Just a Groovi quickie!

Just a Groovi quickie!

I hope you’re enjoying this lovely mild weather and sunshine!
I’m up at the studios, waiting to go live,
but thought I’d spend five minutes with you.
Calms the mind, 
and get me out of this strange Shopping TV Bubble
which I am in for 2 days again.
As Sheila so wisely suggested yesterday, Let’s enjoy it!
I’m here doing it, and I may as well have some fun!!
Not that I am miserable!
But I believe I can be as happy as I make up my mind to be!!
Here’s a little peek of what’s coming up…
this is the second demo in the first hour.

Just in case I don’t get to it,
or you can’t watch on telly.

4 different Ribbon Word A5 Groovi Plates
Merry Christmas
Thank You
Best Wishes
Happy Birthday

Each of the plates have words to compliment the main word

You can buy them in the above pairs or individually HERE

Trace out the design in the middle of your piece of A5 Parchment

I have added in the ribbon swirls and “On Your Special Day” and then framed it with the Nested Circle A5 Groovi Plate
Lets swap over to the Nested Square A5 Groovi Plate
Use a similar size to your circles to create a further frame
Time to bring in the Groovi Grids 
(Straight or Diagonal available)
I have gone with the Straight.
Remember to turn you work over as well when piercing, as we need to work from the front!
Turn over your blue Groovi Mat and working on the soft side, pierce through to create your pattern
Repeat in each corner
To add some detail to the circle border, I have used the confetti pieces from the plate
and then added some white work
Back to the Nested Square A5 Groovi Plate and using the largest square, frame you piece of work
Add some extra lines of different lengths in each corner
Add some little dots at the end of the lines – you can do this freestyle or with the Groovi Grids
Time to add some colour
I find that if I want a really solid black colour, the Distress Markers do a great job.
Mount onto some black and red card and finally onto a 8×8 card blank
Striking and effective
Gotta go and get miked up.
(Sounds positively exciting! Who’s Mike??)

love & hugs

136 thoughts on “Just a Groovi quickie!

  1. Hello Barbara

    Thank you, I really enjoyed the show and learnt things as usual. Today's blog is lovely. The little lines in each corner give a 3D effect to the frame.

    No channel 39 so watching you on my Samsung tablet – no loss of enjoyment tho'.


  2. Enjoyed the first hour. Some annoying buffering towards the end but otherwise wouldn't have noticed we weren't on freeview. I love the bird baby plates but will wait and see what you have in store for us this evening. Relax and have a rest before the next show. I must go back to chasing a mouse around the conservatory. The cats have lost interest and the little blighter keeps hiding! See you at 5. X

    1. Oh Gill that brings back so many memories of chasing mice around our lounge at 2am on a mouse coloured carpet! Still miss our beautiful girl who passed 3 years ago having been with us for 22 years xx

    2. Oh Gill that brings back so many memories of chasing mice around our lounge at 2am on a mouse coloured carpet! Still miss our beautiful girl who passed 3 years ago having been with us for 22 years xx

    3. I know how much losing a well-loved pet hurts. I hope you have another cat. The longest I've managed without one was three weeks then I caved in and got our present two. The mouse is safely back in the garden. Husband came home and it was sitting behind a heater. Even when he lifted the heater off the wall it just sat there and then obligingly dropped into a box. Perhaps it was tired out with all the dodging me this morning!

      Loved the bird demo Barbara. So pretty. Not long to go now today. Hope things don't go as mad on your WOW as last month. X

  3. Managed to catch the second half of the show (on computer). Lovely Charlie. Great demonstrations and I always learn something – Groovi is fascinating, but I'm dying to see the new stamps.
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. Hi Barb,
    Loved the show and the demo. Charlie is so enthusiastic and I did think it was funny when he said the corner punch came with 5 sheets of parchment- poor bloke was blushing like mad when the mistake was pointed out ( or was that just my iPad!). Anyway I've put my order in to Clarity direct for the birds and the happy birthday duo. I'm hoping it hasn't gone through twice as I tried on my iPad and PayPal seemed to freeze so went and did it on the pc and it went through fine. Had no problems watching you on iPad though only thing I missed out on was recording. Looking forward to rest of shows. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hello to all my blog friends,
      Hope you are all well today and enjoying the Clarity weekend. Sheila, I'm in need of borrowing your cushions and that's before the One Day Wonder! Been a gorgeous day here today unlike yesterday. Headache almost gone so that's good. Love and hugs xxx

    2. Hello Alison your quite welcome to borrow my cushions i haven't used them yet but I know by the 8 pm one ending I will need them or I might just hop on the trampoline and see you all round the camp fire for a relaxing cup of tea pleased your headache is easing lots of hugs comming your way xxx

    3. Hi Alison, pleased to hear that you feel so much better today. I will be ordering when I have worked out which ones to go for, almost decided! Hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Alison I'm pleased you're feeling better. I'm getting there now! It's surprising what a little retail therapy will do. Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Alison, good to hear your headache is clearing. We've had a good day here too but not the heat they forecast and it finished with a thunderstorm. Cushions have been plumped ready, I love those garden birds! Xxx

  5. Fabulous show Barbara. You looked really relaxed. My order is in already! I love this blog. More great ideas as usual. Enjoy the rest of your shows….and yes…we are all out there!! xxx

    1. Hi Morag, you're a girl after my own heart. Just waiting now for the next show but I might have to refrain for the moment – if I've got the willpower that is! Vxxx

  6. Will catch up with your shows that I have recorded……….looks like more things to add to the list for Ally Pally, not sure the padlock will come off until Saturday xxx

  7. Hi Barb, fantastic show, brilliant, must get these plates, hopefully you will have them at ally pally xx

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  8. Beautiful new Groovi plates and baby plates. I will be ordering the tits after this. I love the set of stamps using the blue tits so am excited to have it in groovi form. HDMI cable worked well till the website started buffering and freezing, at least I managed to see some of your demo. XX

  9. Afternoon Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag and Gilly. I am off to jump from the wagon now so I meet you all down below later………….unless you are already down there! XX

    1. Hi Donna,
      I had to borrow Sheila's cushions earlier! My problem is that I have no willpower. Just about to watch next show so might be in need again lol. Hugs xxxx

    2. Boing boing, milk no sugar please 😀 Was so excited to see those lovely tit plates, they are a must have aren't they! Keep bouncing !!! Xxx

  10. Oh no. 🙁 ..groovi plate…I'm still learning and stocking with stamps and dies I dare not go down the road of spend, spend spend with a new craft my husband & bank will have a hissy fit. …made the mistake of buying dies + machine when first started this crafting malarkey and realised it was not me. But hey ho on the good side a few hours I will not be saving on our sky record box. Enjoy everyone else

  11. Hi great new plates. I contacted Hochanda and said I was upset with losing the channel on freebies. Hochanda said they will be broadcasting on channel 39 between midnight and 4 am until 15th May. 2 clarity shows tonight so I will be recording.

  12. Oh Barbara have so much enjoyed both shows beautiful parchment work so relaxing watching ,fabulous plates looking forward to the 8 pm show then going to put in my order straight from clarity towers keep saying I don't need no more then you show us the beautiful new products stunning designs from your design team wow so much talent .enjoy having a rest now tea feet up till 8pm hugs to help you through xxx

    1. Hello Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly sue 55 julia been thinking of you all hugs to you all on the blog hope you have had restful days I've just rested watching Barbara getting ready to put my cushions on ready for the 8pm show and using the trampoline too see you all round the camp fire for a well earned cuppa xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – pleased to hear that you have had such a nice relaxing day. No doubt your cushions will be needed later – I have almost chosen! Caring hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, I've just finished watching the 5pm show which makes me so happy that I ordered the garden birds. The demo was fantastic wasn't it. See you round the campfire. Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila just fluffing up my cushions ready to order those beautiful birds in the morning, they are lovely aren't they. Good to hear you've been behaving today, feet up and keep watching xxx

    5. Evening my lovley blog friends oh yes fell down after the 8 o'clock show WEE everything thank you for guiding me down dot haven't got Barbara's tits yet might be on my next order it was so lovley to watch Barbara with the brayer and inks so much insperation .
      Would you blog the card you made using the wee church wee trees and the ribbon effect frame as I want to make this as my friend wants a card for an adult blessing this would be perfect only when you find the time crafting hugs xxx

    6. Ooh Sheila – enjoy your new goodies when they arrive, I am still deciding which groovi plates to order first. So pleased that I'm not trying to do any stamping, even more temptation! Crafting hugs, Gilly xxx

    7. First day back at work this evening, 5pm-9pm, so I've only seen the first two shows and about to watch the 8pm show. My husband was so proud of me when Barbara showed my card but then she called me Julie. I don't mind, I know who I am and I'm well chuffed. Once I've watched all the shows from today and tomorrow I'll decide what I'm buying, the garden birds are a definite though. Oh, I take my tea the same way as Morag but I'll prefer a Victoria Sponge.

  13. Lovely demo's as always – birds not really my 'thing' but have added the ribbon word plates to my ever growing list of 'must haves' (added to list as trying to be good and save to come to Ally Pally next Spring – yes, I know it's on again this September but need to save…lots – lol!) Plus am eagerly anticipating the 'One Day Special' tonight!!!!

  14. Well Barbara, I have really enjoyed the Groovi shows, and it's so nice to see Charlie being so excited by it all! I should think that your mind has been put to rest somewhat, as those beautiful Garden Birds were practically a sell-out. I was really pleased to notice that you issued a warning to everyone that Groovi is so addictive!! Enjoy the rest of your shows, it is always a pleasure to watch you, and I was inspired to practice my white work after your second programme. Definite improvement, still a way to go!! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie, Sue57, Julia and Chris M – great shows and so many tempting goodies! Loved your card Julia! I have had a relaxing restful day, watching the shows and doing a bit of white work – putting into practice all of your good advice. I can see some improvement – still a way to go! I have almost made my choices, not good enough to buy TOO many just yet! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. I do agree with you all, BUT as I have only got the Starter Kit so far, I really need some of the nested shapes for borders, and all in all I have got a wish list of a dozen single plates, which does include the garden birds – but I plan to get them gradually. Ooh dear, I am so pleased that I'm not looking at any stamps too!! xxx

    3. Gilly it's so addictive My excuse to Tom is I'm too poorly to go to the shows or retreats as cannot travel far so cost of tickets plus petrol I spend that on my wish list well that's my logic hugs xxx

    4. I think we will be on bread and cheese for the rest of the month at this rate. Mind you if I gave up chocolate I could save a fortune, ha ha. I've enjoyed the first two shows, about to watch the 8pm show and looking forward until tomorrow. Top of my list are the garden birds and I'm certain my list will grow.


    Today the country has gone crazy clambering on
    Wagons and jumping from great heights just to get
    their hands on them.
    It is reported though that due to certain precautions
    no crafter was hurt and all are happy.

    C.C.A. reporter at the scene…Dot.

    Well done Barbara see you in a bit…xx

    1. Thankyou all I have this wee goal in life it's just every day just to make someone smile. A bit like yesterday at my bus stop I met this old lady (I think I have one off those faces that make people want to share their feelings) but that's ok anyway she came from Jamaica many years ago now made her life here due to her husbands work and now she is on her own but she is happy here and her kid's have done well.
      Before our bus came I felt I knew everything about her life her kids life and everything about her we sat happily together on the bus and when her stop came she smiled and and said I hope I meet you again I do to.. that my friends made my day.
      Keep smiling ..Love Dot..xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    I'm really pleased that the shows were such a success after your worries earlier in the week about losing business. Great to see that there were limited stocks & probably sell outs by now – you deserve the success. Love Alison xxx

  17. Great demo Barbara, love these new plates, very useful and they're on my list. I was out this afternoon so I'm going to catch up with a brew before the launch of your one day special x

  18. Hi going to try to see on my tablet the show at 8 pm and fingers crossed there will be shows to record in the early hours.

    So glad for the blog to have a laugh when times are stressful I can relax and enjoy everyone's comments.

    Big hugs to you all

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. Hi Barbara, oh you of little faith! !! I am sure we all watched in any way we could. I for one watched on my computer. Great shows waiting for tonight show to see the word chain stamps. Good blog today great laughs. Take care and try to get a little down time. Lynn xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows. I have ordered my baby plates from Clarity. Those little birds will be much used. I find your demos so helpful. Looking forward to the new stamps. I hope you can relax after the launch and get some rest ready for tomorrow.
    Hugs from Chris X

  21. Wonderful shows today and looking forward to tomorrow. I hope to see you on Sunday (sorry if I creep up behind you but being a small creature, I cannot see through the sea of large people at the front!
    Already planning to buy loads of goodies from your new groovis. Good job it is my birthday this week and I have asked for Clarity, Clarity, Clarity.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  22. I was really looking forward to the new alphabet stamps and ready to click the buy button, but sorry, that price of GBP 50 is ridiculous. It is about double what the other alphabets cost. The woodpress letters come with masks and the letterboxes and cost half of it.

    Even when only praise is liked here, that needs to be said. Critcics need to be accepted.

    1. Of course everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But here (and I think I can speak for most of us!) we don't mind paying for quality….and lifetime guarantees for the letters!

    2. I have always said you get what you pay for if you want good quality products you will pay the price and they will last as proven many a time in my life time clarity is fantastic quality and I for one don't mind there prices xxx

    3. I agree with Morag, Sheila and Donna – you do have to pay for quality, and we also love the fact that they are handmade in this country – which obviously wouldn't apply to yourself. I would also add that we have all only got a limited amount of funds to spend, and obviously we have all got different priorities.

    4. I have the woodpress and the letterbox stamps and whilst i do like them, these new stamps are fabulous – much bigger, individualised and funky. I love the word chains and this alphabet will be such a useful addition – great for names etc in the same style as the wordchains . The lifetime guarantee is fsntastic too. Thanks Barb for a brilliant idea. Xxx

    5. I haven't seen them yet but from what Barbara was saying the other day they are quite a large font and Barbara will ensure we get good valte.

      Love Diane

  23. Managed to catch one of your shows earlier, and you looked so relaxed. I love this demo too – black and white is right up my street. Hope your shows later and tomorrow go well – I'll be watching the recordings as soon as my guests leave! Susan x

  24. Just watched the one day special show. Lovely to see you with a brayer in your hand. Really enjoyed the show and looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Managed to see thelast 20 minutes of the 8.00 show on my tablet when grandchildren went to bed. Will have a go at recording tonight as I can keep coming back to the shows. Am going to try catch up soon it all sounds too good to miss.

  26. Barbara, you are such an amazing professional on live TV! Watched all 3 shows on my iPad here in the states. I learned so much! Getting in the groove is wiping out my wallet! Order placed with Clarity. One question, will the all sample cards be added to the gallery? So many I would like to try but can only go back and watch for a week! Am sure your shows will go just as great tomorrow!

  27. Hi everyone, what lovely new plates and stamps. I watched the first show on the ipad and plan to catch the others later. I've also set the recorder in the night to see if it does record the one day special show too. All the DT samples are magnificent with such a lot of ideas!

    I'll be needing the cushions again……. xxx

  28. Haven't managed to watch anything yet but will watch on catch up. It sounds as though it has been going well but very tiring for you I'm sure. Thank you for showing the step by step with the 'Best Wishes' and I love the black round the frame and the letters and it looks great with the red mat. Hope to see you tomorrow. x

  29. Hi Barbara
    Loved the shows today, learnt lots of things and will be trying them out. I hope you've got spare tits back at the office!!! You looked like you were relaxed and enjoying yourself. Hope you sleep well tonight.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, dot and Pam
      Hope you all enjoyed the shows today, my garden birds will be on order soon. How many of us were shouting at the tv – balls to the Back, pricks to the front! Xx

  30. Thank you Barbara for showing my card, my husband was chuffed to bits, he likes you more than he likes me! Thoroughly enjoyed the shows and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

  31. Hi Barbara, oh ye of little faith springs to mind!!!!! 😉 Sorry, shouldn't joke, I do totally get you and how much is at stake for you. I totally get why you were so worried that people wouldn't buy your products this month. I was relieved for you to see everything flying off the counters! I managed to watch your shows, only missed the last 20 mins of your first hour when the buffering got too bad. And yes my wish list has just grown even longer!

    Normally I can't just sit and do nothing. I was sat in my beanbag for your second hour eating my tea, and when I'd finished I was compelled to just sit with my laptop watching you, feeling calmer and calmer and calmer, to the point where I nearly fell asleep! That's unheard of for me. So thank you also for the added bonus of calming me down so much :-). I won't be able to watch your 9am show, but I'll try to watch the others, and watch the missed one on catch up. Hopefully they will be sell outs for you. And hopefully Hochanda will put them on again between midnight and 4am so I can record them too. Best wishes for the rest of your shows and a safe journey home. Love Brenda xx

    Yes Dot you did make me laugh. Cuddle back xx

    1. Hi, thank you everyone. I did get some sleep. Camomile tea for me, so I'll bring some. I can't have caffeine, makes me too hyper and wound up, I'm bad enough without it eh!!!! xx

  32. Hi Barb, love the card and the new plates. Have not caught up with the shows yet, but hope to watch some of todays live. From all the comments, it looks like it was a great success, and that everyone is enjoying the new products and demos. Have a great day today. Bx

  33. Hi Barb. Love the new stamps. I love the WEE range and will be getting the little woodland animals as I think these will go well with my fairies. I also love the new alphabet. I know they are a considered purchase but your stamps are the best quality of all the stamps on the market and you know what they say buy cheap buy twice. I would rather save up a little and buy your set as I know that I can't get better anywhere else. I would also rather support your company with its values and ethics and know I am supporting good people than some other large faceless corporation. Its everyone's personal choice but I know what I choose and why. Looking forward to all the shows as it feeds my soul. Much love Jayne

  34. Love the card Barbara, I have three of the matching stamps, still need to get the Christmas one.As for Mike, more importantly, exactly where is he going to put that mike?

  35. Hi only got back late last night from a wedding in London. The first thing I did when I got home was look at what was new on Clarity and wow what a lovely selection. My list gets larger and larger. Very disappointed that I wasn't able to get any of the shows back on catchup though, but as we're on freeview and its off for us that must be the reason. I did think that if they were recorded and put on in the early hours I may get them on catchup. I'll keep trying and live in hope. Grateful for yesterday's step by step absolutely super. Love Pam xx

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