Good Friday. Really?

Good Friday. Really?

Hi there,
Good Friday. 
To be honest, I really never feel happy about Good Friday.
There wasn’t much good about it at all, 
if you read what it says in the Big Book.
Looking on the bright side is one thing, but I can’t see anything positive about flogging somebody and hanging them up on a cross to die.
Sounds pretty barbaric to me. 
The Germans call it Karfreitag (Sorrowful Friday) 
which sounds more appropriate)
There we are. Friday’s blog a Private peek.
Please don’t quote the Christian doctrine at me;
I am fully aware of the Ascension theory. 
Gets off orange box, looks out to the trees, 
says sorry to God for what we humans are collectively capable of. 
And I also don’t think that trying to flog as in sell something on this particular Friday is appropriate either. 
It just doesn’t sit well with me.
Am I getting old and grumpy?
So we’ll leave this one out on the Bloggy Sale, and take a look at the results from the Grid competition from last week instead, shall we?
I showed you a series of simple Groovi piercing and embossing tags, and invited you to decipher the ways they were done.
You mostly got the right grids, diagonal or straight.
the 2 tags to the left and right are done with straight grids; 
the 3 in the centre are diagonal. 
You emboss from the back and prick from the front,
so from the left, tags 3 (some and some) 
and 6 are pierced from the front.
I invited you to try out some other patterns, and wow! Loads of great grid patterns! Let me show you a few…
Impressive, or what??
How do you pick a winner though?
Close your eyes…..
Well done to everybody, 
but a £20 Gift Voucher will be going to
Wendy Thorburn .
Well done Wendy and everybody who joined in.
Thank you for getting involved.
Makes this daily blogging lark worthwhile 
when you know there’s a crowd of you!!
Now it’s time for Paul and myself to get prepping for his Sunday shows.
I hope you can tune in to Paul and Clarity on HOCHANDA
Easter Sunday 11am 3pm and 6pm.
All the shops are shut, 
He’s got some pretty cool new Groovi Plates and Punches to show off,
and it’s going to be raining, so see you there!!!
love and hugs,

112 thoughts on “Good Friday. Really?

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam gilly morag Alison sue 55 happy Easter crafting to you all thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog I've managed a little more crafting today on my calendar blog challange ready for April resting again now xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I'm so pleased for you, that you have done a little crafting today, it's a great achievement. I am hoping that the postie brings my Groovi Starter Kit tomorrow! Lots of hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Did you enjoy your puzzles ? Xx
      I do hope your postie brings your groovi soon for you to enjoy getting in the groovi xxx
      Hi Alison I have to start early so can spread it over days especially while I'm feeling brighter xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, you are ahead with your calendar challenge, well done. I haven't even done this months. Won't manage it now. Managed to make the box for the Wedding card after the catastrophe last night. Hope you've had a good day, Happy Easter to you. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, happy Easter. I am glad you have been able to do some crafting today. I have managed to finish an Easter card – just in time! Best wishes, Sue

    6. Hi Sheila it's good to hear you've been crafting again, this medication seems to let you do a little bit each day which is really good. Julian's been on call today and it's been manic so our trip out was curtailed, went out finally to the beach and had a cheeky ice cream whilst watching the sun set! Xx

  1. Totally agree with the 'Good Friday' terminology and even more so of what we a humans are capable of having read a desperately sad story a short while ago regarding a murder in Glasgow.
    On a happier note, went out to our beloved Ythan Estuary for a walk this morning, saw the usual eider ducks and seals; on return heard, then saw this little bird hovering and chirping. Looked up my mental description once home to find it was a linnet; knew of them but haven't heard or seen before. Lovely.
    Great Groovi patterns from all – for once found I could not have half an eye on the TV as full concentration was required!
    Easter blessings! ;~}

  2. Hi Barb,
    I have to admit I've always thought Good Friday was a strange name and I agree that it wouldn't be appropriate for the blog goodies offer today. Wow, the Groovi designs are brilliant – well done to everyone to sent them in and a special congratulations to Wendy. I'll have to have a go at recreating the designs to build up a little library. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi to all blog friends, hope you've all had a good day. Most of mine has been making sure Scamp doesn't charge around too much now she has her freedom again. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  3. Congratulations Wendy! Lovely designs all round. I've been having a go and found out if you prick from the back you get a rough finish – like Braille! Certainly need a bit of practise!

    I was thinking about Good Friday on my walk this morning and on Thursday I saw all the children coming out of church with their palm crosses and it brought back memories of all the years I did that. We always used to be so pleased with our palms. I was tempted to ask if there was a spare one but I didn't …. It reminded me of the hymn we used to sing 'There is a green hill far away'. I haven't been to church for years but I think it's something I will do again in time.

    Happy Easter everyone. X x

    1. Hi Jackie – 3rd time lucky I hope! I also remember bringing home palm crosses, and pinning them on the wall. I also loved that hymn – and I too haven't been to church regularly for quite some time. Maybe now would be a good time to change that – a very Happy Easter to you too. Gilly xxx

    2. I remember bringing home Palm crosses as well. Also loved that hymn, used to sing it in school assembly coming up to Easter too. Good memories aren't they. Happy Easter Jackie to you and yours.xx

  4. Wow what fantastic patterns everyone has done. I did a couple but then life got in the way. I'm not sure mine come up to the standard of those above though. Lol. Still practice makes perfect or so they say. Have a fun time prepping, if I know you two there will be a few laughs along the way. Looking forward to watching Paul on Sunday too. xxx

  5. I love the patterns, I have just received the grids and and am enjoying playtime with them. Looking forward to seeing Paul, curious about the punches! Happy Easter one and all. X

  6. Afternoon Barbara, try teaching a class of children why its called Good Friday!
    I have had a very enjoyable afternoon doing my first Clarity puzzle. Pleased with the results and have learnt a few things about what to do/not to do for the next time.

    Congratulations to all super groovi tag patterns! I will have a play this holiday. Oh, and I finally understand…………balls to the back, pricks to the front!! XX

    1. Hmmm, I was going to say you're a bit slow on the uptake, but now I'm thinking about it, does that mean I've got a dirty mind and your an angel!!!! I understood right off!!!!! xx

    1. Hi Donna, Happy Easter to you. What's the tip for doing and not doing on the puzzle, I have ordered them. Lovely day here too, but forecast not good for the rest of the holiday. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    2. Hi Pam, the puzzles are great fun. I found that inking them with a brush or sponge works well. Distress inks cover nicely, the colour needs building up so keep going with it, you can spritz water on them. The only do not I found so far is not to press the stamp on for too long as archival ink dries quick and its hard to get it off without the puzzle falling apart! Had fun with it though. Xx

    3. Thanks everyone – I think she's worn herself out. She's fast asleep in her basket. Unfortunately that probably means she'll be running about all night! Xxx

    4. Alison send her here, I'm usually talked into playing the throw the pompoms game at 3,4am!!!!! Glad to hear she's fully recovered, I can imagine your relief and happiness today xx

    5. Hi Donna , oh you have made me laugh, that's not going to be forgotten in a hurry is it!! Sounds like you are going to have a lovely playing holiday – fabulous. It's been lovely and sunny here xxx

  7. Hi Barbara – I totally agree with everything that you have said about today, and I agree that Sorrowful Friday is a much more suitable name for it. Those grid patterns are wonderful, and congratulations to all of those very clever people. Looking forward to watching Paul on tv on Sunday – and seeing the new tempting goodies. Hugs Gilly x

  8. Hi Morag,Diane,Pam, Dot, Brenda,Pen,Dawn and Sue57 – I hope that you have all been enjoying some beautiful weather today! It has been gorgeous here, and I managed to get 2 loads of washing dry today, and did about 5 minutes gardening – I really enjoyed it. However, I am behaving and resting now – and listening to hubby cutting down some bits and pieces in the garden. Easter blessings to you all – hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly. Well done with the washing! It has been a glorious day today. So good to see some sunshine. Fingers crossed your Groovi stuff comes tomorrow. Happy Easter, best wishes, Sue

    2. Hi Gilly, lovely day here too. We've been up to fetch the grandchildren and taken them to Evesham Park, which was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Glad you felt well enough to do a little gardening. Have a lovely Easter and take care. Love Pam xxx

    3. Hi Gilly it's good to hear you've had a good day and you are behaving now. It's been gorgeous here too, what a shame rain is forecast for the rest of the weekend xx

  9. Afternoon Barbara! Sorrowful Friday is a better name as far as what today commemorates. However for me today has been a very good productive Friday!
    Well done Wendy. All the patterns are fabulous and every one is a winner!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  10. Afternoon Barbara! Sorrowful Friday is a better name as far as what today commemorates. However for me today has been a very good productive Friday!
    Well done Wendy. All the patterns are fabulous and every one is a winner!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  11. I totally agree with your feelings about selling today. Easter Sunday is the one day in the year when shops cannot open. The name of Good Friday is supposed to be from God Friday and sometimes known as Holy Friday. Well done to all those who created those beautiful Groovi patterns, and to Wendy for winning the challenge. I had every intention of entering but the week vanished at the speed of light. I hope to be recording Paul's shows on Sunday, but that depends on how scared of me my DVD recorder is. It seems to have developed a life of its own and is probably due for the bin. The trouble is that you keep giving us all these beautiful new things we just have to have. Make the most of the sunshine today. Hope you are feeling better. Love Maggie xxx

  12. Very impressive patterns. Sorry I could not join in but my plates have not arrived yet. Looking forward to seeing Paul on Sunday, I'm sure he will give me some ideas. I do so like to see and hear him (on the Clarity phone). He certainly is a very talented crafter.
    Love and best wishes to you all
    Anne (Reading)

  13. Well impressed with all the patterns that were sent in, absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to Wendy for winning. Happy Easter to you and your family, looks like it'll be a wet one. I agree with you maybe not appropriate to have,a sale today. Love Pam xxx

  14. Such beautiful work from everyone and congrats to Wendy. I'll have to record Paul's shows on Sunday, and still have some of your last one day special to watch! My positive for today was that my first ever attempt at making hot cross buns went quite well, and they looked the part and tasted OK – not as moist as Tesco's though! Maybe next year…Susan x

  15. Easter Wishes Barbara, really looking forward to more Groovi with Paul on Sunday. There really are some very talented groovers out there looking at the lovely patterns above.

  16. I certainly agree with your sentiments today Barbara and with you sticking to your principals regarding 'selling' today. Hope you and your family have a great Easter Weekend.
    The patterns are all gorgeous. Congratulations to Wendy on winning the competition.
    Hugs xxx

  17. Hi Diane, Dot, Brenda, Alison and Pen, have a lovely Easter, hope you've had a good and sunny day today. Best wishes for Easter to all on the blog. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  18. Hello to all my blog friends. I feel quite Blessed that my list of names is now too long write !!! But all of you dear ladies know who you are!
    I've been busy varnishing today and yesterday. I love renovating furniture tho' I'm so pleased when it's done! But you know what it's like when you get an idea in your head!
    Happy Easter and Hugs to every one of you. xxxxx

    1. Thanks for the advice and info the other day Morag, much appreciated and helpful. I lose sight that it's my home and I could chuck them out if I wanted. I'm that used to them all being like they're the boss and in control, which they are really. But what you're saying is like I still have ultimate control if I need to. And I hadn't thought about Little House/Waltons being on youtube at all. I'm going to be learning video capture software for teaching Dot how to record Barbara's shows soon, so if if the free software works I could record from youtube and burn them onto DVD's for watching on the telly. A lot cheaper, and I could miss out the sad episodes that way too. xx

  19. I just read up the origin of the name Good Friday. Like so many modern words that change in in meaning (eg 'wicked' and 'sick' can mean that something is really good!! And Gay means something quite different to what it meant when I was young)) so 'good' at one time meant 'Holy' -so it was really Holy Friday. Just a change in the meaning of the word.
    I like the offerings of new patterns with the grid -well done to all.

  20. Everyone produced some lovely patterns. Still resisting the Groovi system but at some point I will crack! Been taken up with caring for my beloved old doggy friend Jack over the last few days who is in pain with his arthritic joints it has now been discovered. This was a relief to tell you the truth as I was so afraid it was his heart. So we are now trying to get his pain relief right and it isn't quite there yet so at the moment he needs constant care and attention. He fell asleep yesterday and I crept into my craft room which is only the next room but he woke up – knew I had left the room – so had to down tools again. He is at the vets again tomorrow so I am hoping that the result of this will be some relief from pain for him with an increase to his medication. Before then I have to get a urine sample- wish me luck with that one. Much love Jayne

    1. Hi Jayne,
      Sorry to hear poor Jack has arthritis – he has my sympathy! Our old dog Bonnie ( God rest her) had arthritis and we used to give her chondroitin. We originally sent for some from America in liquid form but then someone told us to give her the house man form – you can get them in the vitamin/ health food/ chemist aisles. This worked wonders for her. We also used to give her smoked salmon everyday . We used to buy the packets of smoked salmon bits from the supermarket which were dirt cheap. This was supposed to oil her joints – it seemed to work and when we took her to the vets ( she was aged 18 – the dog not the vet!) she said she'd never seen an old dog with as lovely a coat. When we said about the salmon she couldn't believe it until we said about it being so cheap. It could be worth looking at for Jack. Xxx

    2. Sound advice from Alison, Jayne. Sending you a hug.It's so awful seeing your little dog in pain. I hope the vet can sort her pain out. xx

    3. Hi Jayne, I had my little dog on Glucosamine & Condroitin from Pets at home as she had arthritic joints, I was recommended by the vet. Don't know about smoked salmon but used to give her a little of steamed fresh salmon when we had it ourselves. Only takes a few minutes to cook in the microwave.xx

  21. Hi I agree about today it's meaning today how ever has been really warm sunny day here well done Wendy for wining beautiful work. Of to play clarity East Midlands tomorrow so better get ready love Joy xx

  22. Evening Barbara never surpises me that you go with your heart in this blog.
    Well my son flew to Franfurt this morning so he is having a German kerfrietag day their.
    I did warn him not to use the open air loos or keep away from the dodgy train station. He said Mum how do you know these things.
    Well I wonder how Barbara… Dot..xx

    1. Evening girls a wee bit shattered the night been doing my Easter Bunny trip to all the family wishing you all a happy weekend and God bless you all Hugs and an Easter cuddle for oor Brenda. .xx
      p.s. got a bloggy campfire song will post it soon but need a cuppa the noo..xx

    2. Hi Dot. I can just see you in a bunny costume…hopping along! Get yourself a good rest. Can't wait to see what song you've got up your sleeve. Hugs xxx

    3. O.K. had my cuppa let's have a wee campfire singsong
      to the tune hokey cokey let's go…
      You put your prick tool in
      You put your prck tool out
      In out in out
      Prick it all about
      You do the Groovi Groovi
      Remember turn your plate around
      That's what its all about
      Ohh Groovi Groovi Groovi
      Ohh Groovi Groovi Groovi
      Ohh Groovi Groovi Groovi
      Sit down chill out
      Rah Rah Rah


    4. Dot you're naughty ;-), but you can still have a cuddle back
      Did ye no fling an egg o'er to me!!!!!
      Who are you trying to kid, you're worse than Barbara!!! xx

  23. I forgot to enter but well done to Wendy and the other entrants created some fantastic patterns must try these now I have my grids. Well it has been a beautiful day on the Yorkshire Coast so I pottered in the garden and enjoyed some quality time with my dogs, my old boy Trevor (whippet) in particular, not very well at all so I made the most of today and enjoyed making precious memories xx

  24. It's great to see all the grid patterns and well done to Wendy. I have a parchment design on the go and needed some ideas for a grid pattern. Up here in Scotland the shops are open as normal on Sunday. I work for Sainsbury's and it's 8am – 10pm as usual. Thankfully I'm on holiday now for a week.

  25. Hi Barbara, hope you're starting to feel a wee bit better by now, and you and Paul enjoyed your prep day. Well done to all the people who came up with the patterns, and Wendy who won.

    Social services visit, don't know what to say, couldn't have gone worse, but not on my part, I was being very good and patient and trying really hard. Communication was pretty much impossible, I couldn't understand her and I couldn't get her to understand me, or she did but was just not interested. The rest of it, either she's not capable of doing the job, or she is but is intent on an easy life doing the least or nothing if she can get away with it. And so negative, and trying to make out I'd refused help! No plan, no options, no offer of any help, not a word even when I was repeatedly asking when she told me she was leaving, nothing. She only stayed half an hour. I got in a right state after. I tried to phone for help, first I've done that with them, telling them I need to talk to someone who can understand me and why, and they put me back onto this social worker I was telling them was the problem! So needless to say I got nowhere except it made into an even worse mess as this social worker jumped at this opportunity to tell me she's telling her boss I refuse to have her back. I don't want her back, but I really don't want it sounding the way she's saying it, that I'm refusing help, because that's so not true. So I've tried to write an email to the managers, and the 2 good guys that step in to help me if all else fails, one of them is going to try phoning next week to see if they can help find a way forward. So me no doing too good! She didn't need to be good, just adequate with the basics, that's all, until my one comes back, if she is, I don't know. I tell you if you weren't depressed before she walked in your house, you would be once she left, for sure! I still can't get my head round it. It could explain why she appears to have an empty diary, while my one never had enough hours in the day! So I don't know what's going to happen to me. How can so many things just be going so badly wrong, for no reason, just God's decision, or fate or whatever. I've literally only once come across someone like this person in my whole life, that's how small the chance was!

    love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your horrible experience. The social worker sounds completely useless. I do hope the good guys can do something to help you. Best wishes, Sue

    2. Oh Brenda why carnt the social services send some one who is qualified in your Aspergers or one that has got any knowledge of CFS and how it effects you I feel it for you as you need help not confrontation stay with us dear blog friend we need you here lots of hugs for you and daisy xxx

    3. Aw I'm so sorry Brenda that you had to have someone so inadequate and unfeeling come to see you. No wonder you have been in such a state. I think you're quite right regarding the reason for her having an empty diary!! I hope the good guys can get something sorted for you.
      Did you see my message from the other night about You Tube doing full length episodes of Little House. If there was any way you could connect your tv and pc with an HDMI lead you would be able to watch them at any time. I tried one of the episodes out and it was fine to watch. Just a thought for you.
      Take far Brenda. Love and hugs xxx

    4. Thank you everyone xx
      you're not going to believe this Sheila, she told me on the phone before visiting that she's had experience of lots and lots of people with Asperger's! xx
      yes I did Morag, thank you, that was very kind and thoughtful of you. I do have an HDMI cable for it but I've been banned from leaving the laptop on all night, in case it goes on fire!!!! But I could still watch them during the day when I need to until I've worked out how I can get them onto DVD's. Nae worries Morag, nothing to be sorry for 🙂 xx

    5. Oh Brenda – I really feel for you, you shouldn't have to go through all of this. I really hope that 'the good guys' can help to sort things out for you. Take care, sending you some much needed hugs – Gilly xx

    6. Brenda I do really feel for you. Its no picnic when people that are supposedly sent to help you don't really listen or try to understand what you are trying to say and twist your words to say you refused help. She does sound useless, that's probably why her diary is empty. Do hope the guys will sort it out for you. Try to be positive and don't let it get you depressed for your own sake. Love and hugs Pam xx

    7. Thank you everyone for caring xx
      I keep going over and over it in my head, thinking did I do something, could I have done something different or better. But I just know in my heart I was at my best, trying my hardest, I had been helped to be proper on the right pathway for her coming, no bad feelings, except fear, and the not understanding and weird stuff which I was being extremely patient about. Considering what I've been through since last year, I think I did amazingly, I think my own social worker would have been happy/pleased with how I handled it. It was at the point she said she was leaving that the penny dropped and the frantic, distress, fear kicked in. She didn't even say goodbye when she left, just walked away that's not right eh. That's weird eh. I still said bye, doing the right thing.

    8. Hello Brenda what a dreadful social worker! I really feel for you, I hope the good guys can help you get somewhere with the managers. Sending you a big hug xxx

    9. Morning Brenda sorry nodded off last night after awe ma hopping aboot and singing hope dinae a get chucked off here fir being daft.
      Sorry the visit dinae go well and no yi didnae do anything wrong get that in yir head when my Daughter has wee meetings with them she always likes me to be there because some off them jist don't have a clue.
      You are amazing remember that and I hope you get the right person to help you soon. Flinging yir egg this Sunday get yir wellies Dot.xx

  26. This is what they say on their f/b page:

    "We are writing to you to let you know that due to a small gap in our Freeview contract, Hochanda will be reducing its broadcasting window on Freeview channel 39 for a short time. Commencing March 30th 2016 thru 16th May 2016, we will broadcast to Freeview channel 39 between Mid-night to 4am each day. Our usual hours of 06:00AM to 21:00PM will resume as normal on the 16th May 2016. *Online streaming in HD, Sky 663, Freesat 817 and Channel 8 local service continue unaffected…."

    1. I think it means we won't see any Hochanda if we don't watch between mid-night and 4am, Pam. My broadband is not good enough to watch live, and I get lots of buffering (I think that's what my son calls it,lol) when I watch recorded programmes.
      Also they were still advertising Hochanda Freedom today. Are they going to carry member's 'free' postage over, I should still have another 7 weeks of Freedom membership!

      Have to admit, I am VERY disappointed about this….and don't call 30th March to 16th May a 'short' time!

  27. Hi Barbara
    These parchment patterns are beautiful, everyone is so clever, well done Wendy winning the prize. Hope you manage to find some time to relax over the holiday weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  28. Hi Barb, those examples of the grid patterns are brilliant. Well done Wendy on winning the voucher. Looking forward to Pauls shows tomorrow. Have a lovely relaxing weekend everyone. Bx

  29. Hi Barbara and all at Clarity land, gosh what wonderful examples you have received for the groovi's, I am certainly going to have a play at some of these. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Looking forward to seeing Paul on Sunday too.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  30. Well done Wendy. Fantastic all the samples and rather chuffed that mine are there too…. Looking forward to the show with Paul tomorrow. Going to be a shame when Hochanda are off Freeview for 6 weeks and I will have problems viewing via broadband here in North Devon. Oh well powerless.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  31. Some fantastic parchment pricking designs and congratulations to Wendy. I will be tuning in to Paul tomorrow and looking forward to seeing what is in store. Not so happy about Hochanda being unavailable for six weeks as it isn't so easy to view via the computer but it is what it is I suppose. Hope you are feeling a lot better now Barbara and have a lovely Easter weekend. x

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