Eton Blog?

Eton Blog?

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in!
Just got back to the hotel room,
after an astounding day at HOCHANDA.
Two hours of what I love to do best,
wielding a brayer and working on that old Claritycard with some of the loveliest stamps
in our range.

They may be old, but boy! Do they work!
Bit like some of us, eh?!?
Then this evening we launched the new 
Clarity Lightpanel.
I’m serious; it turns easy Groovi into even easier Groovi.
It looks like we are headed for yet another sellout!
So Paul – get your dancing shoes on!
Although actually, there are some lovely lovely plates on the shows at a very very good price for Freedom Club Members.
And the bumper pack of all 5 coloured parchments is also a very keen price.
I’m sure he will be able to entertain and inspire right through the day.
As for me,
I shall be back at 9am tomorrow.
Have to leave it there with this blog tonight though.
I left my specs at the studios, 
and vannot dee a vlimming thong here!
When we left the studios earlier, I said to Paul,
“Eat & Blog now.”
He was baffled.
Coz wenn Aye sai eetnblog, it sarnds like
eetnblog as in eetnmess!
Thanks for supporting, and being there today.
My brother Steve texted me after the launch, and said,
“Well done Barb! Nothing like a bit of light entertainment on a Sunday night!”
Hahaha xxx
Love and hugs,

82 thoughts on “Eton Blog?

  1. I watched on p.c. Well done on all the shows the light screen is going to be a must. Reminds me I do have an old little light box but it wouldn't fit a baby plate ! Loved your big balls ! Have a good day tomorrow and we get Hochanda back on free view on Tues ! Hurray, it wasn't that long to wait ! Goodnight, sleep tight! Xx

  2. Lovely show, and you are so generous with sharing techniques, will be looking out for the rest of the shows. 🙂
    I am lucky enough to already have a light panel, embossing clear mat, and perforating mat to use on light panel.. How weird is that,

  3. Hi everyone, we're going to have to get those cushions out again! Hope everyone has had a good day. I was going to bed but the snooker is still going xx

  4. Ah, I see the light!!!!
    Hi Barbara, really enjoyed all your shows, made me smile and laugh and still I get amazed as you transform a piece of white card into the most beautiful art pieces with your brayer inks and of course your beautiful stamps. It was lovely to see you enjoying yourself with that twinkle in your eye and smile. It was so funny when you started talking about big balls!!! I've been looking at those cat stamps for years, always thinking I've got more than enough cat stamps, but one more set won't do any harm eh!!! The same with the willow lady, kept looking at it, loving it, but thinking it was very limited, but now you and your design team helped me think out of the box, and so she's now definitely added to my want/need list too. loved the design team cards too. I hope you get a good sleep. I'll need to watch your 9am show on catch up tomorrow, hope it's another good one for you. Night, night love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda oh you definitely need the cat stamp, especially with the curled tails. I'm surprised Daisy wasn't on the computer ordering them for you! Night night sleep tight xxx

    2. Thank you everyone. cat stamps added to list for a future order (I'm needing to avoid having to answer my door at present!) Hope you've all had a good bank holiday xx

  5. So enjoyed watching the brayering shows today. I learnt 3 things in your two sessions. Just like the old times. Have taped the one day special and managed to watch about 5 mins and am quite excited to watch it all. Good night

  6. Great shows. We dashed back from a meal out this evening so I could watch the groovi show at 8pm, even though I had set it to record. I have ordered my light pad and translucent piercing mat from Clarity using my 15% discount. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I have an old light box somewhere but it is too small for the big groovi mate and it is on a slope, so I needed the new clarity one.

  7. Well done today, although I could not watch it properlly on the iPad, it kept freezing, I have asked a friend to record the last show. Love watching you demonstrate. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Xxx

  8. My bank account is a bit lighter now, glad you shed some light on the Groovi techniques. I loved the brayer shows too, great to see you doing the things I originally fell in love with Clarity for. Can't wait to see what you and Paul will be doing tomorrow, I'm sure you will have some bright ideas up your sleeves. Xx

    1. Hi Donna I've been too busy watching snooker watched the first show think I need a new brayer looking at Barbara's don't know if mine will clean up should have got one when it was on 20% off .might come on sale again .did you have plenty of cushions strapped on hugs xxx

  9. Only seen the first show but wow absolutely brilliant loved the demos stunning art work sweet dreams Barbara will play catch up tomorrow with all the shows lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila I've watched the first show too, brilliant wasn't it, will play catch up over the next couple of days. Might just have a peep at the website before I go to sleep……! Night night xx

    2. Hi Sheila, hope you're ok. Really enjoyed the shows and loved the light panel. Really enjoyed the oldies too! I'm going to watch them all again hopefully without the buffering! Have a good day and enjoy the shows today, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      I certainly need saving! Thought about you when Barb mentioned about embossing onto card! Needed my cushions as well! The light panel looks fab and can't wait to get mine. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. I just watched all the shows on catch up, how I love the old stuff. The ying/yang cats might well have been the first clarity stamps I bought all those years ago. They are yellow now but still get used, most recently with the brick stencil to make the cat sit on a wall just like the sample. Needless to say the light box etc is now at the top of my wish list. Looking forward to tomorrow. I hope everyone else has enjoyed their day.

  11. Hi Barbara
    Fabulous shows… Keep watching them time after time… Stunning ideas… Loads of tips… From you… You are a brilliant teacher… Want one of those inking mats… I have the brayer…..
    See you tomorrow
    Hugs Sylvie X

  12. Got my eye on the Willow Lady stamps but… treated myself to the 'lightpad' much better than my ancient lightbox which has served me well. Love the fact that you can change the level of illumination, it's LED's and the whole 'screen' is lit. Great stuff!

  13. Well done Barbara great shows never stop enjoying a bit off Classic Gray and the Light Tablet genius!! well done you and Dave and Clarity.. see you in the morning sell outs here they come.
    Night Night..xx Dot.

  14. Just finished watching your 2pm show on catch up and loved it. Really enjoyed your showing some of the old faves and techniques.Brilliant demos! You really seemed to have fun, too! Just love the cats and the willow lady sets which are now on my wish list for June (hope they'll be available at your Open Days). As for your 5pm show, too late now to watch it now (it' almost 1am here) so will catch upin the morning (great Hochanda have catch up now) and also hope to watch the Groovi live shows during the day. Have a great fay tomorrow. Good night xx

  15. Hi hi Barbara
    Fabulous shows today. I love to se you at work with the brayer. I have ordered the light panel. Mat and parchment from Clarity. Not at all surprised you are heading for a sell out.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. Watched the first show on catch up excellent. The second show wouldn't stream for me in Texas so back to catch up for those. I know they are awesome.

  17. Had trouble with last to shows iPad kept freezing frustrating two more days but don't think will be watching much Tuesday as Katie's birthday so tomorrow is baking Cake wrapping pressies night night hopefully I pad won't frezz me out little joke love light box night xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful day. I've watched your first show and I was so pleased you were on with Alex, she's so enthusiastic and genuine, you could tell she was going to go away and buy the stamps to play! It was lovely to see you doing classic Barbara, can never tire of it and I always learn something. Hope to catch up with the shows soon, the light box sounds fab. You do make me laugh with your blog, hope you find your glasses tomorrow. Night night sweet dreams
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Morning Diane,
      Shows were fabulous weren't they? I ordered the light panel – good job it's my birthday this month! Have a lovely day love Alison xx

  19. Brilliant shows today (as always) but enhanced with all the techniques that made such a difference to my cardmaking. I love the old brayer (I have three…two for me and one for loan when teaching) …then watching you with the lightpanel was so funny. I could feel the excitement radiating from the tv. You couldn't wait to share that with us. I adore my lightpanel (thank you again for the gift) really do think the box is empty!! And for it to have a dimmer is just perfect. Overhead Spotlights are a pain in the eye, the small light panels are too small and at an angle so work gets crushed, the larger light boxes are so big and heavy. But this one really is perfect. Another winner Barbara.
    Looking forward to watching you in the morning. Hope you have a good rest.
    Hugs xx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Loved the shows yesterday although I was fed up with the buffering every couple of minutes which spoilt things a little. Really do love the cat stamps and the hummingbird but as I ordered the light I could afford to get them as well! Will you take them to the Open a Day at Leyburn? You were so enthusiastic about the light panel and I howled when you were on about big balls! Did you have a bit of a giggle then?! Alex is lovely and she seems so eager to learn and was astounded when the clouds appeared. The design team samples were fabulous as always and did you and Clarity proud. The card you were demonstrating on the light panel was beautiful too and whoever wins that will be lucky – unfortunately it don't be me as I ordered straight from Clarity. Looking forward to the shows today and hope Paul has been practising his dance moves! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  21. Loved the show, it was great to see you loving being in your comfort zone and so relaxed. Alex is such a great foil as she is so enthusiastic and excited, a joy to watch you both. The light pad is brilliant, well done to Dave he has sourced well and also at a good price thank you both this will be a real asset not just for groovi either. Love the coloured parchment which I bought at Ally Pally but have struggled to use because it was hard to see through! Will be buying later in the month X

  22. Hello Barb, great shows, loved the demos and the stunning samples. Still have to catch up with the late show. Sounds like another astounding success. Have a great day today. Bx

  23. I have been trying to figure out the best way to transfer the Groovi designs onto card for weeks, I have also owned a flat A4 led light box for well over a year. Remember the old cartoons where someone is dumb and they turn into a Jackass, yes I can feel the ears flapping. Why didn't I think of that. Perhaps I was having a craft moment – can't remember a ******* thing. Brilliant shows on Hochanda, enlightening xxx

  24. All that 'old stuff' is still new for me . at sixty I have learned to play again. . Thank you for showing me how to do it easier. Purchased the lightpanel, it looks great.Exciting times in my craft world . Well done on wonderful shows, Long may you continue to do them.

  25. Loved seeing past techniques, there were a couple of things I was not doing right so brilliant that you re-visited. Light box looks wonderful, oh my list keeps growing. Hope Monday goes well, I am sure it will. xx

  26. I watched the show last evening with the light panel on catch up and I can see what a fantastic piece of kit it is and great that it doesn't get hot because in the summer you certainly don't need the heat that some of those things can produce so this is perfect! Hope today goes well and hope Paul won't need his dancing shoes for later as we want to see him in action too. x

  27. I saw just a little bit of one of the shows yesterday, but have time to catch up later today. I remember the first time I saw you use a brayer at a show and it was like watching someone do an amazing magic trick! I've been hooked ever since, Susan x

  28. Have not quite caught up yet, but the bits I did watch yesterday, while crafting at the retreat with Maria and Susan were great, and what fab samples. I enjoyed seeing some of the older but much loved stamps coming back with new ideas. After such a great retreat this weekend, I am now looking forward to the Open Days in June and then the retreat itself later. xxx

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