Lily of the Valley stamped on parchment….

Lily of the Valley stamped on parchment….

Good Morning!
Thanks for popping in!
Sun’s shining, birds are nesting in the garden.
All good. 
Here’s a little easy step by step,
combing stamping and Groovi
One of my favourite stamps is our Lily of the Valley,
which our Melanie drew a while ago.
It comes in a little 2-stampset, with the verse I used here yesterday:
Thought I’d combine it with our new coloured parchment….
Using an Archival Olive ink pad,
stamp the stamps onto the colour flooded sided 
of the green parchment.
You can tell because it’s darker.
Let the ink dry completely.
You can blot it. Takes about half an hour.
Maybe use your heatgun to gently speed it up?
We will be working from the back.

Get your soft mat out from your Groovi Starter Kit 
and let’s make the darling flowers white 
using our No. 4 and then No. 3 embossing tools
(also in the Starter Kit).

Really easy little exercise, but looks so pretty.

Working from the back,
colour in the leaves with a Yellow pencil.
Add a little green shade.

This next bit was the only bit I had to focus on to get right.
Using the no. 1 stylus, very very gently add a white drop shadow.
Took me a while to get into my stride…

Nice though. Just lifts it, don’t you think?

Now we need the Square nested plate to frame the piece.
Make a double-frame at one end,

then slide along and do the other end.
And that’s how you make a rectangle out of the nested Square.

So much easier to finish now!

I think a little landscape in the background will be effective.
back to the plate in the Start Kit!

Colour in the hills with Distress Markers. 
We have a large shipment of the full sets coming in from Ranger next week.

The yellows and greens change the green coloured parchment beautifully. Always working from behind here….

Add a couple of birds from the sign on the side of the 
Groovi Plate Mate from the Starter Kit…

Attach and layer to yellow card and more green parchment with bradsbefore you set it on white.
The white brings out the little flowers beautifully….

Ran out of yellow brads, so there’s an odd one…
Whatever….don’t sweat the small stuff…..

The Coloured parchment is super.
We have 5 different colourways:

just go to coloured parchment on our website if you fancy some. 
A selection pack will be coming out soon.

Have a great Sunday! 
love & hugs,

PS the Green Frog and the Eggnog limericks have been a great hit, haven’t they.

We have had some real belly laughs .
So so funny…
If you missed them, go to the comments Friday’s blog…..
all 127 of them! Not to be missed.
But to pick a winner????!
Now that is hard.
The one that really made me crack up 
(every time I thought about it)
was the one about being legless in France. 
It didn’t even rhyme, but it sure did hit the spot.
Let me go find it….

There once was a lazy green frog
who drank way to much strong eggnog;
whilst in a drunk trance
he booked a shuttle to France –
and now he really knows the meaning of being legless!

So thank you to all of you who contributed 

I actually think that this is the best batch of poems

since we started this game! 

The Dancing Cockerels were very good too though, 

weren’t they…

But a winner we must have.

Jomada-Dawn’s husband is the winner.
Well done that man!!!! 

(Email me your address and I will send a £20 Gift Voucher to your husband….)


111 thoughts on “Lily of the Valley stamped on parchment….

  1. Hi Barb, what a lovely stamp and tutorial with groovi's to set us up today, I love the way you do these because I can copy them and keep for future reference. Lilly of the valley is one of my favourite flowers so this really cheers me up, feeling a bit down following surgery, still very sore after 9 days and have infection, can't go to a craft show I was planning on and it is the anniversary of losing my Dad and would have been my Mum's 92 birthday so all in all I am feeling very sorry for myself but this has cheered me up. I will at some stage get round to these samples, can't do much at the moment.

    Con grats to the winner of the frog limerick, I was reading them this morning and they cracked me up.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Dear June,
      Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. It's strange how things always seem to happen together. Hope you feel much better soon, love Alison xx

    2. June I hope you start to feel better soon and the antibiotics do the trick ( saw your comment on Sues blog!!). Have you tried Arnica tablets to help you to heal after the op – mother in law was a nurse and they recommended them before and after surgery to bring out bruising. Sending you a hug xxx

  2. Think I shall have to get that lily of the valley stamp as its is so pretty ,,. Also love that flower I have a great big clump in our back garden ,. Xx

  3. Lovely project! My coloured parchment came this week. It looks lovely can't decide which colour to try first!

    Well done Jomada-Dawn's husband! They were all good ones ! I find it hard to make it all rhyme I don't think I'll worry about it next time ! LOL!! X

    1. Hi Jackie – I'm in the same position – I bought three colours and they are all so lovely that I don't know which to start with! Happy crafting xx

  4. Another lovely card, more things to add to my wish list, gets longer by every day. Love Lily of The Valley, my mum had them in her wedding bouquet, so they will always be a special flower to me, and I look forward to them comimg into flower in the garden.
    Janine x

  5. Stunning card Barbara. I have that stamp and don't use it nearly enough. The limericks were brilliant – so so funny some of them. Well done to Jomada Dawn's husband. X

  6. Think I have a small one from the stamp club! Must go and look, no coloured parchment though but I'm sure it'll be nice on plain . X well done mr winner x

  7. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven't been around for a few days, but developed an ear infection which ended in vertigo. Been in bed feeling really poorly so this is the first time I've even dared to look at a computer. This is a really love very piece of artwork – I love lily of the valley ( Lily was my Mam's name but she hated it strangely- the name not the flower). I ordered some oft He coloured parchment which came earlier in the week but haven't had time to play yet. Congratulations to the lucky winner – I'll have to go and read them all. Just noticed that you've got an Open Day up here in September so thank you for that – Leyburn is lovely. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Sorry haven't been around for a few days so haven't had a chance to catch up on all the news yet. Hope you are all ok and managing to get some crafting done. Dave has gone off to a craft fair with a friend to see if they can sell some photos, so I've got the house to myself ( well I've got Scamp for company!), but not sure I'm up to much yet – at least I'm not feeling sick thanks to the tablets! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather this week, but glad you are on the mend. I too spotted the open day in Leyburn and have started looking at B&Bs there. The one we have stayed in for the last couple of years is already booked so we will need to find a new one to stay in. Perhaps we can have lunch together again?

    3. Bless you Alison don't do nothing just rest or you will be back in bed again snuggle up with scamp hope he can sell his photos did you send some cards this time or did you sell them all last time lots of get well hugs comming your way xxx

    4. So sorry to hear that you've been laid low with vertigo – Mum has just had two weeks of it, couldn't lift her head from the pillow for the first week without the whole room spinning, so she was a full week bed-ridden; the tablets didn't seem to kick in until the doctor upped the dose, but she is much better now – she tells me that she actually did some crafting yesterday, so that's a good sign! She phoned me this lunchtime to tell me that Gary's limerick had won – how wonderful! Like most other people, I was trying to come up with lines that followed the traditional limerick rhyming pattern but, when Gary suggested his ending, it made me crack up and I just had to share it.
      Hope you're on the road to recovery.

    5. Hi Alison – sorry to hear that you have been having a bad time. I hope that you will soon be feeling well enough to get crafting again. Good luck with the sale of your cards today! Hugs Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Alison, how horrid for you, I hope you are better soon. I was wondering where-and how-you were!
      I commented yesterday about the Leyburn open day. I was at Maria's Catterick class yesterday and she said it is being held at Tennants auction rooms. I don't know if you have been but it's lovely1 Very smart but welcoming and lovely food, we often go when we are in Leyburn.
      Best wishes xx

  8. Sorry Barb,
    Just read my comment and it reads like double Dutch! Should've said really lovely piece of artwork and I ordered some of the coloured parchment. I think my fingers were going to fast for my brain – not hard today! Love Alison xx

  9. Hi Barbara & ladies, what a lovely piece of artwork it is amazing what you can combine with stamps and Groovi beautiful. Caught pauls shows yesterday learnt quite a few things from the shows. Thank you Paul for brilliant shows. As one lady says my wish list gets longer. Hope you all have a great day. Lynn xx

  10. Love the coloured vellum. I think some will be on my next order! I was at Emma's class yesterday and learned so much, so I will need more parchment soon.
    Hope you are having a good weekend and feel as relaxed as I do after being groovi all day yesterday.

  11. Beautiful art work Barbara I've got this stamp and groovi but no coloured parchment waiting for the mixed pack comming out have a lovley day whatever you have planned .
    Congratulations to the winner the Limerick was so funny .crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag Julia Alison sue 57 pen thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog happy crafting Sunday xxx
      Gilly hope your doing as you are told and in bed ?
      Dorothy hope your pains are easing and your not moving no more furniture ?
      Pam hope your feeling brighter ?
      Pen hope it's a peaceful day ?

    2. Hi Sheila – I hope that your pain is not too overwhelming today, and I hope that it goes well at the specialist tomorrow evening, I will be thinking of you. Yes, I am back to behaving, and in bed again today – not really up to doing any crafting either. Just reading and using the computer – with naps in between. Gentle caring hugs coming your way – love Gilly xxx

    3. Thank you gilly dear blog friend glad your in bed and resting up my pain is not so severe today but not doing anything but on my I pad and reading the paper so Hopefuly it stays that way lots of healing hugs comming your way xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, you do absolutely right to rest. I'm pleased you are not in quite as much pain today. I have to say that you gave me a good laugh when I read your reply to Alison!!! I'm sorry, but I read it to mean that you hoped SCAMP had sold his photos!!! The vision that popped into my head was just hilarious. So thank you for that my dear friend. Hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila,
      Glad that you're feeling a bit better today and I hope things go well tomorrow – I'll be thinking of you. I've just been laughing at Morag's comment – interesting picture of Scamp selling photos! Actually might have had more success than Dave did! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    6. Hi Sheila, I hope you had a restful day. I've not. We are gradually going round the house painting the dark brown skirting and architrave white so have decided to start on our bedroom. I have stripped out the wardrobe and Chris is sanding the woodwork ready for me to paint. We will do it on stages – window frame next, then the rest of the room, then paint the ceiling and walls. It'll take a few weeks which is fine but the rest of the house ends up in such a mess. It is worth it in the end.

    7. Thank you so much for thinking of me for tomorrow I will take them all with me xx
      Wow Julia you will be so busy you won't have time to craft but as you say it will look lovley in the end happy painting xx
      Pen glad you have had a good day in the garden xxx
      nice to know I made you smile about scamp hugs to all xxx

  12. Afternoon love the effect on coloured parchment and the words with a white shadow worth all the time doing it the Limerick were great have a great day love Joy and Katie xxx

  13. Just lovely! Good news about the markers, I'm glad you said as I've been looking for the big sets, I think my voucher I won will go towards them! Thanks Barb!Wx

  14. Gosh, Barbara, thanks for choosing Gary's limerick as the winner! I would never have come up with it myself, because I needed to follow the standard limerick rhyming pattern, but when he suggested it I thought it was just perfect, so had to share it – couldn't claim it as my own though! Fortunately for me, I don't think he'll want to start crafting (too busy with his own toys!), so I'll get treated with the winnings!

    1. Thank you for your concern and I really hope your Mam feels better soon. It is a horrible feeling I must say. Love to you and your clever hubby and also to your Mam xxx

  15. Beautiful artwork – you must have been delighted with the result as well as having enjoyed the process.
    I must admit the winning limerick definitely made me laugh. Congrats to Gary! Now I come to think of it the funniest limerick I ever heard had a non-rhyming last line (unable to publish here because it was also one of the rudest). Happy Days.
    Tonbridge Sue

  16. Hi Barbara – you were quite an early bird today, and what a beautiful piece of artwork! It comes through as though you are in a much better place now – obviously the right decisions were made by you both! We couldn't be happier to see that you are feeling happier and brighter! Enjoy your day together – hugs Gilly x

  17. Hi Morag, Donna, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Sue57, Julia and Chris M – I hope that you are all enjoying a beautiful Sunday. Our weather is very sunny and beautiful, a little bit chilly – but that's ok as yes, I AM being good and resting in bed today. I don't want to repeat yesterday's mistakes – so I have just started a new book and I am alternating between that and the computer. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hello my friend. Been really cold up here today. But at least we've seen some lovely sunshine. Enjoy your reading and resting. remember ..little steps!! Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Glad to hear that you are behaving yourself and resting. As Morag says, it's been sunny up here but blooming cold, I've had the heating on again! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    3. Hi Gilly, pleased to hear you are behaving yourself. Sunny but chilly again up here. I'm also reading a new book on my kindle – about the menopause, lol. It certainly explains a lot of things over the last few years!

    4. Thanks everyone! Oh Julia, it's not a great thing to go through – I found that Sage tablets really helped. In fact I have remained on them, as they are a natural form of oestrogen. Hugs, Gilly xxx

  18. Stunning! I love the gorgeous coloured parchment and stamp set. Congratulation to the winner it sure was a funny ditti! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it is raining here 🙁
    Linda xxx

  19. A really pretty parchment piece. Gosh the white on the letters would take some thought but looks really good. Congratulations to Jomada-Dawn's husband. Felt sorry for the frog in France.

  20. How lovely this looks & so appropriate as they are just coming through in the garden. Barbara could you please tell me what the pen was Paul used to enhance his stamped frame yesterday, such a lovely effect as it turned white as it dried. Thank you.

  21. I love the way you highlighted the writing. I don't feel that brave yet I would probably make a complete mess up of it (not the two words I was originally going to use)!
    Congratulations to Jomada Dawn's Gary for the limerick xx

  22. The lily of the valley stamp is beautiful Barbara and the accompanying sentiment is delightful! I love the way you have surrounded it with that pretty scene and mounted it wonderfully to finish. Congratulations to the limerick winner, they were all so funny. x

  23. I love your art work today (so no different from everyday!!) The coloured parchment works a treat. Your limerick competition was great. It never fails to amaze me , what brilliant responses you get.
    It gave me such a laugh reading them all. Hugs xxx

  24. Beautiful project Barbara. I love Lily of the valley almost as much as I love Roses. It looked stunning on the green Parchment with the highlighted words. Lovely. The frog poems were fantastic, what a great read. Congratulations to the winner.xx

  25. Hi Barbara, This card is stunning, I love the combination of the stamps and the Groovi, and the yellow and green colourway is fabulous, I especially love the white dropped shadow on the sentiment, it is so effective.
    Congratulations to the Winner !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. Well here I am. Been good day out in the garden. Did a bit of crafting this morning.

    You won't believe it but we have a hen pheasant nesting in our flowerbed full of forget me nots.

    Love the coloured parchment and the lily of the valley just beautiful Barb

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Pen,
      How love very to have the nesting pheasant. We have a semi tame male pheasant that comes every day in winter for his food . Every time my husband goes outside, the pheasant runs to see him! Occasionally we get his harem of hen pheasants in too. The poor cat just hides behind the curtains as they are bigger than she is!! I do love watching the male though, he is so beautiful – such rich colours. Love Alison xx

  27. i love how the stamp worked with the parchment. i would have got off the train before though…. just as soon as you framed it. for me with parchment less (much less) is more, hugs xx

  28. I love the Lily of the Valley stamp and verse, one of my first stamps from you. It's lovely too Barbara what you have done with it. Don't know if I dare do a drop shadow on the verse, think I may be a bit too heavy handed. Will have a practise on some of my parchment mistakes. Hope you've had a good weekend. Great limerick winner. Love Pam xxx

  29. Hello Barb,
    This is stunning and it features one of my favourite flowers. Lily of the Valley. Now the other flower which I love is the Hollyhock, so it's one extreme to the other. A phsychoanalyst would have a field day with me ha ha.
    The winning limerick is brilliant.
    Maureen xxx

  30. Hi to all my blog friends, hope you have enjoyed your Sunday. Still not feeling too well, but a bit better than yesterday. Keep resting Sheila, hope everything goes well when you see the consultant. Sorry to hear you've not been very well Alison. Vertigo is awful. Hope you feel better soon. Glad you're resting Gilly and that you are feeling more like yourself Morag. Nice that you got out on the garden Pen and also did some craft. I did try a bit of groovy but ended up with a migraine, but the thought was there. Love to you all, Donna, Diane, Dorothy and Brenda. Thank you for your comments and good

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for your concern. I'm sorry to hear that you have a migraine and hope you feel better soon. I know just how you feel as I get them quite regularly. Love and gentle hugs, Alison xxx

  31. Hi Barbara
    This is gorgeous, lily of the valley is a favourite of mine too, had it in my wedding bouquet, my sister and I were able to pick some from a friends garden as the florist said it was so expensive to buy! The white work on the lettering is brave but it looks fab. I like the look of the coloured parchment, might pop and have a little look! We've been out for a lovely walk today, went to find bluebells and we also found azaleas rhododendrons and camellias out in flower with carpets of bluebells and primroses – beautiful.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna Hi Dot and Hi Brenda
      Hope you are all ok, dot what are you doing moving furniture around!! Been a lovely day here, warm with a bit of a chill. Hope you've all got your thermals ready for next week again though! Lots of hugs all round xxx

  32. Hello Barb, I really love your combination of stamping, Groovi and coloured parchment, just gorgeous. Congratulations to the limerick winner. Have a lovely day everyone. Bx

  33. Yay! Blogger is finally allowing me to post. Great card, I ordered the Lilly if the Valley stamp but I got the small one by mistake. I will have to get the big one! Xx

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