Parchment Art just got a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING….

Parchment Art just got a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
One tired but excited old Hector here!
Sorted out and completed the New Design Clubs today,
set out the project sheets, wrote them all up,
did the lot. Which is no mean feat for 3 clubs.
With a little help from Jim, it all went to the printers this evening and I am fit to drop.
Then I remembered the blog,
and actually thought it might lift my spirits,
because to be perfectly honest, 
the clubs have been getting me down,
with all the lateness and mistakes on our part with delivery, 
and then all the complaining and ragging on at us.
I really got to me this weekend. 
Between you and me, 
I have walked away from much bigger things in my life,
and the thought did cross my mind.  
So it was quite a relief to switch off and get arty for an hour.
Happy to report I am covered in paint now,
and buzzing with a new idea!!
Check this out:
Parchment front side…
 Parchment backside…
Love them both!
Yes, I got ye old Gel Printing Plate out and the Fresco paints,
and decided to see whether parchment could take paint.
Answer: Oh yes!!!
Ready for this?
So here’s the Groovi parchment art, using the 
Gel Printing Plate – the 6″ x 6″
Plus various layers of Fresco Chalk Paint.
Set the plate on our 7″ x 7″ Mega mount – made for the job.

Blot with paper towels,
allow each layer to dry before applying the next one. 

Patchy and gritty is good.
You want gaps and openings where you can see the plate .

Eventually you are going to need to pull a print, 
and for this you need a wet layer!
I have decided to go with two translucent colours, because 
unlike the usual trick when I pull a triple layer print and the first layer you put down on the Printing Plate ends up being the front of the print – the LAST layer is going to be the front layer here.
I know,
if you think you’re confused,
you want to get in my head today !!
No. Not a safe place…..

While the red and yellow layer is still wet, 
place the parchment frontside facing UP into the paint.
Then start rubbing the front well. 
Use a brayer to squeeze out any bubbles.
Burnish the flowers and the butterfly 
until it is well and truly attached!

Then come the moment of clarity…
Slowly peel the parchment off the painty Printing plate.
Will any of it stick?????

Oh yes! Not all of it, but enough to be able to say,
without reservation,
that this parchment story just took a very new twist.

Paint applied directly to the back with a Printing Plate.
it looks brilliant from the front AND the back.
And because you have pulled your print on parchment, which is translucent, you can play with backgrounds!
Bright green parchment behind ?
Deep Blue? Very Hawaii….

Teal? Even more tropical!

I could spend the whole evening trying out different backdrops!

And here’s what got left behind on the plate.
Rather a lot this time.
Maybe I should use a little more paint 
to help release the layers next time…
Still. This needs cleaning.
cover with a thin layer of Cheesecake paint….
Lay a sheet of our clarity Gel Card/Stencil card down, 
rub the back, peel back and…

there’s your very arty, very abstract mop up print.

I see a geisha, I see the sun.
I see a storm.
Just my cup of tea actually.
And so ends a turbulent day, but only in my head.
Which just goes to show that
this too shall pass. 
love and hugs,

178 thoughts on “Parchment Art just got a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING….

    1. I am not a member of any of your clubs, but that's purely due to lack of finances. I see no reason why anyone should get nasty with you or your staff. We are all human, and everyone can make genuine mistakes!

      Politeness never hurt anyone, and it's just as easy to say I'm sorry, but this isn't quite right, as it is anything less nicely worded.

  1. Such an amazing piece of art!
    I also don't want you to worry. I don't care if the club is late (takes longer to get to me in the states anyway) but am always amazed and delighted when it arrives!
    Take some time for you now and have a cup of tea!

  2. love this idea I had wondered if I could use the gelli plate with parchment, now I can have a play and try it out, im always happy with my orders my alphabet arrived today with a few more things very pleased with it, yes there is a little wait but hey your only human and can only do so much im happy to wait….. take care xxx

  3. Please Barbara, don't let the moaners get to you, I absolutely love love love all you do and the way you share all your wonderful idea, I have just had a Groovi session and feel so much better and calmer. I know that feeling of wanting to walk away but only walk away from the crap not the good stuff.

  4. That is absolutely stunning! I have wondered about paint in the vellum and now you have answered my pondering that too much champagne on Saturday meant I could cope with trying it out yesterday! I will need to get out my gelli plate out again and probably need to order more paint too!
    Don't worry about the complainers. They just don't appreciate that quality takes time to produce. I certainly don't mind waiting on my clarity products as I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into every thing that you do.

  5. Hi Barbara – wow what a wonderful idea! Very, very you! Always pushing the boundaries, and winning through! I think that you need to have your holiday – you have been doing SO much. It's very sad to hear how the 'moaners' have really got to you! Please just listen to your supporters, and give your self a break. Life is hard – and if that's all those people have got to moan about they are very lucky! Many hugs from Gilly x

    1. Hi to all my blog friends – sorry that I have been absent for the last few days, I haven't been very well. My blood pressure went sky high and I had a bit of a 'funny turn' on Saturday. Felt no better on Sunday – so hubby took me to A & E. They decided to admit me, to keep an eye on me, but I got back home late afternoon today! I may have had a slight stroke, but I have got to have an MRI scan in a couple or three weeks time, to find out. The tests that they have done so far, aren't conclusive. It's so good to be home – but they were so kind to me at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and I am very thankful! Take care all of you – hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, had wondered where you were. Sorry to hear about your episode. Glad that you are at home now, you need to rest. Let's hope that it wasn't a stroke and hope you feel well again soon. My friend had what they called a mini stroke a couple of years ago, she has been fine since and hasn't had another, if she doesn't feel too well now and again she visits the GP for a check over and she rests more, it's bound to worry you though. All the very best Gilly, sending you lots of hugs love Pam xx

    3. Oh dear, that's not so good Gilly. We did miss you but you have certainly had an excuse. I hope you get answers sooner rather than later. Thinking about you.

    4. Hi Gilly,
      So sorry to hear that you have been poorly – it must have been very worrying for you both. Try to take things easy and if your body tells you to have a rest, do it. Take care and hope you feel better soon, love and hugs Alison xxx

    5. Poor you Gilly, did miss you. It makes the attack of Norovirus I had over the weekend look very minor. I am sure you are getting good care and hope the MRI results are positive. Hugs xx

    6. Hi Gilly, I am sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope things improve for you. I am glad your hospital are looking after you. Take care and rest. Best wishes, Sue

    7. My dear blog friend thought you must be unwell I do hope you get your MRI scan soon to find out what's is wrong please rest up till you get your results your body is telling you to rest I do hope you haven't had a stroke life for you is difficult enough sending very special get well hugs xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, well please do not beat yourself up about being late with things,I am sure no body minds if things are late they are late, just like parchment it all takes time. I for one never mind you being late as I know the pressure's you all are under. If some people complain well that is life. They are mad that they never came up with a fabulous product like Groovi. I am just getting to grips with the things I can do with Groovi then you through another thing into the mix. You are amazing so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  7. Don't give up with the clubs Barbara…..I've only just joined and I'm looking forward to it! Hadn't even thought of a timetable… will be nice to get my Groovi club updates whenever 🙂
    Thank you, Penny.

  8. Wonderful thank you for your detailed account. Love love love it.

    I am happy to wait I realise my Club stuff will arrive when it does. You have been so busy over the last weeks or would I say months Barb – take it easy.

    And we must all learn "patience is a virtue" 😊

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Sheila, not too good – stressful time again with Mum and my sister. Thought is was all sorted on Saturday and today, Tuesday, it has all kicked off again. 🙁

      This too shall pass…. hopefully.


    2. Bless you think of yourself take a rest and time out as you have done your best and that's all you can do sending lots of hugs to help you through today xxx

  9. I've been playing with gelli plates too today, can't wait to try this! It looks amazing.
    So glad you didn't put your boots on and walk! Xx
    Onwards and upwards eh. Xx

  10. WOW love this ,you certainly cook up a storm ,forget the moaning minnies .patience is a virtue all good things come to those who wait.I,d rather wait and get the excellent products you always send out than something that is rushed and your not happy with ..your loyal followers and friends are always with you ..take care and look on the bright side xxx

  11. This is stunning Barbara. Thank you for sharing.
    Sorry there are impatient people out there, please don't let the few spoil it all. Your club is amazing, and so is everyone at Clarity. Thank you to you and your team for all that you do, so what if we have to wait an extra few days. Clarity goodies are worth the wait. xx

  12. The artwork is beautiful Barbara reminds me of a beautiful meadow lots are in bloom just now please don't let people upset your a treasure and loved by so many xxxx
    Love June Horrocks xxx

  13. Bloody marvellous, gelli, paint and parchment, match made in heaven! Well Barbs arty room! Thanks for creating and sharing Barb. Ignore the rubbish ( unless you can make a piccie out of it) And focus on the good ones who love you,
    Big hug. Jx

  14. Oh wow, that's fantastic. See that's what crafting is all about, well it is for me – letting go or even getting out my frustrations by rolling rather vigorously with a brayer or pressing really hard onto the back of a stamp and then set to just playing. Fab.xxxx

  15. Fabulous piece of artwork and brilliant idea to use the paint. Will have to give this a go. Just received my March Diamond Club package and it is terrific. Especially love the Groovi plate for this month. I live in Canada and it takes longer for me to get it. People just have to readjust their timeline for the arrival of the package and then it won't seem like it is late. That is now the new shipment time. Glad to hear all your supporters are on the same page. We all love you and Clarity.

  16. Barbara that is stunning I am working on a design and will give this a go. The work you put in to share your blog, clubs and business is huge. Take time to drink tea and relax I for one am happy for my club goodies whenever they arrive. Ignore the moaners it takes as long as it takes end of ! Xx

  17. It's beautiful , please don't worry about club things being late ,don't let people upset you it's not worth it and it's worth the wait anyway ..we get them in the end xxxx

  18. Forget the moaners. There are always a percentage of people with bad manners and those who expect you to conjure up things with a "swish and flick" like in Harry Potter. The rest of us, often silent, understand the situation and how the sudden explosion in the sales of Grooving has made life manic at Clarity Towers. We know we will get our orders and plates as soon as you can get them to us, and they will be fabulous. Love that painty colouring on the back of the parchment. So now we know we can use paint, and even Ken Oliver's Bursts are possible with serious caution and patience. If we don't try these things, nothing new would ever be discovered, so thank you for your experiments, and for sharing your results with us. xx Maggie

    1. Well said Maggie, I absolutely agree and am always happy when my Diamond club packet arrives. You have been sooooo busy Barbara and you and the team work very hard to manage all the commitments you have. The moaners will always moan no matter what! xx

    2. So very well said Maggie. We have encountered more than our fair share of rude people this weekend haven't we? Lol
      Fabulous project Barbara, but then when aren't they?
      Like the saying goes Those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter!! I think you do an awesome job and I feel I am not alone in those thoughts.
      So think bluebell woods and Geishas in the sunshine, forget the knockers and think of the tits and the Magpies! Lol

  19. Barbara that it gorgeous!,

    I don't care how long I have to wait for my Diamond package. Just love the surprise when it drops through the letter box! Patience, people please. If it is worth having, it is worth waiting for! xxx

  20. OMG that is FABULOUS! I have to have a go at that! It might have to wait til weekend but the gelli plate will be out! I can prepare the parchment piece for it though now! OOOO exciting!
    Sending you positive vibes with much love and huge hugs as ever xxx

  21. Hi Barbara please don't give up on the fabulous clarity club. I look forwsrd every month to it arriving. I really don't care if it is late.just more joy when it arrives if a thing is worth having it is worth waiting for. You and the team work really hard to bring us all these lovely projects and you should feel proud. Ignore all the negativity people will always moan, take heart from the members who really appreciate what you do. Xxxx

  22. Loving your "grungy" parchment definately going to try because it is right up my street🙂 Have just joined the groovy club received first one and so excited to see what comes next……it's fair to say I am totally addicted to being a groovy.😊❤️
    In life there will always be moaners, keep up the good work Barbara and team.

    MaggieH 😍

  23. Wonderful artwork once again, thank you.
    Try not to let the moaners grind you down. I actually like the unpredictability; I have far too much going on to notice whether things have arrived on any particular day so I enjoy the surprise when it does. xx

  24. Dear Barbara, your blog today is so exciting as bringing the paints, gelli plate and parchment together make a perfect combination. I love everything you show us, your talent is amazing. I wish you a peaceful time after reaching the deadlines of all the clubs etc. Can't imagine what it must be like to have to do it every month nonstop. Thank heavens for your wonderful team supporting each other. Take care xx

  25. Oh Barbara i have had a little note on my to do list to try this very thing…but as ever you are very clever. I wouldn't have thought about the top layer being the first layer.. i too wondered what would happen with paint…now i know. Must try to find time to give it a go xx

  26. Oh Barbara i have had a little note on my to do list to try this very thing…but as ever you are very clever. I wouldn't have thought about the top layer being the first layer.. i too wondered what would happen with paint…now i know. Must try to find time to give it a go xx

  27. Ooooooo groovi and gelli in one arty package! I can't wait to play!! I love your art work definitely one for your gallery. I also want to say I love my diamond package when it arrives and enjoy the different projects. It is clear how much work goes into them and I am grateful every month, long may it continue. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, hope you've had a good day. Thank you very much for your explanation about the Art Journal, sounds great. I will look it up on the internet when I've a minute. Enjoy your play just Nguyen love and hugs Pam xx

  28. Please don't let anyone upset you with their whinging about the clubs…….life's too short. I love your work and appreciate all the work you and your team put into them for us. Thank you 👏🏻😊💖

  29. Hi Barbara, this is fantastic must give it a try. Wouldn't have thought of the gelli plate for parchment but it's marvellous. Sorry to hear that you're worrying about the complainers. You and your team can only do what can be done in a day and you all certainly give it your all. Please ignore them you have many more customers who are more than satisfied with your efforts, you cannot please all of the people all of the time, if they don't understand all the pressure you're going through with having the groovy taking off so well b…..r them they're not worth worrying about. Love Pam xx

  30. Hi Barbara this is stunning. I just love it. I am quite happy to wait for my club letter it is always a thrill when it arrives. I don't like putting unnecessary pressure on anyone. So many people are so quick to moan. It really doesn't matter a day here or there. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  31. Oh my goodness I love your idea of using The Frescos on parchment and the "mop up" one. I thoroughly agree with everyone else I don't mind when the club envelope comes I just love it when it does, sit down quietly with a cuppa and read your newsletter first, it really is like hearing from a close friend and then going through the stamp, stencil, and Groovi word for word! We really do appreciate the time it must take you and the team to put it together. Also you have made significant changes for our benefit, with the additional Groovi club and the payment plan that I think a little lateness is a small price to pay for such a lovely club! Thank you, please don't let the moaners get you down, they really are in the minority and I would love them to come face to face with any of us on here!!!!

  32. Worse things have happened to me than have my club stuff arrive a wee bit late…and better late than never. I love what you have done to the parchment today. I have an image of everyone's geli plates getting an airing.

  33. Hi Sheila, Diane, Dot, Brenda, Alison, Morag, Pen and Sue57, hope you've all had a good day. I've been back on the groovy today so really enjoyed myself. Take care. Love to everyone on the blog. Love and hugs to all my

    1. Hi Pam,
      Pleased you've been Groovi- ing today and enjoying yourself. I had to go back up to Newcastle to change a pair of shoes otherwise I would have been joining you on the Groovi, love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi Pam, glad you have had a Groovi day – so have I. It is amazing how engrossing it is, before I know it several hours have flown by! Best wishes, Sue

  34. love that left over print. a thought….
    how about delegating some bits of the club? so that you don't have to do 3 things. i'd say keep the stamp and delegate stencil and groovi. an idea would be to give it to different people in team so you get some cross pollination…..take care, hugs xx

  35. Absolutely magnificent! I would like to have your incredible creativity head. Take a bow.
    Maybe my club stuff is a little late – so what. The work, effort and excellence are really worth it.
    I have just watched a video of someone using the Australian plates. What a performance – out with the blue tack to attach the parchment and then re-aligning!! It took her ages. The Groovi system is the best.
    Thank you to Pete for e-mailing me and thanking me about my comments on the wonderful team at Ally Pally.
    Filling more land-fill now with 30+ years of rubbish in the loft.
    Have a good week Barbara and Clarity team and all the nice bloggers out there.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  36. Barbara please don't worry about a small amount of people you can do with out that we don't mind waiting sure things will catch in end happy to wait most understand been such a big growth big hugs know relax we don't want are Batbara stressed cause stress is horrid so big hugs and lots love enjoy your evening xxx

  37. Beautiful… just beautiful artwork. You always inspire and delight us Barbara Very clever indeed. Please pay no attention to the moaners. Anticipation grows with the club packages and they never disappoint. I feel like you do when I get very tired. Tomorrow the world will be a brighter, beautiful place again… you'll see! xxx

  38. Wow wow wow, love the gellied groovi. Ooh I must have a play with this. I totally agree that patience is a virtue, but to be honest, I never know when my present from the club is due, I just love to get it, and devour, with a coffee. Things don't always go to plan, but don't beat yourself up. You are a very successful business woman,who inspires us lesser mortals, and you share your knowledge and experience with us all. I did send you an email about this, but I'd like to share. I didn't get all my handles in the pack sent to me with the alphabet stamps when they were premiered on Hochanda. There were 3 missing. I received from Clarity 7 handle in the post in a matter of a few days. I was thrilled with your generosity, as you sent me more than was missing, with no fuss or palaver. So thankyou, yet again. This is the sort of company that I want to buy things from, who care about their customers. So to those who make a habit of constant complaining, ask yourself, could you do any better…..I rather think not.xxxxx

  39. Fantastic piece of art. Great idea will have to try it. Please ignore complaints we are all happy to wait and understand that you ve now got three times the work! I love looking through all the examples and your efforts are much appreciated. You take care! X x x

  40. Can't believe that people are moaning, the club is a treat and a delight when the package arrives. I love to read your newsletter and appreciate all the work that has gone into it and to your great step by step projects. And with the new club and your One Day Specials you have doubled your workload, so it comes when it's ready
    Loving the arty painty Groovi, I initially thought that Groovi was a little too "clean" for me though I have been enjoying it but I can see this latest trick being lots of fun. Can't wait to try it

  41. Oh wow – have been playing with my gelliplate and stamps today, but this is amazing. Don't let the naysayers get to you Barbara – patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses sadly. x

  42. You know, sometimes people just don't think about the effect of their words, they're wrapped up in their own world and never consider that a harsh word can bring someone else down. Before we speak, we should all THINK –

    Is it True?
    Is it Helpful?
    Is it Inspiring?
    Is it Necessary?
    Is it Kind?

    I stumbled across that little mnemonic online somewhere, and I'm trying to keep to it.

    So please don't let the complainers get you down – just look at how many supportive comments you've received.

  43. Oh Arty Parchy thats brilliant Barbara live it when you get your wee plans and they work beautifuly like that.
    Take it easy with that neck now you know we will wait till your sorted for our clubby stuff its fantastic wish I had joined a long ago thanks.
    Take care…xx

    1. Hi Dorothy I'm on owl duty I think night dear blog friend hope your getting rested in your newly decorated room sending lots of sleep hugs xxx

  44. Oh Barbara please don't let unappreciative, ignorant folks interfere with the wonderful Diamond Club. They are absolutely in the minority!!!! We all understand that you need to prioritise. Personally I like never knowing when it will arrive, it makes it more exciting. As I always know it's going to be brilliant.
    Today's demo is absolutely brilliant. I'll be having a try with my System 3's.
    I hope tomorrow you wake in a much better place. Love and Hugs xxx

  45. Ab-fab without a doubt. Had a little thought about trying acrylic on parchment as the latter worked with grunge paste for one of the Challenges but got caught up in other things, as happens to your self – time disappears. As for the NDCs, we get them when we get them, end of! I know how long composing a bi-monthly blog takes me, particularly when I forget to photo along the way and have to recreate the whole project, so to write three description sheets, each comprising two projects, demands respect! ;~}

  46. Hello all of my dear friends. I'm afraid I'm not able to read all of your posts at the moment. More than 10 mins in front of any screen is making me pretty dizzy. I will catch up as soon as I'm able. In the meantime love and hugs to you all xxx

    1. Hi morag have missed you thought you must have be ill sending lots of get well hugs I know with my CFS I get bad migraine and vision problems cannot stand the light and just have to go to bed so take care thinking of you xxx

  47. I think you should get cross more often if this is the result – wow, amazing, brilliant, wonderful artwork

    So sorry you are troubled by the club, it must be a relief to have put this month's artwork to bed / the printers. I'm a diamond club member and love receiving my envelope of goodies so, from me, a BIG Thank YOU

  48. I second (third, fourth….) all the comments about the clubs – don't worry! It's great that you're so good at letting us know what's happening, so we know there isn't a problem with our particular pack getting lost in the post. Once I know it's going to be here, I can wait!!

    I love love love the gelli groovi combo, and that mop up print – wow! I tried brayering paint onto the back on the parchment last year, which worked well, but haven't played with it any more. I think it's the same thing going on that the line art pops more when the paint is on the parchment than if it's a separate background behind. I'm very into my messy backgrounds at the moment so itching to try with this! Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  49. Wowzers this looks amazing, I must must invest in some of these fresco paints,what a fantastic discovery.
    Patience is indeed a virtue that we all need to learn, I am no exception. Your staff are fantastic and have always sorted any niggles that have arisen, it works both ways. I do not agree with people getting stroppy and bothering you out of office hours, some folk are never happy, take care xx

  50. Ooh! Thank you for another new technique to try. What a gorgeous result. You are a victim of your own success at the moment unfortunately. Everyone loves your things so much they want it all now and you just keep coming up with more new ideas. We all need to learn to be patient with ourselves as well as others. Take care. X

  51. Lovely to see Gelli and Parchment combined in such a fantastic way. Great inspiration for us all. As to the clubs; well as long as we still get one per month, then we'll be happy. Makes for more of a surprise when we don't know when it's coming. It's always worth the wait. Love & hugs Jeanette xxxx

  52. Lovely to see Gelli and Parchment combined in such a fantastic way. Great inspiration for us all. As to the clubs; well as long as we still get one per month, then we'll be happy. Makes for more of a surprise when we don't know when it's coming. It's always worth the wait. Love & hugs Jeanette xxxx

  53. Hi Barbara
    Wow I think it looks stunning,very arty and a great technique.
    I think most of us crafter's are very patient so don't worry to much about delays things will come together and I think your products are worth waiting for

  54. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow got to try this, doesn't it look amazing. This blows traditional parching right out of the water but what a fab idea. I love how versatile parchment is, the delicate fussy cutting and beautiful art work and the Barbara grunge!! Lovely.
    You just ignor the moaners Barbara, they don't appreciate the hard work that goes into the clubs. After all it's all done by you, how many companies send out items designed and written by the boss! I'm glad you've found something to play with to take your mind off things.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  55. You always come up with new ideas, possibilities and techniques to inspire us. Your blog is valued by so many and your products are brilliant. Your personal commitment makes Clarity what it is and those who work with you are all so polite, helpful and patient. As long as I know my club goodies haven't got lost in the post I am happy to wait, they're worth it and anyway I bet the moaners don't tear open the packages and sit down the minute they arrive and spend hours making a whole great stack of cards using your ideas or their own. Keep up the good work xx

  56. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This is so cool! I can't to have a play tomorrow. It will do me good to get my Gelli plate out again and to be able to pair it with my favourite toy of the moment ( my Groovi) is fantastic plus I get to use my favourite paints too. Fantastic!
    As for the clubs, I love all 3 and appreciate how long they must take you to do. I don't mind whether they arrive late – I don't believe that there was a time of the month stated for delivery – I'm just happy when they come though my letterbox. Some people like to moan at the slightest thing and don't realise what affect their moaning has on other people. If orders are late, so what? If the club goodies are late, so what? I know that I will receive the finest quality products from a truly British , family run business and that is good enough for me. If I've upset the moaners, all I can say is SO WHAT!!
    Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you've had a good day, I know a couple of you have been under the weather so take care and get well soon. I think I know what I'm going to be doing tomorrow! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

  57. Wow what a brillaint background for your parchment…I still have a gelli plate waiting to be played with….LOL.Take care Barb and don't let the moaners bring you down x

  58. This is beautiful Barbara and it hasn't buckled at all which is a testament to the quality of the parchment and another way of looking at the Design Clubs is that if people want it to be rushed out just so they get it earlier in the month then the quality of the finished instalments is likely to suffer and so wouldn't they rather have to wait a little bit longer and get the best quality finished designs. I think they forget that you have to come up with the ideas and creativity takes time and effort, and no wonder you are feeling very tired and wonder what it is all about sometimes. Chin up Barbara most people understand. x

  59. I love the way you're always exploring and moving on. It's what we all love and happily wait for. The Clubs and the products all reflect the Clarity ethos and this is so much more than large companies with anonymous systems which just churn out boring moneyspinners. Clarity is unique and that takes time and special people like you and your team. I listened to a news item tonight about an ambulance service in Sussex getting it so wrong and possibly endangering lives. Rather puts things into perspective. Listen to your devotees not the mean critics.xx

  60. Tell the moaning Minnie's to get a life and find something more important to whinge about!

    What a great effect with this one, who would have thought it, I'm scared to use anything more than a coloured pencil at the moment!

    Hubby had his last radiotherapy treatment today (the 39th) so no alarm clock in the morning. Been to the theatre tonight to see Footloose very good! They've changed the seats in the theatre and I can't touch the floor! How am I supposed to tap my feet. And heard my niece is having a baby girl in Sept. xxxxxx

  61. I'm very late blogging tonight ,Barbara where are the people complaining it's defiantly not on this wonderful blog of friends on here I've first started over two years ago in your stamp club then joined gold club which included the stencil and now I'm a diamond member with the groovi I paid my club in full as I prefare it that way than direct debit but that's my choice .the special part of the club is the surprise as I don't know when it's comming or what you have loving put together and also that special news letter please don't stop making our months special because some are moaning if they don't like it they can cancel the subscription when the year is up .i for one would miss my monthly treat yes it is a treat as I am mostly house bound now only get out for appointments my daily life is a struggle and you Barbara and your wonderful clarity team and this blog gets me through each day so think of your special followers and don't let the moaners get in your head where in a company do you get the special treatment that you give us it's been a tough time for you with hochanda monthly the groovi launch and launching the diamond club and Dave been ill so please don't let it get you down we need you well and with us each day on here as we appreciate what you put into your company big crafting clarity hugs xxx

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag sue 57 Alison Jackie and all my dear blog friends thinking of you all each day hugs to all on the blog xxx

  62. Hi Barbara, so sorry to hear you're having such a tough time of it. glad you managed to turn it round today and have a eureka moment. Both amazing, thank you for sharing. Hopefully your week will now only get better and better. Factor in some walks in your woods and do some Mindfulness paying attention to the sights and sounds and smells as you walk. The might help give you a wee break from it all until your holiday comes. Look after yourself, and you too Dave, look after each other. Love Brenda xx

    And as for mistakes, mistakes happen, everyone makes mistakes. The important bit is what happens once the mistake is realised, and I know Clarity comes out on top for that!

    I can totally empathise with you Morag, I have short spells of it too on and off. I think it must be another one of my CFS things. Hope it improves soon xx

    And as for Donna's Nguyen, my guess is laughing gas! xx
    hi to my other bloggy friends xx
    cuddle back Dot, how's Amy doing? Is she coping with your newly decorated room and changes? xx

    1. Hello Brenda so lovley to see you here hugs for you and daisy yes I agree the CFS can bring so many horrible symptoms that are hard to deal with xxx

  63. Really love this art Barb. I love the parchment and I really love the mop up print. You know art is really such a great escape from the trials and tribulations that come our way but you know what they say "all things must come to pass". Tomorrow is another day and as my mam says "you only have to live through it". You cracked eggs today with the club projects and who knows what you can achieve tomorrow. Much love Jayne

  64. Liking what you've done with the Gelli plate – wish I was that brave (come to that having a gelli plate might be a start – lol!) Anyhow the end result is fab! As for the 'clubs' projects – I know I'm not alone in saying this' – we all really do appreciate the time and effort you put into these and wait with bated breath for their arrival, so please don't think your hard work isn't appreciated it really is and we all understand that sometimes things go a bit 'haywire' at times! Been Groovi-ing tonight and just finished the second 'pass' for the whitework and will be back to it tomorrow (at some point!) as have a quite a bit 'on my plate' at the mo too! Take care and just keep looking forward to your holiday.

  65. To be honest I never know when my club package is due, so when it does arrive it's a lovely surprise. My children laugh at my, " ooh look another present from Barb!". X

  66. Hello Barb, irrespective of when my club envelope arrives, I drop everything and just sit down and enjoy it, so keep them coming when you can. Love this artwork, beautiful colours. You must have been reading my mind, as I was wondering if it could be done on parchment. So I will try this. Have a lovely day. Bx

  67. Hi Barbra Just to say we very much APPRECIATE all your very heard work you put in to the three clubs each month and time to which they come to us no problem. Your team at clarity are amazing as mine did not go to plan I got my number 2 before the first one of the Groovi but the team were very kind and sorted me out with no problems and things like this happen sometime, any way people who moan need to get a life and we are all better of with out them right time to get of my soap box,
    loving the art work today must get my Gelli plate out and have a go sending hugs your way the number of good people who wish you all the best are far more then the moaning pain in the butts
    love Pauline xx

  68. First the bottom dropped out of my world when I saw your comment about considering giving up on the Clubs – nooooooooo!!!! It is the highlight of my month – whichever day/week/month it arrives!
    Then my world was restored in grand style with your fabulous Gelli parchment! I have done that technique on acetate but never considered parchment. As a parcher, I have always avoided wet stuff *wink*

  69. I actually like that I don't know exactly what day my envelope will arrive. It makes it much more exciting when it does!! I think it's amazing how you manage to come up with all these fantastic ideas every month. You can't hurry genius! And you've just done it again… got to try this out.

  70. Bit late reading your blog, family Birthday yesterday so late night. Must be very hard to ignore the moaners bound to keep running around in your head. Personally I do not see what they are complaining about, wonderful products, brilliant club ( and I do appreciate the hard work involved in that ) and a very friendly helpful team. Glad a bit of paint splashing cleared your head and the end result was worth the effort. Another new technique to try. Thank-you xxx

  71. Words fail me. What a fantastic idea with the gel plate I have to congratulate you the result is stunning. Inspired is an understatement.
    I have to confess my gel plate is still in its wrapper. I can hear you yelling at me now lol
    Take care Barbara. xx

  72. My Club arrived today and it was well worth the wait. I always know it's going to arrive at some point and I am always pleased when it does so what's the problem. Most of us have got loads of gear we can be getting on with. I love this new idea you have tried and tested, It's stunning. Im so glad you got some time on your own and enjoyed some relaxing craft therapy xx

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