A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Hello there!
Well what a glorious day !
The sun is warm,
the birds are twittering
and the breeze is just perfect.
Is it as beautiful where you are?
See my little hideaway at the bottom of the garden?
Got the paintbrush out yesterday evening and refreshed it 
on the inside.
I have to be honest though, 
painting walls is much more a Dave thing 
than it is a Barb thing. 
Did half and got bored. 
So Dave took over.
“You paint the shed and I’ll write a book in it.” I said.
“Give me the paintbrush” said he.
This morning, I sat with the cat and enjoyed the garden,
thinking about the book.
Mmmm….. I think I’ll just start, and see where it takes me.
Been threatening to write a book for years,
so I’d best JFDI.
See the birdhouse which Dave built on the old pear tree?
Let’s go in a little closer…
Coal tits have taken up residence, 
and boy! Are they busy !!
Grace and Mark are back underneath the ginkgo tree,
which is just about to explode in leaf,
(spot the artroom above the garage….)
and the bluebells are splendid.
Then off to Mum and Dad’s for Dad’s birthday lunch.
Sat in their lovely garden and chatted all afternoon.
And now we’re back,
and you don’t need to tell me how lucky I am.
Today, life is wonderful, and I am so very grateful.
There is a German expression: wunschlos glücklich.
which Google translated = perfectly happy.
But loosely translated means happy and with no wishes.
(wishlessly happy?)
You understand me. 
There is nothing to add to this day which would improve it. 
If I dig deeper, I will instantly wish Grace and Mark lived in England. But they don’t, and that is that.

If I dig deeper, I will find things which are not perfect.

If I look closely at the garden, 
I will see the weeds and the breadbins stacked up by the garage, and last year’s leaves which are everywhere, and the brambles,
and the bird poop on the garden chairs,
and before you know it, I will be up and scrubbing the furniture, then looking for the secateurs,
and getting upset that life is overwhelming, 
the garden is a wilderness,
 and the van’s broken and won’t be ready for Bristol, 
and and and and….
But just for today, life is perfect here.
And I am wunschlos glücklich, 
which I haven’t felt for quite a long time. 
The mind is its own place, 
and in itself can make a heaven of hell, 
a hell of heaven.

John Milton Paradise Lost
I am really looking forward to tomorrow, too.
That’s important. 
Because I am rolling up my sleeves 
and helping with the order picking. 
Debby at work has a week off, 
so I said I would help Steve and Tom.
You can’t lay a 20% Blanket Sale on them and then walk away!!
But I enjoy their company.
They are fun to work with.
And it’s not hard work; there’s just a lot of it.
If you did take advantage of the sale, 
please give us a few days to turn the orders around. 
If you haven’t done so yet, the sale ends at midnight tomorrow. 
My job is to make sure that all the discounts got applied correctly to all the orders. Yuck. I may delegate that one!
Pete ??! You like that sort of thing, don’t you?
Time to go for a walk.
Or just sit and be.
love & hugs always,

72 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Beautiful sunny warm day here in Cheshire. I have had a very lazy day and just enjoyed being. Enjoy the rest of your evening Barbara time enough for work tomorrow xx

  2. Hello Barbara. It has been a glorious day here in Ayrshire too. I sat in my summerhouse most of the morning, in my pj's till 1pm. Did a bit of weeding in the tortoise pen as the wandered about my feet. Back to the summerhouse….I may even have dozed off for a bit. Sorted out indoor Tortoise pen and back to summerhouse. Then I thought it is so quiet…ah phone on charge, no notifications from FB….and just as I got to it….here you are! It is so nice to have a potter on a Sunday especially getting out to my garden. Now I don't feel bad about spending the rest of the evening in the craft room….I do have lots to get organised and finished…my book will have to wait another year lol.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs to you and Dave. Emma xx

  3. Good evening Barbara! I'm so glad to see you have taken the day to relax and soak up some fair weather! It's been a beautiful day oop norf too and I've been with friends crafting at our Maria's workshop! And this evening it's telly with Colin! A perfect end to a perfect weekend! Have fun picking the orders..you never know, you may pick mine for me! Love and hugs xxx

  4. A beautiful day here in North Wales also,been with the dogs visited my mother and home to relax. Made a card for the brother in law using the club stencil, which is beautiful buy the way.Like you a perfect day.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening and I'm sure you'll sale through the orders:-}

  5. Good evening Barbara! I'm so glad to see you have taken the day to relax and soak up some fair weather! It's been a beautiful day oop norf too and I've been with friends crafting at our Maria's workshop! And this evening it's telly with Colin! A perfect end to a perfect weekend! Have fun picking the orders..you never know, you may pick mine for me! Love and hugs xxx

  6. It's been lovely here in Worcestershire too. I was up early yesterday and there were a pair of coal tits de-aphiding the roses. Such pretty little birds and I have never seen them before. Enjoy the rest of the day.
    Hugs from Chris X

  7. Glad to hear you've had a lovely day and turned your negative into a positive! We can all look around for things to do. I'm just sat here on the decking with both cats after having a bbq with our friend and her two dogs from next door – they think it's such a treat. Cats not quite so sure but dogs back on their side of the fence now so cats have their garden back ! What a lovely day it's been.

    Do you have a start for your book ? I wouldn't know where to start! Let alone finish or fill in the gap in the middle!

    I made a purchase yesterday – the baby and ribbons plates plus the light pad – oops! Now might have another look ….. Have a good day tomorrow – I would prefer packing to numbers ! X

  8. It has been a beautiful sunny day here too. Thanks for the tour of the garden. I have had a nice relaxing day today too. Just about to sign off and go spend the evening with my better half Rick. Enjoy your evening too.
    Linda xxx

  9. Has been a beautiful day here in Ely too, Quickly got ironing out of the way ( excuse me while I polish my halo!) then spent rest of day with husband and daughter in the garden. husband cooked lunch so perfect day really.
    Gayle x

  10. Absolutely lovely your place and piece ( peace ) of heaven . It's gorgeous day here in Virginia , sun and warmth and a lovely morning at church with my daughter and husband and two grandchildren and I should ( awe oh — bad word , should )!be outside with hubby in the garden but it's Mothers Day here in the USA and instead I ordered clarity .,blessings galore for sure . Joy now Jan

  11. Took a leaf out of your book this morning. We went to a special place we call our bluebell woods. When we first went there many years ago, we saw what looked like water – no – a sea of bluebells. It was so peaceful, despite scrambling over the brambles. Just so away from the rest of the hectic world. Also my "new" wedding ring arrived to replace the one I so carelessly lost! I'm just having a restful day before the onslaught of next week.
    Happy thoughts to everyone out there.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  12. So pleased you have had a lovely day, I took flowers to the cemetery for my Mum and Dad and then sat on a bench in the glorious sunshine, I miss them but it was just so peaceful, I was alone with my memories which are all good xx

  13. A great expression, and I can relate right now! I'm a sun lover anyway – it just cheers me up no end – and over the last few days I've had some beautiful times with my daughter, out in the garden, playing with water and bubbles, just enjoying the time with her. Plus it wears her out and we get good naps and sleeping at night, which is a double blessing!

    So even though I've had to work this afternoon, I'm feeling good – was rested and relaxed enough to tackle something well outside my comfort zone that I'd been putting off, and I feel good about that.

    Time to go and peruse the website and choose my sale goodies!

  14. It has been a glorious day here as well, lunch in the garden very hot but not complaining might not last. Glad you have enjoyed the day as well we need to make the most of them. I really do not mind how long my order takes to arrive just very grateful for the fab discount. xx

  15. Beautiful day here in South Northants, your garden looks stunningm but gardens are never finished they are ever evolving just like our artwork. Stay chilled! X

  16. It's been gorgeous up here in Durham too Barbara. It sounds like you've had a well deserved wonderful day. We've spent most of the day in the garden. Just pottering and enjoying our little bit of heaven. We have bluebells in our garden too but they're not quite ready for flowering. Hugs xxx

  17. It's lovely here now, but has been quite cloudy all day so I think we're due for the warmth and sunshine tomorrow. I've been baking bread, shortbread and muffins today, got the washing and ironing out of the way, and so tomorrow I'll be able to craft and get out into the garden I hope. Enjoy the rest of your day without wishes, Susan x

  18. I didn't know that piece of Milton but boy is it right!! I am pleased you have had some quality time with your soul and your family today. Don't fret about the garden -the worms will drag the leaves down into the earth and it does the soil no end of good so forget about them for starters. The garden looks glorious and weeds are only plants in the wrong place and you can decide that they aren't in the wrong place after all. Butterflies love nettles. Today the mist lifted here on the north east coast and the sun made it through and shone on us all. My head space isn't very good at the present time – hasn't been for a while to be honest. I am trying to fight the positive thinking battle but only hanging on by my fingernails from falling into the black chasm. I don't know where you get your energy from Barb and now you are thinking of a book. Would be a good one though I am sure of that. Much love Jayne

  19. Beautiful day here too, doesn't everything seem better in the sunshine, no rush with the orders it is just lovely to receive such a fantastic offer x

  20. Glad you recharged your batteries ready for a busy day tomorrow.
    I have placed an order and look forward to playing but, I won't worry about how long it takes to arrive. I know you and your loyal team will work hard to pack and despatch.
    MFM xx

  21. Evening Barbara toms been painting the summerhouse inside to freshen it up and I've been crafting with my clarity wee stamps and of course shopping in the clarity sale tell Debbie to have a lovley week of she is so kind and helpful when I ring clarity towers maybe you needed this break to give you a well earned rest xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, so happy to hear you've had a wonderful day and you're in a good place in your head. I was thinking this afternoon isn't it good to be alive, no matter how bad your circumstances you can always find something to make being alive today something to be thankful and ever so grateful for.

    And then stupid me, put some Scottish music on youtube which was accompanied by lots of pictures of the highlands which has got me so sad and so longing to be up there.

    I love your garden, looks so tranquil and inviting to just potter round losing yourself in it. Mind you, I think if I were to I'd be needing one of Steve's white carriers for all the wee bits of plants I'd be going home with!!!! I remember you telling us about the big metal seat you bought for your summer house, that Dave had to somehow get out of your car and down the garden!!!!

    We got warm sun this afternoon, warm enough to have all the windows open. Obviously I can't go out, but it was just nice to not feel cold and to have some fresh air. Susan I think it's heading your way for tomorrow, it's still forecast to be warm here.

    Nae rush for my order, I'm happy to be last in the queue. Is that you trying to convince Pete he likes that sort of thing!!!! I'll check your orders for discounts for you, right up my street that.

    Hope your evening is as good as the rest of your day has been, love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda, it must be one of those days that brings joy. As I've been feeling too that it is good to be alive. It will have been so good for you to feel some fresh air. I'll be quite happy to wait at the back of the queue with you, whilst waiting for my order. We could have a real good blether. Big Hugs xxx

    2. It was freezing in the Highlands today with haar most of the day I think you can be positive about all the lovely caring people who follow your blog Barbara.

    3. Hello Brenda
      Oh I had a smile on my face when is rated to read your comment , what a shame the pictures made you sad though, I do understand what you mean though. Open those windows when you can and feel that warmth and fresh air. Oh I did have a chuckle at you borrowing bits of plants to take home with you!! Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Brenda, come and join us (virtually) up here in the highlands tomorrow. As Susan and bella have already said we had haar until tea time which needless to say was when I went to work. Never mind, it was a perfect day for me to paint the bedroom door.

    5. Hi everyone, thank you. hugs back xx
      Thanks for the invite Julia 😉 Sadly even all my special precious memories of up north make me so sad these days. I think because until last year there was still a possibility I could get back there, but now I'm as far away as it's possible to that ever happening again. I hope you're not working tomorrow so you can get out and enjoy the warm sun that's heading your way xx

      It benefits the plants Diane, honest! 😉 xx

      Glad you were able to craft today Sheila. Hopefully your results will come through this week so you can start the medication xx

      You can help me with chapter headings for my book while we're waiting Morag!!!! xx

      Hi Bella, welcome to our wee community xx

  23. Hello all my lovely blog friends. It's been a glorious day. We've made the most of the sunshine as this had been the first day of the year we've been able to get out into the garden. so I've made the most of every minute. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  24. Must be a day for relaxing .decided to go to the coast traffic to Hastings and camber horrendous so we branched off to winchelsea beach what a good decision. Hot sunny and very peaceful..ordered couple of bits in sale !!

  25. Now see here Barbara…… you have a lovely garden, so what if there are a few weeds, they are just unloved flowers ( unless its the dreaded vine weed)!!
    Van – hire one – thats a no brainer really.
    You have a lovely house, lovely parents, the wonderful Dave, kids (ok they live over the pond) who love you – and a thriving business – so no negatives Barbara Gray!!!
    The sun has shone on us all today – and that is pure medicine – and I for one look forward to reading that book when you get round to writing it xxx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  26. glorious here too. got washing dry, did a pile of ironing and sat in the garden for a bit , reading. i also managed 2 quick cards albeit sympathy ones.
    glad you managed wunschlos gluecklich, hugs xx

  27. What a relaxing read I totally agree it has been a good day if a bit too warm at times ended up with a face like a beetroot just cutting the grass, then went and purchased a few plants and planted up 4 pots so I've not got a little colour in my garden. The rabbit was out in his pen but struggling to get cool with his big fur coat bless him. Yes I did purchase in the breakdown sale treat myself to the piercing plates and tools. And as said before, your garden looks idyllic Barbara, enjoy it x

  28. Hi Barbara
    Been lovely down this part of the coast too, sounds like you've had a perfect day – happy birthday to your Dad, hope he's had a lovely day. Your garden is lovely, Grace and Mark look very content under the tree and the bluebells are beautiful. Do you know posh gardens you go and visit have weeds too! I've been pottering in the garden today, put a few hanging baskets together and planted beans, all very quiet and relaxing. Have fun tomorrow picking and packing and leave the maths to someone else.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope everyone is ok and the weather has been kind to you all. Makes you feel good having a bit of sun on your face doesn't it. Take care xxxx

  29. What a wonderful garden Barbara and the sun has been shining here in the south west too, not all day but it has been very warm so can't complain. I think it is good to be wunschlos glucklich, I think I would say happy without any strings attached or ifs buts and maybes. I hope having this sale will not make life too difficult for you all so good luck tomorrow. x

  30. You deserve to have one of those rare days. Your garden looks perfect to me and the wildlife appreciate a weed and stray leaf or two. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great today for us up here but it was ideal for me as I am still decorating the bedroom.

  31. Hi Barbara thanks for showing us your lovely garden how beautiful is your wee hideaway. Hope you do get the time to write that book I for one would love to read it all about the good times and the hard and I think I know there were many hard times till you got to where you are now.
    Go on maybe start from… In a small beautiful German village a man rides a pushbike quickly through the town his goal is the village midwife as his baby girl is about to be born…..
    Go on over to you…xx
    Take care..xx

  32. Evening friends laptop playing up no reply button working and freezing the blog doing my heid in… oh well hugs to all and cuddle fir Brenda will give a think about your book to 2 best sellers am thinking…xx

  33. Glad you've enjoyed your day, your garden is lovely, what's a few weeds and leaves. Love to have a Ginko tree but our gardens much too small. Managed to do some groovy with my grandson before we came back home, he made a beautiful card for his teacher. Thinking of getting him some baby groovy plates for his birthday. Hoping you may be bringing out some baby Christmas plates as he wants to make his Christmas cards. No pressure but thought you'd mentioned it. Putting my order in tomorrow, have had no time today. Love Pam xxx

  34. Hi to all the Clarity family, late again tonight. Glad to hear most of you have had the sunshine. Take care, hope those in the highlands get a better day tomorrow. Love to you all and everyone on the blog. Love Pam xxx

  35. Cannot wait to read that book cause sure we only know small amount of your story you are surely blessed we are blessed knowing you I do understand mark and Grace are over the pond but you must be due a break so pop over for a huge and catch up with them both love and hugs xxx

  36. Hello Barb, yesterday was a glorious day. I hope you made a start on the book, it will be fascinating to read. Love the pics, thank you for sharing them. Take care. Bx

  37. Hi Barb,
    Great to have a look around your garden – it is beautiful. Looks like a very tranquil spot for you to relax in. Yesterday was beautiful up here and we finally managed to sit outside for a bit – in fact we actually had our Sunday Dinner outside about 6.00 pm and it was still hot. It was a bittersweet day for me as although it was beautiful it was a year ago that my lovely aunt lost her battle against illness. It doesn't seem that long and we do still miss her. Today I'm off to a wedding of an ex pupil who I haven't seen since she left school about 26 years ago! Have a lovely day everyone, love and hugs Alison xxx

  38. Morning Barb, Your garden looks amazing !! We had sunshine yesterday and also Saturday too, I was doing the front garden Saturday evening and the back garden yesterday afternoon, and my back is complaining bitterly.
    A lovely post today, try to stay in that mindset.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  39. What a beautiful garden, mine is tiny, at the front it is mostly a rockery down the sides of a steep winding little path to the front Victorian porch, I do have a blossom tree and some climbing roses, the back is a large yard full of pots with herbs and flowers and at the wash-house door I put a lean-to 6x8ft greenhouse which keeps us going all summer with my favourite sun gold tomatoes, sweet peppers and chillies. It's a case of making the most of what you have, for a main through road setting we still get a lot of wild life. I would swap it for a home in the country though if I got the chance xx

  40. Lovely blog today, love the peace and tranquility of your garden. I find it very hard to sit in mine and not start twitch to get the rake/secateurs/lawn mower. We are on Tresco in the Scillies, so so beautiful but no one told the sun it needed to shine a bit further south off Cornwall, we did have one nice day just after we got here. Enjoy the sunshine and the writing, X X X X

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