NEW IN !! The most exciting Groovi Gismo EVER !!!!

NEW IN !! The most exciting Groovi Gismo EVER !!!!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Having had a fabulous day at the V&A 
and an excellent evening at the 2016 Folk Awards yesterday,
today is catchup with TV prep day!
All good though.
I am actually enjoying revisiting a bunch of old stamping 
and brayering techniques,
and I look forward to sharing them with you on Sunday.
preppy preppy preppy.
Stagey stagey stagey
No wonder you think I know what I’m doing by the time 
you see it on telly –
I have done it a dozen times just to set the stages!!
(And this reflection technique? Oh my. If I had a pound for every one of these I have done over the past 20 years, I could buy a new car!)
That said,
don’t have a great deal of time to get arty here.
If I spend 2 hours making a blog project, I will get into a pickle.
And nobody likes to see a bird over 50 in a pickle!
Tell you what though.
I am so delighted to tell you that our Groovi Black mats 
have landed!
Hahaha! Believe it or not, over 2,000 people will be really excited about this black A4 dual purpose hard/soft mat!
And they’ll be even more chuffed to hear that it also comes in A5! 
Perfect for the A5 Club-size Groovi Plate Mate.
If you have the Groovi Starter Kit, 
you already have the Blue Dual Purpose A4 mat.
Hard one side for colouring and general craft mat.
Soft the other side for whitework and piercing. 
Without wanting to sound as if I am trying to flog you 
yet another mat (or 2!)
I am!
The blue one is great, but I think that it is a bit busy with the white grid marking on the soft side when you are embossing, 
which is why I always recommend that you wipe the grid off the soft side with a baby wipe before you start. 
Meanwhile we have moved forward on our Groovi Parchment journey, and started piercing and perforating. 
Aha! We need a second mat for that, otherwise you prick away merrily using the same blue mat, but then when you go to use it for your whitework, you have holes and dimples to deal with! 
So we have brought in a simple all black mat.
Use the blue one for piercing and pricking
and treat yourself to a black one for soft work, 
embossing and colouring in.
For those of you who really get me,
we have even put the A4 and A5 black mats together 
and knocked £1 off !
I know.
It doesn’t get much more boring than a pair of black mats.
But I can tell you, 
Available on our Website from now. 
Got to go – 
Brayer calling….
love & hugs,

110 thoughts on “NEW IN !! The most exciting Groovi Gismo EVER !!!!

    1. Same here – we normally go to Spain for part of the winter, but not possible this year! Hopefully we will be able to go later in the year when my hubby is able to do so. Say hello to Spain, for me Carol – enjoy the sunshine and warmth x

  1. Ooh lovely, I've not done a lot of pricking but what I have done I've done up one end of the blue mat, tried to remember to do that at least! Was going to have a look at the new website after reading your lovely newsletter today, lovely plate, stamp and stencil as usual! Thank you.

    Glad you had a lovely day yesterday. I entered the calendar challenge today and am going to finish off the usual challenge in a minute if I get my head around what I'm doing! One of my stamps isn't stamping properly (had it ages but first time I've used it!) so I might email a picture to ask for advice. Off to the new website now! Xx

  2. Glad you had fun packed day yesterday Barbara and must be difficult to get your feet back on the ground today with prep, but looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us at the weekend. x

    1. Hahaha! They came in on the same boat as the mats! We just don’t want to overload you with too much at one time, so the baby plate folders are all set for very soon. xxxx

    2. Spooky!!! I was just thinking last night how nice it would be to have a Groovi Baby Storage folder to sit on the shelf next to all my other Clarity folders – they are so smart!

  3. Afternoon Barbara I ordered mine last night as I like to check if anything is new, so pleased you had a good time on you R&R day so looking forward to the hochanda shows .
    I received my diamond envelope this morning wow wow wow to all 3 you put so much work and insperation into them crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag sue57 Julia Alison Chris thinking of you all hugs to all my blog friends I have done a little crafting today don't want to push myself my pain is controlled it can last from no relief from 1day to 6/8 weeks so hope it is the latter but any is better than none .hope your days been a good one crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – an unexpected chance to say hello and thank you for last night's explanations! Glad to hear that you have been able to do some crafting, and I hope that the pain stays away for a long time – crafting hugs Gilly xxx

    3. I hope the steroids last a long time Sheila. I got a clarity parcel this morning but I've only had a chance to open the box and have a wee peak. I am pushing on with painting the woodwork in the bedroom, just about to move our mattress into the lounge!

    4. Hi Sheila, glad you're pacing yourself, hope your pain relief lasts over the 6 weeks. Had an awful night with my back was up at 5, also had a funny eye the last few days. Spent the day from 2.30 pm at opticians then the hospital got home 9 pm. All is OK on the eye front. Degeneration ie old age ha ha. Anyway a big relief.

      Hello Donna, Diane, Dot, Brenda, Gilly, Morag, Pen and Sue57, sorry too tired to comment much tonight, hope you've all had a good day, enjoy your holiday Gilly you did right leaving it til tomorrow, you'll be well rested for the journey by then. Hope you feel better tomorrow Morag. Glad you enjoyed the film Donna. Although wasn't to pleased with my canvas decided as it was my first ever attempt it wasn't that bad so put it in the challenge, just to take part. also put a groovy card in too. Love to you all and lots of hugs, to all on the blog as well. Love Pam xxx

    5. Hi Sheila I've got my fingers crossed for you that you are pain free for the 6-8 weeks. I'm glad to hear you've been crafting again too. Sending hugs xxx
      Hi Pam oh you poor thing, you are going through the mill at the moment. What a worry, getting old is a pain isn't it. Sending hugs xxx

  4. I too have received my diamond envelope this morning, wonderful can see uses for all three and I love the inspiration you have given us. Glad you had a good time at Albert Hall. Will be watching shows on Sunday always good to go over the basics. xx

  5. Brilliant idea. I ordered our tickets for Leyburn this morning. Really excited and just need to book a b&b now.
    I received my happy mail this morning. Love the stamp in particular and I am looking forward to playing with it. The stencil and the groovi plate will be be played with after I get home from Scouts tonight as I have ideas forming for them too.
    I am looking forward to see what you have for us on Hochanda, although I suspect I will need to save my money to pay for the B&B in September!!

    1. I am looking forward to September as well and like you must save some pennies otherwise it will be advance birthday and Christmas presents again!! Luckily Leyburn is only 20 minutes from us so no b 7b costs xx

  6. Oooooo, black mats! I will be ordering ASAP. Hmmmmm you can't make a black mat look exciting, but if you know you want it then it doesn't matter! I am very excited about the shows on Sunday and Monday. Xx

  7. Afternoon Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Hands up who will be using their cushions this weekend? I already have mine strapped on as I am just off to order some black mats!! Xx

    1. Hi Donna just stuffing a few more feathers into the cushions! I've been asked for a birthday list so will be putting the pricking set and mats at the top I think, I'm sure hubby will understand the need!! I've got some marshmallows and sticks to bring along to the camp fire, they will be lovely with the pancakes. Xxx

  8. Sounds like a good idea to me. Happy grooving. Received my gold club this morning thank you. Love the hare stencil and am going to have a bash at making something with it for my daughter in law's birthday. We enjoy watching the hares on their moorland farm.

  9. Glad you had a good time.Got my club package today, brilliant and ordered tickets for Leyburn. Disappointed I can't make the retreat as had such a good time last year but God daughter is getting married so will be up in Scotland, still a chance to fulfill an ambition to visit the Edinburgh Fringe

  10. Aren't the items in the Club envelope incredible??!!! I have been drooling over all the projects all day today!
    As a long-time parcher, I can only say BUY THOSE BLACK MATS! They are essential when doing parchmentcraft. I might even treat myself and add to my already large collection of black mats bought over the years … oops!

  11. Barb will the black mats be good for use when stamping? I am looking for something to use rather that just stamping on a hard desk. Just want a little bit of a give but not too much. Glad you enjoyed your night out with joan.

  12. Thank you for black mats ordered and got me magifying white light for me me birthday as was getting eye ache when grooving so should be able to see better between to look forward to receiving them have a good evening xxx

  13. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you all had a good still not to good but should not mone. Placed an order today for a few more Groovi plates, but the black mats will have to wait until next month. The black mats do make sense. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Hope you all have a great bank holiday what ever you are doing. Planning to get on with my Groovi project's. Hugs Lynn xx 💖

  14. Hi Barbara – so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your time in London. I think that it's fair to say that we are all looking forward to your shows on Hochanda – not sure how many I will be able to watch. Will depend on where we are. The black mats are such a good idea – Sheila spotted them last night on the website – they will be so popular with many of us! Hope that the tv prep goes well! Hugs Gilly x

  15. Hi Sheila, Morag, Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie, Sue57, Julia and Chris M – we have delayed our trip until tomorrow morning, as by the time that we had got everything sorted and put in – I felt too tired to manage the journey tonight. So, we have made the sensible decision to leave tomorrow morning instead, after an early night for me. Clarity envelope arrived today, so the beautiful new groovi plate is now put in there for me to play with whilst we are away! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi gilly that's a good idea as if your so tired you won't enjoy your break away get some get an early night did you order your black mat ? Hugs for a good night sleep xx

    2. Your envelope arrived at the right time then. I haven't received mine yet but having read what other have said I think it is a hare stencil a lady groovi and I've no idea about the stamp. I'll just have to be patient.

  16. Glad you had fun yesterday, and hope the prep goes well for your shows. I listened to a bit of the award show on the radio, but I'm sure it was much more special live! My clarity order arrived today and hopefully my gold envelope will come tomorrow – very exciting – it's like Christmas once a month. Susan x

  17. Hi Barbara
    So pleased you have enjoyed a little you time. I am off to get black mats-I have been using an old mouse mat to practice my piercing as I didn't want to spoil my blue mat. I am thrilled with my Diamond Club goodies but I can't play yet as I have unfinished projects which I really should complete. Looking forward to the weekend shows. I have my best brayer at the ready and my Gelliplate one waiting for a clean.
    Hugs from Chris X

  18. Hello Barb,
    Love my Diamond Club things, thank you. As a long time parcher, I can only confirm that a girl cannot have too many black mats, so I'll be ordering them both!!
    Glad you enjoyed yourselt at the V & A and look forward to seeing you on TV.

  19. Love the new club goodies. The stamp is perfect for a friend's May birthday. I love getting the surprises and then the challenge – and fun – of creating with items that I would probably not buy in the shop. It's a bit like when my daughter comes shopping with me and persuades me to buy clothes that I wouldn't normally look at but love when I try them on !!

  20. My Diamond goodies are totally fab Barbara. Thank you so much for the effort you've put into them. Have recorder set for every one of your programmes Sunday/Monday Can't wait!!! Big hugs. xxx

  21. Hello all my lovely Blog friends, I have to be very quick. I thought I was better from last weeks bug, but it's come back with a vengeance, so can't look at the screen for very long! Just want to send you all a hug, and say that I'm really missing my 'chats' with you all. xxxx

  22. Hi Barbara, So glad you had a fabulous time at the V&A and the Folk Awards.
    I love your piccie of the birdies, they look sooooooo cute !!
    These new black mats look fabulous, and I can hardly wait to watch you on TV.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Glad you had such a great time and now you have your holiday to look forward to. Black mats are duly ordered today, but unless Maria fixes up a tv for us, I will have to be content watching Sunday's programmes on catch up. It will be good to get back to the start again with brayer and ink etc. Have a great couple of shows. xxx Maggie

  24. Hi Barbara Oh I do get you like we all do here so just you get on with what you have to get on with looking forward to the shows and hoping you are getting ahead with the prep.
    Just a wee point see when you posted click here for the black mats you didn't say just add other wee stuff you need did you… oh well to late cushions off camp fire is roaring see you down here guys I've made pancakes Scottish kind braw…xxx

    1. You got Daisy all worried when it hit the windae Dot!!! What part of Fife are you from? Cuddle back xx

      Nutella on scotch pancakes Donna, hang your head in shame!!!! xx

    2. Oh no have I committed a cultural faux par? I can hear you tutting from here, mumbling about Sassenachs! I will go and sit in the corner and think about what I have done…………can I still have a pancake? Xx

    3. Morning glad you got your pancake Brenda maybe a 5 min warning for wee Daisy next time, woke up to snow here but its no going ti lie I hope, off to see my other wee grandchildren the day my sons two there 5 and 2. I'm in Glenrothes but my hame toon is Cowdenbeath where my Mum still lives see you later if the wee ones dinae ware me oot keep warm…xx
      Donna that just made me laugh yir no bad for a Sassenach but dinae tell Brenda if yi put sugar in yir porridge…xx

    4. That's why your aim is so good Dot, you're almost directly north of me! The snow here turned to rain early morning so what was lying melted. Hope you really enjoy your day with your wee ones. I'm jealous. And aye sugar in the porridge is always a dead giveaway eh. Depends what you're putting on the pancake Donna!!! xx

  25. So glad you had a great time yesterday, my Diamond envelope came this morning too, brilliant. Haven't had time to read through the instructions yet as spent most of the day at the opticians and the eye hospital, though my retina was becoming detached but all is well thank goodness. Loved catching up with your newsletter though. Love Pam xxx

  26. It's funny how we have all got excited about black mats! I do have one from years ago which I kept for embossing but it is full of pricking holes so I'll 'need' to get myself a couple of new ones.

  27. Hi Barb,
    Pleased you had a good time yesterday. Yes, it certainly is strange that we can get so excited to hear that black mats have arrived! Mine will be ordered in the morning – particularly looking forward to getting the small one. My diamond envelope arrived today and i love all three – thank you. Pleased to hear that we'll be able to get folder for the baby plates soon too. Looking forward to the weekend's shows. Love and hugs Alison xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Hope you are all sorted with your prep now, sounds like you had a fabulous evening last night. What an exciting blog today, black mats! I must go and have a little peep 😀 My diamond envelope arrived today, lovely. I'm going to enjoy playing.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda
      Looks like you might be about to post whilst I'm typing. Hope you are ok, are you and Daisy dodging Dots pancakes? I darent suggest maple syrup after your Nutella comment to Donna 😀Sending hugs xxx

  29. Hi Barbara, glad you had a brilliant day yesterday, you so deserved it. You've nothing to be sorry for today, it's your blog, we'll go along, and be happy with whatever you decide to say and show us. I don't expect a step by step every day, it's huge that you manage to blog each day for us. I appreciate that so much every day. I hope you got your prep all done. What happens to all the steps after? Do you finish them off or do they end up in your scrap boxes? I'm sad I won't be able to record your brayering shows, I never tire of watching you do your magic, and you always have a new/different twist to add in. I've watched you from day one and I still get amazed at your finished results. I was relieved to read that Paul is helping you for your one day special, it always takes so much out of you doing it all yourself. Hope you managed to get a bit if chill time this evening. Love Brenda xx

    I'm so not understanding why some people need the club contents kept secret? I really don't understand what the problem is, no one is spoiling anything for anyone else by saying what they are, it literally makes no sense to me? No one is showing pictures of what's in the envelope so people saying what the stamp, stencil, groovi are isn't detracting at all from the rest of us opening ours. Makes you want to see for yourself even more, in my experience?

    1. I guess it's like a spoiler for people who haven't yet got theirs – half the fun is in opening the envelope and seeing what's in there.

      But, like you, Brenda, I am still not sure that mentioning the word hare (as has been done several times in this blog now) is going to give the secret away – it is such a unique stencil that no-one could even begin to guess what it would look like, and so there is still the element of surprise.
      But I will just go with the flow – unusually for me *wink*

      I once inadvertently mentioned what the items were, and got a lambasting from some people here, so I am careful not to mention it now.

    2. Thanks Frances. I'm guessing it's an Asperger's thing for me. Been trying to work it out in my head for months now so was hoping someone could give me all the pieces of the jigsaw I need. It looks like it's another one of them that I just won't ever understand – not got that bit in my brain, or it's wired differently. Thanks for trying. I see you've joined our CCA (Clarity Crafters Anonymous)!!! Be warned, we've a rubbish success rate, zero to be precise!!!! Sheila and Donna being the most incorrigible of us all!!! xx

  30. Hello Barb, A very useful mat, and I am sure there are plenty of people jumping for joy over it. Glad you had a great time at the V&A and the Folk awards. I love this months Diamond club goodies, especially the baby plate, so girlie. Have a great day, hope the prep is getting on, looking forward to the shows with some great techniques revisited. Bx

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