a good look at them. Paul glad to see you are able to find a little time to play with the new cutters. Hope you day is still good. Hi ladies hope you all are keeping well and have had a good day. Hugs to all. Lynn xx πŸ’–

    1. Hi Morag, it is always nice to know how new items work. If it makes things a little easier than I am up for that. Thank you for letting me know. Sounds like it is a must. Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Hi Paul, hmmm should we accept that excuse as a good enough reason?!!!!! Glad you decided we were good enough to talk to today!!!! πŸ˜‰ I think I'm getting on ok with the scissors, so I'll stick with them for now. While we're talking about parchment scissors, is there something we should be doing to maintain their sharpness? Thanks for posting Barbara's blog. love Brenda xx

    hi everyone

    1. Hi Brenda. My perga cutters, if they're getting a little blunt, I just give them a few snips on tinfoil. Seems to do the trick for me. So the scissors I would imagine would benefit from the same?? Hugs xxx

    2. Hello Brenda hope you are having a good day today. Now you know Paul, he's just told us he was playing, I'm sure he told everyone else he was product testing!! Sending hugs for you and Daisy xxx

  6. That's impressive snipping Paul. The artwork is lovely once again. I haven't had any time to do any crafting this week but I really must take a photo of my calendar challenge.

  7. Hi Barbara and Paul, Wow, Paul I'm loving the 'snipping' it is stunning, as is the 'paisley' (I think !!) groovi.
    These under the sea samples are brilliant, especially the one with acetate over from Emma, very effective.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Those snips look great, are they needing to go on my ever growing list. I am enjoying this trip round all the lovely cards, some of them I remember. Hope you are getting a brilliant break Barbara. xx

  9. Your snipping is great Paul. I can't wait to see the new Groovi plates. I'm hoping for some Christmas ones soon…If I dare say the word haha! Hugs xx

  10. Hello my friends. I hope you've all had a good day. Sheila, Ihope you're tucked up in bed by now. Take it very easy over the next couple of days. Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  11. A very fishy blog tonight πŸ˜‰ Hmmmm, wish I could try the snips out before I brought them so I could decide which were easier to use. I got some normal tweezer scissors for doing decopage but didn't get on with them. XX

    1. Donna, I have the snips and scissors. If you are interested I'd be more than happy to post the snips to you to try and then you can post them back to me. Let me know and I'll give you my email address.

    2. Hello Donna
      I was going to suggest you speak nicely to Paul and offer to write a customer review of them in exchange for testing them out- it might just work if you're cheeky enough!!! Good to hear the operation has been booked and it's a time when you will be home too. Sending a hug to you both xxx

    3. Hi Donna,
      I'm not sure about the snips either! Pleased Phoebe's op has been booked. Give her some big gentle cuddles from me and I'm sending you some too, love Alison xx

  12. Hope you are enjoying yourself looking at all the real fishies in the sea Barb. I am into mermaids at the moment so this is right up my street. Much love Jayne

  13. Hello bloggy friends. Hope you are all well today. Phoebe has her op booked for Tuesday. Xray went well, showed and confirmed vets diagnosis. Keeping her quiet and resting. Xx

  14. Evening Paul beautiful sample you have been making love the sample cards I've got the Dolphins my granddaughter went swimming with dolphins last year with her mum and dad I made her a canvas with the Dolphins to go with her holiday money she loved it xxx

    1. Evening dear blog friends thinking of you all thank you for your kind wishes for my appointments it's took a while today for my drops to wear off but am back blogging rest days for the rest of the week sending hugs to you all and all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, good to here you got though your appointments and can chill for the rest of the week. Where I live, in Nairn, I can walk to the beach in about 10 minutes, stand on the beach looking out to the Moray Firth and watch the dolphins feed. Oh my…I just love it when I see them, perhaps once or twice a year. It is very special. I almost wish I had a dog and I might see them more often.

    3. Hi Julia wow that must be amazing I was lucky enough to go to the Maldives as we went to our island by boat the Dolphins dived in and out of the water that was amazing too the turtles and the fish was amazing also .since I've become so ill and now mostly housebound I've got some lovley memories and can create with my craft now too lovley to share our days here too I love Scotland been a few times xxx

    4. Hi Sheila
      It's good to hear you are behaving yourself and resting – has Tom got out the red card again?! I hope the hospital are able to help you. Sending big hugs your way xxx

  15. Hi Paul and Barbara
    You are such a tease Paul but it's ok we will let you off as you have to practise so you can do it on live tv!!! The edges are very neat you know. Barbara hope you are enjoying your time away. Today's artwork is beautiful, I'd forgotten how lovely these stamps are. Thank you for sharing .
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Paul

    The little peek of your art work is gorgeous. I love the finish on the edge

    Kim's usage of Glossy Accents is an ideal medium to use for bubbles, great idea



  17. Hi Paul, if that is what you produce when playing, then I am really looking forward to the rest of it. Love the Fishy/ocean artwork, brilliant. Take care. Bx

  18. Morning Paul looks like you have getting the hang off the picot cutting looking good Barbara will be chuffed.
    Have a good day and hope everything is going well for the holiday makers..xx

    1. Wee bit quite last night on the wee blog hope your all well see you later running late this morning hug for all and cuddles for Brenda and wee Phoebe…xx
      and Sheila you take it easy now…xx

  19. Morning – just catching up before i head out into the garden. Lovely and sunny here.

    Just love those fish, I made a 40th Birthday Card for my Son this year with them as he loves topical fish.

    crafty hugs x

  20. Hi Paul,
    My my, your snipping is getting rather goo! Love the fish and all the samples. Looks ng forward to seeing the new plates. Love, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Gosh I'm so late! Had a lovely day yesterday in Northallerton with friends but was really tired when I got home for some reason. Been up to Newcastle today and Dave is taking me out for a meal tonight so thought I'd blog now – better late than never!! I'll probably have to catch up with today's blog tomorrow if that makes sense. Off to the England v Australia match at Stadium of Light tomorrow so looking forward to that. One disappointment though, I still haven't received my NDC envelope! Is there anyone else who hasn't got there's? Anyway must dash, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

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