Guess who’s joining the party….

Guess who’s joining the party….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I am so excited!! 
I couldn’t wait to get upstairs here to my little den
and share some (what I consider to be)
with you.
Today I had the pleasure of meeting
a certain young lady called Tina Cox.
Do you know her?

She is a parchment artist, 
and her art is fabulous.
Absolutely sublime.
We spent the day together at the house,
and she taught me so many new parchment tricks!
She is such a lovely teacher!
A one-on-one lesson with Tina Cox!
Well I’ll go to the bottom of the stairs!!!
I was so in need of a little guidance!
Tina showed me a card where she had combined Groovi 
with a little cutting trick.
“I can see how you got the frame 
with the Nested Square Groovi Plate,
but how did you cut out the centres?”

And so the games began…
This is the easy bit.
Holds the 2-needle upright and goes in from the front…

Up one side, always placing the back needle in the hole 
you just made, so that the pitch is exactly the same.
(pitch=distance between the two holes)

Go round the inside of the box.

Then came the cutting.
Tina says hold the scissors how they feel right for you 
until you get the best result. 

One perfect hole.

My turn next.
Practice makes perfect, as they say.
By the time I have worked my way round this card, 
I too will either have mastered it,
or at least established what is NOT my forté!
Bit ropey, but not bad for freehand.
“So Tina”, says I, “have you tried this with our Groovi Grids?”
“Well, let me show you…”
I’m telling, you she was impressed.
Tina loves our Groovi system.
She’s a member of our club, you know, and she’s got loads of our plates! She was telling me that when her daughter wants to chill in between revising for her GCSE’s, 
it’s invariably the Groovi work she goes to.
Although Tina is a traditional parchment tutor,
she says that the Groovi system 
is just what the parching world needed to revive the art. 

So we spent a happy couple of hours, 
pricking holes in parchment and sharing stories.
It was enjoyable, inspirational and very exciting,
because  – and the parchers among you will get this –
Tina Cox is joining Clarity!
As Emma Burns so aptly put it:
this is a marriage made in heaven. 
Yep, she coming on board as an art designer, 
as a tutor and as an all round expert Groovi chick!

This is a great day indeed for Clarity. 
Here is just a little snippet that I rustled up when she left….
I hope you will all join me in welcoming 
Tina to the Clarity family. 
Love & hugs,

122 thoughts on “Guess who’s joining the party….

  1. So so happy for you Barbara and for all us Clarity fans. To have the fabulously talented Tina on board and at the risk of repeating myself. .. A Marriage Made in Heaven. Welcome aboard Tina. Love you to bits and so looking forward to seeing what delights you bring us. Huge hugs xxxx

  2. So so happy for you Barbara and for all us Clarity fans. To have the fabulously talented Tina on board and at the risk of repeating myself. .. A Marriage Made in Heaven. Welcome aboard Tina. Love you to bits and so looking forward to seeing what delights you bring us. Huge hugs xxxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    What fantastic news. I have seen Tina a few times on tv and really admire her skill and talent. I'm so pleased that she is as much a Groovi addict as the rest of us and that she is now a member of team Clarity. Can't wait to see what happens next. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. The weather up here has been a bit strange – so cold, bitter in fact, snow, sun – it doesn't make sense. Sheila hope things have gone alright for you. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison, just drizzle sun and cold down south but had hourly weather reports from Emma, she has had snow. Hope you are feeling a bit better today, keep resting xxx

  4. What brilliant news Barbara. It's no wonder you've had such a great day. I absolutely love Tina Cox's work. I've been a fan of hers for years. I've got so many of her pattern packs and have actually been combining them with the Groovi for a while now. So I'm positively delighted.It truly is, as has been said, a marriage made in heaven. Hugs xxx

  5. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you are all well today as the weather here has not been good, showers sun and hail. Well welcome Tina to clarity the work both Barbara and yourself have done today is most inspiring. Well it certainly gives us something to aim for. Have found Time to do a couple of items but now they rest, waiting for tomorrow so I can carry on. Have a good evening everone. Lynn x

  6. How fantastic! It was watching Tina that gave me the confidence to have a go at parchment work in the first place. I was only thinking about her yesterday. Must have been the vibes coming from Clarity towers! I introduced somebody to Groovi at our art and craft group this morning and all the others were fascinated too. Could be a few converts. Gill x

  7. Hi Barbara
    What brilliant news about Tina becoming a member of the clarity family, she is one very talented lady, and such a lovely down to earth lady she is to, I have met Tina about 3 times now, attended one of her workshops to, when she was doing patterns for cc collections I am proud to say that I was part of her fabulous DT .
    Can't wait to see what Tina brings us
    You can't get a better than having the queen of parchment in your clarity family, one thing to ask her, get her to show you her butterflies you will be blown away.
    Welcome to the groovi club Tina

  8. Super news and looking forward to seeing more of Tina's stunning work!! I've just started traditional parchment lessons and received my Groovi starter kit last week , along with my first Club plate/grid. Looking forward to learning both systems and incorporating the two systems.

  9. Hi Barbara, Brilliant News !!! Tina's work is beautiful, I have quite a lot of her parching patterns, and I used to watch her 'in awe', all her work is beautiful. This is a 'marriage made in Heaven' – Clarity and Tina Cox – Amazing !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. What wonderful news loved watching Tina inC&C what a talented lady it will be wonderful to see her part of clarity family suc great talent to join such amazing talented team. Can see groovi coming to new levels what an exciting journey for everyone xx

  11. Welcome Tina! I don't 'parch', but I have just popped over to Tina's website and discovered a very beautiful world of fabulous work. Absolutely stunning. I see a Groovi future for all.
    Tonbridge Sue

  12. That is great news. I have watched so much of Tina' s shows in the past and have several on DVD. I also have several of her lovely designs. A great new member of the Clarity family. Welcome, Tina. Can't wait to see what you have planned for us. xxx Maggie

  13. Congratulations to Barbara for expanding the talented people in the clarity stable, and a great big welcome To Tina for joining. Unlike a few of the Clarity Girls, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Tina, but I have admired her work in tv demonstrations. I look forward to the cross pollination of both of your crafty experise,xxx

  14. Great news Barbara. Welcome Tina, congratulations are in order. To be perfectly honest I hadn't heard of Tina, (maybe because I got hooked on Clarity when I saw you at Alexandra Palace years ago only watched you on C & C and the same with Hochanda) but she certainly knows her stuff, feel sorry now that I missed her. Look forward to seeing her designs, I'm sure you will complement each other very well. So pleased you won't be under so much pressure. Love Pam xx

  15. Wow, great news for everyone, I used to watch her on c&c and thought I couldn't do that but always loved what Tina produced.
    I'm still resisting Groovi as I have so much stuff but every time I watch the demos I am tempted.. Birthday is coming up soon!!!
    I know you will all make Tina welcome. K x

    1. Hi Kay I resisted for a while but absolutely Loooove Groovi now and it has become my go to craft. Have ordered the grids so will be able to try some of the techniques now. I would say just go for it!! xx

  16. Great to see Tina in the Clarity family, can't wait to see how she uses Groovi to support her own parchment creations. I really must practice with my scissors! Xx

  17. Hi to all my blog friends, feeling much better today, at least my cold is. Hope you are all well and had a good crafty day. Finished a parchment card today (3rd attempt), but very pleased with it. Hope your appointment went well Sheila. Have a good night's sleep Morag. Love and hugs to you all. Thank you for your good wishes. Love to you all on the blog, must go and watch

  18. Hi Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Tried to say hi yesterday but blogger wasn't playing. Hope you have all been wrapped up today in the cold and wet. Xx

    1. Hi Donna don't you just love technology!! Was thinking of you today, was it wet playtime? I know it's your favourite!! Wrap up nice and warm. Take care love Diane xx

  19. Great news for Clarity and for us! Welcome, Tina. I dread seeing your designs… because I know I'll want to buy them, and I'm already running out of room – not to mention money! Hope to see you demonstrating Groovi soon. Kx

  20. Brilliant news. I have quite a few of Tina's pattern packs and everyone comments on cards made from them. She is very talented and a lovely person having met her a couple of times.

  21. Great news Barbara – no wonder you are so excited! I have watched Tina in the past, on C & C and thought what a very talented lady! So welcome to the Clarity Family Tina! Exciting times ahead! Hugs Gilly x

  22. Hi to all my blog friends – hope that you are all as well, as you possibly can be!
    Thinking of you Sheila, and hope that the appointment went well!
    Excuse me not naming everyone tonight – but I will just confirm that I have been resting in bed for most of the day again today. Feeling a little stronger, but need to go to bed now! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  23. Tina is a lovely lady and great to hear she will be part of Clarity! I haven't really got into parching but I do love looking at it and can see why you must all be very excited. x

  24. I just love Tina's work, watched her on – dare I say it C&C – many times, she makes it look so easy….now she is joining Clarity, whoopie!!! Can't wait to see her and hopefully, some of her designs on groovi system, wow, you are going from strength to strength with a great team around you xxx

  25. Wow Barbara how fantastic to have Tina join you on clarity I have watched her on c&c and thought I cannot do that her work is stunning then you brought out the groovi and I can do that so now your together it will be so wonderful to watch what you create for us I cannot do the picot or the fancy things but I can still enjoy what I create and hopefully when I get the proper treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis I will again enjoy my groovi as I am now I cannot craft with it or craft very much at all without the help of Tom xxx

    1. Hello to all my blog friends I'm very late tonight been a tough day & night so appoligies for not putting all your names but you know who you are thank you for all your good wishes and surport I've taken it all with me and reading your comments tonight I say thank you too I've got rheumatoid arthritis he gave me a steroid injection to help with the pain short term it should kick in by Wednesday he will write to my GP recommending the medication I need plus a leaflet to read explaining it all so hopefully I will back to my crafting With a little help from Tom and be able to use my groovi again so thank you again dear blog friends and all the other wonderful friends on this blog hugs to you all xxx

    2. Hello Sheila sending you a big hug, you sound quite tired tonight after being poked and prodded. I hope the injection kicks in soon and helps you so you can craft again soon. Lots of love xxx

    3. Hi Diane it has been a long day all that lovley groovi I've got and cannot use good job it doesn't go off or need feeding night dear blog friend xxx

    4. Great to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel, Sheila. I always think of my craft stuff as an investment because if I don't use it now I'll use it some time in the future.

  26. Hi Barbara, I'm very happy for you, and for Tina too. Tina was the only parchment person I didn't switch off C&C for (in case I've said it wrong – that's a big compliment). The added bonus for me is, she's not going to be telling me off for breaking the rules and doing things my way!!! Love Brenda xx

    Hi Donna xx

    Hope your appointment went well Sheila. You should try holding the Groovi tool the way Paul shows, it's much much easier on the hand and arm. And white work takes less a lot less out of you than the lineart, so you should give the whitework a go, see how you get on. I'm going to try holding the tool the new way to see if I can find a way to do the lineart with it to make it easier on my arm and hand as it's this part that's causing me the most issues xx

    1. Hello my dear blog friend I saw paul do it on hochanda but I cannot groovi at present as the pain is too much to bear to craft with my groovi I hope it helps you craft is so good to get these tips to help us I loved the way he turned the balloon into a butterfly stunning hugs for you and daisy xxx

  27. Hi Barbara
    This parchment is amazing! Welcome to the Clatity fold Tina. As others have said I've watched you demo on tv and you always fascinated me. It's lovely to see the mix of ol and new. Lucky you getting a 1:1 session – I'm not jealous at all )! Take care. Love Diane G 666

    1. Whoops not sure where the 666 came from! Must have nodded off as I pressed send!! Sorry.
      Hi Dot hope you are ok. Brenda I hope you are keeping warm. Sending hugs all round tonight xxx

  28. Hi Barb and Tina, welcome on board, all I can say is any help I can get is so gratefully received and to have such an experienced parchment designer and tutor on board is WONDERFUL, I have heard so much about you Tina, can't wait to see all the things you are doing and helping us with, what a great honour it is to be part of the groovi club and to share with you your knowledge. OK so when is the first workshop!!! ha, ha, you know we want one in the south Barb. Tina will you be at the open day in June, would love to see you.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  29. Hi Barb, well that is great news. Welcome to the world of Clarity Tina. Your shows on tv were always great, with lots of inspiration, so I am sure we will see you again soon. Bx

  30. I feel your excitement Barbara, great news. The corner snippet pic is so, so, so fantastic. I await with baited breath for my groovi pack as I'm desperate to start! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Groovi smiles

    June x

  31. Love my Groovi….now doing a 'Happy Dance'…been a big fan of Tina's fab designs for a long time so Clarity/Groovi and Tina together…WOWSER! Thank you Clarity and Tina…now waiting to see the designs as they roll 'off the press' so to speak. Also just booked places for my best craft buddy and I to attend our first ever Clarity retreat…will be well worth the long drive down from the North East! Can't wait…… Yipee!

  32. How Fabulous for you and us Barbara and a very happy welcome to Tina. I had not seen any of Tina's work but having just found her website, what fabulous designs and dangles!! I have just been practising dangles on paper so if we get them in Groovi it will be wonderful. (Dangles are doodles that dangle!) What a coup Barbara to have Tina on your team. I share the excitement!! xx

  33. Congratulations getting Tina Cox to join your team. She's a great designer of more modern patterns, much better for younger folk who don't want the old fashioned type of card.
    Well done with the cutting Barbara, keep going 'cos practise makes perfect and, who knows, you may be making that pattern with all those holes one day. xxxxxx

  34. Well……about time too – what a coup!
    Can't wait for collabrative ideas/designs. I could watch Tina all day – in fact the only parchment bits I already have are hers!
    I'm truly made up.
    Maggie (snowy York-ite)

  35. I have had to pick myself up off the floor! What incredible news! I have met Tina several times at Parchmentcraft exhibitions over the years and she is a wonderful and inspirational lady (hmmm, reminds me of someone else *wink*).
    What a treat for all of us to have yet another fantastic parcher join the ranks of Clarity.

  36. Hi Barb
    I've only just seen this very exciting news. I have admired Tina's work when she's been on TV and aspired to creating something half as wonderful myself. Can't wait to see what happens now! xx

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