In the light of the Silvery Moon….

In the light of the Silvery Moon….

Hello there!
Good of you to pop in!
The weather isn’t very special down here.
Dave and I drove over to Heathfield earlier,
and found exactly what we were looking for in yon antique shop:
a fabulous linen closet – just perfect.
Now I just want to post what I made for you this Easter weekend, 
and then it’s time to kick back in front of a log fire and stop.
I thought this lovely set of stamps, 
with the hares, cat, dog and trees would be ideal.
I have a very clear idea of where we’re going, 
so let’s just crack on…
Cut a piece of our 7″ x 7″ Stencil card down and
 stamp the hares into place with Black Archival.
Mask the hares off with the mask which is included in the set.

Now add the largest of our Moon masks over the top of the hares.
Run some low tack masking tape up the sides.
And at the top and bottom.

Time to inject some colour – but not too much…
Load your Brayer with Old Paper Distress ink
If you’re new to crafting, and don’t own a brayer,
don’t waste your money on any other than the Speedball
Trust me – I have been using them for over 25 years – they are the best.
Use the Clarity Blending mat to stage the ink too.
Old Paper ink to the top,

…to the base, behind the trees.

And lastly a little Black Soot 

to darken one corner of the sky.

Remove the Moon Mask and dry brush some Old Paper over the Hares. 

Then when you remove the Hares mask, 
they will stand out against the grey moon.

Time to add a little colour to the images.
But not too much.

This is my big treat for Easter.
When I get out my fantabulous set of Faber-Castell Colouring pencils, 
which are as old as my kids!
And I’ve still got every single one. 
Even with this veritable cascade of colour, I want to go in quite subtle and muted.
Think Farrow & Ball….
Very Farrow & Ball!
Cor! Check out that colour combination!!!
Now THAT is my dream set. 
Anyway, colour in the little areas in the trees. 
Mel drew these images.
They are magnificent. 
I sharpened the black pencil and then framed the artwork with the pencil rather than the Micron Pen. 
Far grittier and in keeping with the artwork. 

Let’s add a drop shadow to the Hares 
and some depth to the row of trees. 
SO what do we think about the backdrop?



You decide.
And then think of a title for the artwork;
Please write it below….
In the meantime, I have put all my pencils back in their correct slots, all ready for another day.

They were a gift to me from the Faber-Castell family 
many moons ago, in a previous life.
Much prized and cherished.
Makes me sad to think that the Count has gone on ahead already. 
Way too soon. But if there was ever one person fully equipped both mentally and business wise to take over at the helm of 
the Faber-Castell Empire, it is his good wife, Mary. 
When I started out in business, Mary and I were very close, 
and even when our lives put us thousands of miles apart, 
she was always my mentor in my head.
Even today, if a massive business decision comes up, and I am unsure, I ask myself. “What would Mary say?” “What would Mary do?”. And the answers come immediately. 
I will write a book one day – I will.  
But now to our Bloggy Sale!
This stampset is a must have. It has so many delightful elements, 
I highly recommend it.
And to encourage you to invest, I am dropping the price from £19.99 to £13.99 (incl. Masks) until midnight tomorrow.  

Time to chillax.
Love and Hugs,

115 thoughts on “In the light of the Silvery Moon….

  1. Hi Barbara. Beautiful and crisp artwork as ever! I'm very Jealous of those pencils! They are a collection to be treasured and used occasionally!
    I'd call your picture 'leap of faith'. Oh and I'd go craftcard as the backing! Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Lovely, I enjoyed seeing your big box of pencils too. I like the blue/grey background best and would title it 'dancing in the moonlight'. I'm now singing the song in my head. Enjoy your peaceful time with Dave and may the Easter Bunny smile upon you. 🙂

  3. Hi Barbara. Beautiful and crisp artwork as ever! I'm very Jealous of those pencils! They are a collection to be treasured and used occasionally!
    I'd call your picture 'leap of faith'. Oh and I'd go craftcard as the backing! Love and hugs! Xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Wow, now that's what I call a gift – all of those beautiful pencils. This was the set I really wanted but couldn't stretch to it after all my Groovi purchases. Still I got the set of 60 and will just buy the rest a couple at a time.
    The artwork today is sublime. I love it. I really like it mounted on the blue as I think it just makes the artwork pop more. I was going to call it by the light of the silvery moon, and then I noticed the title of the blog today.
    Really pleased you got you linen chest. Enjoy your afternoon in front of the log fire. I've got the heating going as its really cold up here and windy yet agai, with showers – so pretty miserable.
    Love Alison xxx

    1. Hello to all my blog friends, hope you're having a ng as good a day as possible and are managing to get dome crafting in. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Faber and Castell are just fab Alison, you'll love them. I only started with the box of 36, but I'm up to about 70 now. As soon as I can't match a shade, then I'll be a few more. It's surprising how they build up. My family can't understand why I 'need' so much colouring media! Heehee! Definitely doesn't feel ready for clocks moving forward up here!
      Hugs xxx

    3. Hello Alison , I had a look at the website you recommended and had a little drool but I've got the spectrum noire so will have to wait a while to justify buying them. Just been a lazy day here today xxx

  5. Lovely. I think it should be kraft card, and the word should be Joy.
    What a fabulous set of pencils, I am so jealous, they are wonderful. Enjoy the weekend. My baby plates of the vases and flowers came today. I'm planning to play on Monday x

  6. I love my coloured pencils too, and have to plead guilty to owning and using four different sets of vulnerable, plus two full sets of watercolour pencils. I am glad you had such a good time with Dave in those antique places. Can you tell us if it is right that we will not be able to watch Hochanda as normal, or is this a horrible and elaborate April Fool? xx Maggie

    1. From what I gather, Freeview is off for a few weeks, but you can still watch live at on your computer, and use the watchback to see old programmes. Not worth getting frustrated about. We can‘t change it, so we have to work with it.

    2. I think it's going off in May on freeview but hopefully only for a few weeks! I still keep pestering Virgin to get it on their channels!!! X

    3. I think it's going off in May on freeview but hopefully only for a few weeks! I still keep pestering Virgin to get it on their channels!!! X

  7. Been watching every day to try and get a bargain…but nothing has jumped out at me yet..afraid today's subject bit controversial in area…lot of illegal hair coursing :-(. But will keep checking you out. Happy Easter to you all

  8. I love the Kraftcard background and would call it "Love You to the Moon and Back"
    Severe jealousy over those pencils… and worse jealous that you have space to keep them in!

  9. Hi Barbara, I love this blog today, think its better tonally on the blue. could be part of a new nursery rhyme the hares jumped over the trees. I have been watching bloggy sale all week, very frustrating with no allowance to spend!! also, I already have a wish list that didn't include any of this weeks bargains but you are very generous to have such a good deal. Enjoy your weekend xx

  10. Loving the artwork I think I too would go with the grey/blue. Title would be Hare Springs! Your pencils are just beautiful, what treasures. Have a lovely cosy evening. X

  11. Started off deciding on the Kraft card but have now reviewed and think the blue- grey. the pencils – madly envious! Saving up for the wooden box set although have the 24 and 60 sets. As for the stamps, yet another set I haven't had the occasion to use! (Sigh) ;~}

    1. Easter Greetings to you too and yes, I have them 'Just Incase!' Hope you feel well enough to do some crafting. I'll be in the conservatory 'Groovin' later once our meal is over – it's always late on a Saturday. ;~}

  12. This is lovely, I would call it 'Over the Moon' and I prefer the kraft card. I am drooliong over you polychromos, it really is a magnificent set. I have the set of 60 which I bought about 14 years ago when I first tried parchment craft. It's the kind of thing you treasure for ever and it never goes out of fashion. I won't be curling up in front of the stove tonight as I have my hot flushes to keep me warm! Enjoy your evening.

  13. Wow looks fabulous on the Kraft card I've got this set so can leave my cushions away for today
    The hares are saying wow look at the view from up here happy crafting Saturday xxx

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag and all the dear blog friends on here
      Happy crafting Saturday thinking of you all .
      I'm resting today as mind and body are very slow today think I've taking advantage of my few good days but have enjoyed my good days so not complaining lots of hugs comming your way xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, a rest day had to come for you-didn't it? If it's any consolation – it has been for me too! My Starter Kit arrived today, so I'm hoping to have a go tomorrow! Any tips for getting started! Lots of hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hello Sheila. You've chosen the right kind of weather for your rest's awful. Enjoying your good days is the main thing, and you ae a star, not complaining xxx

    4. Hi Sheila I think you deserve a rest day after a few good days just to relax and recharge those batteries! It's cold and wet here and we've been very lazy, just going out for a bit of shopping for the weekend. Take care xxx

    5. Gilly, my tip would be to have a bit of a 'mess' around and keep your mistakes. You can remind yourself of the mistakes and you can use the wasted sheets to try something else before you put it onto your finished piece.

  14. I go for the green but like the blue too! It's hard being Libran! Love how you've coloured the trees. I've just been looking through one of my files for something to go with the calendar challenge as I don't have the church or lamppost (!) and spotted the hares and trees amongst my collection.

    I've lusted over those pencils and looked more than a few times at them – one day I'll just go for it. I do have plenty of others to keep me going though! I just can't resist colours especially when they're laid out like that!

    Glad you had a good shopping trip. I've been making gelli plate backgrounds with spritzing and plastic bag – now have blue and green fingers and it's your fault ….. xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, happy Saturday. Lovely artwork, thanks for sharing. Now do I get my Zebedee springs on, mmmm, not on the wish list, but don't have anything of this style, can I resist!!!!! You're ever so generous. I really don't understand some folk, gets me a bit down.

    And those pencils, if ever I needed a push to get back into my colouring in learning. Seriously can't justify buying any poshest posh pencils until I'm colouring properly and used at least some of the spectrum noir ones!!! I didn't know you could get all these lovely subtle shades in pencils.

    The grey-blue background for me. And I'd name it – yipeeeee, winter is over (despite today's weather saying otherwise)!

    I'd forgotten about catch-up, I can still keep my 100% record then, yay 🙂

    Can I come join you by your log fire, sounds a perfect way to spend your weekend. Enjoy your cosy toes chilling 🙂

    love Brenda xx

    Hi all my CCA friends, is it you lot that's causing all these tremors I'm feeling!!! Or are you all still sat round our campfire singing Dot's song!!!! xx

    1. Hi Brenda got this set so cushions still away I'm singing Dorothy's song round the camp fire hope your having a more restful day after yesterday fiasco you deserve much better treatment and no it was not your fault hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Thanks Sheila. Try not to get down or disheartened about today not being as good as the last few, remember it's usually 2 steps forward and 1 step back when CFS things start to improve xx

    3. Hello Brenda, I'm still singing Dot's Groovi Hokey Cokey! Haha!
      Anyone who doesn't see or appreciate generosity when it's offered, really aren't worth you giving them a second thought. Much better to focus on those who do my friend!
      Big Hugs xxx

    4. Hello my lovely Brenda, still by the camp fire keeping warm – I've put a few jacket spuds in for later so help yourself when you're hungry. I hope this means you've had those spectrum noir pencils open and you've used them 😀. Take care xxx

    5. Thank you everyone xx
      Good advice Morag, I'll try to xx
      Yes Diane, I coloured in a poppy stamp with them. Hope you've got the baked beans heating up to go with the tatties. I like cheese melted in my beans please!!! xx

  16. Hi Barbara, love the blog and thanks for the offer = looks like this is the one for me. One can never have enough pencils, pens, inks or paints not to mention brushes. My pot of brushes are the talk of my children (youngest now 35) ….

    I will be looking forward to Pauls show tomorrow and will record. It is a shame that Hochanda will be off the air for Freeview for 6 weeks. Unfortunately I can not get good broadband signal here and to watch on the computer will be very difficult – buffering all the time. So fingers crossed I can at least see your shows during this time.

    Still difficult with family Mum and my sister have fallen out and I am still piggy in the middle. All I can do is listen and try not to take it all to heart.

    So off now to do a bit more crafting. Or is it a cuppa and a bit of Chocolate cake.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    ps I think the picture should be on the Blue grey card and should be called…. " Flying high tonight – Boys "

    1. Try if you can to have a night off from your worries, you sound like that's much needed. Have you tried trying to watch Barbara's shows on catchup at less busy times. Barbara's shows live on the laptop are often busy and that causes a lot of the buffering and freezing. Hope that helps, take care xx

  17. Really like your artwork today. I would like to call your artwork today "Mad as a March Hare" and I think the blue background looks nice. May I take this opportunity to wish yourself and Dave a Happy Easter. x

  18. Hi Barbara weather not so nice didn't see much of it today as was busy crafting at clarity East Midlands we had a great day. Legs not good today though so struggling now but worth it for fun day. Just love your pencil set envy big time may be one day xxx

  19. Hi Barbara – this is brilliant! I would choose the Kraft card, and the title 'Hare raising'.
    Glad to hear that you had a successful hunt for a linen chest with Dave today – and topping it off by relaxing in front of the log fire – sounds the perfect end to your day! Enjoy!! Gilly x

    1. Hi Gilly, I'm so pleased that you're Groovi set has arrived for whenever you feel like having a go. Maybe a good place to go for starter ideas is the Gallery here?? But it won't take long for your own imagination to take hold and you'll be away. The main thing is to go at your own pace..there's absolutely no rush..and enjoy it.
      I hope your rest day is making you feel better. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Morag, Donna, Diane, Pam, Dot, Dawn and Sue57 and anyone else I might have forgotten! (If so, please forgive me). Guess what – it arrived today!!! Very excited!! Little bit disappointed, as it has had to be a rest day today – however, I shall hopefully start to use it tomorrow, fingers crossed!! I would be more than grateful for any tips on how to get started! I hope that you have all had a good day, and kept dry!! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Gilly
      How exciting, just have a look today and a little stroke of your new goodies and hopefully you can play tomorrow. Have you got your tumble dryer sheets? Put a piece of dark card between your plate and the mat so you can see what you're doing – I find it helps a lot. Happy playing xxx

    4. Thanks Diane! Oh I opened it straight away! I have already got tumle dryer sheets – and now I will remember to put a piece of dark card too! I have been watching Barbara's first and second YouTube videos, so I shall keep my fingers crossed for trying it out tomorrow. In between watching Paul on tv! xx

    5. Evening gilly welcome to the groovi like Diana I always use a piece of black card as it shows up better also I cut my parchment to fit my cards backing card as then you don't cut any of your design off ( oh yes done that ) also if you put a piece of sellotape on the side your groovi-ing on (I use magic scotch tape as it doesn't mark your parchment when you remove it ) then you also know it's the side you colour and white work ( oh yes I've done part of my design on one side then put some more design on other side ) it's good to start with a tree get use to the feel of the tools just go with the groovi you will find what's good for you and how I much you can do with out getting fatigued its at your pace pick up put down as you wish hope this all helps .enjoy gilly will look for your starter kit art work on hochanda with Barbara hugs xxx

    6. Ah Sheila, bless you! Thank you for all of those valuable tips – I will do as you suggest. I decided to give this a try, because I don't need lots of equipment to do it, and I love the idea of just being able to stop and then be able to pick it up again – and know that it will just fall into the right place. Many thankful hugs, Gilly xxx

    7. Your very welcome gilly when you get use to it I would then buy the inset set as you can get the baby plates to fit your starter kit( I hope Barbara won't mind me saying this don't ban me from the blog Barbara please ☺️)but they are cheaper than the big plates and there is some lovley ones to choose from then you can build up your plates at an affordable level . I got the bird one with the Daisy's made some lovley Easter cards just with that one added gems to the center of the flowers which looked lovley too my friend rang me to say she loved hers .hugs xxx

    8. Ah, yes Sheila – I have been looking at those lovely baby plates, and I think that they would be perfect for me, as I like to do more small cards, than big ones. If I do like it, I am going to join the Groovi club – but that will come a bit later. I know that bird one that you mention – I love that too! Have you looked at what is on Paul's shows tomorrow yet? If not, I will just say 'punches' – 4 different ones! Hugs xxx

  20. Such subtle and beautiful colours today Barbara. Delighted that you found what you wanted at the antique store too. I love the blue grey background most, and would call your artwork "Moonlight becomes you".

  21. Definitely like the blue grey best, green is too much and Kraft card nice but not quite enough.
    How about " Harey mooners" as a title! Hope you have a Happy Easter. Thanks for all the great offers.

  22. What a great blog today Barbara. I really NEED this set!!..but I'm hanging fire to see what Paul brings tomorrow. If only I had limitless funds…wouldn't we all! haha. Your pencils are gorgeous, I adore the wooden box. A special set for a special lady.
    I prefer the blue, and I would call it 'A hare's breadth'. xxx

  23. Hello all my dear blog friends. I hope you're all having as good a day as you can. Have you all learnt Dot's Groovi song by now??? haha. It's a real mood lifter!
    Big hugs to every one of you xxx

  24. Hello Barbara, what a fabulous piece of art, so clean and fresh looking.
    I would mount it onto the kraftcard and I would call it (hare we go) hope you and Dave have a great weekend.x

  25. Hi Barbara
    This is a lovely set of stamps and the artwork is lovely, love it backed with the blue. How about Spring forward for a title. I do love your pencil set and the memories you have of your friends, I would love to read your book one day! I love the smell of pencils and what a gorgeous wooden box too. Have a lovely relaxing evening with Dave and your cosy fire.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna Dot and Pam hope you've all had a good day, it's been so wet and chilly here today, my sister did text me to say the family tortoise has woken up today – usually means the weather is settled, I'm not convinced!! Have a lovely evening xxx

    2. Hi Diane, I had a tortoise when I was young and he would always wake up early. Every year we would lift his box down when we could hear him starting to rustle, sometimes he would wake up have a quick walk round and then go back to sleep. Xx

  26. I don't know how I could have missed this stamp set they're lovely hares. Just a fantastic picture. I have pencil envy too with that lovely set. I would mount the picture on green I like it best as it makes it look spring like. As a pagan I would have to title it Eostre Moon. Eostre was a goddess whose symbol was a hare and as a pagan we celebrate the spring equinox. Something everyone can celebrate with the return of the light nights. So Happy Eostre and enjoy your eggs. Much love Jayne

  27. Love this one, I'd choose blue/grey backing card and call it Hare-moony (harmony)!! Those pencils are definitely going on my wishlist. Have a great weekend. Thanks Jx

  28. Evening, great set of stamps I would use grey/blue or your Clarity blue pearl paper, everything looks good on that. Hmmmmmmm title of the piece? I can't look at it without singing 'Bright Eyes' so it would have to be that. I will add this to my list. Xx

  29. Hi Barbara, This is gorgeous, loving the shadowing too. Those pencils look stunning, no wonder you cherish them.
    I would put blue/grey behind, and my caption would be :-

    'Whatever 'cats' can do, we can do better'
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. Hi Barbara, This is gorgeous, loving the shadowing too. Those pencils look stunning, no wonder you cherish them.
    I would put blue/grey behind, and my caption would be :-

    'Whatever 'cats' can do, we can do better'
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  31. I love these hares and the colours are so subtle and just perfect for a moonlight scene Barbara. I think I would use the green background and would call it Springtime madness. x

  32. Hello Barb, lovely artwork, great colour choice. I think it has to be the grey blue background. It really makes the artwork pop. I think your title is perfect. Hope you had a lovely evening relaxing with Dave. Happy Easter all. Bx

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