‘ouses ‘ouses ‘ouses….

‘ouses ‘ouses ‘ouses….

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
Thought i would get back to where I like to be today.
Which is alone in my art room with my art.
No music, just the twittering of the birds outside. 
The sun is shining,
and it’s ok.
Had a few little monkeys in my head to begin with,
but they are well and truly subdued now.
People can only control you if you let them.
People can only make you feel guilty if you let them.
People can only take the piss out of you if you let them. 
So the solution is right there!
I was working on other things and had a veritable vat of beautiful shaving foam.
Aha! I thought, let’s use a stencil….
Squirt  the shaving foam into your tray.
Drip some Distress reinker drops into the foam.
We stock the individual bottles 
AND the bumper collection of 48 Bottles.
Superb value.

Swoosh it around and load some onto a ruler.

I have some lovely A3 Card.

Drag the colourful foam on the ruler through the stencil.

Lift the stencil.
Cor. If only it could set raised like that!


Leave it in the sun to dry.

It works very very well.

So you can either cut up the very long street 
into smaller card toppers,

or leave it long like I have.
I just trimmed the edges back.

If you want to touch up a few bland areas, 
simply replace the stencil once you have cleaned it,

and dab dab dab some same colour ink into the areas 
which need a little lift,
using Distress Pads and a make-up sponge. 

Score and fold down the middle for a card.
Here’s the front now,

and here’s the back.
If you wanted it the other way round,
then simply flip the stencil before you apply the shaving foam!

There we are.
I do like a wrap-around card!

But a little more depth is needed.
So out with a grey pencil…..
Spot the difference:


Interesting what a simple grey pencil line underneath all the horizontal lines can do…

Check out the front and the back now.
I only added a drop shadow to the righthand side, 
the front if you will….
Big difference!
Have you heard of Chris Wood and The Imagined Village?
He’s a folk Singer and they are a collective group of diverse musicians.
Bit political.
But hey! I get them. They’re right.
This is a song about Houses.
It sure hits the spot.
Especially if you live down here,
on the South Downs.

I think I will go find Dave, 
and take a walk with him up on the Ashdown Forest.
Have a good evening.
love & hugs,

77 thoughts on “‘ouses ‘ouses ‘ouses….

  1. Me too, shaving foam is great as is this stencil. Enjoy the great out doors it does the heart good, we have a lovely evening here sunny and warm at the mo.
    Off to the Scillies at the crack of doom in the morning for some R and R. X x

  2. Lovely haven't tried pulling the shaving foam through a stencil yet .will definitely try it ..enjoy your walk over Ashdown forest it is lovely walking there ..

  3. Hi Barbara, really sorry to hear people are getting to you just now, you really don't deserve that. My head has joined you, I've a whole troop of monkeys these days! I totally agree, they can only get to you, control you, make you feel bad if you let them. Easier said than done though. And just make sure you don't go too far the other way, as that too is a miserable place to be. Hmm wonder how I know that… Your 'ouses are lovely, the drop shadow really does make them look 3D, thank you for sharing. And thank you for solving where I've been going wrong when trying to do shaving foam through a stencil! Hope you and Dave enjoyed your walk, and you have a lovely, bad people free evening, love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda
      It's good to hear the white work has finally clicked, I'm still too impatient then I wonder why it curls so much!! Had a chuckle yesterday when Barbara firmly took the card away from Charlie because his hot hands were making it curl! I'm looking forward to hearing how successful your shaving foam and stencil artwork is. Take care xxx

    2. Hello Brenda dear, I hope you can send your monkeys packing very soon too. I'm sorry to hear that they are being so bothersome. It sounds like we need a campsite few days. Did you say something about Nutella the other day?. Yum, my favourite! I love it on toast..and on ice cream….and as a cake topping! I'd better bring a Nutella Fudge Cake to the campfire. Take care my friend. xxx

    3. Evening Brenda how's your groovi mat has daisy been behaving or have you got extra scratches good to know your getting to enjoy your white work hugs xxxx

    4. Hi everyone
      I think I need to be doing something with some of the shaving foam stash already filling my scrap box before adding to it!!! xx
      The campfire is a Nutella free zone Morag, so you're another who'll be getting frisked and sent to join Donna if you're found trying to sneak some in!!!! xx
      Daisy has been good Sheila, just been sitting on it, which I ignored as that means she's telling me it's hers!!!! Glad to hear your pain is still controlled and you've been managing a lot more craft. Hopefully you'll be able to get more mobile now and get out and about a bit more. What did your GP say about you trying an omega 3 supplement? xx

      I made some backgrounds for cards I need for next week. I just had a go at Sheena's holey kitchen sponge idea, wasn't in the mood for lots of cleaning up after!!! Very vibrant end results, but that's what I wanted, I think! Vibrant is unusual for me, so currently trying to talk myself into believing it's what I thought would work good! And then another round of whitework, got to get at least one finished and framed by next week too! Monthly garden visit next week so only opportunity for a month to get anything posted, hence the urgency!!! I'm never happy with anything I make, always think it should look/be better. It's still cold up here but the sun keeps popping out to say hello which is nice.

      Just watching your 9am show Barbara, you're so funny with Charlie. Well done for keeping your cool with him determined to curl up your beautiful parchment cards, he needs to join Donna and Morag in the naughty corner!!! Was it Matt who was late and caused the problem? That was so funny when you called Charlie Matt!!! xx

    5. Hi Brenda, glad you are getting on better with the white work. We are our own worse enemies aren't we, Hubby says the same to me about being too critical with my cards. Take care Brenda, love Pam xx

    6. Oh Morag I told you you'd be in trouble! We will have to sit together and plan sneeky ways to get it into the camp. Xx

      Sounds like you are getting very crafty, vibrant is good, as is pastel. I think sunshine brings out the bright colours in us. Xx

    7. Brenda you will have to buy the black mat for you now daisy has claimed the blue one I can just vision her cute little look while she is sat on it that's made me smile dear blog friend .saw GP today but didn't ask as it was very complex with me going private as now they have to sign forms to who prescribes my anti- rheumatic drug and now have to be put back into the NHS more waiting more confusion and it dosent take much to do that with my CFS but will ask about it as I see the nurse for bloods on Thursday . Xxx

    8. I didn't realise going private would be so complicated but now I think about it, since it's a long term condition I guess technically you'd have to pay for all the drugs privately as it was your private consultant who prescribed them, and have all your follow up appts privately too. I know it's not good that you have to wait on the waiting list again, but at least you know you can. And now you know the steroid injection works you'll be able to continue to get that privately until your turn comes up in the NHS. Don't let it get you down, you're on the right road now, you couldn't have said that a few weeks back. I actually think I have an embossing mat and separate pricking mat somewhere in my craft room, it's finding them. Because of the different sizes and not fitting in the right place, I'm not sure where they are! I'm guessing they will work as good as the blue one. xx

      Donna, Morag, don't bother trying to sneak it in already in some food, I can taste the minutest amount of nuts in anything!!! xx

      Yes Pam, a lot of us crafters do seem to have no confidence in our end results, even when people are telling us how good they think they are! Mind you I've no confidence in me full stop!!! xx

    9. Hi Brenda no I can get my medication on NHS and my steroid injection too but only when a form is signed by my private consultant or NHS consultant it's all to do with shared care its complex as its to do with the drug given but as long as my pain is controlled till it all comes together I don't mind waiting now I've got the diagnosis I'm on the right track .and I'm lucky in other ways that others don't have, like how you struggle with all your daily problems yet you come here and help us all through ,this blog and all the lovley blog friends make our days special .i think your crafting art work will be lovley goodnight hugs xxx

    10. Thank you Sheila. It's not totally altruistic – if I can help someone, or make someone smile/laugh/feel a wee bit better even if it's momentary, then that gives me a good feeling too, and sometimes maybe a wee bit of worth too xx

  4. I love, love, love this stencil! I bought some cheap shaving foam to try and put it away….somewhere safe! Must get it out and try because this is beautiful! Enjoy your walk in the woods……no canoodling mind….x

  5. I love this technique Barbara it looks brilliant. Every time I read your blogs or see you demonstrate I want more stuff. This stencil is fab.
    I hope you have a lovely walk. Xx

  6. Enjoy your walk and I hope it gives those monkeys a chance to escape into the woods. I've not yet tried shaving foam through a stencil, but will have a go as I love the effect, Susan x

  7. Enjoy your walk. I tried the Ashdown Forest when I was down here for last year's retreat. Trouble was the clouds were so low that I struggled to see even the first row of trees from the car park. Hope you have better luck. Love that shaving foam play and so many of th Clarity stencils are perfect for it. Have fun. xxx Maggie

  8. Still have yet to try this technique, keep forgetting to buy the shaving foam. It can be hard at times to keep those negative thoughts from invading but a walk in the trees should help put things in perspective. I always think that when I look at the night sky. It always brings home to me how little time we have on the earth and how insignificant our problems are when you think of all the thousands of years people have been looking up at the same constellations and here we are looking at them too. At the end of the day all that matters is health, family, good friends and being true to your values and beliefs. Enjoy nature. Much love Jayne

  9. Hi Barbara
    This makes a fabulous big card doesn't it. I spotted the pencil lines and was really pleased I had looked in the right place – I must be learning something from you!! I'm glad an arty day helped to shift the monkeys from your head, just leave them in the Forrest to swing in the trees. Hope you and Dave have a lovely walk, it's a beautiful evening here too.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna Sheila, Dot, Pam Morag Gilly Alison and all the lovely blog friends. Hope you are ll ok today and have had some lovely sunshine, what a difference a week makes!! Just going to start a groovie poppy wreath, now some of those twiggy bits would benefit from a snazzy light box!! Have a lovely evening xxxx

    2. Hello Diane. The weather has been lovely here today, it's so good to see the sun. Enjoy your grooving, I've just finished pricking a card out, it just needs mounting now before winging it's way to Canada. Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Diane, we've had a nice sunny day, all be it a bit on the cold side. On babysitting duties for a few days which is nice, brought my groovie with me. Hope you enjoy doing your poppy wreath, it's really lovely, haven't used mine yet only the other poppy one which turns out lovely too. Have fun, love Pam xx

  10. Lovely sunshine here too, however the farmer sprayed slurry all over the field that backs on to our garden so washing and I stayed indoors! Another excuse to Groovi!

  11. Caught up on a couple more shows today – I get the comments about balls now!!
    I had never thought to take the foam to the stencil with a ruler! I have pressed the stencil on to the foam then scraped off – lots of pretty patterns up the forearms!
    Reminds me of the grandsons making chocolate crispie cakes with choccy bits everywhere that they lick off, including licking the table!
    Needless to say, I wash the ink off my arms – just in case you were wondering. Hope you enjoyed your walk xx!

  12. Enjoy your walk with Dave time for you to have chill out time together .i watched Paul's shows today he is so informative that I fell of the wagon just had to have the light tray and coloured parchment direct from clarity towers .now will have to wait for the black case to protect it to come in stock crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana pam Brenda gilly morag pen Julia Alison Chris thinking of you all hugs to my dear blog friends and crafting hugs to all on the blog .xxx

    2. Hello Dear Sheila. I hope you were well padded before putting that order in. The light box really does make a huge difference. Sending a big hug. xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, it is so easy to fall of the wagon isn't it. I'm happy using my daughters light panel for the time being but I 'want' the coloured parchment, the picket fence ink pad, the black embossing pads and probably the humming birds. I must be getting to the stage where I can now look at projects and have everything I need, that's if I can find them!

    4. Hi Sheila, love that it didn't take long to order yours! Last night it was 'not needed at the moment' and then this morning 'I must have it!'. Just my sort of thinking. You deserve to spoil yourself. Xx

    5. Evening I'm tempted to the groovi pricking plates and tools and pricking mat the tag set too oh how the list gets longer waiting for postman to fetch my plate to start June's calendar challange and my black mat too for my baby groovi and now my light tray and coloured parchment thought I must have while my steroids are still keeping the pain controlled ,hopefully I will be on the anti-rheumatic drug before that happens .xxx

    6. Hi Sheila, thought you might fall off the wagon again. It's so very tempting isn't it. Got all of the things on my list whilst at Ally Pally, but it's certainly filled up again now. Must wait for Crowborough though, unless we manage to visit the Parchment show in Bristol. So glad you are managing to do more craft. Love Pam xx

  13. Hi Barbara, This is a great technique, I would never have thought to use the foam like this, I must give this a try. Previously I have put the foam in then the inks, swirled it around and then placed the card on top and then scraped the foam off the card, This used with the stencils is a brilliant idea.
    I hope you and Dave had had a lovely walk. We managed some sun this afternoon and I ended up having to pull the blinds and I hate having to shut the sun out.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Barbara, This is a great technique, I would never have thought to use the foam like this, I must give this a try. Previously I have put the foam in then the inks, swirled it around and then placed the card on top and then scraped the foam off the card, This used with the stencils is a brilliant idea.
    I hope you and Dave had had a lovely walk. We managed some sun this afternoon and I ended up having to pull the blinds and I hate having to shut the sun out.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hello Barbara, I hope by now the monkeys have all fallen off the bed and vanished. There is only one word that fits anyone who a) tries to control another, plus b) tries to make another person feel guilty needlessly and c) takes the 'p' out of someone in order to hurt them…and that word is 'bully'. We all know how worthless they are!!!! You are loved and appreciated by countless numbers, including family, friends and crafters, so please keep that thought in the forefront of your mind. xxx
    I would like to say thank you to Stephen, for his patience in dealing with my order this morning. OOOPS! Did I say order!! Oh well, I'll go back to being banned from buying tomorrow.!! xx

  16. I have a suggestion as to what you can do with the monkeys…but it is extremely rude. The hooses with the shaving foam at fab. I laughed at your comment at the end, it sounds like you are taking the dog out for a walk. Enjoy the walk anyway.

    1. Hi Donna, yes it's been lovely here too, a little cold out of the sun though, but can't grumble can we. Off on babysitting duty for a few days, groove at the ready for when they're at school. You fell off the wagon as well, I'm still trying not to. Love Pam xx

    1. Oooo morag we will have to add another title to our CCA it will be the light tray clarity brigade good to know your feeling well enough to order hope you had put your cushions on xxx

  17. I envy you Barbara I used to love going up on the Ashdown Forest, there is something magical about it, especially on a sunny evening like this has been. I love the shaving foam technique as it is different every time you spread that inky foam. The houses look fabulous with it and the shading is the icing on the cake! x

  18. Lovely blog again today, really like the shaving foam through the stencil, only tried it once before through the clockwork stencil, that was great too. Hope you enjoyed your evening walk with Dave, hope the monkeys have been kicked out of your head by now, like the way you've dealt with those negative thoughts, that's our Barbara. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Love this post, really like the shaving foam through the stencil. You know you said it would be nice if you had the depth when the shaving foam dried? Could you put texture / grunge paste through the stencil and when that dried put the stencil back on and pull the shaving foam through so you have some depth? This might not work but my brain isn't working too well at moment – got stinking headache. It's my own fault because I skipped lunch which usually means migraine. Dave and I went to Flamborough Head and Bentam Cliff RSPB site to see the puffins and we just forgot about lunch. It was lovely to see them – they are one of my favourite birds ( could you do them as a Groovi plate?) but now I'm wishing I had stayed at home!! Anyway , going to take some tablets and hope that I can sleep. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Evening Allison hope your headache dosent turn to a migraine you get some sleep when I use to go see the puffins at bempton they use to be a lady with a vegetarian van she made some beautiful soup and lots of home made goodies to tempt you but last time we went she doesn't go anymore was very disappointed but haven't been for such a long time a place we stayed at in the village has a lovley tea room but as i haven't been there for ages too .rest well sweet dreams xxx

  20. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope your headache goes quickly Alison, a shame after such a nice day out, I get the same if I dont eat regularly. I love the Puffins, saw them up at Duncansby Head in Scotland a few years ago. Glad you're feeling better Morag. Love to you all Pam xxx

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