Filigraphy Leaf stamps – ’Tis my Faith….

Filigraphy Leaf stamps – ’Tis my Faith….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Was watching Paul on telly earlier, using the 
lovely filigraphy foliage stampset + stencil, and thought,
“I know! I’ll use them in the blog today!” 
They are so lovely.
I used them a while ago with one of the Clarity Characters….

7th September last year to be precise, 
if you want to get the step by step.

Anyway, thought I’d just have a play with a scrap piece in the background.
I had an idea how to make the background of the leaves white….
Taped up the stencil…
Used a mini blending tool and some white acrylic paint

to dab through the stencil.
Let it dry, and then

Stamped the leaves on top with Orange Blossom Archival ink.
Only because there was a bit of the same colour in the scrap.

Not bad overlay.
It actually looks okay it you offset it a bit 
– like a dropshadow. 

Have to sort out the stalk.
I needed a mask, so cut one to fit out of a piece of copy paper. 
You’ve just go to cover up the rest if you want to stamp through the whole. 
Replace the stencil.

cut out the little aperture and stamp through it.

Done. Add more drop shadow with pencils.
Highlights and lowlights….

A few little birds…

and a cool quote by Wordsworth.
Deckle-torn with the side of the blending mat. 
Mounted on manila. 

It’s the old scrap in the background that I like….

So let’s overlay one more time.
Same sketch, just with Black Archival…

Now it really looks 3-D.

As if it were découpaged.
Flash of yellow to brighten it up.

And we’re off for a walk in the bluebells before it gets dark.
’tis my faith also that every flower enjoys the air it breathes!
love & hugs,

63 thoughts on “Filigraphy Leaf stamps – ’Tis my Faith….

  1. Hi Barbara – I LOVE this! As usual – you are brimming over with ideas! I have enjoyed watching Paul on tv today, as always looking to learn more tips on 'how to Groovi'! Hope that you are enjoying your walk amongst the Bluebells! Hugs Gilly x

  2. Hi to all my lovely blog friends! I hope that you are all having a good day and enjoying some good weather. It's been (and still is) stunning here in Cornwall! Unfortunately, I have overdone it a bit – and I am now confined to bed again. I am truly sorry – my hubby is not best pleased with me. It's not all bad however, as my Clarity goodies (Groovi plates) arrived today – so I am planning on playing with the 'Baby' ones tomorrow – in bed. I agree with 1 of your comments Sheila – I would love a black mat the size of the Baby Groovi Plate Mate. It is so much easier for us to handle. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx
    P.S. How did I get to be the first to comment!?

    1. You're a silly billy Gilly. It's a bit chilly here today we even had sleet this morning. Blimey I think I'm still in limerick mode. Make sure you don't do anything tonight.

    2. Oh dear my dear blog friend please please do as hubby says rest in bed for as long as it takes to be well again I do know it's not easy to be good when your so unwell but do try (says me ) well lecture over ,enjoy your new goodies (what did you order ? ) oh yes a blue mat or a black mat would be so good baby size .sending lots of get well soon hugs and lots of crafting hugs too xxx

    3. Hi Sheila – I am going to really try, honestly! I know that you have only said this, because you care! Thank you! I ordered the wren with daisies, the cyclamen (babies) & b'flies with words & Ornate Panel Boxes, lots of hugs back to you too, Gilly xxx

    4. I've got the wren with the Daisy's it so lovley I think I said I had used it for my Easter cards I have one of the ornate boxes the one with the intregate pattern as you don't need to buy both you can just buy one didnt know if you knew that you just ring your order through and they do it for you .
      You rest up in bed with your groovi special hugs xxx

  3. Lovely filigree stamps. Enjoyed watching Paul earlier this afternoon. The balloon filigree stamp I've had since its introduction, and is one of my all time faves. Enjoy your walk. Xx

  4. Once again this is lovely. I've enjoyed watching Paul this afternoon. I have a chicken roasting in the oven and I really must go and get some of the ironing done.

  5. Wow! Only got to watch Paul using the Landscape Masks – I missed these. The stamps are beautiful and now I know how I'd use them 'properly'. Love how the stencil works with them too.
    Hope you enjoyed the bluebells.
    Tonbridge Sue

  6. Hi Barbara
    I like how all of you at Clarity look out side of the box with the stamps,great source of ideas.Enjoyed watching Paul,will have to record 6pm show.Have a great evening.

  7. Hi Barbara, Wow !! this is stunning, the stencilling and stamping look fabulous. I was watching Paul earlier and I loved his demo's, especially the filigraphy one, I just adore these stamps.
    Have a lovely walk through the bluebells.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    The leaves really look like they are hovering over the card. Cought up with Paul's first demo at lunch time. Still have to watch the stamping demo.

    Must be feeling better after my bout of vertigo I was suffering from two weeks back, I have been doing a bit of crafting this afternoon. I have made a picture using some butterfly stamps, spectrum Noir Pencils and gamsol blending solution, and I am pleased with the result.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Happy Stampers in a couple of weeks time.
    Margaret xxx

  9. Really love this especially the last overlay really brings it to life. Enjoy the bluebells they are so beautiful at the moment. My daughter and I went into the woods today to see them, lovely….does your heart good, need to catch up with paul as have been out all day X X

  10. Wow Barbara, that is AMAZING! The leaves really look as if they will fall off the page. Hope you enjoy the bluebells, I have just returned from walking the dogs and saw the bluebells in the woods, the birds were singing and the sun was shining -so beautiful. I came back refreshed and I hope you do too. X

  11. The overlay is brilliant. Just finished watching Paul, had to watch on my computer as football on the main T.V. Lovely show Paul. Nothing quite like the smell of bluebells, have a lovely walk.

    1. Hi Donna Emma went back to uni today but it's only for a month so only a little wobble at the airport. We are hoping to go on a bluebell walk tomorrow too. Have a lovely time xxx

    2. Amazing as usual, like others have said the leaves look as though they could fall off the page, so realistic. Hope you enjoyed your walk through the bluebells. Put an order in last night for tickets for myself and Hubby for one of the Open Days at Crowborough, along with your generous offer of some sale items, thank you Barbara, just had to break my vow not to order until Crowborough. Not feeling too well the last few days so feel like I deserve a treat and what better than Clarity. Love Pam xx

    3. Hi Donna and Diane. Hope you enjoyed your visits to the cinema this week Donna. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

      Enjoy your walk by the bluebells Diane, glad it wasn't so traumatic leaving Emma at the Airport. A month's not so long, be home before you know it. Going up yo out daughter's in May, babysitting duties again. Looking forward to it although Melanie will be on call while we're there and Jon will be away, we'll still have evenings together unless she is called in, of course we'll see the children before and after school. My groovy will be going with me for in the day, Ralph likes to have a go as well. Have a good weekend.

      Hi to all my blog friends, hope you and Gilly and Morag are feeling better Shiela, not feeling great myself, awful cold and cough, been awake 3 nights coughing and it hasn't helped my back much. Never mind dose myself up tonight and hopefully it'll be much better tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xxx

    4. Hi Donna – not surprised to read that you are tempted!! Hope that you are having a good weekend. I am in disgrace @ the moment, but planning on being a better girl tomorrow! xxx

    5. Hi Donna hope your having a crafty weekend not to good myself stupidly tried to move a wall unit myself back to its original home and done my back in forget I'm 65 this year cause in my head I'm a young thing anyway I'm ok just need to rest not life threating..Love Dot..XX

    6. Pam, hope your cold clears up soon. Xx

      Gilly, tut tut! Stay in bed and rest till you feel better. Xx

      Scotty Dotty, hope your back gets better! Xx

      Diane, I'm sure the coming month will be fly by and Emma will be home very soon. Xx

      Sheila, hope you are feeling OK, how is the hand? Xx

    7. Hi Donna im struggling with the pain in my hands wrists elbows now I know it's rheumatoid arthritic pain (it was up to 18 weeks waiting on NHS to see rheumatologist so Tom said pay as I'm really struggling each day now I see the the consultant on Monday evening he will give me a proper diagnosis hopefully pain treatment to help me cope I don't know what I will do if I cannot craft anymore tom said see what happens I know he helps me craft now as I cannot mannage it alone .so will see what Monday brings .might have to adapt to what I can use easy .thank you so much for thinking of me this blog means so much to me hugs xxx

    8. Oh Sheila – bless you! I REALLY hope that the consultant can help you, so that you can keep crafting. Your Tom sounds a very wonderful man, and you so deserve him! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you, dear blog friend. I totally understand what you say about this blog – I feel blessed to have found my way here. Extra gentle hugs, Gilly xxx

    9. Sheila, I will be thinking of you on Monday and sending good wishes that the specialist can get something sorted so you can get the pain under control. Sending hugs, soft gentle ones for you and Tom. Xx

  12. Barbara!!!! Another Clarity open day oop North!! AND, I am told today by Maria, at Tennants in Leyburn!!! It is a LOVELY venue, we go for lunch in the café whenever we are over there. I can't wait!!
    If anyone wants to combine an open day with a few days visit to beautiful North Yorkshire they couldn't pick a prettier area than that around Leyburn and there are nice pubs, B&B's and farms to stay in to boot, well done you GOOD CHOICE!!!

  13. Hi Barbara
    Wow this looks so 3D it's amazing. This is fab. I like the way you put the white down first, must give this a go. It's a fitting tribute to William Wordsworth too, lovely. Enjoy your bluebell wood walk and have a lovely evening with Dave .
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, Emma is on her way home now, thank you for the good wishes for her yesterday. Only a month and she's finished the first year, it has gone quickly! Hope you are ok. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Evening Diana it will soon pass this past year has I'm not doing well been a mostly day in bed today struggling with pain .sending hugs xxx

  14. Hello Barb,
    Gorgeous creativity as usual, I don't know how you do it year after year.
    I've heard of Tiptoe through the Tulips, but Walk in the Bluebells is a new one on me, you hum it and I'll play it!!!
    Maureen xxx

  15. Evening Barbara had a lovely day catching up on the blog and catch up with Paul on Hochanda his filligraphy butterfly was just genius makes me want to think out off the box with all the stamps which I don't often do.
    I have this stencil which I've used a lot but not the stamps well….not yet but on the list.
    Enjoy your weekend take care..Love Dot Xx

    1. Evening Dorothy oh do you need your cushions and mine too beautiful stamps and stencil don't know if I have these will look in my clarity stash crafting hugs dear blog friend xxx

  16. Evening Barbara a beautiful set of stamps and stencil so much insperation I enjoyed Paul's shows just got the last one to watch hope you enjoy your walking in the bluebells and your weekends rest so well deserved xxx

  17. Lovely scrap art again Barb. Forgot about Paul being on and didn't record it so will have to watch it on catch up. Went to Bishop Auckland Food Festival today and tried to resist the chocolate brownies and the crepes and all the other sweet lovely stuff. Only disappointment was that there isn't a craft tent this year. Colder today up north but no rain so all good. Going to catch up with Paul now. I am glad to hear that you appear to be taking time for a walk in the evening Barb – good for you. Much love Jayne

  18. Hello Barb, wow this piece of art is really lovely. Great colours, love how you make it look dimensional. It would look fab framed. Hope you had a lovely walk. Take care. Bx

  19. Wonderful, love this stencil, so pretty and so useful. I often use just parts of it but the whole flower is gorgeous. Beautiful picture you have created. Have not seen any bluebells this year, seem to be disappearing around us. xx

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