Housey, Housey

Housey, Housey

Evening everyone, Paul here.
For those of you who are not on Facebook, here is a picture that Barbara posted yesterday.
Have a good evening whatever you are doing.
Paul x

Over to Barbara.

Hey there.
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend.
Housey, Housey is the title of today’s blog.
No I’m not practising to be a Bingo caller.
Today’s trip through the archives is all about houses.
Here is a list of bits and pieces used:
Have a look at the birds in this piece from Kirsty.
Notice how they are flying away from each other.
This has been done using the Bird Tree stencil.
Don’t forget that you can flip the stencils over.
Kirsty Goodwill
A very arty piece from Sam.
She sure does love her grunge.
Sam Crowe
Party time from Jane.
Bright and pink!
Jane Telford
This piece surprised me when I saw it again.
It is arty, but very clean.
Sam must have run out of Grunge paste when she was making this sample.
Sam Crowe
Sam Crowe

When I look at this sample from Linda, it seems to remind me of days gone by.
When the likes of Shakespeare was around.
Linda Spencer
I hope you have enjoyed today’s journey.
Love and hugs x

98 thoughts on “Housey, Housey

  1. Thank you Paul for blogging the beautiful samples the photo of Dave Barbara mark and grace they all look so happy I don't do face book so thanks again for posting on the blog looking forward to seeing what you bring us on hochanda on Sunday crafting hugs xxx

  2. Evening Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag pen Chris Julie sue57 sending you all special hugs hugs to all on the blog xxx
    Donna hope phoebe is getting better each day and your enjoying your week off thinking of you both xxx
    Are you still resting gilly hugs for you and Neil xxx
    Brenda have you got your hard drive sorted and not feeling as stressed hugs for you and daisy xx
    I'm first to blog today wow I've had a mixed day today so just been resting up apart from a few phone calls xxx

    1. Julia you asked on yesterday's blog about books I have 3 authors that I follow Louise Douglas she has written 5 books I enjoyed them all( Susan r Sloan her books are about court trials very gritty topics her first one came out in 1995 it's a long time since I've read hers and light hearted I read gervase phinn Beatrix potter or Joanna sheen /Julia wherrell
      you said you like true stories I've read reeva a mothers story by June steenkamp I found that very moving. Since my CFS I find I cannot read as much as I forgot what I've read and have to re read some books are to heavy to hold but I still enjoy a book rather than a kindle hope this helps sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – sounds like we've had a similar day today. I am just the same as you when reading books too, everything you say is me talking! Take care special blog friend, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, thanks for your book recommendations, I'll get on to Amazon. I never considered that it would be difficult to read when you have cfs but it makes sense. These days I tend to read on my kindle, it hurts when you fall asleep reading and it hits you on your head. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    4. Hi Sheila. I hope you're starting to feel a little better after your rest. I do so admire your ability to stay so positive even on your not so good days. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila,
      Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. I love reading and have a very diverse range of books I like. At the moment I'm working my way through JDRobb's In Death series. I'm up to 36 at the moment and I think there's about 50 in the series. They're set slightly in the future and follow a NY homicide lieutenant trying to solve murders. Also reading ( in between) the Covenant of Muirwood series by Jeff Wheeler – I think they might be children's but not sure! A bit of fantasy here! Love and hugs ,Alison xx

    6. Hi Sheila, glad you've been resting, hope you feel up to more tomorrow. Went for my Physio, still saying I should be taking pain killers, but I just can't they give me so many other problems. They have stopped some of my exercises & put others in. Go back in July. Just have to try & stay positive. Mounted and layered a couple of groovy Christmas cards that I did when we were away. Trying to get ahead & do a few each month from now on. Take things easy, Love and hugs Pam xxx

    7. Pam it dosent help if they cannot help you with the pain you need pain relief now as it drags you down have you tried some creams for pain that you can get on percription then no side effects,I have 3 different ones but don't know if they will help you , glad you can loose yourself in your groovi craft that will help you feel you have achieved some lovley cards sending lots of warm hugs xxx

    8. Thank you Sheila, I've got one cream from the Doctor which takes the edge off it for a couple of hours to get me off to sleep, then I wake a few hours later feeling really sick with my stomach doing somersault, then I'm awake most of the night. Will go back to the doctors as she may give me something I can take along with anti-sickness pills.xx

  3. Lovely photo and work to brighten up a chilly wet day here! Nothing for it but to get the calendar challenge done, why I leVe it so late I don't know. Hope everyone else has a good day. Xx

    1. Dad's just come home and is putting the boys to bed daughter's gone out with the girls so I'm visiting quickly while our tea is cooking. This tablet is so slow. Hugs to you all xx

  4. Thank you so much Paul for remembering those of us not on Facebook, such a happy photo on such a dismal day! Looking forward to your weekend shows x

  5. Thanks Paul, I'm on FB but missed that great pic and all those happy smiles! If we had to put a caption to it…I'd be pointing out Barb's bag….it's certainly big enough for a Groovi Place Mate and a few extra supplies! I really do hope she's left them behind! C x

  6. Hi Paul, hope you're having a lovely evening too. Thanks for posting, and the photo too. What a lovely photo it is, Barbara looks so happy. It's great that Grace was able to join you all too :-).

    Love all the samples, I think Sam's 'clean' one is my favourite.

    love Brenda xx
    p.s. tomorrow is Mindfulness Wednesday Paul, your last chance, are you going to give us some of your words of wisdom 🙂 xx

    hi everyone
    hard drive still holding on so far, new one on it's way, but coming the slow way, despite the high delivery charge! I've got everything done I think I need to for replacing this one, and my brother is going to doing it for me when it comes. Got the tablet sorted so I can easily find my food shop websites, emails and bank. And my – why are youtube videos not playing? Well, seems you need to download the youtube app for that!!!! I'll try it later. So, if the hard drive fails, it's not going to be easy by far, but I'll have the essentials.

    Sorry but can I make everyone with the rubbish weather jealous, it's a rare occurrence!!! Blue sky all day, nice and warm in the sheltered sun, and I was out for a couple of hours in the garden as this was the catch up one. 🙂 And I got quite a few outstanding jobs caught up on. And nae garden accident, at last, well I did get scratched by the rose but that's normal, and we called it my third accident so hopefully there'll be no more!

    1. Hi Brenda – so pleased that you have managed to get so much sorted, and you really deserved some good weather – so that you could enjoy that whilst in the garden! Bless you – you richly deserved to have a better day! Love and hugs Gilly xx

    2. I'm so pleased your weather's been good enough for you to get out in your garden today Brenda. It will be a good feeling, being able to look out knowing that your jobs are done. I hope your Hard Drive arrives very quickly so that it can be sorted. Then that will be something else that you won't need to worry about. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Brenda,
      I'm so pleased someone is having good weather! I think up here were just going to bypass summer and go straight to Autumn or even Winter – it's cold enough! Hope your hard drive arrives soon and you get it sorted. Love Alison xx

    4. Hi Brenda, glad you've had a better day and that your brother is going to help with your computer. Bet it was lovely for you to get out in the sunshine today and do a little gardening, I always think even a little while out there takes your mind away from your worries. Love and hugs Pam xx

    5. Evening Brenda I'm so pleased you mannaged to get out in your garden a bit of sun to garden by and your hard drive is on its way also that you have got your tablet sorted so you can do the essentials hugs to you and daisy xxx
      I'm hoping it's just Internet problems that's keeping Donna of the blog and not phoebe worrying as miss her here xxx

    6. Thank you everyone.
      Yes, and we had a good time too, all very worth the suffering I am and will be doing. I don't care what it makes me suffer, if I get the chance to do something good nothing is going to stop me.
      I've been wondering, maybe it was the power cut the other day that damaged the hard drive, I believe this kind of thing can :-(.
      I think Donna maybe is poorly with a bug

    7. Morning Brenda beautiful day here again glad you managed to get out in the sun yesterday for a wee while and had someone to chat to even if it wis about yir wee plants and stuff that made me feel happy for yi.
      Nae rush about ma comp just get yours sorted as that's your life line and more important .. I nodded off wi awe the fresh air yesterday wondering about Donna though hope she's ok.
      Here's yir cuddle..Love Dot..xx

  7. Hi Paul – thanks for posting the blog today, my favourite sample is Linda's, but the best thing to see is the photo of Barbara enjoying her holiday, with her family around her! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my special blog friends – we have had another good day weather wise here today, but we have now got a chilly wind blowing, with the possibility of rain. Still it was great while it lasted! I rested in bed for a good part of the day, and haven't really felt like doing much today. I hope that you have all had a good day – love and hugs Gilly xxx
      Donna – thinking of you and Phoebe, hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hello Gilly. You're another one, like Sheila, who manages to stay positive despite having not so good days. Honest, I haven't sent our winter weather down to you lol…cos we still have it with a vengeance!! Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly,
      Glad that you've been resting. Honestly I felt like hibernating today, it's been so cold. I dread to think what the gas bill is going to be like as have to keep putting heating on! Take care, love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Hi Morag – I do have my less positive moments, but coming here always helps! Sorry to hear that it is SO cold where you are Alison – love and hugs to you both xxx

    5. Hi Gilly, Don't worry about not doing anything today, your body must be telling you to rest. Our weather has been warm but overcast today. It's been raining tonight but I was matting and layering a few cards upstairs, so felt good that I'd actually achieved something. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  8. Lovely pictures and pleased Barbara is enjoying herself – she deserves it.
    Feeling just a bit emotional tonight and apologies for downloading but need to get it out.
    Our son's wedding was really lovely. However a near fatal followed and we are so lucky our little girl is okay. i won't go into details but just wanted to unload. Everyone think of today and not what comes in the future – it will drive us all mad.
    I am just thankful to get through today and help anyone in distress.
    I love this blog. It makes me feel that there are people, lovely people who will share the joys and sadness of those far off. Billy no mates here today without you lovely bloggers.
    Much love from one hugely relieved and ultra emotion today. Tomorrow is another day
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading) xx

    1. I just read 'without you lovely buggers'. Sounds like you had a pretty serious situation but glad everything is ok. Today I walked to work and home and as I was turning the corner into our street I saw our neighbour walking his dog, he is in his 80's and riddled with arthritis. I was pretty shattered and was thinking I'll take the car tomorrow until he told me he'd give anything to be able to walk like I do. It made me realise that I take for granted my good health and I really don't know what the future will bring and yes I will walk to work tomorrow.

    2. Oh Anne, that sounds awful. I thinking about you all, and hoping everyone is/will be ok. You unload any time, we're here for you. And you're never Billy no mates when you've got here. I've been Billy no mates, literally for many years, and now I have lots of pals here. take care. how about a bit of mindfulness colouring in, if you want to join us colouring in our garden hearts download? xx

    3. Aaw Anne! What a terrible ordeal for you. Even more poignant following the lovely Wedding of your son. Thank goodness your little girl is fine. It's good that none of us know what's round the corner. Your maxim of living for today is one that I go by too. Sending you a huge hug xxx

    4. You download as much as it takes Anne for you to feel better. Glad your Son's Wedding was lovely a shame about after, but hope you feel better getting it off your chest. The good thing is your little girl is OK. Love & hugs Pam xx

    5. So sorry to hear your news Anne – I hope the accident won't tarnish the memories of your son's lovely wedding day and that your daughter is soon fully recovered x

    6. Hi Anne, sorry to hear you had a very not so good day. Dont worry we are all thinking of you all and hope everything goes well soon
      All our hugs .Lynn x

  9. Great photo. I do like the artwork, I have the stencil but guess what…I haven't used it yet. I hope everyone has had a good day today. I was fully of energy this morning but I've used it all up and I'm being a couch potato now.

    1. Hi Julia – don't be too hard on yourself! In life, I think that we all automatically assume that we will always be in good health. In reality, none of us know what is just around the corner and that has to be a good thing! However, it does pay to live life one day at a time and enjoy it as if it were the last – but probably very few of us can do that, myself included. I used to put things off – until I felt better – I did however, stop doing that a long time ago. As my dear Mum always said, bless her – you can only do your best, and no more. With that, I think it's time for me to go off to bed – night night all – love Gilly xxx

    2. Morag, no crisps but peanut butter on toast. Gilly, I'm getting better at having up days and down days instead of trying to be superhuman everyday. I have enjoyed having a lazy day and I deserve it.

  10. Hi Paul and Barbara et al. What a fabulous photo, that will remain a wonderful memory. Thank you Paul for thinking about those of us who don't do facebook. Lovely artwork today. xx

  11. Hello everyone. Winter is back with a vengeance here, or so it seems. But a good excuse for a nice crafty, groovi day.
    Donna, I hope you and Phoebe are both okay. I've been thinking about you. Dot, I seem to have missed you for the last couple of days too. Here's hugs for you both and for all the rest of my lovely friends here. xxx

  12. thank you for your kind replies. They are keeping my head above water.
    Love you all – bloggers not what someone thought I had written. That is the other lot who moan about the blog and Clarity – Barbara rocks!
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hehe, that was me Anne. I've had one of those days when I go to say something then completely forgot what I was going to say, now I'm reading things that aren't there.

  13. Hi Oaul,
    What a lovely photo, Barbara looks so happy and chilled. Glad that Grace is there too. Samples are great again. Thank you for sorting out my little problem today, that's one mystery solved! Cheers, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you're ok. Donna hope you and Phoebe are ok. Well the mystery about my envelope has been solved today. Apparently for some reason the automatic payment hasn't been working, but Paul has sorted it out for me and sending my envelope out first class today, so I'll know what you've all been so happy about soon! Doesn't Barbara look so happy in the picture? The holiday must be doing her a world of good – wish I was there in the sun! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, I'm so glad that your envelope is winging it's way to you. You certainly need something to brighten your days, as this weather certainly won't!! Love and Hugs xxx

    3. So glad you'll soon be getting your envelope, think you'll be very happy when it arrives Alison. Hope you've had a good day. Barbara looks so happy, lovely that they could all get together, beautiful memories for them all. I've been wondering where our Donna is too. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  14. What a fabulous photo, so thank you Paul for posting it, and great to see Mark and Grace have caught up with the travellers. I love the houses in today's selection. x

  15. Hi Paul, how's your prepping going, looking forward to seeing you on the Tele on Sunday. Can't wait to see any new plates if it's groovy. Lovely design team cards yet again. Amazing what they do with a stencil. Glad to see Barbara and Dave got to see both Grace and Mark, a beautiful happy photo, one to treasure. xxx

  16. Hi to all my lovely friends that I haven't yet spoken to, Donna, Diane, Dot, Pen, Sue57 hope you are all well and have had a good day. Thinking of you all and sending love and hugs, love to everyone on the blog too. Pam xx

  17. Morning Paul thanks for posting that lovely pic of Barbara Dave and the kids the smile on Barbara's face say's it all.
    Great artwork again DT ladies loving the pizza box gallery Barbara same stencil but so different takes on it beautiful.
    Take care…Dot.xx

    1. Morning bloggy family hope your all well the sun is shining here and all is well summer has come ti Scotland have a good day hugs Love..Dot
      Donna an extra one for you hope your ok…xx

    2. Good morning Dot. It's about time you got some sun up there. I wouldn't be offended if you wanted to share a little bit with us though! haha! Enjoy it! Love and Hugs xxx

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