A Goosey Canvas and a Super Sale

A Goosey Canvas and a Super Sale

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Let’s get the geese out.
I have had a hankering to to a Goose Canvas for ages….
Probably because right by the kettle in the kitchen,
(and I do visit the kettle muchly…)
there is a little window, and in that little window 
sits another Goosey effort of mine, in a poppy field…

So here’s a new one.
Let’s start with the geese….

Stamp the pair on a piece of white tissue paper 
using Archival Black

Colour in from the back, using pencils.

Not Canada Geese exactly, but close.
Long necks.

Look good from the front…

Now for the radical bit.
Drop a little Snowflake acrylic paint on the craft mat,

Load your painty brayer,

and then roll slowly over the back of the tissue, 
covering up your colouring in.
Told you it was a bit radical!
Best set that to one side and let it air dry…
What did you say? What’s the front look like?
Un momento por favor.
Let’s sort out the canvas first.

Brayer some Cheesecake over a 6″ x 6″ canvas board.

While it’s still wet,
add some blue to the sky area.

Bit of Caramel in the land area.

Getting darker now.
Some dark green at the front.
Hyde Park. Fantastic colour.

The copy paper scrap, 
where I am rolling off the brayer in between colours, 
is looking promising too!

You can speed dry with a heat gun in between colours too.

A little Hey Pesto in the centre.
Looking good….

Then I made a right Horlicks of it,
added way too much of another colour,
flooded the base with brown.
But here’s the good thing about acrylic on canvas.
You no likey?
Cover it up with Cheesecake and start again!
Which I did.
And 5 minutes later, we were back on track.

So this is where we’re at.
The geese are nice and dry.
The canvas background is set.

Cheat’s way? Whatever. 
Double sided tape on the back of the tissue.

Can’t see where the geese are.
Really could use a light box…..

On the subject of light boxes,
oh boy, have we got something fab lined up…

Check out the corner. Bottom right….
Next time you see me on Hochanda TV,
we will shed some light on it…..

Back to our canvas.
Cut out the geese.
Just a little point:
I removed the brown wax paper from the adhesive sheet
 and cut out the Clarity backing paper on the tissue.
Cuts like butter and is nice and thin.

A moon? Why not.

Snowflake paint dabbed on Blending tool works like a dream.

Blend a little blue in around the lower edge.

Looking good now.
A tad too crisp though.
I may have to walk the brayer across the moon 
with some dark blue paint….

Drag the side of a couple of Archival ink pads across, 
to make fields or hills.
Olive, Fern Green and Library green = winning combination.
Now for the friends in formation, using Black Archival.
This stamp is part of the Geese Stampset.

Filled them with a Micron pen for a silhouette black.

And finally.
Peel the backing and place our geese where they sit well.

G O O D  G R I E F !!!
How can you work like this, Gray?!?!?

Looks back down undeterred.
Let’s make the geese look as if they are 3 dimensional.
Grey and black dropshadow required….

Double-sided tape on the back 
and attach to the next size canvas board – 8″ x 8″.

Very happy with that. 

I think I’ll even sign it in white, in that dark corner….

I get such a buzz off making these canvases!
If you haven’t tried it yet, I urge you too.
It’s a lot lot easier than you may think.
They make great gifts too.

In fact, to give you an incentive to stretch yourself and give it a go,
how about a 20% blanket sale on all the things you need???

20% off all our Fresco paints
20% off the Geese stampset (including masks)
20% off a Speedball Brayer
20% off all our canvas boards.
20% off a pack of A6 double-sided adhesive sheets.

If you’re in our Clubs –
either a Gold member or a Diamond member –
your 10% and 15% discounts also apply.



Got to go.
The kettle’s calling….

Just call me Mother Goose!

love and hugs,

108 thoughts on “A Goosey Canvas and a Super Sale

  1. Love it to finally brought the geese couple months ago so need to do this canvas. Was going to be good no buying for while but the fresco paint hard to say no so will look at colours. Got to go make the bird canvas for the calander challenge . Have to go my poor dog just had two seizures wandering looking lost poor boy been on tablets was hope would stop it did say could take 3 weeks to work and only just over week poor Harry not three yet hate it so some crafting I think I need xxx

  2. I love this one and it is really inspiring me to get the gelli out again. It is also making me want to get my Matthew Palmer watercolours out and have a go before the workshop I have booked with him. Your landscape is stunning and, by the way, most of us work in that kind is small cluttered space. I think it is because when the inspiration hits, we just have to go with it or lose it. Just go with it and enjoy it. xxx Maggie

  3. What a great canvas. And thank you for the sale, I had been pondering some new colours after your Groovi painting yesterday so perfect timing. Order placed. Job done x

  4. Lovely picture. I have been meaning to do this for ages. I have already done the geese but quess what – gone to find that dratted ring! I think it is the journey of life as I keep losing items.
    Well, I cannot craft as the old man has decided to empty the loft and I am stuck in the office. Ah well will just do re-runs of the blogs and be amazed at the creativity and different mediums.
    Love to everyone
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Don't knock it, Anne. Reruns of Barbara's blogs is preferable to what I have set myself to do this week – clearing my bedroom ready for the delivery of a new mattress. I also have to go through my entire wardrobe to throw out anything I can no longer wear. I might not have much left by the time I finish that job. Off now to look on the internet to find out how to take the vacuum apart. I would much rather read the blogs. Enjoy them. xx Maggie

    2. Join me then Maggie, I have not got many clothes at all at moment. I really need to get sewing machine out and alter some as well or else skirts are in danger of slipping off. Enjoy reading the blogs Anne so many helpful tips and techniques. xx

  5. Wow what an offer and another great piece of artwork for us to try. Your Blog is so funny, I love reading it every day and getting so much inspiration from it too.

  6. Wow Barbara! Thank you for your continuing wonderful inspiration. So good to see your success. Look after yourself. Looking forward to seeing you at the Clarity retreat. Mx

  7. Hi to all my blog friends! Thank you for the lovely messages that you left for me yesterday, it was so very lovely of you all! I have been in bed resting all day today, my hubby has brought up my meals to me – bless him. I am feeling a bit better today, as fighting the urge to do things – as whilst in hospital yesterday I was able to watch my blood pressure go down and down – because I was not doing anything at all – so I KNOW it makes sense. Rather bored – so very pleased to see that Barbara had done her blog early today, thanks for that Barbara! Hope that you are all having a good day, and Morag, I hope that your head is easing a bit more today. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Maybe you will be able to do some Groovi to take your mind off things. Lovely hubby to look after you too xx

    2. Hello gilly my dear blog friend you rest up when you start to feel that you can craft get hubby to get you your baby groovi little at a time as you feel up to grooving lots of get well hugs comming your way xxx

    3. Thank you to you all – once again! I didn't get up until about 6.30 pm and I've watched some tv and now heading back to bed. I am behaving Dot – honest! xxx

    4. Glad you're feeling better Gilly, take it easy for a while, I'm sure a little bit of groovy will do you no harm as long as you don't get stressed, it will stop you getting bored. Xx

  8. Hi Barbara – it's good to see that you are feeling better today, it shines through! You seem to have been enjoying yourself doing this, and yet again – what a wonderful result! Take care of yourself, and just try to focus on who and what really matters – ignore the rest! Hugs Gilly x

  9. Stunning, as always. Why do we ( I am presuming all) work in a micro space when crafting? I have loads of room to work if I moved mountains of craft materials away from the flat surfaces! I'm sure that even if I had a 20 foot trestle table I would work in the same way. It's a mystery. Xx

  10. Oh my goodness! I've got canvasses which I haven't looked at yet… I might take advantage of the paint offer though … Not sure I have the geese either….better get looking then. See you x x

  11. Hi Barbara
    You have a little limited edition set going on the geese,both canvases look fantastic.
    I can guarantee you my work space looks ten times worse when I'm crafting:-) xx

  12. Flippin' heck Barb….I'm worn out just looking!! I love how you go through your thoughts with us – I hope I understand you better every time I read your blog, which is something I look forward to every day. I also love to see how you mess up your work area – it makes me feel right at home.
    Hope your neck is feeling better – I pulled mine last week (B & Q Wednesday, REALLY heavy bags of compost!) but when I got home, I got out the 'ol wheat bag (we call it a wheatie) and did the exercises, much better now.
    Love, as always…..
    Maggie (York-ite)

  13. Tempted by the geese and the paints, and have a pristine pack of canvases and some unopened paints to play with already! Have been gardening today so a little achy, but after yesterday's hail showers it was lovely and sunny today, so it had to be done. Hope you're feeling back on an even keel today after your upsetting weekend? Susan x

  14. Wow Barbara I love what you have done with geese and the canvas you never cease to amaze me fantastic insperation .
    A big thank you for today's sale how I needed a boost today so have placed my order already I love the geese and haven't got this set so into the basket it fell with some paints and canvases too .i had my bloods done yesterday got the results today I have got rheumatoid arthritis and been refered to a rheumatologist so a sale is just what I needed Barbara xxx

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue57 Jackie and all my wonderful blog friends thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Morag hope your feeling brighter today xxx

    2. Thinking of you. At least you know what is wrong now, sometimes not knowing is almost worse. They have some good therapies for RA nowadays so I hope you can get sorted soon xx

    3. You poor thing. I have osteoarthritis, and for the past week it's reared it's nasty little head and is biting. It's in both shoulders neck and upper spine. So, can't do anything at present, even dress myself properly.hey ho. Hope your consultant can get you some permanent relief. Keep your chin up, along with your sense of humour. Xx

    4. Sheila, what a pain in the bum but as Chris M says there is a lot they can do for RA these days. I hope your appointment comes quick. I ended up buying the geese, 6 x 6 canvases and some frescos so I am not £40 lighter.

    5. Evening Sheila – I'm so sorry to hear your news. I really hope that you are able to get some good medication to help you. Keep enjoying your crafting – and enjoy your new goodies too! Lots of special healing hugs, my blog friend – love Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Sheila, sorry to hear your news. I hope knowing is half the battle though and the medication they prescribe helps you. I agree, you definitely needed a spoil yourself day though x x

    7. Hi Sheila, glad they've put a name now to what you've been suffering from, at least now they know what it is they'll be able to treat it. Hopefully that'll be soon. Love and hugs Pam.xxx

  15. Superb canvas, the background is fab. I also have been enjoying using the acrylic paints. I'll be buying the geese and am tempted by the fresco paints.. My craft table often looks like this, if I had a bigger table I'd just make a bigger mess.

  16. Beautiful, just love your canvases. You have such a way with choosing just the right colours for backgrounds. What a fantastic sale deal too especially for club members! I was teaching my children stamp & ink techniques at Papercraft club tonight. They loved it. Have a lovely evening xxx

  17. Beautiful, just love your canvases. You have such a way with choosing just the right colours for backgrounds. What a fantastic sale deal too especially for club members! I was teaching my children stamp & ink techniques at Papercraft club tonight. They loved it. Have a lovely evening xxx

  18. Some wonderful offers but I am not allowed to spend at the moment. So I will have to manage with what I have, which in all fairness is pretty good. A lovely canvas, I do like the geese. I need to try a canvas will start with trying to attempt the calendar challenge this month. Not too sure anyone will want any I create as gifts. Thank-you for the offers anyway. xx

    1. Same here, Lynne. Spent some serious money on a craft last week so there is now a bit of an embargo. Must get a retirement business plan in place! Looking forward to your canvas creations.Xoxo S. ;~}

  19. Ohh my what a beautiful piece of artwork
    I'm not a good stamper but the offers you have given your followers is amazing
    I was tempted by the girl and boy stamps the other day I thought I had them but when I looked I had not I think it's the stencils I have .
    So needless to say I rushed to the web site just before the offer ended and I now have them winging there way to my ever growing collection .
    Thank you for the bargains and the groovi revaluation. Xx

  20. Absolutely loved this step-by-step – fabulous artwork made possible – even for me. Still not sure I'd be able to cut round those goosey legs and feet though. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the lightbox.
    Tonbridge Sue

  21. Great artwork Barb. I had to laugh at the mess you left around you as that's what my craft desk always looks like when I am creating. I get so carried away in the moment I just grab what I need discard it and then onto the next need. Result is a mountain of layers of stuff. Peel back the layers have a bit of a tidy then start the next creation! Much love Jayne

  22. Beautiful art work and thank you so much for your sale. Oh dear looks like I must have a selection of those paints. I so enjoyed for the first time using a canvas doing the calendar challenge. Got the bug.

    Stressful day with mum today. My sister causing more problems. 😈

    Think I deforestation need a treat so here I come tomorrow to the sale.


    1. Sorry you've had a stressful day, all sent to try us. Hope tomorrow's a better one for you. Sure it will be if you've ordered goodies again to look forward to. Love and hugs Pam xx

    1. Ooooooo Donna get the fresco paints they are brilliant my favourite is the snowflake white it's brill for dabbing white on your cards for Christmas and you use such a little amount xxx

  23. Hi Barbara love the arty canvas bought some of the canvas boards a while back but not had the courage to have a go yet maybe get a few of the lovely fresco paints and give it a go. Has anyone used any of the sealers and which one is best.
    Sounds like your a wee bit cheerier today life is to short to worry about stuff look after yourself soon be that wonderful holiday soon.
    Take care.. Dot Xx

    1. Hi Diane,Pam,Morag,Alison and all blog pals here's yir hug.
      Evening Brenda are you still on the nightshift the night Amy not impressed with Granny's new move about keeps wanting to move things where they used to be but I think that's her wee ocd thing you'll know what I mean. She had us laughing though the day came in with the boys and shouted Shoes Off at them we all giggled at that. cuddle on its way…XX

    2. Hi Dot, I didn't know you had to seal the canvases, so not much help am I. I would say any diluted PVA would do it if it has to be done. You made me smile too with what Amy said when the boys came in, bless her. Hope you've enjoyed the day. Love and hugs Pam xx

    3. Dot, I suspected Amy would be having problems, it's bigger than OCD. It's an austism thing, we hate change, I'm at the worst end of the scale for it, it sounds like Amy struggles badly with it too. I even struggle if a label on a product I always buy is changed, even if the ingredients haven't! What can help me is my support used to talk through the change, and bigging up the positives. I would suggest lots of reassurance for Amy and exaggerating how lovely the room looks now, how much better something moved to a different place is because… And keep doing it with her. It takes time for us to adjust to anything, as you know, but it could help keep her anxieties down until she does. Did you know to talk her through it before you got it decorated? If she has plenty of warning and time to voice her concerns and have them answered that helps to adjust better and more quickly too. That's funny her shouting "shoes off". You've all had it now she's found her voice. She'll be keeping you all right, no middle ground, everything black and white, right and wrong!!!

      The fresco glazes. I'm going to try them instead of mod podge and other glazes because of the fresco ones being VOC free. I haven't bought any yet, but I'm going to buy the satin one first to try. It is kind of inbetween a matt and gloss finish, a subtle sheen. I prefer a satin finish when I'm buying varnish for interior woodwork. Don't know if that helps any. You can seal with mod podge too, but I checked it out and it is high in VOCs and some reviews says it still yellows in time like watered down PVA does.

      Cuddle back, and a big reassuring one for wee Amy xx

  24. I do love the geese, this canvas is lovely. Thank you for the sale, May take you up on some paints. Already have the geese and canvases. Had a go at the calendar challenge canvas but didn't go too well, never mind first attempt, will try again another day. Glad you sound more cheerful today. At the moment my desk looks just like yours. Love and hugs Pam xx

  25. Hi Diane, Brenda, Morag, Alison and Sue57, hope you've had a nice sunny day. How are you Brenda? Hope you're feeling better Morag. Love and hugs to you all, all the best to all on the blog.xxx

  26. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous canvass oh I am tempted by the geese as they make a lovely foreground. Thank you for the blog guy sale, what a treat
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  27. Hi Barbara, wow, love your canvas. Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel like I can't wait to get arty. I know that will sound strange, why can't I just go for it. Well I worked out my huge craft avoidance problem was trying to jump in at the deep end! I worked out that I need to start very basic and work up as I get my confidence and abilities back. It's still dead slow and stop, but the inspiration is also starting to flow again, along with the feelings of wanting to craft, at last 🙂 But I kind of get caught up in sorting out things etc at the moment so not much crafting getting done.

    At last! You're brining out a new product that I don't need – your lightbox! Not because I don't need it, but because I already have one that looks just like your ones!!! I find it very useful, still needing to get it in my head to try it for anything I'm struggling with, you never know it might help. I never thought about trying it with Groovi, I did try it when I was trying to trace Groovi images onto copy paper. It wasn't successful but I have a funny feeling I was trying to do it in the sun, so I'll need to try again.

    That's some craft desk Barbara! I wish I could be sitting here with my halo intact, although my craft room is pretty tidy today – spent yesterday afternoon tidying it though, won't last long! Since I craft on the floor (can't sit in normal chairs), when I get going, my whole floor space apart from the small bit I'm sitting on, can look like your desk! Daisy has been known to reach the doorway, stop suddenly in her tracks and do that slow pan round the room with her head before giving me 'the look'!!!! It is very comical, especially when that 'look' results in me frantically clearing a pathway through my mess so she can go between the door and the window!!!!

    Another very generous sale. Thank you so much. Tempting me yet again. Yes I'm going to cave in, once I work out which fresco colours to go for first. And the stamps too. Better not buy any more canvases since the first lot are still unopeed in the box! I'm going to try the glazes too, a safer alternative to mod podge for me as like the paints they have no or very little VOCs so I won't need to wear a mask to use them :-). My other rubbishy acrylics can gradually be relegated to the background making stash!

    We had a lovely sunny day here, had the craft room window open, sitting in the sun for a lot of the afternoon. Hope you managed to get out for a nice walk.

    love Brenda xx

    Joy I'm so sorry to hear about Harry, I know what you are going through, my first cat started having seizures when she was just 3 years old too. Thinking about you xx

    Sheila, sorry to hear your diagnosis, but at least now your doctors know what they are treating instead of it being a stab in the dark. Hopefully now you'll get some treatment that helps a lot and lets you be more active xx

    Pen, I back up what Barbara says, as long as you know you are doing the right thing for inside you, that's all you can do. It must be so hard for you, thinking you've got progress and then it all going back to square one again. I hope you're managing to have time out from it all for yourself, take care xx

    As you'll have noticed Donna, yes I'm going to be digging out my zebeddee springs, again! xx

    Thank you Diane and Pam. I had a nice afternoon sat in the sun in my craft room. A tiny wee bit crafting. xx

    1. Morning Brenda you made me smile with Daisy's antics I can just imagine her looking at you for a way through bless her thank you for your caring wishes you are such a special person dear blog friend get your self the snowflake fresco for as its called snowflakes on your cards it looks so good Barbara showed how to do it in 2 different ways with the groovi tool or flick with a brush and a blue and a green for sky and grass I find easy to put on with a clarity brush than a brayer as I don't have the strength to push it to get a proper coating
      Don't know if this helps but they are good to get in tha sale you only need a little so they last a while hugs for you and daisy xxx

  28. Hi Barb, love this new Geese canvas as much as the last one, and a super sale, may just have to have a look at those paints again, as I have loads of canvasses to do. Take care. Bx

  29. I adore this canvas Barbara and the geese are beautiful and love the colours of the fresco paints. Thank you for the sale – so tempting! x

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