FREE Garden Heart Digital Download and a heart-to-heart.

FREE Garden Heart Digital Download and a heart-to-heart.

Hi there!
Thank you for dropping in on this glorious morning here.
I do hope the sun is shining on you today too. 

Dave and I went down to Brighton yesterday afternoon,
for a walk along the beach and to get away.

Because sometimes that’s what you have to do.
It’s hard to see the spot you’re standing on,
but even a little distance can give you a better perspective. 

So we strolled along from one end to the other,
made some decisions around the business along the way,
talked about how to handle things better,
…and all that jazz.

The sun was very warm, 
not a cloud in the sky.
Bicycles dingalinging along the seafront, 
skate boards whizzing past. 
People were out in T-shirts and flipflops,
(Not us! Are you kidding??! Sunny – yes. Fresh – VERY)
and there was a wonderful atmosphere.

Spring is definitely sprung.
The days are getting longer,
the trees are springing back to life.
It’s as though we all come out of hibernation 
as the earth warms up again. 

To celebrate the cycle of life and this wonderful budding time of year, let’s get together and colour in a beautiful Clarity page which we put together just for you.

The free download of the Garden Heart here is for you to print off and colour in as you like. I drew it for a stamp design a while ago, and think it would be lovely to colour in too.
So there you are. 

Click HERE to download the colouring page!

We have a very lovely Colouring book all ready to be printed and published. It is sitting patiently, waiting for us to hit the 
Green-for-Go button. 
Why haven’t we fired it out there?
Because there’s so much else going on, we have to pace ourselves
and pace what we are producing.

We are designers and manufacturers of our core products, you see.

We take an idea right through from concept, design, manufacture and processing through to marketing. 
That includes scrubbing stamps and cleaning Groovi plates by hand, because a machine cannot do it as well,
 and we like to create jobs – not eliminate them. 

We don’t make a phone call, place an order and wait for delivery!
Are we doing it wrong? I think not.

Which is what Dave and I talked about in Brighton yesterday actually.  
What’s the point of making ourselves ill and unhappy trying to supply everybody with everything NOW, speeding everything up, working stupid hours, chasing around like blue arsed flies? 
So it’s crunch time, 
and we have decided to continue as we are, 
and not opt for automation or outsourcing, which are options,
but will bring their own headaches I’m sure. 

We can improve and streamline our processes internally, 
and we are doing just that!

But we will NOT move operations elsewhere in an attempt to be more efficient. I didn’t get into this game to build an Empire. 
I got into this game so that I could pay the rent while the kids were growing up – and be at home for them!
Now they’re gone off and doing their own thing, 
and there’s a whole new Clarity family to look after. 

So where’s the colouring book? 
All ready to rock and roll when we’re ready to rock and roll it!!

Enjoy the free page. 

love & hugs,

PS. Don’t forget the 
Paint and Canvas sale going on until midnight Friday!

145 thoughts on “FREE Garden Heart Digital Download and a heart-to-heart.

  1. Looks like you had real quality time with Dave. I did just that this morning went for a nice long walk and had a chat to myself, as you do! Looking forward too seeing the colouring book. Thank you for the free download! At the end of the day you HAVE to do what is right for you and Clarity! Keep on Rocking!
    Linda xxx

  2. Thought for a moment there might be a wedding announcement! Oh well, all in good time – my oh and I were together 14 years before we got married (after he got a revised pension statement! Well, you have to be sure!). Looking forwards to the colouring book as I seem to have taken to this more than groovi, although once I get round to it I will have a lot of plates to choose from. Take no notice of the moaners. We all think it's better for you and dave to enjoy a walk in the sun!

  3. Very happy to be part of your Clarity Family. Very happy to see you and Dave having some time to enjoy the sunshine. We have a bit of that here in Ayrshire at the moment ( even warm enough to have the tortoises out in the garden) Looking forward to the future and all that Clarity brings. Quality all the way!!!
    Have a grand day, I will be in my summerhouse finishing off samples for my Groovi Workshop on Saturday…. Must remember to record Paul as I shall be a bit busy lol. Huge hugs
    Emma xxxx

  4. Very happy to be part of your Clarity Family. Very happy to see you and Dave having some time to enjoy the sunshine. We have a bit of that here in Ayrshire at the moment ( even warm enough to have the tortoises out in the garden) Looking forward to the future and all that Clarity brings. Quality all the way!!!
    Have a grand day, I will be in my summerhouse finishing off samples for my Groovi Workshop on Saturday…. Must remember to record Paul as I shall be a bit busy lol. Huge hugs
    Emma xxxx

  5. Good for you still carrying on as previously with the personal touch. I usually go and sit on my favourite rock looking out to sea. Used to climb the mountain behind where I live but can't manage that any more. Old age isn't great. Thanks for the download colouring is so therapeutic.

  6. So glad you've taken time out and worked out your priorities. Sometimes work takes over and you have to take a step back to look at where you are going… and you picked a great day to visit Brighton. I'm just along the coast and it was a beautiful day. Went for a stroll myself – complete with coat! Hope your time out has taken you on the right path. Good luck and keep the faith x

  7. Lovely to see you both have a bit of time to yourselves in the more than deserve it..more than happy to be part of the Clarity family and yes you are right to keep it all in house..we are mostly a patient lot xx

  8. Lovely to see you both have a bit of time to yourselves in the more than deserve it..more than happy to be part of the Clarity family and yes you are right to keep it all in house..we are mostly a patient lot xx

  9. Yesterday was a beautiful day. So pleased you managed a walk by the sea and blew some cobwebs away. You are so right to pace yourself and the company. I enjoyed the bluebells at Hatchlands yesterday then walked amongst the trees with my own thoughts. My computer won't let me print the download so will have to wait for the book. Thank you for everything Clarity xx

  10. Is always good advice to take a step back and take a look! I didi it 2 years ago and changed things that weren't working and it's brilliant! Next change is on yhe hotizon and as you say Barb it won't happen till i want it too. Thanks for sharing this blog has resonnated with me again. Always good to know you are not alone We can wait for the colouring book, soo many grooves to follow! Thanks again and lots of love Jx. Ps i am free on a Thursday and happy to be an extra pair of hands cleaning or packing or just making the tea! Xxxx

  11. Sound like you had a good time yesterday was a great day for walk at the coast how lovely. You Dave and team are more important to us well and healthy than tired and health at risk so right slow down right behind you on that thanks for colouring sheet things will all work out we can wait enjoy today xxx

  12. I think you have it just right Barbara, by keeping it under your own wings you ensure that everything is done as you wish and you have a wonderful team behind you. It's great that you and Dave get away and relax too and getting away helps to sort things out in your head as sometimes when in tbe thick of things it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Thank you for the beautiful floral heart to colour and if this is a sample of things to come in the colouring book then I look forward to seeing it, but you are right to pace yourselves and do things in your own time. Take time to smell the roses! x

  13. Very glad that you were able to blow the cobwebs away in Brighton. I live a couple of miles along the coast and this lovely area is guaranteed to lift the spirits. Also pleased that you will be making any changes to make life better for yourself, Dave and those you care about. Take care x

  14. What a perfect decision you and Dave have made, Barbara. You need time to enjoy your success which you have worked so hard to achieve. If there were more with your philosophy this country would indeed be a much better place.
    Thank you so much for the colouring page. It is going to make a gorgeous card topper. Even my colouring can't spoil such a beautiful piece of art. Love and Hugs xxx

  15. Hello all my dear friends. I'm feeling much better today, have already been into the groove this morning. I hope you are all well. I daren't spend a lot of time catching up with old posts yet. But I'll hopefully catch you all sometime today. Love and Hugs xxx

  16. Thank you for the wonderful colouring page. Looking forward to the colouring book when you are ready. Glad to hear that you are going to keep your products in house. The quality of Clarity is second to none and would hate to see this change. Don't mind waiting to receive a quality product like yours. Glad you had a wonderful day at the beach. Nothing clears the cobwebs like a walk on the beach. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  17. Afternoon Barbara thank you so much for the lovley free download I have this set in stamp form it's a beautiful set .you and Dave deserve a walk to talk and free yourself from the business for a short time you wouldn't be comfortable sourcing your clarity baby out to others just find what you can deligate to your clarity team to feel comfortable with take a day or two out with Dave think of each other and your lovley family clarity towers are a wonderful team and can cope when you need time away .slow down on your groovi products gives us time to catch up but please don't give up on your club members our monthly envelope is what keeps us going big crafting hugs dear Barbara clarity in in a class of its own and for that you should be so proud 😊 Xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag sue57 Alison Julia Jackie and all my wonderful blog friends thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog .
      Hope your still resting gilly xxx
      Hope your feeling brighter morag xx
      Hope it's a better day pen xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – yes I am still in bed resting again today. I have had an internet chat with a friend in Spain today, which was really nice, and now I'm here talking to you all – which is so good too! Must admit that I realise that I need to do very little at the moment. Hope that you aren't in too much pain today! Lots of hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Not a good day just found out tonight that there are no appointments released at our 3 hospitals yet will just go on a waiting list will get a letter in 2 weeks Tom said see how much it is to pay private as I've suffered enough too long so stressed and pain gets worse but on the good side I painted my back board for my May calendar challange tomorrow is another day bed now enjoy your film xxx

    4. I hope you are ok today Sheila. It has been a beautiful day up here, came back from work at 3pm and sat in the garden with a cup of tea watching the cat make a fool of herself. Day off tomorrow so once I've done some major housework I hope to do some crafting.

    5. Barbara keep forgetting to ask I saw you on hochanda with a black mat with groovi on is it comming on sale can you make a small baby groovi mat like the blue one so I can use my baby groovi as struggling at present to lift out my large groovi where I can mannage my baby groovi in bed and it's small enough to leave out in my bedroom no pressure as it might be only me that wants one xx

    6. Do hope you get an appointment soon Sheila. Sorry you haven't had a good day. Being in pain all the time really gets to you. Hope you have,a better day tomorrow. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  18. Thank you for the download, looking forward to the colouring book, when it comes. Pleased you and Dave have been able to have some time out. Clarity is a great company, and you have a wonderful team, but you do need time for yourselves, so, take care. After trying to resist, I am ordering the geese, and I don't mind how long they take to fly out to me! Thank you for another great offer. x

  19. Barbara I think you are being very sensible in your approach to the business. Clarity still has the feel of a family-run business to it and in my experience small is better. Some of the original small companies have got so big now that their communication with customers is awful (one company I shall not name has yet to respond to a message I first left over 18 months ago and several times since, so I gave up and went elsewhere). Looking forward to the colouring book, just a thought it would make a fantastic Christmas present if you are ready to release it in the Autumn! 😉 Keep up the great work and to any moaners I would just say if something is worth having it is worth waiting for (though 18 months is a bit extreme!) x

  20. The time we have is a gift, the best way to be thankful is to use it wisely enjoying your own life and enriching the lives of others, you certainly seem to be doing that xx

  21. Please don't change what you are doing ,your stamps are second to none , have tried others , no comparison ! Glad you enjoyed your walk along the seafront. I was in Windsor Castle beautiful even with all the hustle and bustle going on for the Queens Birthday. X

  22. Hi Barbara, glad you had a lovely break away from the hussle if only for a while, I'm looking forward to seeing the colouring book but can wait as there are so many other lovely Clarity things to play with too 🙂 take care xx

  23. That walk long the beach has obviously done you so much good, bringing back the positivity to your life. I, for one, am glad that you are finding workable ways of keeping things in house here you have control. That is what makes Clarity so special among all the companies out there, the personal attention to detail at all stages, giving us unrivalled quality in the end result. Just give the same level of attention to looking after your own health and happiness, both of you, and do more walks along the beach and through the woods. xxx Maggie

  24. Yes it's a lovely day here in Cambridgeshire , just had lunch in the garden,,,.
    I'm really lookng forward to your colouring book , when you ready , no hurry as I have about four on the go at moment ,,,lol,,,. xx

  25. Hi Barbara, and not forgetting Dave too! Sounds like you did just the right thing, going for your stroll by the sea and having a good talk – away from everything. For what it's worth – I think that your decision is 'spot on' and would hate to see you ending the Clarity Club. Also, it's a great decision to keep production as it is – I love the idea of buying quality products, made in this country – hand finished, with superb after-sales service. The Groovi is such a huge success – but people have only got so much money to spend, so it's better to take it slowly, and keep it right! It's so good to hear you sounding more like your old self. Hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xxx

  26. Hi Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie, Sue57, Julia & Chris M – thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday. I am pleased to report that I am still resting in bed – hubby brought breakfast and lunch to me again today – with instructions to REST! So I am, and in fact now that I have read and commented on the blog – I think that I might just have a little snooze. Hope that your weather is as beautiful where you are, as it is again here today! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Oh my dear friend. I have just quickly gone over your posts from the last couple of days. I'm so sorry you have been so poorly. What a scare for you and your hubby. No matter how bored..just rest! Catch up on some films or books. Sending you positive thoughts, love and hugs xxx

    2. Ah, bless you Morag! It was quite scary, but I am feeling so much better now – but I DO realise that I need to be careful.. I think that it has had a lot to do with worrying about Hubby. We are not any further forward, regarding which treatment he is to have. Still awaiting MRI scan & another specialist referral. He has chased it up again today, I tried to do it last week, we are both feeling frustrated about the lack of progress. Still trying to keep calm & keep BP down! Love & hugs back, Gilly xx

  27. Right decision I am sure, what's the point of doing something you enjoy if you can't enjoy it because of the pressure. I am sure all your Clarity fans will agree with you. It looks lovely on the prom.

  28. Hi, just in from the garden having had an hour out in the sunshine planting potatoes 🙂 I have had time to "chill" and relax although I now feel like a cuppa and cake is necessary.

    It is a bit more peaceful day (so far) no phone calls…but expect that will change shortly as it is getting to that time when Mum will call me or visa versa.

    I am very pleased to report I have placed my order….oh dear rather a lot of paints …. but just think of all that fun I can have.

    It is so right to keep hold of the reins and allow those who do not want to join the happy journey then they can go. I am really happy and so grateful that I am on this journey of creativity with Clarity Towers, and all those on the blog.

    But do remember time for yourself Barb…as without you …. where would we be. Great blog 🙂

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  29. Nothing beats a lovely stroll to clear your head and put everything into perspective. Brighton beach is a good place to relax. Pleased you're not changing the way you take orders. Who wants to be a robot when the personal touch is so much better. Your company works hard for its customers, I know, but downtime is important too. Thank you for the download.

  30. Glad to hear that you have taken time out for yourselves and recharging your batteries in the sunshine. I have had a day of clearing out rubbish from around the house and hanging out washings. In between I had lunch with a dear friend and my daughter popped home for an hour as she was through for the dentist today. All in all a lovely day, and now you have given us some colouring to do while waiting on car passing mot at the garage.

  31. Glad to hear that you have taken time out for yourselves and recharging your batteries in the sunshine. I have had a day of clearing out rubbish from around the house and hanging out washings. In between I had lunch with a dear friend and my daughter popped home for an hour as she was through for the dentist today. All in all a lovely day, and now you have given us some colouring to do while waiting on car passing mot at the garage.

  32. Thanks for the lovely colouring page, I love a bit of colouring. Not enough hours in the day to do everything I want/need to do, ha ha.
    Maybe you just need to take your foot off the gas for a short while, let everybody catch up.
    Today is glorious too, I'm helping my daughter move out. Feel quite emotional about it, she's my baby. Silly, I know, and she's only 2 minutes around the corner, I'll probably still see her most days xx

  33. Beautiful day here in Aberdeen and just back from a walk around the harbour and along the esplanade. Mike is now out in the sunshine, sorting out some shrubs; employed a company to look after our garden whilst in Kuwait last year and now we're trying to repair the hacking – sorry – pruning and probably have to replant some areas where there are now large gaps. A lesson learned! However, we're now back in control! At least the eucalyptus and bamboos survived!;~}

    1. Afternoon Shelagh glad your back in charge and things will soon grow again thank you for you wishes yesterday they help me through each day xx

  34. Hi Barb,

    Right decision to take a little time out and for the options you have made, pace things out, when you keep pumping things out one after another, like another company I wont mention, not only do you get knackered but people lose interest because they cannot keep up with the purchases. Take a step back, let people catch up and I am sure things will go very smoothly. You have a wonderful company run by wonderful people, don't lose that. Sorry for the lecture, no right!

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  35. Two things: 1. Your selfie skills are brilliant and 2. You are so right not to rush ahead with ANYTHING before the time is right in YOUR book. Everybody seems to want everything yesterday and I've never subscribed to that ethos. If it's worth having it's worth waiting for. Thank you for the colouring page and I'll try to do it justice.
    Tonbridge Sue

  36. Don't change anything Barbara, just to please those who can't wait. This is why Clarity stamps are the best, you have total control over what you are making.

    I have just returned from a funeral and it makes you realise how precious life is, so take time out to refresh. Enjoy your time away from work, especially when the suns is out, so much better than rain! xxx

  37. I love all things Clarity! I think you should do whatever feels right for you and your team. At the end of the day if you loose heart with lots of negativity we all loose out on all your fantastic products. XX

  38. So glad that you have made the decision that is right for you. I would like to say thank you for the lovely picture. I do,have this in stamp form and love it. You have given me an idea for an anniversary gift. Colour this in and frame it for them. Fingers crossed it looks okay. Thanks again Barbara to,you and your team for your great products and inspiration xx

  39. Hi Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Fingers crossed you are all either getting better, resting or OK! Off to the cinema again tonight (can you tell I love going to the cinema!) My sister booked it so I'm hoping its The Jungle Book. Xx

    1. Hi Donna. Have a great night at the cinema. Grandson saw Jungle Book last week, and he said it was 'canny'.. In his speak, that means great!!!
      Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Enjoy your trip to the cinema Donna. Pete my hubby wants to see Jungle Book too. He's seen the reviews and they had the little boy on TV talking about it. He said the animals look so real. Waiting till the crowds have been. Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Donna
      I'm having a short break away in Carlisle with some lovely ladies I met through a crafting blog, we haven't stopped laughing and talking for 2 days and have had a whale of a time. Hubby and daughter went to see jungle gook tonight too and have rest me to say it's brilliant. Hope you are ok
      Love Diane

  40. Actually, if you could slow down a bit that would be helpful ! We've just had the conversation here about do I really need all my stuff and do I used it all (hubby had to go in my craftroom today while I was out at the MOT and I think he had a shock!). I know I've got too much and will never use it all but…… you just have to don't you. I admit it's very untidy but I haven't got enough space to put it all !! My name is and I'm a ……

    So I told him off for moaning at me (although deep down I know he's right but I'm not ready to admit that yet). This only happened because we had a new fuse board fitted, together with a few other bits and pieces and he had to get in here to unplug my computer just in case there was a power surge – I'd already turned it off of course but it needed to be unplugged and it's difficult to know where the socket is unless you're me !! Anyway, not sure where I'm going to start but I do know I need to do something. Although I've got enough Clarity to start my own shop I do have other bits and pieces as well.

    I have tried to tell him I'm not the only one but he thinks I'm the worst ! I'm going to find him some pictures of untidy craft rooms to show him….

    Anyway, I'm glad you and Dave have made the right decision for you and probably all us too ! It's been lovely here today and we've just come in from sitting outside for the first time with a beer/diet coke and some nibbly bits with our neighbour and the dogs.


    1. I will have to send you a picture of my craft room, I make a huge mess when crafting, trying to tidy it just now. My husband doesn't moan, as he is amazed I know where everything is and what it does. My daughters mother-in-law, who suffers from OCD wanted to see it, I haven't seen her since, every cloud…., only joking I get on with her very well xx

    2. Mine say's..'If a messy craft room is a happy craft room, then my craft room's delirious' But in reality I love having everything organised. I have my craft room as ordered as my clinic used to be. So everything's labelled and in it's place. The beauty of this is that it's difficult for hubby to work out exactly how much I've got!!! xx

    3. I've got loads that I haven't used and even more that's not seen the light of day for years, I had a bit of a clear out last year and gave some to a friend, my glass paints I thought I'd given away then Barbara did a demo with them, so I hunted for them and was so pleased I had kept them. I have drawers full of punches and others full of wooden stamps which I never use now. I bet half the punches won't even work now. I could start my own craft club couldn't I? Ha ha. Xx

  41. We had a day off today and we are both retired! Went for a walk had lunch in the market square then i sat in the garden with my groovi. Looking after my 92 year old father keeps us busy and there is always gardening or cleaning or something to do but a lot of it is of our own making as with you. Keep doing what you do well but just a bit less of it till you catch up. You have do much on your website that people have forgotten about or never seen demonstrated. How about revisiting some early goodies and adding new twists to their use? Love xx

  42. What a wonderful philosophy , what a wonderful company , and most important what wonderful ,marvelous people you are . It has been my shear joy to get to know you via the airwaves . may you be continually blessed with love and joy and fly with the Eagles —- don't let the turkeys get you down . Xo jan

  43. It makes my heart happy to see you taking time out to feed the soul. I love Clarity for the quality of the product and design but I also love Clarity because of its ethos and value base. That I know its a company that cares about its employees and its customers and it isn't all about how much money can be made. If that means things take a bit longer than actually good – that means it isn't some corporate machine just keeping on churning and the longer you have to wait for something the more you value it when it comes. It's a beautiful day today and yes the earth is warming us all again. I wait with anticipation for what Clarity will bring us all over the coming year. Much love Jayne

  44. Please please just take care of yourselves, more walks like that when the weather is nice are good.I think you have a fantastic company and no change needed, a quality product is well worth waiting for. I for one appreciate all the time and inspiration that you share with us. xx

  45. So pleased you have taken some time out for the two of you and have made some important decisions. I for one really appreciate the quality of the products that Clarity have, and whilst not all the ranges are for me, I really don't mind waiting for orders or for my monthly club products – they are so worth it! x

  46. Hi Barbara & Dave. You look really happy in your selfie which is wonderful. It is good to reassess and you have obviously come to the right conclusion for you and your team. It is important to love what you do and if it becomes too pressured and stressful then it just brings you and your energy down. I for one, cannot keep up with the stock that keeps appearing and although I want it all and I want it now! it just isn't practical or manageable as I only do bits and pieces of crafting and don't do it to earn a living as I can't take the pressure of timing and targets as I used to!! I love the daily blog for your thoughts and inspiration. Thank you for the beautiful download, I have a few projects in mind for it. xx

  47. Hi Barbara
    Lovely to see you together in the sunshine. You have a fabulous company in Clarity and we appreciate the quality products all lovingly made by you and your team. I hope you stay as your are and remain a small family business. Ignore the critics. Some people will never be happy unless they can moan about something. I try to be a "glass half full" person. If things get a bit overwhelming sometimes just take a step back and recharge your batteries and delegate. Please don't worry about the Clarity Clubs not going out at the beginning of the month. I love getting mine but I certainly don't worry about when I get it. I appreciate that it must take up a fair amount of your precious time so thank you for your dedication. You will be off to the states soon and your team will hold the fort for you. Good things come in small packages and big isn't always beautiful. I will enjoy colouring in the heart and I know the new book will be absolutely beautiful.

    A big HUG from Chris X

  48. Hi Barbara, glad to see you are having a few days out to be together, after being so busy. You will come back refreshed and ready to start again. Hi Morag sorry to hear you have not been to well, hope you will soon feel better. Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for your good wishes. I feel blessed for having found so many wonderful friends here. I hope you are well too. Hugs xxx

  49. Glad you managed to enjoy a relaxing day out to clear the cobwebs. You are spot on with your assessment! My twin sister ran the marathon in Brighton on Sunday. I spent the day in my craft shed. At the age of 50, I don't know who has the healthiest outlook on life but I guess that between us we're doing something right!

  50. What a lovely photo of you and Dave sounds like a good plan well done you two, I for one can't thank you enough for the quality of products and service I have bought and received from Clarity so just keep doing what you do and for having this wee place to come to every day means a lot to a lot of people.
    Take time for each other that's the main thing…xx
    Love Dot..xx

    1. Evening Diane Pam Alison and all this lovely blog family hugs to all.xx
      Brenda my friend thanks for your we reply, now know about the glazes Ta hope the nightshifts not warring you out to much music helped with Amy that's another wee thing you helped me with thankyou… here's yir cuddle..xx

    2. Hi Dot, I did started my canvas last night but the paint wouldn't spread with the brayer very well and looked a mess so gave it a coat of Mod Podge today, ready to have another go tomorrow. Been doing Groovi tonight. Sending hugs and love Pam xx

      Hi Diane, Brenda, Alison, Pen, Sue57 hope you are all ok and that you had a nice day. Lovely to see you back here Brenda. I like reading your comments, you are so knowledgeable about so many things. Bet you didn't realise that you're educating me. Love and hugs to all, all the very best to all on Barbara's

    3. Hi Pam
      Had a lovely day thank you full of fun and laughter with a lovely group of ladies who have become very good friends. The sun has shone all day, aren't we lucky

  51. Hello Barbara

    As long as you are still enjoying what you do you are doing it right! Everything comes to he (or she) who waits. As much as we want everything now the majority of us, your customers, are happy to wait. We know how hard the Clarity team work and that you are not a big company. Do not make yourselves ill over it. Nothing is worth that.

    I am glad you and Dave had a lovely day by the sea.


  52. I am fortunate enough to live a 5/10 min walk from two beautiful blue flag beaches. In fact I live in a small town in the Highands called Nairn which is nicknamed 'The Brighton of the North' I often take a walk on the beach to put the world to rights, it should be available on prescription. I have always believed that we make our own choices in life. You have to do what is right for you but I'm so pleased you have decided to keep everything to yourself but do it at your own pace.

    1. What a lovely place to live. Have a feeling we stopped off there once. Is there a massive area of grass separating the sea from the town. Think we were coming from Findochty where we'd camped in our camper.xx

    2. Yes Pam, that's the central beach and the other side of the harbour is the east beach. When I'm troubled I often imagine myself walking into the water and coming back out as someone else, like Star in Your Eyes, lol.

  53. Hello, glad you and Dave had a nice walk along Brighton beach I was enjoying the sunshine in Kew Gardens not that many miles from you. Just a little saying I heard once Fame and Fortune does not always bring good Heakth and Happiness.

    To all the ladies who think their craft rooms are untidy I keep this saying "Only dull women have immaculate homes" an embroidered sampler I did years ago and it makes me happy every time I see it.

    Enjoy the sunshine while you can.
    Hazel c uk

    1. I love that saying Hazel! My cupboards may be organised and tidy, but I actually like to see a bit of clutter around the house….did I say a little!!!! hahaha! xx

  54. lucky you could just go by the sea for a walk. that is something i really miss. i am a believer of if you want something done right, do it yourself so i get it, hugs xx

  55. Can't beat a walk at the seaside, especially in glorious sunshine, to help bring things into perspective. So happy to hear you're keeping things 'in house' and 'so what' if an order takes a few days longer to arrive when you know it's going to be well worth the wait to receive superb quality in design and manufacture, and should something not be quite right (extremely rare I know) it's sorted out without any fuss or argument! Please tell me of any other company who will replace a lost letter from a full set….for life! I certainly don't know of any.

  56. Oops, forgot to say 'Thank You' for the lovely colouring page, looking forward to some 'me time' at the weekend and this will fit the bill perfectly!

  57. It sounds like a lovely day Barbara. Nothing like sea air to get the thoughts in order. Wise words and I totally agree with your philosophy! Thank you for the colouring page. I am off for a week to the Norfolk Broads so I will take my spectrum noir pencils and do some colouring afloat! ��

  58. put this comment into google translate for giggles this is what it says…When it comes to maintaining a neat and tidy home, you do not make sweeping ScrewYOU you give up long before it's time for spring cleaning. Instead, break the dreaded job Valley (washing clothes, purification basin) down into the small stuff you can tear here and there. These small changes to your routine helps to keep the house clean and orderly with minimal time and effort.
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  59. You've built a fabulous business, have a loving and close family to be very proud of, employ a fantastic team and bring joy to lots of people through all things Clarity (apart from our bank managers!!)


    It's no good having all this if you don't also reap the benefits and take time to relax and enjoy life too

    Take care

  60. So glad you and Dave are having a day off, you've picked a beautiful one for it. Think you've made the right decisions about keeping it all in house. Hope you don't give up the Design Clubs, there's bound to be a few hiccups starting a new club especially with all the new products you've been introducing. Keep the faith Barbara, you're doing everything right, most of us are quite prepared to wait for our goodies, there's nobody out there with your quality of goods. We all worry about you and Dave though, that you're having enough time out together. All work and no play comes to mind. Thank you for the lovely download. Take care, you sound more positive hope the trip has done you both good, a step back does usually does. Love and hugs Pam xx

  61. Hello Barb, the download is gorgeous, can't wait for a quiet moment. Lovely to hear that you and Dave took some time out together and put the world to rights. We all love what you bring us, and I for one believe that most of us wait patiently. Good things come to those who wait – right. Take care and keep believing in yourself and your amazing family and friends. Bx

  62. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely day out you had, a chance to do something together and catch up on the vitamin D. I hope you visited a certain chocolate shop cafe with a long name whilst you were there!!! I think you would be worrying your outsource people wouldn't be doing it the Clarity way so the stress wouldn't be reduced if you know what I mean, much better to employ people from the local area who you can mould your way, people will wait for quality and understand the craftsmanship that goes into things. I reuse companies who provide the personal touch and will recommend them to friends. The colouring page is beautiful Barbara I will enjoy that when I get home, thank you.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello Brenda hi everyone, I fell asleep typing last night so can't remember who I said hello to or not!! ( don't you love the thump of the iPad on your face to wake you up!!) hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs all round and a special one for Brenda and Daisy xxx

  63. Kudos to you, Barbara, for sticking to your guns, and keeping your 'core' going as you intended. Outsourcing could be absolutely the wrong way to go, giving you both more headaches. I love what you produce, and design! Wish I could have jumped at the groovi system from the start, but had to reign in a bit, because I bent me credit card when I was in America. Rest assured I would have, if I could have!

  64. Thanks for the lovely download. It's nice to see you both looking relaxed and the UK coast, in half decent weather, does it very well.
    I agree with all the comments. Look after yourselves, keep the ethos and the singularity. Maybe ease back a bit on the plethora of super products; I argue with myself now to justify purchases and share my passion for crafting with my passion for spoiling my grandsons. At the end of the day you must do what's best for you, for now and for the future. It seems that matters to all of us. Carol x

  65. Can I just say you are doing very well as you are it is not worth killing yourselves just to please the world. We can wait for all your little surprises and also hang onto our monies a bit longer because they sure are a temptation, whatever one of your crafts we are into. I love Groovi.

  66. Barbara I think you should be extra proud of yourself. Your ethics is a real strong reason why clarity has the following it does your a lovely lady and are not greedy, you lovely manufacture top quality goods for us crafters and we know that each and every product will work fabulously well because you put your heart and soul into it. Can't wait to see the colouring book thank you for the free down load the kids will adore it as much as I do xxxx

  67. It must be lovely to be able to "make the break" like that and to be able to enjoy a walk along the beach in a relatively short space of time. You must do what is right for you and Dave, but then I am sure you know that especially after the scare you both had with Dave's health recently. I love Clarity and always have, the friendly staff, the excellent service and always a happy, helpful friendly ear when you have to make direct contact with the office. Never lose that Barbara as other big companies have done, it is what makes you so special at Clarity. Long may it continue but please put your health and happiness above everything else, no matter what, life is too short not to.
    Much love. xxxxx

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