Canaries and Daisies

Canaries and Daisies

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in this morning!
I had a real hankering to do some stampy art today.
Nothing too complicated, because I have got a shedload of work backing up behind me here, and so time is my constraint.
Nonetheless, I bet we can get arty 
without getting EVERYTHING out of the cupboards!
What am I saying??
It’s all out anyway!
I have to clear the decks before I can even begin!
One hour later….
Right. Start again….
I fancy a little walk with the brayer…..
All this tidying up and Groovi cleanliness!
Makes you want to just roll your sleeves up and get painty!
I love these birds that Mel drew, 
and we’ve even popped the masks in too.
Let’s try a little canvas….
Spread a little Cheesecake onto the craft mat, 
then start walking the brayer lightly across the canvas board.
Once dry, stamp the bird row into place using a Black Archival 

Mask them off .

Add a large Moon mask and then start walking different Acrylic paints across the sky.
I used the Fresco Chalk Paints we sell.
Really fabulous for this.

Are we ruining the masks? Nope. Just covering them with Paint. 
Can we clean them? Yes, if you want to. Stick them on a piece of copy paper and wipe them clean with a baby wipe once you’re finished with them.
Right. Now can we move on?
More colours please!

Lose the moon and add some mooncloud.

Mix in a little brightness, with lime and zest!

Check out the fabulous piece of copy paper to the left, 
where I have been rolling off the brayer in between colours.
Perfect for another project another day…

Let’s pull out the moon. 
Replace the Moonmask and get a Mini Blending tool out. 
These are brilliant for adding paint like ink.

I like.
Use the rest of the yellow paint on the birds.
Aha ! Canaries!
Loads of little Quavers!!

I think I want to add a little happy friendliness. 
How about a few daisies, using the Groovi Stylus. 
No. 1 for baby daisies, No. 2 for larger ones.
I used a yellow pencil round the detail on the brirds too.

I think a little magic now, little daisy crowns and stars…
Here are all the colours I used.

Mount on an A4 canvas board, 
using a sheet of A6 Double-sided adhesive, and done.
I enjoyed that.
About time I got my hands a bit painty again….

And then I popped downstairs, because Romeo was letting me know he wanted to go back inside. (No, not Dave! The cat!!)
And outside the back door there were the most beautiful flowers for my birthday tomorrow.
From my lad, Mark. I do miss my kids. 
Love & hugs,

106 thoughts on “Canaries and Daisies

  1. Glad you said about using paint with the masks cause i did yhis when i got them and yhought i had ruined them. Need some baby wipe then. I love these birds they are my favourite xx

  2. I, too, love these birds and had a play with them a few days ago; pleased to say I resisted the temptation to cut a couple off (ouch!) so they are still intact!
    Have a great day tomorrow – hope you're being treated to a Sunday lunch! ;~}

  3. Beautiful. Love these birds, and I WILL try to do this one, think I have most of the paints. Of course you miss your kids what mum wouldn't. Miss mine too, although both in UK probably don't see one of them any more than you do. Busy lives they live. On the end of a phone if we need them or they need us. See our son more as we can get up there in 45 minutes so can nip up on an evening for a couple of hours, they rarely come down, but at least like yours they're happy. So I try to stay positive with that thought. Lovely finding a bouquet from your Mark on the doorstep though. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, wish you'd have given a bit more warning and I'd have sent you a card. Must try to remember to put it on the calendar. Sorry didn't comment yesterday didn't read your blog until 1 this morning. Loved the clip of The Italian job, that takes you back. Lots of love Pam xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, Donna and Morag, thank you, haven't managed any crafting, hopefully tomorrow, want to try Barbara's canvas, but quite a productive day, we took all the bags of asbestos to the tip quite a long drive as the local tip won't take it. Couldn't resist the sunshine so pottered a bit in the garden had some crocuses in pots so put them in the garden so they'll come up next year all being well. Been good only did a little bending.xx

  4. Stunning canvas love the birds have got this set ready for the calendar challenge I have the paints too not all your colours they are brilliant to use and you don't need much . Have a lovley birthday tomorrow your kids are so thoughtful even though they are far away crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda gilly morag crafting hugs to you all hope your all having a good day crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Afternoon Sheila, I got the birds ready for the calendar too! Great minds eh. Bet you have your canvas finished already, I am finishing off my March one this afternoon. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila – Dr's appt went ok thanks, just my bp a bit high. I am still behaving and resting – it's been a day in bed for me. My hubby brought me breakfast & lunch, bless him! Hope that you have been able to craft today! Hugs Gilly xxx

    4. Hello Donna haven't started it yet got a busy week coming up at pain management at the hospital on Wednesday so hope to start it next weekend .
      Hi morag know what you mean I've done some crafting this afternoon with the stencil from last months diamond club but have done too much suffering now 🙃
      Hello gilly bless your hubby been so thoughtful hope tomorrow is a better day lots of hugs coming your way xxx

    5. Thanks Sheila! Sounds like you have been the naughty one today – it's just so easily done isn't it! Caring hugs coming your way – hoping that you get on well at your pain management next week too! Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Pam – I do have a wonderful hubby, he brought me lunch as well. Then I got up and he had cooked the evening meal, bless him. Mind you he does shopping and cooking too! How lucky am I!? xxx

    7. Hello Sheila
      Make sure you have a good rest tomorrow, sounds like you've had a busy day today. We've had a busy day shopping, eating catching up and rugby – what more could you want ( well perhaps some craft time!). Xxx

  5. Afternoon Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Morag and Gilly hope you are all having a lovely day. Read your messages very very early this morning but too tired to comment. Workmen gone now finished this morning. Had our concrete guttering cut off and replaced with PVC and most pleased with it. It was one of those jobs we kept putting off. Should have done it years ago. Your craft room sounds super Sheila, make it even more enjoyable doing your craft. I'll probably be falling off the wagon on Monday, to join you all, theres so much I have to have. He he! I'll save some up for Ally Pally. Don't forget to leave me a few cushions. Love to you all and everyone on the blog. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – I know what you mean about putting jobs off, our cottage is in need of some jobs too! Hopefully get them done later this year! I don't need the cushions at the moment, so they are all yours! Gilly xx

    2. Hi Morag, the cushions are something we joke about putting down when we order, (soft landing when we fall off the wagon.) I have progressed onto a full Clarity suit filled with air so I bounce back up quickly. 😉 XX

    3. Pam I've put a bit more filling in them and given them a good plump (oooh Good word that – plump – I sound like Miranda!) so you should be fine. Morag any time you need to confess just say my name is Morag and I'm a Carityholic and we will pop the soft cushions down for you 🙂 xx

  6. You sure make it look easy , oh my! Celebrate today , tomorrow , and everyday because everyday is a new day and a new birthday ,so celebrate all things ,always . Joy now —-Janice 😍🎶🍷🎉🎂

  7. Lovely step by step. I have the stamps and now have a new idea – thank you. At least I won't have to add them to my growing wish list. I really shouldn't have bought the polychromos just yet but there's no point having lovely stamps and Groovi if I am not happy with the colouring. It was between them and a couple of things to wear this spring and the crayons won!!
    I hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow

    1. If anyone knows where Maria's Catterick class is held I would be grateful for the information. I have the time but not the place! I don't want to pester Maria as she is sure to be busy planning her TV shows.
      Thanks xx

  8. I love everything about this Barbara. I've never tried canvases, but this my just be the one to give me that push. Have a great weekend. xx

  9. I hope you made sense of that Barbara, it should have said ''just might' hehe!
    Good afternoon Dorothy, Diane, Brenda, Gilly and Alison. I hope you're all having a good day. Hugs to you all and everyone else who needs one for whatever reason xx

    1. Hi Morag – you will see from my comment to Sheila, that I am being VERY good today, but must admit getting a bit bored now. Still it's been wonderful to feel the warmth of the sun, through the window today – which always makes us feel better! Sending hugs your way, Gilly xxx

  10. I really love this canvas Barbara – it comes through, loud and clear – that you really enjoyed doing this for a change! Another great surprise for you – Mark's flowers on the step this time! Have a wonderful day tomorrow, with some of the special people in your life. I am sure that the others will be with you in spirit! Birthday wishes from Gilly xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    I have all the ingredients to have a go at this lovely project but in all my huge collection of paint there is no yellow. I must do something about it.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.
    Hugs from Chris X

  12. I adore your bird canvas and all the pretty daisies and stars in the sky, quite magical! How lovely of Mark to send you some flowers and I hope there are lots more surprises tomorrow and you have a great day. x

  13. Ooooooh lovely. Love those little birds. Great to see you doing something stampy, painty, arty again. I missed it. Have a wonderful birthday, tomorrow. Hope you get pampered! Xx

  14. I really love those birds and they can be made to look so normal or really wacky and both ways work! You've made a cool canvas that would grace any wall!
    Hope you're going to be able to relax tomorrow and not work! Everyone deserves their birthday off!!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  15. I really love those birds and they can be made to look so normal or really wacky and both ways work! You've made a cool canvas that would grace any wall!
    Hope you're going to be able to relax tomorrow and not work! Everyone deserves their birthday off!!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  16. I always love your canvas prints Barbara and this one is no exception. Brilliant colours and loving the daisies. Hope you have a fab day tomorrow. It's my daughter's birthday tomorrow too. Xx

  17. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Barbara! My friend's birthday too, my daughter's Monday and mine next Saturday! Have a wonderful day dear one!

  18. Great to see you getting all painty Barb. Addicted to my Gelli plate at the moment just can't stop printing off backgrounds to make into cards. Not quite yet mastered the art of brayering without getting lines yet. Getting better sometimes it comes out ok. Got to keep practising!! I didn't realise you were a piscean like my partner. Creative, sensitive and indecisive. He can take forever in a charity shop deciding whether he should really by "it" and what is the price – £1!!! Just buy it I cry! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow – many happy returns. Much love Jayne

  19. Evening Barbara beautiful canvas love the little birds and the colours so lovely and spring like thank you for blogging when your so busy hope you take a wee break now on your birthday weekend..
    take care and have a wee bit me time..xx

  20. Evening a beautiful piece of art work

    Happy birthday for tomorrow have a fantastic day, restful, peaseful and happy.

    A Pisces like me, have had a lovely afternoon with my eldest daughter kathy,Chris her husband and my grandson Farran coming over with a beautiful bunch of flowers for my birthday which I see rated on Thursday.


    Crafty hugs
    Pen x

  21. Hi Barbara, please can you help me. I am new to rubber stamping. I use stamping card and have been using a black permanent ink, but as soon as I go to colour with my Harmony blending pens, it's starts to smudge and looks horrible. I am getting a bit disheartened now. Xxx

    1. Carole, you are using alcohol based pens and the same kind of permanent ink pad. So they will blend and bleed together. If you change your pens to water based or dye based, or you change your ink pad to water based or dye based, they won't bleed into each other. X just can't use things from the same family .

    2. Thank you Barbara, I will try this. I have all your DVDs to watch, they were given to me, I lost my brother today, and my friend thought they would cheer me up, hope you have a wonderful Birthday xx

  22. Hi Barbara, You had me going there when I read "spread a little cheesecake on your craft mat" !! it took me a couple of seconds to realise it wasn't the cake but it was 'paint' hahaha.
    I absolutely love this canvas, the colours you have used are fabulous, I'm loving the little daisies.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a fantastic day. Lovely Son you have.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous canvas , I so love these birds. I was surprised at how big the stamp was when I got it. It certainly makes a statement. Fabulous.
    Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow, if I'd remembered from last year , I would have sorted a card for you – I've put the date in my phone now so should remember next year! How lovely to find the flowers from Mark on the doorstep – you have lovely kids . Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  24. this is just fabulous! it is my cup of tea. happy birthday for tomorrow. for some reason i had decided it was on the 19th….. love to know where my brain decides to get this idea! hugs xxxx

  25. Know this is a canvas I having been wanting to have ago at for ages and know it's next month calendar I am looking forward to doing have been thinking of doing early and he you are doing so must be right know is slightly different so will be doing mine very soon in next couple days hopefully tomorrow. Will post you it when done both challenges posted already this month always leave it till last Minuite the something happen and don't get it done so been good got it done, so of to bed then see what get done tomorrow night night sleep well hugs Joy xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous piece of artwork, looks like you have really enjoyed getting messy! Love the daisies! How lovely to get flowers from Mark, what a kind lad! Have a lovely day tomorrow
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Brenda hop you are ok . We passes a cat cafe today where you go in and order sone food and sit and stroke or play withe the cats! Reminded me of you and Daisy!
      Take care
      Love Diane xxx

  27. Beautiful canvas artwork, I have this bird row stamp but all I've done is look at it so I think it's time to play just need the fresco paints. Hope you are able to have a nice chilled da tomorrow xx

  28. I LOVE these stamps. And I LOVE this canvass art. I adore getting messy with paint. Stunning work. Happy Birthday Barbara. Have a wonderful day. Do nothing, and enjoy everything, if you can. I ment the do nothing.g bit!!!! X

  29. Hello Barb, a very Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a fabulous and relaxing day. Love the artwork you have shared in this blog post. Beautiful little birds and happy bright colours. I need to get a bit painty today I think. Take care. Bx

  30. Hi Barb,
    Happy Birthday, have a great day and don't eat too much cake. It's my son in law's birthday as well today. He's a good lad too.
    This is fab. I love it when you get creative and arty.
    love Maureen xxx

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