Bristol here we come, ready or not !!!!

Bristol here we come, ready or not !!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
We are setting up for the Bristol Parchment Show 
at a very prestigious venue:
Brunel’s Old Station Passenger Shed, 
next to Temple Mead’s Train Station.


as now:

Hire Van is packed to the roof.
Quietly excited…..

10 hours later, we’re all set up in the corner….
And a very nice corner it is!

Struggling on my Ipad here,
But I really want to introduce you to Pat, the organiser.
She is such a lovely lady! And a parchment expert through and through.
And how hard she works to make this Parchment Show a success.
I can tell we are going to become friends.

Then I met another very talented lady,

one of the artists and tutors,
Marguerite Casey.

You should see her artwork.
It is absolutely spectacular.
Really makes you realise how beautiful parchment art is when you know what you are doing.
Marguerite does workshops in the Manchester/Earlham area.
If you are right into Groovi and you want to hone your parching skills,
Email me, and I will give you Marguerite’s Email address.
She said she would be happy to show you how.
I also met up with lovely Tina Cox and Linda Williams, another terrific artist.
In fact, tomorrow, if I get a chance I shall go and catch a little interview with both of them.
So here is the hall, all set for tomorrow….

Looking forward to it now.
Been given such a warm and friendly welcome. 
The building is oozing wonderful parchment art and talent.
Time to go eat.

Love and hugs

Barb xxxxx

120 thoughts on “Bristol here we come, ready or not !!!!

  1. Oh it looks fantastic! I wish I could have come!
    I'd love to meet all these clever people!!!
    Enjoy the show tomorrow and I look forward to hearing all about it! Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  2. Oh it looks fantastic! I wish I could have come!
    I'd love to meet all these clever people!!!
    Enjoy the show tomorrow and I look forward to hearing all about it! Love and hugs to you! Xxx

  3. Have a great time – you will be fab. My friend is going but I feel Β£45 train fare could be better spent on your web site!!
    Lots of love
    anne (Reading)

  4. I am looking forward to attending this show tomorrow Barbara, as for once this is in "my neck of the woods". Usually have to travel far and wide to craft shows as not a lot seem to happen around here!!(craft wise I mean :)) Hoping to be inspired as I am part of the Groovi club but a very new to this craft…just another one I thought I'd have a go at. Hope it is a success for you all.

  5. Hope you have a great day meeting crafters and get some money for van repairs too

    PS I hope you aren't actually blocking the fire escape there

  6. Hi Barbara, The venue looks stunning, my hubby was very interested in your first two piccies as he is a steam railway enthusiast and told me all about the Brunel Old Station Passenger Shed and how he built it, very interesting. Everyone looks set ready for tomorrow, I hope the day goes well for you all, I would love to see all the fantastic 'works of Art'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Hi Barbara, The venue looks stunning, my hubby was very interested in your first two piccies as he is a steam railway enthusiast and told me all about the Brunel Old Station Passenger Shed and how he built it, very interesting. Everyone looks set ready for tomorrow, I hope the day goes well for you all, I would love to see all the fantastic 'works of Art'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Evening to all of my wonderful blog friends – I hope that you have all had a good day, with lots of happy crafting time!
      I cannot believe how much has changed for me in the last 26 hours! Neill had an appointment with our GP yesterday afternoon, he was there a long time. I had a text from him to say that he was being taken (by ambulance) to the main hospital in Truro, with a suspected heart attack. I won't go into all of the details except to say that my best friend came over to me and took me to hospital, stayed with us throughout hours of tests, and brought me back home at 11.30pm Thankfully it wasn't a heart attack, but he has been told to take things very easy and to avoid stress! Mmm not sure how that will go, in addition to the long waiting re his treatment and worrying about me – it might just be a bit difficult. Anyway, he is now home and resting with me – in front of the fire. It's gone cold again in Cornwall. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Oh, my dear Gilly. What a terrible 26 hours. I'm so pleased that Neill hadn't had a heart attack, you must be so relieved! You both need to just rest as much as you're able. Do the absolute minimum, just enough to keep you both comfortable, fed and watered. Keeping you in my thoughts. Love and Hugs to you both xxx

    3. Oh gilly you must be so relived to know it wasn't a heart attack stress can present in so many ways just both take each day in baby steps plenty of rest a little crafting with your groovi in bed and sitting with each other by the fire thinking of you both sending lots of hugs to help you through such a stressful time xxx

    4. Hi Gilly,
      So sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time at the moment, but I'm so pleased that your hubby hasn't had a heart attack. That must be such a relief for you. Just make sure that you both get as much rest as possible. I'm thinking of both of you and sending love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxxx

    5. Oh dear Gilly what a time you are both having. If I lived near I would offer practical help but I hope you have a circle that you can call on. Take care both of you xx

    6. Oh my goodness Gilly what a shock for you both. Keep resting together and hopefully someone is on hand to help you both out. Lots of love to both of you xxx

    7. Thank you all so much for your very kind and supportive comments. I am very fortunate with the help and support of my best friend and my lovely neighbours. One brought our car back home, another was down for taking me to the hospital today and tomorrow and another on Monday. Also, my neighbour opposite is a nurse and she had told me to call on her any time – day or night! So really I couldn't want for more support. We shall be shopping on line tomorrow – so that will be an easy solution to that. Thanks once again to you all, xxx

    8. Oh Gilly what a worry for you both. So glad it wasn't a heart attack that Neil had. Just take things easy the two of you, lovely that you have supportive neighbours you can call on. Thinking of you both. Love Pam xx

  8. I was AWOL yesterday with a work thing. Got back today and have read yesterdays and todays blogs. Good luck in Bristol and hope the snorkeling goes well while you are away! Xx

    1. Evening Donna thought your internet was playing up missed you are you having a crafting Sunday or did you mannage to craft today hugs & smiles xxx

    2. Glad to see you back, did miss you and wondered where you were. Late tonight as had the day and evening at my Son's. He's doing the Tewkesbury half marathon tomorrow. I'm going to the show, hoping Barbara has the light table with her. Enjoy what's left of the weekend, hope you manage some crafting.xx

    3. Morning everyone, planning a nice day doing Groovi. I want to make a Japanese picture but need to wait for my bamboo so I will see what otherlates I can use. Have a great Sunday. Xx

  9. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I hope you're all behaving yourselves. I got TWO clarity packages today!! One of them being the Alphabet. Can't wait to play with them. Still a few more to come heeeheee!!! Love and Hugs to you all xxx

    1. Evening morag ooooo clarity parcels happy crafting waiting for my alphabet but no rush as been crafting with my groov today and my light tray amazing day .
      Read yesterday that your mostly housebound like me then but it's good to feel safe in my crafting bubble do you feel the same hugs xxx

    2. Hi Morag,
      Two Clarity packages – you'll love the alphabet. I got one package signed by Barb, which was some new Groovi plates which I've being playing with today. Got one more to come ( more plates!) Enjoy playing with your goodies. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    3. Hi Alison and Sheila. Lucky you Alison to get a signed package. Yes Sheila, I am quite happy to be in my crafty nest. Have to admit to getting a bit nervous when I do go out. It was great when I went to meet Alison, but I was pleased to get back home! I've only been out twice since then. But exactly like you I feel safe at home. But I'm determined to get to Leyburn. I have a lovely friend who is going with me . I introduced her to the Groovi and now she's hooked too, so I know she will enjoy it. Hugs to you both xxx

    4. I had a lovely package today too! I'm sorry that going out is an ordeal for you but there will be me and Alison to support you as well as your friend. Hugs xx

    5. I hope you get to layburn with your friend to go with you will be a big help you want to be proud that you met Alison and hope you can meet up again ,hugs xxx

    6. It's great getting clarity parcels. I'm waiting for a big one. My husband is a postman so he knows when I'm being good to myself…I'm good to myself quite a lot.

    7. Hi Morag
      You will have lots of fun at Leyburn I'm sure. Two parcels and more to come !! πŸ˜€, are you on first name terms with your postman yet ?!! Sending hugs xxx

  10. Looks as though you are going to have a wonderful day down in Bristol. I would love to know if there are any of these wonderful parchment teachers there who come from my neck of the woods in Worcestershire. Have a great time and relax for your holiday. xxx

  11. Evening Barbara amazing venue and amazing space you have to showcase your clarity groovi hope you sell out of everything it's an amazing product lots of hugs & smiles xxx

    1. Evening my clarity blog family thinking of you all and sending lots of hugs and smiles your way hugs to all on the blog ,I've had a lovley morning crafting with my groovi and my light tray while Tom painted a second coat on the inside of the summer house ready for me to sit and craft in it then he helped me do some backing for my groovi parchment this afternoon my pain is still controlled so a good day now in bed resting xxx

    2. Hi Sheila,
      Glad to hear that you're still pain free and been crafting as well. I've been playing with my new plates and light panel – which I love I must say! Pleased your summerhouse is nearly ready for you, that will be lovely to craft in. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. It does sound like you've had a lovely day Sheila. The summerhouse will be perfect for you to craft in. I hope that your pain stays under control, you could certainly do with a rest from it. Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, pleased you've had a good day and are planning more crafty days outside. I've still not done any crafting but hopefully tomorrow. I am currently watching eurovision with a glass of wine.

    5. Hello Sheila
      It's good to hear you are still pain free and still managing to craft. The summerhouse sounds perfect for you to sit in and craft in the warm sunshine, isn't Tom a sweetie. Sending hugs to you both xxx

  12. Hi Barb.,
    Well the venue looks fabulous and the stand looks great too. Hoe everything goes well – I'm sure it will. Groovi will be a massive hit there I bet. Love and hugs ,Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Well today has been a much better day weather wise although if in the wind it's still cold. Got the first of my breakdown packages today and had to start playing straight away. Love all my goodies and together with the light panel I'm chuffed to bits. Made two cards – still got a few more to make though. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Isn't it just lovely to get Clarity Packages Alison! I was so lucky again this morning as hubby was cutting the grass when the postie came. So my best friend (the shredder) was quickly put to good use. haha! Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison
      Have a wonderful time playing with your new goodies. How lovely you got a picked and packed parcel from Barbara and a little note too, that's such a thrill – how many companies can say the box packed my order! Xxx

  13. Good luck for tomorrow Barbara, hope it goes really well, I've got everything crossed for you. love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone. What are you all like, all the lengths you go to to hide Clarity parcels from your husbands! I don't know who to feel sorry for the most, you guys or your poor husbands who are so desperately trying to keep you all from becoming bankrupt!!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

    1. Hahaha Brenda it's funny isn't it. My lovely hubby paid for the last lot of naughtiness and arranged for them to be delivered to his office in case we are not around when they arrive, isn't he a sweetie. How are you today? Have you been playing with your groovi again? What does Daisy think of your light box? I can see her wondering what you have got on your lap now just where she should be! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane, I'm ok, just biding my time, well apart from almost completely severing the tip of my finger off during the week! Won't go into details in case it's too gruesome for you. No bone or nerve involvement fortunately. It's hidden under a dressing at present. Should heal pretty well in time. Still working at getting back to crafting properly. Daisy doesn't mind the light tablet. She doesn't sleep on my knee, she prefers to curl up against me, so she's lying on a slope up my legs! She's not like normal cats, it's a long story. But as long as she's happy and content, that's what matters eh. xx

    3. Evening Brenda glad you popped yir wee heed in lets me know your fine well apart fae yir finger nearly getting chapped off that is hope its ok didn't know yi got the light tablet how yi getting on wi it….here's yir night shift cuddle cheif owl…xx

    4. Hello Brenda. I've been wondering how you're getting on..Oh dear! However did you manage to nearly chop your finger off. I hope it's not one that you need to use for your crafting!!! I know you need all of them. But some more than others!!
      Daisy sounds very special! Sending you a huge hug. XX

    5. Morning Brenda lovley that your with us , hope your finger is healing ok ? have you been trying to get the blue mat off daisy ? Or trying to get that Nutella off Donna ,lots of healing hugs xxxx

    6. Thanks everyone :-). Och my finger accident, could have been a lot worse, very thankful it's something that should cause no long term issues. Taking it as a big warning, got to try be a lot more careful from now on. I was lucky with my Asperger's dyspraxia, I'm at the lower end for that one, but CFS has heightened it, hence me supposedly banned from sharp knives etc! But with no help or support I've got to, and just deal with the cuts I sometimes end up with. It was brand new posher secateurs! Now I know why my support person used to always get me cheaper, less sharp ones – less damage when I cut myself with them!!! I've to soak the dressing off tomorrow so I'll see then how it's looking. I think I'll be padding it up for quite some time to come though, very ouch!!! It's my left index finger so is causing a problem craft wise, can't use it to hold/put pressure on anything. And picot practise is out as it's the finger the scissors hit when I put them too far through the holes! xx

      Yes Daisy is very special, it was a very long, very hard road but she's developed into the beautiful inside and out wee pussy cat that she is πŸ™‚ With the most amazing tail, short haired pussy cat but with a long hair tail!!! She's so cute xx

      I already had a light tablet Dot, similar to Barbara's but not as posh, and it doesn't dim. I've not tried it with Groovi yet, I'll let you know how I find it when I do. xx

      I've still got banana flapjacks in the freezer, I'll get them out for tonight πŸ˜‰

    7. Banana flapjacks sound just perfect. I'll know where to come if I have another sleepless night tonight. Although the way I'm sitting here yawning, I might just be (ever so gently and quietly!!!) snoring my head off. xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful location for the show, wow the stand looks amazing, I presume it's all groovi, look how far this product gas come in the space of a year – amazing!! The artwork from the traditional parchers is stunning and it looks like they are embracing you too, which is fantastic. Have a wonderful time tomorrow with Kota of fun and laughter too. Love to you and the team
    Diane xxxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends hope you've had a good day, we've had sun here but it's cooler than it was . We've been watching Eurovision, the wry comments and predictable voting are so funny. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hope you have the light tables with you. All set up I see, looks amazing. Never been to that venue before. Makes a nice change to have a show in Bristol and not have to travel far. Love Pam xx

  16. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, really late tonight, spent the day and evening at my Son's. Went out to lunch then Hubby helped put up a trampoline for the children then we stayed for tea etc. Looking forward to getting my parcel, that was lovely Morag having yours signed by Barbara. I've ordered the Alphabet as well as other stamps and groovy plates. Going to the show tomorrow as its only a few moved away to hopefully get the light table if Barbara has taken them. Think we'll be bankrupt at this rate. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Weekend, must get to sleep or I'll never get up in the morning.xx

    1. Hi Pam. You'll have a lovely day. I want to the Harrogate show many moons ago and the samples were fabulous to see. Please give Barbara my love. xxx

  17. So happy to see you getting a warm and friendly welcome from the trad parchers bet there is some beautiful work to see there.
    Groovi definitely belongs to be there to along with yours and all the beautiful design teams work so have a great time.
    Take care and happy big sales…xx

    1. I can see you're having a long night too Dorothy. I'm just about to make a cuppa…do you want one? Do you prefer 'Dorothy'or 'Dot'? I'm never sure which one to write. Sending love and hugs xxx

    2. Oh aye a fall a sleep on the couch then can't sleep when supposed to it's Dot to my friends Morag milk and two sugars please see you've earned your night owl badge then.
      Hugs Dot…xx

  18. Hi Barbara some beautiful work on display there. I know the lady marguerite very well her work is lovely she and her friend are at all the craft fairs small world. Have a great show love June Horrocks xxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh I wish I could be there to cheer you on. It looks wonderful and there will be lots of inspiration for all. Have a great time and then it's holidays for you.
    Hugs from Chris X

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