Groovi Colour test and more Blog Offers

Groovi Colour test and more Blog Offers

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in!
Continuing our little Bloggy sale, 
I was lying in bed this morning, 
thinking about something blue for Thursday, 
and this particular piece of artwork kept popping into my head.
I really like it. 
Susan Moran inspired it, 
and I was so chuffed when I added the blue to the back, 
I shan’t forget it. 
I blogged it a month ago, if you want to see the step by step pattern build-up, here it is below:
Lacy corner on four sides
Fill the gaps with the same corner.
White work on the leaves and flower bases.
Colour in with two different blue pencils.
Dust back with talc to get rid of paw prints.
Load Brush with Denim and brush colour in around the edges,
working from behind and avoiding the centre.
Add a message in the middle 
using the Occasions and Relatives Borders.
Flip over and be chuffed. 
Be very very chuffed.

On a scale of 1-10 for feeling delighted with the result, 
this one definitely pings a 10.

I wonder whether it would look as good in another colour….
Only one way to find out!
Eggplant is one of my faves….
But the colouring in needs to change too.
Have to go in from the front for this, 
to colour over the top.
Yep! I thought it would be fab!!!

Added a little pink and purple colour over the blue from the top,
just to check…
I used Denim Adirondack here in the original,
but believe it or not, we have sold out and cannot get any more.
(Gasp. Other blues are available, as they say! 
The Distress Pad Blues work, too)
 I reckon there are several colours this technique
would look super with,
 so let me offer you a few other Adirondack ink pads at a special price.
We have a limited supply of Adirondacks left, 
so if when they’re gone, they’re gone. 
If you like Adirondacks as much as I do, then stock up!
Now for the rest of our little Bloggy Sale though.
I’d say 20% of the Lacy Corner Border, the one I used here.
Oh. And let’s the thing we rattle through to the sale too!
Right. That’ll do for a flash sale.
Offers end at midnight tomorrow.
Love & hugs,

84 thoughts on “Groovi Colour test and more Blog Offers

  1. I hope you are feeling a little better this morning, Barbara. It is such a shame that we have lost the Adirondacks. I have been frantically seeking out the re-inkers for them and stocking up on those too. I need to be careful about adding those inks to the relevant pads, having just added Black Soot to my mini Pumice Stone distress pad. Half an hour under a running tap dealt with that mishap. That is a beautiful parchment piece of art, the kind of thing I aspire to achieve. If you are going for a walk today, I hope your weather is brighter and warmer than ours. Have a great day. Love, Maggie xxx

  2. A fabulous piece of parchment work. I love using ink with parchment. Have you used your Brayer yet!!!!
    A couple of my backgrounds have been done this way. Even used torn copy paper for the hills. It is a shame about the adirondack inks….they are fabby to work with. I love the smokey effect of the black adirondack has on parchment when making a vignette.
    I think I may have to plump for the inky sale, thank you for that.
    Have a marvellous day Barbara, hugs to all xxx

  3. Morning Barbara, amazing sale, but this piece of parchment is fantastic, Susan has done you proud as do all of your design team, I am in awe of all of them, so creative and looking forward to seeing some of them at the Open day.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Wonderful. Hadn't realised the Adirondack inks were being discontinued – yikes! Might have to make my mind up quickly on what I'm spending my clarity voucher on!! Hope you feel better today, Susan x

  5. Sooo pretty, Thanks for sharing and for being so generous with Sales and, inspiration and yourself and…. Oh everything . Hope you're feeling better love you Jilly xxxxxxx

  6. Love the shading you have done on this, ordered the ink pads as I too love the inks and it's such a good bargain, I also have a stash of the bottles in my cupboard. I was trying to get some inspiration for a card earlier, I think I will try this design, I usually try and put my own twist on it but this is just perfect as it is xx

  7. I adore that blue on the parchment Barbara, it really makes the white work pop, and it is such a shame they are discontinuing the Adirondacks as they are excellent inks and the colours are wonderful. I hope you are feeling a little better today. x

  8. I love this one too. Think I have denim amongst mine but don't think I have the ones you have on offer so will put in an order… I know I've got some more A5 parchment here somewhere but currently cutting A4 in half ! So will take advantage of that too, thank you very much ! xx

    1. Hi Jackie – thanks for your message yesterday, it's good to hear that your husband is doing well. I do know that my hubby will have to have the hormone treatment – whether he chooses radiotherapy or brachytherapy. We are having a day off decision making today and will start again tomorrow. Thanks again Gilly xx

  9. Thank you so much for the explanation. This is really gorgeous! I will try this with Distress inks, because I don't have Adirondacks.
    Lia xx

  10. I loved this piece of work the first time you showed it Barbara and I love it even more now. I shall definitely be trying this technique and being braver with my efforts – if you always do what you always did……… Lol. Love the different colours too. Hope you are feeling a bit better today – make sure you rest enough. xxx

  11. Hi Barbara I just love this blue on the parchment well the lacy corners are a must have so I think a wee visit to the website is coming up cushions on see you in a bit.
    Have a good day and take it easy wishing you back to full health soon …xx
    Take care….Love Dot…xx

    1. Hello Dot
      Enjoy your spending spree! I've put a few logs in the dry so we should be able too keep the campfire burning over the soggy holiday weekend. I'll bring marshmallows too, with some Easter eggs they should keep us going! Hope you are ok xxx

    2. Hello Dot, a good old spend is just the landing! I'll bring a nice big bag of taties and sausages. Once we all start on the songs we might be at the camp a good while! xxx

  12. Beautiful groovi work blue is my favourite colour hope your feeling brighter another lovley sale must see what inks I've got might be tempted to the lace corner as have the others already extra parchment always comes in handy sending get well hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Diane pam Brenda gilly morag Alison have you got your cushions at the ready mine are on the side ready haven't used them yet .
      I'm having another crafting day only a little just started my April calendar challange a little bit each day helps keep my depression at bay .lots of hugs I'm sending your way thinking of you all and hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello Sheila
      It's good to know a little bit of crafting a day is helping keep the depression ay bay ( that should be an nhs slogan!). I had to use my cushions the other day, the lilies were too tempting and the flower baby plates fell in my basket too! Sending you hugs xx

    3. Hi Sheila – it's good to hear that you are still being able to do a little crafting each day. I understand totally what you mean about it keeping the depression at bay! Enjoy your lace corners! Lots of caring hugs on their way to you, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, that's my plan for the weekend, I feel less confident with a canvas but I'm giving it a go. I'm sure the step by step instructions will be read a few times before I start! Now what all this? Not used your cushions yet? Well, I think I need to give you a wee shove or Brenda will have eaten all the sausages before you get here! Xx

  13. I do love the contrast between the blue and the white. I'll need to stock up on the ink pads though. Will we be seeing the groovi grid patterns soon, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has come up with?

  14. Hello Barbara
    I love this piece of artwork, I can remember you doing it and was amazed as you put the ink on the back and the white work popped – stunning. I've been playing with my Lacey corners and boarders today and managed to get a square that wasn't too off course! I too hadn't realised the Adirondacks were being discontinued – why do companies do that! I must have a look through my pads and see if I need any. Love the way this works with the purple too, really beautiful. Great offers again today, thank you, you are being really generous. Hope you are feeling better today and the walking is working.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello Donna – yeah happy holidays, kick off those shoes,do a happy dance and eat an Easter egg!! Xx
      Hi Brenda hope you and Daisy are ok xxx
      Hi Pam how's your back these days? Have you got your appointment yet? Xxx
      Hi Gilly, hi Morag and the lovely blog people, hope everyone is ok xxx

    2. Hi Diane – I couldn't help noticing your comment earlier about the marshmallows, now that is SO tempting! Just shows how little willpower I have got!! Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Diane, shoes are off, watch is off (ruled by the clock at work so I don't wear one weekends or holidays!) hmmmmmmm now where is my cream egg? How do you eat yours? Xx

  15. What a beautiful, serene and majestic piece of art work. I had a sneak preview on my work computer but could not comment then! Been a s….. day – pardon me – full of absolute jobsworth people and "customers"
    Its over now – move on says Barbara. I am going to try my hand at the above. Thank you so much. Your blog and all the bloggers mean so much to me. They truly keep me from being taken away in a white van, so to speak. Happy Easter to everyone whatever you do or do not do.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Hi Barbara – this is just such a wonderful piece of art work and truly inspiring. I hope that you are feeling a bit better today, although I do have it on good authority that you are looking a bit pale! I phoned Clarity Towers earlier today to see if my order for my Groovi Starter Kit had gone through ok, and I asked how you were. I was told that it is on it's way to me!! So today I have been watching the first 2 of your You-Tube videos on the Groovi system. I am SO looking forward to having a go! No long now! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi Morag, Donna, Alison,Pam, Brenda, Pen and Sue57 – I hope that you have all had a good day and kept out of the rain! I have been resting in bed today, and even admit to having had a little snooze this afternoon. Just about to get up now, and watch some tv for the evening. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I hope your snooze did you good. Nothing like a nap in the afternoon I say. I have had a reasonable day today. Mum has been OK – no repeat of yesterday. My brother is coming to visit on Saturday so that will be good. I hope your Groovi stuff arrives soon. I am sure you will love it. I find it very relaxing and it is lovely when something turns out well. Take care, Best wishes, Sue

    3. Hi Sue – glad that you have had a better day, and good that your brother will be there to help too! I am looking forward to learning to Groovi and if it helps me to relax, that has to be good. Hugs Gilly x

  17. What a beautiful demo Barbara. I loved this when you first showed it and have done a few different versions. Thank you. I hope you are feeling better today and enjoying your walks. xxx

  18. Hi Donna Gilly Alison Pam Brenda and all of our lovely blog friends. I hope you are all having a good
    Brenda, I hope it went well with the Social Work person x
    Special thoughts for Sue57 and Dawn xx

    1. Hi Morag – we obviously were hitting the keyboards at the same moment, some of our comments are at the exact same time! We must be in tune this evening! Hope that you have had a good day. I expect that you will have seen my comment (just above yours) by now, about being in bed today! Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hi Morag, thank you for your good wishes. I have had a good day – had a bit of Groovi time while mum slept. She is also having a good day. I hope you have had a great day. Best wishes, Sue

  19. Hi Hope you are feeling better today. Have you had your walk today, or are you starting at the weekend?. I plan to be good this holiday and get back to doing something! My stamping arm is super strong 😉 XX

  20. Hi Barbara,
    If I´m right that was my favourite when you showed it before.
    The colours fit so well together…
    Happy Easter to all of you
    Rolf xxx

  21. Hi Barbara! Hope your feeling much better today?
    Thanks for a great demo and I just love what you have done (must give this one a try) and what a deal on the inks too, will have to check if I have all of what you used, if not then it looks as if I will have to buy them…… Oh what a shame if I do, beats a Easter egg.
    Crafty hugs xx

  22. I late piping on tonight hope your day has bee good just love that groovi would love to be able to repay that hopefully one day doo if I keep practicing night night xxx

  23. Hello Barb,
    You sound much chirpier today and I think this is just so beautiful. As you say, it will look gorgeous in other colours. I'm away to see what I need in the Adirondack line. Why do they do this, stop manufacturing things that I need!!!
    Maureen xxx

  24. Evening Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Gilly, Norah, Alison and Pen, hope you're all well and have had a good day without the rain we've had. Late tonight, had lunch out with friends, came back to make a box for a card and wasted 6 A3 pieces of Centura card, must anoid with myself, probably too tired as was up until 1am this morning finishing a card, then I had Barbara's washing machine head and didn't get to sleep for ages. Been trying to relax and watched Cilla the DVD. Off to bed now. Good wishes to all you bloggers. Love Pam xxx

    1. Sorry Morag meant to be you not Norah, blooming predictive text. Still got to try and make the box tomorrow. Usually have no trouble as I have the crafters companion box maker. Never mind.xx

    2. Hello Pam. I answer to almost anything haha! I hope by now you've had a good sleep, and I'm sure you will make your box perfectly today. I hope you can salvage some of your centura card for toppers or something xx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Pleased you seem to be much better. Absolutely love this piece of parchment work. When you did this on tv, I watched in awe as you did it step by step. Loved how you coloured the parchment too. All in all gorgeous. Thank you for the Adirondack and parchment offers. I've got all of the Groovi offers so I will just concentrate on the other two.

    Hi to all my blog friends, hope you are all ok. Good news ( well it is for me!) , had to take Scamp to vet yesterday for further X-ray on her hip and the vet put the fear of God in me as she said Scamp had developed a heart murmur and they might not be able to anaesthetise her! This wasn't her usual vet and I was so worried. Well, when I went back to reception I saw her usual vet who was just about to go into surgery and told her and she was very surprised but said to leave it with her. A few long hours later, got phone call to say that Scamp had had the X-ray and her hip had healed well and that the two vets who have dealt with her during this traumatic five weeks couldn't hear any murmur and there was nothing to worry about. It was probably because she was so worked up about being back at the vets. Well, I was so relieved and it was brilliant news as Scamp is no longer confined to her cage. She spent last night either hiding or investigating places. I suppose it was so strange for her. It was like when we first brought her to our house from the rescue centre years ago. I'm pleased to say, she is back to her usual self this morning thankfully. The cage is going into the garage today- yeah! Love to all of you, Alison xxxxx

  26. Hello Alison. Doing a happy dance for you (can you feel the ground shaking from yours haha) I know how worried you've been about Scamp. I'm thrilled for you. Such a relief!! xxx

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