All ready and set to go! xx

All ready and set to go! xx

Hello lovely peeps!
Thanks for popping in.
Although I can’t stay long.
Just got in the door from setting up at Ally Pally,
have to eat and make the picnic for the Clarity crew tomorrow,
and then decide what to wear on such an auspicious occasion.
Not only is it the first exhibition we’ve done since last November at the NEC – but I’m doing a Live hour TV show at 1pm too.
Our stand is looking pretty good.
This time last year, Groovi was still being developed!
We didn’t launch it until our Open Days in June!!!
My goodness.
That is astounding when you think about it. 
We have just bought laser machines No. 9 and 10.
Back then we had just bought No 3.
We have brought all the stencils and stamps which are selling well.
We figure that our online webshop carries everything.
So why take it all on the road??

Notice loads of open space for visitors to the stand….
there’s even a chair!
I’ll fight you for it!!!

Yes, all in all, a smart set up and absolutely no clutter,
which was our goal.
The only thing left to put up tomorrow morning is the artwork.

The guys from  HOCHANDA have got a pretty swish set up too!
John is a smashing bloke.
He is in charge backstage.

Adam (front) and Taff (back) are the ones who are going to make this streaming gig happen.
They’ve got some pretty impressive equipment, I must say.
Let’s just hope there’s no power cut 
and that the internet doesn’t go down!

But it’s as I always say.
We can put in all the action and hard work in the world.
But then we have to hand it over to the big fella in the sky. 
We can’t control the outcome – only the input. 
However, usually, all things being reasonable and equal, the result is in direct proportion to the effort invested.
Got to go.
Love & hugs

120 thoughts on “All ready and set to go! xx

  1. No I don't believe I am the first to comment – usually the last! Looking good Barb wish I was there. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. All the hard work has paid off and I am pleased to see the chair. My mam is always looking for THE chair! The last time I went to Ally Pally it was to a mouse show – yes that's right a mouse show. I was 8 and I met Johnie Morris. Those were the days. Wishing you success this weekend. Mush love Jayne

    1. Oh Jonnie Morris, I am jealous. Always loved his animal programs and the funny voices he did. I met John Nokes from Blue Peter once, he was lovely. X

  2. I can't watch live this time but I will be with you in spirit, and look.forward to.the catch up in the evening. I bet everyone is looking forward to a chat with you at the show. Have a great time,while I am looking forward to paddling in the sea for the first time for ages. xxx Maggie

    1. I was able to paddle on the Esplanade after breakfast. It hammered down but I stuck it out in a jumper until I started shivering. Where was my waterproof? About a quarter of a mile away in the car. Doh! I am tough!!! xxx Maggie

  3. I'm so excited. My first ever Ally Pally visit as I'm quite a newbie to the crafting world. Clarity is at the top of my list of places to visit tomorrow. I really hope I get to meet you and say hi. Love your work Barbara.. Sarah N x

  4. I will try to watch live but at least I know I can always get the show on catch up. Enjoy your chance to chat to all the customers and I hope everything goes well for you all. xx

  5. Well that looks very smart and just perfect! I hope all goes well over the weekend… But I'm betting you end up demoing just a little bit…
    Love and hugs!!! Xxx

  6. Hope it all goes really well – sadly I won't make it to this one as am going further up norf to take part in ower Sams first workshop, with Sally-Ann Moore and Vanessa Hann – we are having a little road trip from Peterborough to Teeside to take part and support Sam on her launch workshop xx
    Take Care – and hope its a good couple of days for you all
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  7. Well what a posh stand looking very sharp indeed.. have to record the show but the machine is set. Enjoy and sell up then you can you can have a kip in the back of the van on the way home 😉

  8. Well what a posh stand looking very sharp indeed.. have to record the show but the machine is set. Enjoy and sell up then you can you can have a kip in the back of the van on the way home 😉

  9. Everything looks great well done everyone! Good luck tomorrow but live shows are your norm do you will be brilliant like always. Good luck Hochanda at your first live show. Xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    All is looking good. I would love to be there but as I don't drive the train fare and 2 nights in a hotel and taxis etc make it just too expensive. I would have no money left to shop with. I will be ordering from the website. I hope all goes well ( I'm sure it will)
    Hugs from Chris X

  11. Evening Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison. Hope you are all well and being crafty, in the craft room that is and not thinking up new ways to smuggle your new stash in the house! Xx

    1. Evening Donna happy Saturday what you been up to today I've been clearing and packing up the sitting room my sons are going to decorate for me. I think I'm going to go ornament free there is a word for that but can't spell it Miss anyway less dusting more craft. hugs Dot.xx

    2. Hi Donna – feeling much better than yesterday. No crafting though. Went out with hubby, to help him choose new specs! It was nice to get out – before the rains come! Hugs Gilly x

    3. Evening Donna enjoy a crafting weekend I haven't crafted today had a Drs appointment it always tires me going out but going to craft over weekend if I can crafting hugs xxx

    4. Hi Donna
      Hope you've had a good day, I've been food shopping and cooking today, must get in the groove tomorrow to make a couple of birthday cards. Have a good weekend xxx

    5. Hi Donna, hope you've had a lovely day. Like Diane been food shopping, then been up to our Son's for the evening which has been very nice. No crafting today, hopefully will get some done tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend. Love Pam xxx

    6. Hi Donna. I had to laugh at your comment about smuggling stash into the house! I often breathe a sigh of relief if I get to the postie first hahaha. Hugs xxx

  12. The stand looks great and I hope everything goes brilliantly. I'm sure it will. The Groovi phenomenon really has taken off. Congratulations, also to HOCHANDA who have improved so much since the early days. Carol

  13. It's incredible that Groovi has only been out that long with so much choice of plates and designs. It's a fantastic product as is all of Clarity. Love the coloured parchment paper too one sided brilliant. Hope all goes well, looking forward to the show.

  14. I can see this all going along tomorrow brilliantly . Hope Hocanda has it on catch up ,I'm going to set my alarm and try to watch it live at 8:am USA time . Joy now to you and your crew and all you marvelous bloggers .jan

  15. Evening Barbara looking good looks like plenty room to get around promise not to knock anything over have good show tomorrow will watch tomorrow evening as out during day and will be there Sunday bright and early see you then try to rest up as much as possible and you use the chair xxx

  16. Your presentation looks wonderful. You will do great with the live show. You are such a pro. Will be watching on the Internet. Hugs and best wishes from all your fans in Canada.

  17. Looking good. I know it will be hard work over the next couple of days but I hope you will enjoy it as well. I'll be watching at 1pm tomorrow with my bowl of soup.

    1. Ahh but Friday night is wine night enjoy… the funny thing is Julia my son tried to purchase my usual German wine tipple in Frankfurt and was told that it was rubbish and the only the Alky's drink it there …nice…cheers..xx

  18. Looking good Barbara the stand looks great and I know that takes a lot off work have a great day and chill and watch the stock fly.
    I have always known in my retail working life that customer relations and great products go hand in hand so just relax and you have both…XX
    Take care..Dot..xx

  19. Hi Barbara – well the Clarity Team have certainly pulled it off!! It's all looking good – enjoy the weekend, and I am sure that your tv slot will go just fine! Gilly x

    1. HI Sheila, Morag, Alsionn, Diane, Pam, Dot, Brenda, Pen, Jackie, Sue57, Julia and Chris M – hope that you have all had an enjoyable day. No crafting for me – just a trip out with hubby to help choose his specs and had some nice 'chats' with the staff there. Nice to feel better today! Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hello, so glad you're feeling better today. Our family went home just after lunch and we had a tidy up and sort out and started to get things together for visiting them tomorrow – 190 miles to drive.
      Feeling shattered now so off to bed. Hope tomorrow is crafty for you xx

    3. Hi Gilly, no crafting for me today either, just some housework, food shopping, working 4pm- 8pm and I am now drinking too much wine. I have terrible shoulder and neck pain at the moment and if a little too much alcohol helps me sleep so be it. I know that's not the answer but I could do with a good night's sleep and I rarely drink theses days. Not working tomorrow and I fancy getting groovi – that's if I can remember which book I put my half finished pieces in…Donna, help!

    4. Thank you Sheila and Chris – hope that you can do some craft over the weekend too Sheila. Hope that you feel less tired tomorrow Chris – hope that you have a great time visiting the family – safe journey! Hugs to you both Gilly xx Think it's my bedtime too! Sleep well!xxx

    5. Oh Julia – just noticed your comment! Sorry to hear that you are in pain – a little wine is medicinal you know! Sleep well, and I hope that you can find the right book! Hugs Gilly x

    6. Hi Gilly, no crafting for me either. Lots of housework at mum's, then a call from my neighbour – did I know there were two rooks in my lounge? They had come down the chimney and were enormous! They had made quite a mess and pulled my voile curtains down. Bit of hassle gettig them to leave especially as there was a cat waiting at the door to catch them if they flew too low!

    7. Hello Gilly
      Food shopping and cooking here today so we can hit the garden over the weekend if the weathers good, although I'm hoping to squeeze in a little groovi to relax. Have a good weekend xx

    8. Hi Sue – it sounds as though you have had a very challenging day!! I hope that you have a better weekend! Hi Diane – good luck with the gardening, I hope that your weather will be better than ours – our forecast is not good! Looking forward to the show tomorrow – Hugs to you both, and I really am going to bed now, Gilly xxx

    9. Hi Gilly, must have missed you as I'm late tonight. Glad you were able to get out today even if it was only to get hubby's specs. I feel better if I just go out for a coffee and home again. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Love Pam xxx

    10. Hi Shelia, mum is slowly getting over her fall. Bruises everywhere! She woke me at 3.15 this morning – couldn't find her bedroom, when I took her to it she insisted it wasn't hers and she couldn't stay there because someone would call the police. Took nearly an hour to get her to go back to bed, then I couldn't get back to sleep- ended up reading for two hours! Will try and catch up on sleep this afternoon – after watching Barbara of course! Hope you have a good day and thank you for asking after mum. Best wishes, Sue

    11. Hi Alison and Sheila – hope that you will enjoy some crafting today, and it's nearly time to watch Barbara, no doubt you will be joining me there! Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hello Dot
      Oh I like the idea of minimalistic, you can fly round with the dusty in double quick time and have more time to craft! I have too many nicnacs to do minimalistic! Don't hide your craft stuff whilst packing things away. Xx

    2. Hi Dot, hope you've had a good day. Minimalistic would sound good to my other half but I like my ornaments so it won't happen. Must admit most of them are behind glass so dont require dusting so often. Have a great weekend Dot. You'll be busy with the refreshments while your sons are decorating for you, won't you, but groovy doesn't take up much room so you may be able to fit some in. Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Dot,
      Hope the decorating goes well for you today. Good that your sons are doing it for you. I hate all the upheaval and Dave just moans all the time he's got a roller in his hands! I keep thinking about going a little minimalistic but every time I go to throw an ornament away I get a bit sentimental! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    4. Hi Dorothy. Here's another one who just couldn't do minimalistic!! I feel cosy and snug in me clutter! A bit like Alison, everything is connected to either a person or a can't do it.
      Friday night, wine night sounds good to me!!
      Hugs xxx

  20. Looks Smashing, hope all goes well tomorrow will record the show ( important workshop to go to). Clifton cars called in for work, On a Sunday!! So will see you then. Lots of love Jx

  21. Evening Barbara Dave and clarity family have a wonderful weekend so looking forward to your live hour with hochanda they have taken to showing off the crafting world so refreshing .hope you have a sell out lots of hugs to take with you xxx

    1. Evening Diana Brenda pam morag Julia Alison sue55 pen and all my dear blog friends thinking of you all and hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, with you in mind I am hoping to get crafty tomorrow. I feel in the mood for groovi but I'd also like to do the calendar challenge but I haven't received my canvases yet. I might try it on some linen card as I have some birthdays coming up and the bird stamps are one of my favourites at the moment.

    3. Hi Sheila, have a good weekend and don't overdo it. Remember craft a little then rest a little. Hope your GP appointment went OK and that you get some pain free time. Love Pam xxx

    4. Hello my dear blog friends Drs went fine thank you
      Your hugs are special Dorothy hugs back .
      Julie enjoy your crafting I've got some linen card might have a play with it .or start Mays calendar challange as its another canvas or might groovi oh dear so many crafty things to play with
      Hugs Diana xx
      Sleep time night xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, glad Drs went well. I'm hoping to attempt the calendar challenge today as I've got the house to myself – yeah! Love and hugs, Alison xx

  22. Wishing you well from Spain an avid follower and thank you for your inspiration I was puzzling over an article I have to right for a freebie mag here in Spain and your comments have just placed the right thought in my mind. So its not just crafting that you inspire me with,thankyou.

  23. Really looking forward to Sunday at Ally Pally (cannot do Saturday – the MOJ calls!) Please, please save me some coloured parchment – other goodies to long a list to tell you.
    It cannot come soon enough to see all the lovely Clarity people.
    Your stand will be the best.
    Love Anne (Reading)x

  24. Hi Barb, I missed the shows last weekend and the buffering on catch up was awful so I'm looking forward to the live feed on Saturday and, more importantly, to the show itself on Sunday. The stand looks great and the Rose Window is my first stop. Hope you have a great weekend, Karen x

  25. The Stand looks super, well done to all. I'm sure everything will go well, yes it's in the lap of the gods now. You've put in all the hard work so sit back and relax when you can. Do hope your neck is less painful now and doesn't play up tomorrow. Love Pam xxx

  26. Hi Barbara
    The stands looks fabulous, lots of room to wander and a chair – perfect, not to mention all the beautiful Clarity goodies. I hope you have fun and the show goes well. Good luck to hochanda on their first show, the set looks good. Take care
    Love Diane xx

    1. Hi Brenda, Pam Morag and Alison hope you are all ok. Enjoy watching Barbara tomorrow, wonder if the cushions will be out! Sending hugs all round xx

    2. Hi Diane, hope you have had a good day, have you been making cakes to snack on whilst watching Barbara show tomorrow. Hoping to watch it on catchup tomorrow night. Going to the show Sunday can't really take cushions I'll have too much to carry ha!ha! Got my list all ready. Have a great weekend. Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Diane,
      Yep I reckon the cushions will be out. Some coloured parchment ended up in my clarity basket yesterday, but I do like the look of the Japanese plates. Love and hugsAlison xx

    4. Hi Diane. Yes, Barbara's show was brilliant. Just as we all knew it would be. I've been banned from buying..just for the moment!! haahaa! Hugs xxx

  27. Hi Brenda, Morag, Alison, Pen and Sue57, hope you've had a good day. Been gearing up for Sunday at Ally Pally, hoping the weather will be good as Hubby likes watching the planes going in and out of Heathrow from outside A P. If it's overcast he'll be bored stiff waiting around. That's one of the reasons he doesn't mind taking me for. Been lucky except for one time. He takes a paper and book just in case. Have a great weekend. Love to you all, and all you lovely bloggers. xxx

    1. Hi Pam,
      I be hoping for good weather then for you tomorrow then you can have longer in the show as hubby will be content. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Oh, how brilliant for you Pam to be able to get to Ally Pally. Have a great time. You could always do a detour to Durham and I could hop in your bag!!! I'll be thinkin gof you anyway. Hugs xxx

  28. Stand looks great. Time has flown since Groovi was launched …and what a huge success it's been. Who would have thought. .? Sure you'll be fine for the live show. My recorder is set but hope to watch it live. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  29. Hi Barb,
    The stand looks fabulous and worth all of the effort. Hope everything goes well for Clarity and also Hochanda. Really looking forward to the show which I'll be watching on my iPad. Good luck to Paul and his demonstrating ( although he won't need it). Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  30. Don't those stands look fabulous? Wish i could come in person but then i'd have now't to spend with you, so another time it will have to be. I hope your hochanda hour has gone well & that the whole event proves to be worth all your hard work!
    Hugs, Alison xxxx

  31. Hi Barbara just watched you live from Ally Pally how fab were you! I had trouble streaming at the beginning but it got going after a while. The stand looks amazing and room to move around, sorry it's too far to come form Cheshire.
    Your demonstrations were great, you are such a brilliant natural teacher, I love watching you. The Japanese plates aren't my thing but the samples are beautiful. I may have to buy the carp plate, as it will be so useful for men's cards. I am waiting to hear from Sazz about my voucher for winning the March Clarity Challenge and keep changing my mind what to buy haha!
    Please pretty please will you consider making a baby Groovi nested star plate as I could see that will be so useful to have?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I am sure it will be fabulous for you. xx

  32. I can see by the above comment that your live hour went well Barbara and hope the rest of the weekend is a success. Take it easy when you can! x

  33. Fantastic – see you Sunday – Mike and I are so looking forward to it as usual :). Just about to watch your live tv session which we had to record. 🙂

  34. All that hard work paid off – loved seeing you live from Ally Pally on the computer, although I thought you might dissolve into giggles right at the beginning. Hope you are resting your neck and enjoying chatting with the masses? Susan x

  35. Hi Barbara. Your show was brilliant. I've never really been into Oriental, but after all these years, today you have changed my mind! The demos were fabulous. I hope you felt as well as you looked. Just sit back now and enjoy the chat! Hugs xxx

  36. Hello Barbara
    I've just got back from a wonderful day at Ally Pally. It was an unexpected pleasure to see you demo the Groovi grids and scissors at the stall. Hope that you don't suffer too much tonight. The live shows were great to see and recognise so many crew from the 'dark side'! Must go and unpack my goodies and try out the Waterhouse, bird feeder and coloured parchment paper. This is the first time I have blogged on here even though I have been following it and all the bloggers stories for a while now. X

  37. Everything looked beautiful today. Lots more 'must haves' for me. Everything Clarity is a 'must have' though, isn't it? Well done, Barb. You made it look easy. Again.

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