A Lightbulb Moment…..

A Lightbulb Moment…..

Thanks for popping in.
Just got back from the studios,
and am absolutely cream-crackered.
Many thanks to Paul for his unswerving help and support today.
And my thanks also to the Clarity DT. What beautiful samples!
So glad you liked the new Lightwave LED Light panels.
We thought you might!
And in case you were thinking we should 
have more stock available –
trust me: there was as much as we could possible spare
and still have a few left for the 
imminent Port Sunlight and Bristol Shows!
Port Sunny next Saturday. Ticket only gig.
(contact Happy Stampers Northwest)
Bristol Parchment Show Sunday 15th May. 
Anyway, back to the light panel.
If you decide to go for it, and we still have some left,
treat yourself to some coloured parchment and the translucent piercing mat.
Here’s a card I step by stepped this morning, 
(well, sort of…)
showing off the wonderful Butterfly and Wreath plate. 
It’s no good.
I need a nap.
Please can you do me a favour and 
picture by picture, 
step by step,
work out the steps yourself?
It isn’t hard.
It can’t be.
I did it!
The first picture is simply a question of sequence.
What came first?

Thanks. Well done.
Couldn’t have put it better myself.
love & hugs,

113 thoughts on “A Lightbulb Moment…..

  1. Have a good rest Barbara you absolutely deserve it. Great shows I'm over them all. I'm lucky enough to already have an LED light box and translucent mat set. Got them years ago from an Art site. But I'd certainly never thought of using the plates on card. Thank you for that. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope you're ok. I treated myself – all I can say is thank goodness it's nearly my birthday! I've asked my sister for money so that will go towards this. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  2. Great shows from yourself and Paul. Super techniques to practice and take away. You did very well having to do half the show this morning all by yourself! Well deserved rest time. XX

  3. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I'm feeling a little better today but I'm not taking any chances. I've bought my tickets for the open day at Leyburn. It will be my birthday week so perfectly timed! I've never been before so I'm excited already!
    I hope you've all had a good holiday weekend. Love and huge hugs to you all xxxx

    1. Hi Morag, what a lovely birthday treat for you to look forward to. It's been dull and wet here so lots of house projects are being sorted, I've just sneaked off from DVDs sorting for a quick blog fix! Xx

    2. Glad you're a bit better today. I've ordered my Leyburn ticket too. Think I'll have to wait till then for a light box as I've already spent more than I should recently! xx

    3. Glad to hear you're feeling better Morag. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. If Catterick is anything to go by you'll have a brilliant time at Leyburn. I've got tickets for Crowborough this time as both places are a long way for us. So we have to stay over where ever we go. So we make it a little holiday, we may even get to Leyburn too. Love Pam xx

    4. Hi morag glad your feeling brighter but still take things slow ,have a fantastic time at leyburn when's your birthday mines in September too xxx

  4. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you are all having a good bank holiday. Well Barbara what can I say, you were amazing not forgetting Paul have learned such a lot from yesterday and today. Don't know what to order next but the light box must wait for another month.!!!! Hope you will have some left by then. Words fail me you are all outstanding we are all so lucky to have a wonderful company who offers all of us crafters the whole package. No w have a good rest. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  5. Afternoon Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Hope you have all enjoyed the bank holiday. I have been crafting in between watching all the shows on Hochanda. Feels like a lazy day! XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      In between shows, I've been doing housework! Might do some Groovi tonight while I'm watching Masterchef. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi Donna, hope you've enjoyed your day, nice to be lazy sometimes. I've made another groovy card today, so quite enjoyed it. Haven't watched all the shows yet. Kindle kept stopping. Catch up through the week on the computer. Love Pam xx

    3. Hi Donna crafted a full card today entered into this months blog challange Barbara inspired me yesterday with the brayer glad you have crafted too hugs xxx

    4. Ooooo, new challenges almost forgot its a new month. Did read through the calendar steps this afternoon so will get that started over the next few days. Glad everyone enjoyed the shows, and well done Sheila a whole card and an entry for the challenge! Gold star for you. Better go and see what the theme is this month. Xx

    5. Hi Donna glad you've had a good and wee lazy bank holiday our kids here off on Thursday again in service day so quick school week here can't wait to see what you think of the new light panel..xx

    6. Donna, I got my clarity card out and tried it out on my daughters light panel and I couldn't believe the difference between that and the stencil card – the image is so much clearer with the clarity card.

  6. großartige Shows…danke fürs zeigen, ich konnte so viel lernen… und auch diese Karte mit dem Schmetterling….die steht ganz oben auf meiner Todo-Liste…

  7. I enjoyed today's programme although it wasn't very good on the laptop. Such a shame. I had been looking forward to being able to watch as a birthday treat. Hopefully I will be able to see them on freeview tomorrow. All beautiful cards. xxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I'm still playing catchup but saw your show this morning. I wondered why you were on your own! Hubby was watching it too and had already thought the light box would make a great birthday present for me without me having to hint. Isn't he lovely. I just hope you have some left by the time he thinks about ordering! Have a good rest and a lovely evening with Dave.
    Love Diane
    Ps yes I had your voice in my head as I went through the pictures 😀Xx

    1. Hi Brenda Sheila Dot Pam Gilly Alison and all the lovely blog friends. Hope you've managed to car chase a few of the shows today, I put a few extra cushions down just in case!! Wasn't it lovely seeing classic Barbara one day and funky new gadgets and groovie the next. Hope everyone is ok xxx

    2. Hi Diane, I really enjoyed the brayering show I watched, nice to go back to it isn't it. Hope you've had a good weekend. Didn't need my cushions this time, as resisting until Crowborough, well at present anyway. Ha ha. Love Pam xx

    3. Oh yes love to watch Barbara brayer in hand I'm on free sat so no buffering for me I've not needed my cushions waiting for the black bag and arty papers I know the light box isn't what I need right now as cannot take my parchment to that next level but loved it all the same for those that can xxx

  9. Caught the excellent 8pm show last night and Paul's midday one …love the light box will buy it at crowborough if you have them there ,toying with the distress markers as well if I get enough birthday money lo lo! ..

  10. I love my light panel! I didn't think it would make that much difference but it's fantastic! And with the coloured parchment it's perfect!
    Great shows yesterday and today with you and Paul! Another sell out!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Port sunny on Saturday! Xxxx

  11. I love my light panel! I didn't think it would make that much difference but it's fantastic! And with the coloured parchment it's perfect!
    Great shows yesterday and today with you and Paul! Another sell out!
    Looking forward to seeing you at Port sunny on Saturday! Xxxx

  12. Hi Barbara, I watched via my laptop and HDMI cable this morning, and by the time I got my laptop back they had sold out. I will be so glad when Hochanda is back on Freeview tomorrow and can then watch on TV and also be able to use my laptop haha. I am going to Port Sunlight on Saturday, so I really hope you have this bundle there, my fingers are truly crossed.
    This card is stunning and I loved every minute of watching you. Get your feet up now girl !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on yet another sell out! The light panel looks fantastic and I'm so pleased I've ordered mine – I'm hoping you left some at Clarity Towers for people like me who like to order them from you directly. I was a bit confused when you were on your own this morning, don't know if you have an explanation as my computer kept buffering – what a pain! So pleased Hochanda is back on Freeview from tomorrow – just a shame it wasn't in time for your shows. Hope you get a bit of a rest now, love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you're all ok and that you enjoyed the shows. My bank manager won't be impressed again but I really needed the light panel!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi. I'm, having to rein in spends a little bit, we're off to Edinburgh for a few days next week so need some pennies to spend there xx

  14. You really are taking the parchment theme by storm. Well done, I have a long list of needs, was thinking of dragging hubby to Bristol Show but sadly it clashes with an important family meal. We will be celebrating my two eldest grandchildren being 21 and 18. Wow that makes me feel ancient. I love the card you have on blog today, wonderful. Hope you got your nap. xx

  15. Great shows today and yesterday. Loved seeing Billy brayer again but also the use of new technology today. What a difference it makes and what new uses it unleashes between groovi and Clarity card. Ordered one from Clarity this morning so no more peering in the dark for me for much longer. Now it's time to relax with a cuppa. Love and hugs. Jeanette xxxx

  16. I'm still playing catch up on the shows, but loved the two brayer, inky shows yesterday – some tricks I hadn't seen before, some I'd forgotten, all beautiful. I have a big box of clarity card that doesn't get used much as I'm more familiar with the stencil card – I'll have to get it out and experiment!

    Hope you had a good nap!

  17. Hi Barbara
    Time for a rest I think. The shows were brilliant. I hope my light panel, mat and coloured parchment arrive soon because I just can't wail to get started. My head is buzzing with ideas. Thank you for finding the light panel for us.
    Hugs from Chris X

  18. A great weekend of shows, thank you both. I'll be looking through them again. Was watching Paul do the Dad card and for a split second thought I'd do it for mine but this will be the second Dads day without him. I have his photo in my craft room so told him that's what I would have done for him. I'm sure I'll find something else to fit in that design though.

    Hope everyone's had a good weekend, our neighbour cooked lunch for us which was a treat – I provided the roast potatoes usually done in the actifry which gave up on me today so had to revert to the traditional way! Xx

    1. PS we've just had the most vibrant rainbow out the front – I've sent hubby out for the pot of gold – if he finds it I'll share it with you lol !!

  19. Loved the shows. Unfortunately my bank balance doesn't let me purchase anything this month. It means though I have to use my extensive stash and create more space for new things when I get some more money!! I have our tickets for Leyburn sitting waiting for september, when no doubt I will make up for not spending now!

  20. Loved the shows. Unfortunately my bank balance doesn't let me purchase anything this month. It means though I have to use my extensive stash and create more space for new things when I get some more money!! I have our tickets for Leyburn sitting waiting for september, when no doubt I will make up for not spending now!

  21. Looks fantastic have ordered one as been struggling seeing even white parchment and get terrible I ache from doing it so hopefully be the answer. Been having to watch I catch your shows while on air seem to be crashing the Internet with all the viewers that's the only thing I think can be happening cause an hour later plays perfect ordered from you direct so look forward to my parcel rest up have a chilling evening love hugs Joy And Katie x

  22. Hi Barbara I'm so pleased it all went well. I've watched some of the shows on my laptop and made some notes as I usually record and view again to recall tips and techniques. I'm so glad you have revisited past techniques and stamps, not only as it has given you breathing space but it has also reminded me of so much I'd forgotten and there were also new things for me to learn. Hopefully I can catch up on the other shows tomorrow xx

  23. Sheer admiration for you for all the wonderful shows. The artwork was superb. Also for your professionalism! I am sorry to say, that I would have metaphorically, (not a violent person) smacked Charlie for interrupting and touching. You are a true gem. thought I was tolerant with my lovely customers but he really does take the biscuit. I do apologise for a very negative comment but it did so take away your inspiration etc.
    Now going to go and feel guilty. Must watch the shows again – they really were magical.
    Love Anne xx p.s. perhaps THINK should follow me next week and forever!

  24. Sorry, forgot to mention Paul, all calm and collected when he made the mistake with Loth. He was so, so professional and his demos were really easy to follow. Having said that, I have just messed up a precious piece of blue parchment. I was only trying to draw a frame – what an idiot. I have a lot to learn.
    Congratulations to Paul – hope he sees this – he is such a lovely person.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  25. Hi Barbara
    great shows and the light box is brilliant but I will have to wait a while,don't know how I'll manage without it now I've seen it in action.
    Paul did a sterling job great demo's.

  26. Hi Barbara, beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing. I've still to watch your morning show, something to look forward to tomorrow. I saw some of Paul's shows but I'll watch them properly on catch up too. Hopefully Hochanda will repeat your shows once freeview is back so I can record them. I tested my lightpanel with clarity card, and yep I can see through it just enough to emboss on it from Groovi plates. It's not as posh as yours but seems to be good enough, for now. Bit of a rubbish day today so of to see if short, long, short, long, short, long… will help. Hope you're feeling refreshed after your nap, and can have an easier week this week to recover before your show at the weekend. Love Brenda xx
    Glad to read you're feeling a wee bit better Morag. Hi to all my other CCA pals xx

    1. Hi Brenda, I've got a light box also, it's ok with the normal parchment, haven't got round to trying it with the coloured. If it's not I'd like the new one as its so much bigger than mine. Like the idea of the transparent pricking mat too. Hope husband Daisy are ok and that it's getting where you are. Love Pam xx

    2. Evening Brenda I've got a light box somewhere here that I bought years ago I cannae even remember now what I wiz gonae do with it so it will be in it's box somewhere it's the somewhere that's the wee problem anyway will have tae save up for the posh one..Cuddle on it's way…xx

    3. Sorry about my text above. It should have read 'Hope you and Daisy are ok and that it's getting warmer where you are'. This blooming predictive text.xx

  27. Brilliant product at a brilliant price. Have just ordered!
    loved all your demos and you both did such a fab job. Especially with the parchment, it is so time consuming when you are learning. My daughter asked me why I wasn't selling my cards. I said 'well the last one I made took me 7 hours'! I do it for the process which I love. Thanks so much once again….

  28. Brilliant the shows I have seen, but my kindle fire kept freezing will watch again when I can also the shows I've missed. Great blog card today, love the 3D butterfly. Hope you had a good nap, light panel looks amazing hope to get one for my birthday. Love Pam xxx

  29. Wonderful shows Barbara loved the back to basic brayer you inspired me to make a card like was on yesterday's blog too my spin on it I've even entered it for this months blog challenge so thank you for all your insperation your fantastic now enjoy your rest with Dave snuggle up and chill out .wonderful that you have sold out .ive still got to watch Paul's shows but on record so no problem just watched where he said it was limited stock and new you had sold out .love the black groovi bag think that would be good for my groovi looking forward to it comming on sale hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag sue57 Alison Julia Chris Francis thinking of you all hugs to all on this wonderful blog .
      I would like to say a very big thank you to my dear blog friends you have got me through a very tough time with all the pain I've been in you have helped me through each day my pain is still controlled well that I managed to craft a card in one day yippie 😀 Crafting hugs xxx

    2. Sheila, I often think of you when I'm suffering my aches and pains. Thinking of you reminds me that my pains will go away and for that I am grateful. By sharing your experiences we are able to share ours and I thank you for that. And what we have most in common is our crafting and I'm off to finish a card I started this morning in my pj's!

    3. That's what I love about the blog, helping each other through tough times with a laugh and a hug. So happy that you are in better health now, let's hope it carries on for as long as possible. Xx

    4. Hi Sheila, think you are just as good at helping us through as well, thank you too. So glad your pain is still under control and that was brilliant that you did a card in one day. I enjoyed making another groovy card today. Take care Sheila try to rest as,well. Love Pam xx

    5. Hi Sheila aye this wee place helps a lot of us on our bad day's just to share and know people care so glad your getting a break from your wee pains and that your here for us to…xx

    6. Hi Sheila, glad that you are still improving. It's good to have somewhere like this blog to share both good and bad times with others as well as to follow Barbara,learn from her and sometimes get special offers or competitions xx

  30. Fantastic art work, got to see some of the shows on computer but without the sound as it kept on buffering so I could say I was doing the steps a bit like today's blog ☺

    Anyway been feeling bit down over last couple days, worry catching up with me and not sleeping too well. Owl hooting at 2.30 am this morning.

    Another day tomorrow. And Hochanda back on Freeview.

    Crafty hugs to you all Pen x

    1. Hah, Pen, I was also woken up at 2.30am but it was the phone ringing. What a fright it gave us all. My husband answer it but they had hung up, it was a mobile number that we didn't recognise. Chris was tempted to call them back and tell them what he thought of them but he might have got into trouble! I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, it makes all the difference. Try a cup of Chamomile tea…it helps Barbara and it helps me.

    2. Hi Pen, you not sleeping well either. Sending a hug and hope you sleep better tonight. May have a chamomile tea myself, I forgot that I used to have that. Love Pam xx

    3. Hi Pen,
      Sorry you've been feeling down and not sleeping well. Hope you have a better night tonight and that there's no owls out and about. Sending lots to of love and gentle hugs xxxx

    4. Hi Pen, I think you need to treat yourself to a bit of special you time tomorrow. Hopefully the buffering will ease once freeview starts again tomorrow. It's funny how bird noises during the night keep you awake, whereas for me I find them comforting and they make me smile. Hope the owls hoot quietly tonight so you get a sleep, love Brenda xx

  31. Fabulous shows yesterday and today. You did a marvellous job presenting on your own and then Charlie came in and curled up the parchment on your beautiful card with his hot hands! I thought you controlled yourself very well as you told him through gritted teeth that it had taken you 5 hours to make! I was in stitches! Had to watch again on catch up after the show. Then I watched Paul's show and Charlie was still clutching the cards! He told Paul that he had upset you, but he didn't seem to realise just what he had done wrong! What a marvellous way to spend a rainy bank holiday Monday. Lots of loth, Helen.xx

  32. Hi Barbara hoped you managed a wee nap and recharged the batteries Well done you for Flying Solo so brilliantly this morning I was nervous just watching you but you were fab and lovely Paul took over amazingly as usual
    Chuffed to bits for you Dave and Clarity that Groovi has taken off as it has.. can't wait to see what you come with next as the Light Panel is a needed asset to it no wonder it sold out,
    Take care … Dot Xx

  33. I was fortunate enough to watch all the shows on my laptop without any problems and they were great. You did so well on your own for a while and Paul took it in his stride when he made his wee spelling mistake. As a viewer these are the things that don't matter as they don't distract from the techniques. I've got lots of ideas in my head now, just wish I had more time.

  34. Great shows, waiting eagerly for my Light Panel (Light Pad as I've named it!) to arrive, still debating about the coloured parchment but more tempted each time I think about it… watch this space!

    Loved the way you told Charlie off… gotta laugh and then if lo and behold he didn't (nearly) do the same to Paul's card… rofl! Thought Paul did great too and loved the 'With Loth' sentiment…. proves it happens to us all!!!!

  35. beautiful art work. Loved the shows. Think the water trick is great and it is something I haven't tried. Next thing to do. Still catching up with the shows. thank you for a wonderful weekend. Forget the weather.

  36. Loved the shows and I was lucky enough to get the light pad before it sold out
    Thanks to my friend June Smith giving me a nudge lol
    Love the coloured parchment and I will have to get myself some
    Beautiful work Barbara as always T x

  37. Hi Barb, and Paul. Well done on the successful shows, along with another fantastic product. Demos were great, samples were beautiful. Hope you can both have a bit of a rest now. Take care. Bx

  38. I had a lovely day yesterday catching up with Sunday's shows and watching some of the live shows whilst doing some crochet – have just ordered the remaining 10 balls of yarn I need to finish my project so that should keep me busy for a while. Good job I haven't got into Groovi or I wouldn't have any time to work! Hope you had a great night's sleep and have woken feeling refreshed and ready for your week x

  39. Morning Barbara, oh I so enjoyed the shows over the Sunday and Monday and yes I did order the light panel and additional parchment papers, I can't wait to try them. I am also looking forward to the open day, hopefully I will be able to get near to the groovi demo's in my mobility scooter as I have lots and lots to learn. Didn't Paul do a sterling job, but I must have missed the tap dancing I wonder why!!. I was loth to miss anything haha. I am so pleased, in a nice way, that Paul did the words wrong, it is so easy to do when you are not concentrating and goes to show that everyone even experts do it wrong sometimes, I mean this in a nice way so pleased don't take offence. What you could do is to do the lettering again on a different coloured parchment, then rick round the inside of the original letters, cut them out in the picot edge and then put the correct ones raise on the top, that way the whole thing is not wasted……….I think they call it a plaster in the trade, is that not right.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. I tried that when I messed up a piece last year. 40 hours of work and just the word Congratulations to add at the bottom. I missed out the "l" and nothing I tried was any good. It all looked like I was trying to hide a mistake. In the end I had to start again. The mishap was despite the fact I had written the word backwards, just as I wanted it, and crossed each letter out as I put it in. I was not a happy bunny. xxx Maggie

  40. Morning Barbara

    I love this delicate creation and so look forward to adding more groovi materials to my collection

    I've all the demonstrations recorded and eagerly await some spare time to watch and enjoy them

    June x

  41. What a beautiful butterfly Barbara and the light panel looks terrific. Glad you are having a rest and not overdoing it. Will have to catch up on some of the programmes I missed over the coming days. x

  42. Hello Babarba I would like to thank you for the card that you did on Sunday I was the lady that won the card and I couldn't thank you enough for it but I didn't know that I got it till this morning when the post came and butterfly's means a lot to me I lost my husband last year and a butterfly came out of his coffin and he loved butterfly's we have two butterfly trees in the garden so the card means a lot to me but I just wished you had signed with kind regards Anne x

  43. Yes I do, we both liked to watch you on telly on a Sunday so my Sundays are not the same anymore and it's be very hard to get back into making cards again thank you Anne x

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