Is it bedtime yet?

Is it bedtime yet?

Sorry I am sooo late today.
It has been a very long day.
Seven hours of live TV on Sunday/Monday to prep for –
and the clock tick-tocking on the wall.
It’s the Groovi Prep which takes so long!!
Paul and I were cracking up by 10pm tonight.
Remember Peter Cook and Dudley Moore?
Well, in those voices, this is how it went…
“Well Paul, tell me, when did you start making that card?”
“In 1946.”
“No, no I think it was actually 1846.”
“It was actually an Engagement card…”
…“but he died in the Boer War.”
Who’s that strange bloke on the full fat Coke?
AHA!! There’s my phone! Been looking for it all evening!
This is one of the cards I made today.
I do enjoy Groovi Parchment immensely;
my issue is the time it takes 
when I am trying to run a business too.
There’s no way I could do this kind of art if it weren’t for Groovi.
There’s no way I could find the time it takes to go down the traditional parchment road. 
But there is a great sense of satisfaction when a piece is complete. 
I shall be giving one like this away on Sunday evening. 
In fact, each hour we are giving away the art we make 
during the hour. 
Do hope you can join me. 
It really is brilliant.
In fact, once you’ve used it,
you wonder how you ever got on without it !!
(and the light tablet! )
Bedtime said Zebedee….
love & hugs

64 thoughts on “Is it bedtime yet?

  1. You must be exhausted. So looking forward to the shows. Was so excited about the light table but see it comes with a UK plug. Any chance there is something you could do for your North American customers concerning the plug. I have adapters when travelling to the UK to convert my plugs but don't have a plug to convert UK to Canadian. Just hoping something be done as I am sure there are others kick me that would love this product. Sleep well.

  2. Well, there you are, I've been checking in all evening to see ! That all looks really exciting! How hard you've both been working, and the conversation cracked me up! Will have to catch you on the p.c. So looking forward to Hochanda returning to Freeview this coming week I think! Good luck at the weekend x x x

    p.s. light mat? does that mean I might not need to sit under the spot lamp like I was tonight I wonder? or something else all together?

    1. Oh Jackie….no more screwing up of the eyes as your spot lamp just happens to be at the wrong height….no more wondering if you can really fit in another pierced hole without going through the line art….and so much more xxxxx

    2. Something to look forward to then Emma, you weren't watching me yesterday when I was piercing were you?! Hope not as you might have heard a few bad words, wasn't sure where I was going with it but I did pierce the line art a couple of times but I'll put it down to practice makes perfect eventually! I couldn't seem to get my spotlight in just the right place ! x

    1. Oooo exciting more products, you really must stop. I gave up work due to mental health and have now recovered my sanity through crafting and Groovi but if you keep bringing more lively stuff out i will have to get a job to pay for it all lol. You are such an inspiration and it must be hard for you with do many things going on but i just want you to know how much joy you bring people in your blog and your products, you and them are truely wonderful
      Lots of groovi love

  3. I love my light box so I am sure the new one will prove to be a great addition for everyone. Looking forward to seeing the catch ups when I get back from what promises to be a great weekend with Maria and Susan. Knock 'em dead, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  4. Tut, tut Paul, full fat coke…7 teaspoons of sugar. Mind you I'm sure you need a sugar boost for the time you've spent prepping for the weekend. I like what I'm seeing and very much look forward to more on Sunday. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

  5. Barbara dedication to your clarity company Paul dedication to his crafting wow what a team you make now go get some well earned sleep ready for the shows on hochanda lots of sleep hugs xxx
    A question for tomorrow when does the arty papers come on sale? they are a must buy for me xxx

  6. Gosh a very long day for you both. Light box looks good difficult to see in my room so might be good. Hoping to watch shows at least I can catch up if I miss one. X x

  7. Hi Barbara, that's funny :-). Relieved to see you're all ok, was getting a wee bit worried there (ok, maybe a big bit!). I ditto everything you say about Groovi, getting into it now, enjoying it, but wish it could be sped up a bit!!! Happy to report I've now got white whitework :-)! I do have a question about it though – my next bit of whitework is the letters, the number 4 and 3 tools look too big for those tiny spaces so what do I do? Oooh the clear piercing mat sounds good, I've only today been coming up ideas where a clear mat will be very helpful! My light tablet doesn't dim, but I just put a piece of copy paper over it/the part I'm not using if it's hurting my eyes, so I'm already set for what you've got in mind for us. Hope you're both going to be chilling tomorrow. Night night, love Brenda xx
    p.s. Paul, stop drinking sugary drinks, you're hardening your arteries!(only saying cos I care) xx

    1. Hi Brenda good to hear you are really enjoying your groovi, now don't forget it's slowly slowly and lots of mindfulness 😀. What a great idea using the Copt paper on your light box, must remember that. I'm off to bed now so night night sleep tight xxx

    2. Any time I'm not sure what will work when I am groovi-ing I try a bit out on a 'waste' piece of parchment. I always keep any mistakes they are so useful to look back at and to try out other things.

    3. Thank you everyone :-). I'll have a wee go with the number 2 tool this afternoon, I've got one that I can relegate to the practise piece. Still got to get the rest whiter too I think. It's hard to know what I'm aiming for when I've not seen any stuff in real life but looking at photos I think it needs to be whiter. Donna I don't think I'll have problems making holes as my problem seems to be I'm not pressing hard enough, maybe I'm taking Barbara's light feathery strokes too literal, but then if I press harder it gets uneven. I think I'll do better with the pricking and cutting, with my logical brain and eye for detail xx

  8. Like the look of the light box as I really struggle with close up work. Think Paul has taken up permanent residence in your Art Loft. You may need to get a z-bed up there for him. Wishing you a weekend of successful shows. I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. Love & hugs Jeanette xxx

  9. The sample looks lovely. I hope the shows go well and reward all the hard work and pressure. I shall be away on Monday; thank goodness for catch up. I watched Paul today on catch up. Not only is he an engaging TV star but he is such a good advert for Clarity and sells the ethos and innovation so well. You're lucky to have each other. Carol

  10. Hi Barbara
    Oh you did make me laugh, I had the voices of Pete and Dudley in my head. You can get quite silly when you are tired and you are running on cafene and fizzy drinks. I hope you can have some down time before the shows. The artwork looks stunning, oh I am looking forward to your shows. Night night sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

  11. You was late know it's good morning this all sounds very interesting cannot wait to see there's a lovely butterfly card on your table. Well I'm off back to bed not been good night with dog having seizures and meant to be at CEM tomorrow hopefully Harry will be alright for me to go looking forward to play day lost couple friends this month second funeral Tuesday so feeling low so need pick me up and then you on TVs so good weekend planed night xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Sorry it's taken me so long to comment – went to bed before your blog appeared. You must be shattered ( & Paul as well). The samples look fabulous ( as ever) – saw a lovely one on an email I received from Hochanda advertising your show. It was a butterfly on a stunning background – didn't know if you'd created the background with the Fresco paints or if it was one of your background papers. Whichever it was, it was gorgeous. Really like the look of the light tablet and the translucent piercing mat is very clever – I was wondering how the light would get through the black one! Will have to watch on my computer as Freeview not back until the 3rd. Hoping you've got lots and lots of stock as I can see a sell out here – I'll be ordering mine directly from Clarity so hoping you've got some stock left on your site. Looking forward to the shows, love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope you're all ok. I think ( know) I'll be needing the cushions on Sunday as the light tablet will be a must have purchase! Off over to the Lakes today with my sister and a couple of friends to see our former headteacher and his wife. Phil retired the same time as me and his wife actually got my job when I changed schools. They moved to the Lakes about 3 years ago, so it will be lovely to see them again. Hope you all have a good day. Brenda lovely to see you back, and so pleased you are enjoying your Groovi. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  13. I was a tired owl last night so missed your blog 🙁 but I am here bright and early today YAY! I think I may have to get one of those light tablets. I had a huge clunky light box years ago, had proper bulbs in it which then didn't fit in any of my drawers!
    Quick question, will I be able to see the Groovi plates through card? (You can see where my mind is heading!). XX

    1. Morning Donna hope your fully refreshed and have a lovley weekend are you crafting ? I'm going to try some grooving over the weekend my pain is still controlled so a very happy bunny yippi long may it last Xxx

  14. Hello Barb, I can just imagine the banter and laughter between you and Paul. Love the sneak peek you have shown. So pretty. Really looking forward to the shows. Have a great day. Bx

  15. Morning Barbara

    Can't wait for your shows. The card is stunning and with all the new materials it's going to be exciting (and expensive lol)

    You may be able to get a little rest soon!!!


    June x

  16. Hi Barbara & ladies, well a wonderful Groovi card it is brilliant I am getting there. The light box seems a brilliant idea. I bought a lamp but as you say I do have to move it around. Placed an order the other day , I also would like the papers as the other ladies. When you have a little time !!!! Could someone answer a question with regard to the distressed marker pens. I bought one from my local shop just to see if I could see the results. Now one end of the marker has stopped working, is there a special way of keeping them so to stop this happening. ???. Lookin forward to seeing the shows on Sunday try and get a little rest. Have a good weekend to all. Lynn x x

    1. Lynn, always store pens (markers pens and alcohol pens) flat on their sides. My husband revived a tombow marker pen I had left the top off by removing the nib and putting a drop of water into it. I had nothing to lose as the pen was ruined anyway. It work just fine.

    2. Morning Lynn is it a Tim holtz ditress marker if you haven't used it much I would return it as I have had some of mine well over two years the full tube set and individuals to and none of mine has stopped working I have my loose ones flat in a box and the full set in the tube stand upright done know if this is helpful xxx

    3. I have a set bought from Barbara and always keep them on their side, but also have a few that only work on the brush end and they hadn't been used, would also like to know why this is.

  17. You must be so tired, but prepping has to be done for your peace of mind on the day. Sounds like they're going to be fantastic shows. Light table and transparent pricking mat will be a wow. Roll on Sunday.xx

  18. That art work looks amazing, thing I love about the clarity family is you are so inventive. It's because you all use the product all the time you can be so reactive. Love the sound of the light table and a piercing mat you can see through. Eventually I pulled out my magnifying lamp as I was struggling to see, it's ok but the pricking tools won't fit underneath if you also want to see what you are doing!
    Can t wait X

  19. I don't have the patience for parchment, but I so love seeing the beautiful projects that everyone creates. I'm a big Gelli fan myself – slap it on, pull the print, instantly dry and ready to use! Hope your Sunday and Monday shows go well x

  20. Hi Barbara
    Don't now how you manage it but you always do,I do hope your not too tired.Great sneaky peak but I don't think I can stretch to this this time,will have to wait a while.

  21. That light table looks great Barbara and looking forward to your shows. What a long day too, it's a wonder you and Paul felt like cracking jokes at 10pm! Hope you got a good night's sleep. x

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