Clarity Classics Revival!

Clarity Classics Revival!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Can’t stay long myself this evening.
Am still at the office with Jim, working on new designs 
and trying to get ahead before our hols.
Funny old day. 
I don’t enjoy being the boss really. 
But somebody’s got to do it. 
Here’s a little piece of art which I did ages ago,
but which I thought would make a pleasant blog.
Can’t do step by steps every day,
but I am sure you understand that. 
The background is brayered – that I can tell you!
I am back on TV on Sunday. 
2pm and 5pm are Claritystamp shows.
I decided to go back in time,
 and get to grips with some of the old techniques again.
Claritycard and Brayers here we come !!!
So many new people have joined us over the last year or two,
and they probably missed the Brayer wave – which lasted about 20 years I think !!!
It used to be a standing joke at the shows.
“There’s that bird with the roller again!”
So on Sunday, I am getting out the trusted brayer 
and the old classic Claritystamps as well.
My old faves. 
Willow Lady, Humming birds entwined 
– really looking forward to it.
Not that we aren’t forging ahead with new new new. 
You know we are!
On Sunday evening we are launching something that is very VERY useful to any artist.
Especially a Groovi artist who has started getting into coloured parchment…..
But I believe that some of the old tricks are gold tricks, 
and shouldn’t be forgotten. 
No cutting and layering,
flat as a pancake. 
All a layering illusion
And yes.
Happiness is time spent with a friend.
So I think I shall go home and spend some time with mine.
love & hugs,

89 thoughts on “Clarity Classics Revival!

  1. Fabulous, I adore the classic stuff. I've been thinking about making a card for a male friend's birthday and this just hits the spot and for once I have the three stamps. Can't wait to see classic Barb on Hochanda.

    1. Hi Julia – enjoy your 'brayer-ing' time! I agree, it will be so good to watch Barbara doing some of that again! Lucky that you've got all 3 stamps! Hubby will be pleased! Hugs, Gilly x

  2. Love the Brayer and love how you wield it like no other!! I shall always remember seeing you for the first time with the Brayer. I loved the seamless blending of colours and thought now this isn't just cardmaking, it's Art!! I have followed you, joined you,and been welcomed by you. My art had been enhanced by you! And I am happy to say it never ends, the surprises, the talent, the ideas from start to finish. For me it's Barbara Gray and Clarity all the way. I may just get my Brayer out tonight and make some backgrounds!!!
    Love. Emma xx

  3. Gutted! I will be at a Christening all day so will have to catch up on Monday. Can't wait to revisit classic Barbara Gray. Now I really must go & finish the Christening card- Groovi naturally. Enjoy the shows xxx

  4. Fantastic card. Can't wait for the shows on Sunday. My daughter will also be watching no doubt and we will have to record it has she likes to follow your steps after the show.

  5. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you have all had a good day. Looking forward to Sunday to your shows.some time it is good going back to things we used to use. I always learn things, by watching Barbara going back. Please take care all. Lots of hugs xx Lynn

  6. Oh I just love this one . Looks like I could do it fairly easy lol and use it often .
    Thank you so much for not forgetting us fairly newbies and new newbies . Stamps is my thing , I have a lot of yours that I haven't used yet . I believe I have an addiction and if hubby finds out I may need " an intervention , or is it an exorcism " haha ,no way Jan

  7. Ah well, looks like I may have to finally get my brayer out of its box and have a go…think I have an 'inkling' of what the 'useful'item might be but keeping it to myself until I see on Sunday evening – lol!

  8. Glad to see you easing down a gear by going over techniques and reintroducing stamps. Its a good way to pace yourselves while keeping the creative juices flowing. Not only do newbies learn new skills but us oldbies are reminded of that which we had forgotten. It gives some of us chance for finances to recover as well! That said I'm also looking forward to seeing your new essential launch!
    Have a nice evening with Dave xx

    1. Hello blog pals. I hope you have all had a good day and that those of you who should be taking things easy are doing so (no names of course !!) We have had some really heavy hail showers today and a cold wind but luckily I have been inside each time they came over xx

    2. Hi Chris,
      You're right about letting the finances recover – I think I might need about 6 months!! Been freezing up here today with lots of snow showers. Looking forward to Sunday's shows and all the classic techniques. Love Alison xx

    3. I agree Chris, wasn't going to buy anything else until the Open Day, then saw the paint sale and the Harbour set and couldn't resist, must resist now though. Loads of stamps and stencils and groovy stuff not used also paints 2 sorts etc etc. Be good to go back a few,steps, you do need reminding of these old techniques it's the reason we followed Barbara for in the first place.xx

  9. Hi Barbara – I think that you have made great decisions about your shows this weekend! We could all watch you for hours doing your brayer-ing artwork. Also, as you so rightly say there will now be lots of new people who want to learn this! I, for one, love to watch – to help me to improve! Added to which some new Groovi – perfect! Mixed coloured parchment packs included? Hugs Gilly x

  10. Hi Sheila, so pleased to read that your appointment went well, and I hope that the injection helps to ease your pain – take care, gentle and caring hugs Gilly xxx
    Hi Morag, Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Jackie and Sue57 – hope that you have all managed to keep warm today! We have had a beautiful and dry sunny day – but the wind was SO cold! This morning I went with hubby to the hospital, for him to have his MRI scan. He has a problem with these as he is claustrophobic – but with the aid of some medication, he managed to do it! So now, hopefully – he will be able to get on with his treatment of choice, once he has seen the consultant again! It was very full on, but we had lunch out before coming home and then I went straight to bed and had at least a couple of hours sleep. I did my best to remain calm, so hopefully I will be ok. Now sat in front of the fire, catching up on here. Love and hugs to you all – Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Hope your hubby has recovered from his MRI – they aren't very nice and I only had one on my knee!! I remember I had a massive bruise on the side of my knee afterwards as the silly woman had trapped my skin between the two plate things they put round the knee. I thought it hurt when she did it! Anyway, give him a gentle hug from me. Glad to hear that you got some rest in too and that probably in the best place – in front of the fire, love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Evening gilly so pleased your hubby got through his MRI and hope his treatment you both choose works you did both did well going glad you went back to bed to rest thinking of you dear blog friend enjoy resting near the fire lots of hugs to help you through .i had a podiatry appointment this afternoon and phone calls to Drs and hospital and my friend called too so very fatigued now but had to catch up with my daily blog friends rest off my week is appointment free xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, hope you're hubby has got over his MRI scan. Glad you went and had a rest when you came back, sleep does you good, wish I could get more, struggling with sleep again at present. Really cold today, so keep snug and warm. Love and hugs,Pam xx

    4. Hi Gilly, hope your hubby is ok after his MRI experience. I've never had to have one so wouldn't know how I'd feel. Hubby had his first one at the start of his treatment of course. However, he used to make them so couldn't complain! It has been chilly here today but the sun's been out too, we've also had hail/snow/rain all in the one day of course. I'm glad you're getting your rest x x

    5. Pleased things are moving on for your husband and still taking it easy. With the weather we've been having there is no better place than in front of the fire.

  11. Lovely! You may have given me an idea for the challenge this month – yes, I'm last minute again 🙁 I came late to the brayering party and love the effect – and have been struggling with the huge pack of Clarity card I bought recently – so very pleased this'll be in TV (or on laptop in my case!) Hope you got home at a reasonable time x

  12. Evening cannot beat some of the old techniques and of cause new ones looking forward to Sunday and your show Bob will be at work so something exciting to
    Watch enjoy your evening Joy xx

  13. Hi Barbara,
    NOW I'm really looking forward to the Sunday shows, I never get bored of seeing you with a brayer in your hand – a plain piece of card turned into a work of art – sheer magic.

  14. Hi Barbara
    Don't the weeks roll by so quickly. It seems no time at all since you were last on Hochanda. Your shows are my treat for the month. It will be lovely to see you get your brayer out and showcase some of the fantastic Clarity stamps. There will be new viewers who will be amazed by your talent.
    Hugs from Chris X

  15. Evening Barbara looking forward to the hochanda shows over this weekend I have trouble getting to grips with my brayer I think I don't get the pressure right ,but because I've had so much problems with pain I haven't really use my brayer for a while I prefare my clarity brushes now I've got diagnosed the rheumatoid arthritis I shall have to just watch and learn from the clarity brayer master till I get my new medication to help the pain ect so looking forward to your new launch also have a restful night with Dave crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana Brenda pam pen gilly morag sue57 Julia Chris hope I've not missed any out thank you all for your hugs and wishes thinking of you all .crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I hope the steroids start doing their trick tomorrow. I'm struggling to type at the moment as the cat is trying to sit on my arms. I think she must be cold. I don't feel the cold any more, it's an age thing.

    3. Hello. Atlwast you and the medics now know what is wrong and there are lots of different medications to help. I hope you get yours sorted soon xx

    4. Hi Sheila I hope the injection will start to work soon and you can get back to crafting again. Those cushions will stay nice and plumped at the weekend then but oh what a lovely programme to watch! Take care xxx

    5. Evening Sheila, I expect you're tucked up snug in bed by now, since you've had a busy day. Hope your injection has started to take effect or at least will do soon. It's going to be a great Sunday watching Barbara doing the brayering. Love and hugs, Pam.xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Really looking forward to the classic shows at the weekend. I really some practise with my brayer, it never seems to work properly for me!!! You always make it look so easy. I think I have an idea about what you are bringing to us on Sunday, so looking forward to seeing if I'm right. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my friends,
      Hope you've all managed to stay warm today, been horrible up here. It was gorgeous first thing so put some washing out only to have to bring it in again wetter than when I put it out – I hate it when that happens. Going to try to get some crafting done tomorrow, I should be able to concentrate by then! Got 4 cards to make so need to get cracking. Like ve and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison I know what you mean, nothing worse than soggy washing! Luckily my lovely neighbour knocked the door to tell me it was trying to rain so I got mine in on time. I hope tomorrow is a better day! Xx

    3. I put my bit of washing on the airer today in the conservatory and popped it outside when the sun was out, it was a bit in/out shake it all about though! It also blew over once ! xx

    4. Evening Alison, haven't put any out today, but know what you mean, nothing worse than keep going to get the washing in and finding it wet again. Tried my first canvas today, not quite finished, but not very pleased with it. Supposed to be for the challenge see how it looks tomorrow. Take care , Love and hugs Pam xx

  17. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. I love going back through the blog to look at the old favourites and I always find something that I meant to have a go at and didn't. I thought the Groovi art work yesterday was so lovely too.

  18. Hi Barbara
    An oldie but a goodie! This is fabulous – I'm really looking forward to the Sunday shows, classic Barbara, must get the brayer out again. I'm looking forward to seeing the presenters face when they see this, they will be amazed!! Hope you finally got home and had a lovely evening with Dave.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda hi Dot hi Donna hi Morag and all the lovely blog friends. Hope you are all ok and are keeping wrapped up in the warm. I wonder what treat Barbara has got in store for us all this weekend. Take care everyone. Xxxxx

    2. Hi Diane, hope you've had a nice day, been a funny old day, tried my hand at the calender challenge, didn't go to well, not quite finished, and seems to have taken most of the morning and evening. Take care love Pam xx

    1. Hello Donna we were posting at the same time! I hope that's your playground duty stint over for the week. I can't believe this weather, although they said on the news we had snow at this time of the year 35 years ago! Keep warm. Xxxx

    2. Evening Donna, gosh Donna, we missed the snow, not very nice for you on playground duty when it's that cold. Hope you've had a good day apart from that. Feeling much better today, quite amazed as didn't get much sleep again last night. Been crafting most of day, trying a canvas, Barbara makes it look so easy. I can't paint for toffees. Love and hugs Pam xx

    3. It was a wee bit fresh! Glad to hear you are feeling better, and have had a crafty session. Don't worry about your canvas, I bet if you look at it again tomorrow it will look better than you thought! Xx

  19. I got my brayer out tonight to have a go at the calendar challenge, I've started so I hope I'll finish! It's nice to do something fairly straightforward! Will look forward to seeing some more stamping at the weekend. Now, what are you teasing us with re the coloured parchment! xx

  20. Evening Barbara, nice to see the old classics, so looking forward to seeing you brayer again on Sundays show. Great to see the stamps coming back too, there are so many beautiful stamps you've done, I have loads I've not used yet, and many more I still want. We do need reminding from time to time of all your tips and techniques. Hope you've had,a relaxing evening 27th Dave. Love Pam xxx

  21. ah yes the very very enviable road trip is a coming – you are going to have such fun.
    Getting out the good old brayer is great – the brayer which can be such an enigma for many of us – how to avoid the strips, wheelies, using the clarity blending mat, a bit of masking too no doubt – yay!!!
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  22. Hi Barb, cannot wait for the shows, I love watching you in action with a brayer and inks. Love the card shared, you are the layering/Illusion goddess. Take care. Bx

  23. Love to see your brayering techniques. I need to brush up on mine. And it is great to see your lovely stamping back on the blog, it always makes me want to do better

  24. I am thrilled that you are going Classic, as I was somewhat late to the party and missed the brayering etc. Woohoo! Thank you! Mind you, Paul's amazing demos last weekend are going to be a hard act to follow!

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