Day 1 at the NEC Trade Show

Day 1 at the NEC Trade Show

Hi there!
Early morning start here!
Bad internet connection here at the B&B.
The set up at the NEC was arduous, but the end result was so cool.
As Jim said at 9pm as we were leaving the building,
“That’s the best stand we’ve ever made!”
Check this out!!!
The whole stand from a distance
This area of the stand containing our lovely stencils and stamps
This part of the stand containing all things Groovi

The stand looks amazing!
Dave did a fantastic job making all of the amazing stands so that everything was displayed perfectly.
After the set up, Paul and I popped over to see our lovely friend, Jayne Nestorenko for a catch-up. Such a talented lady.
 Enjoying a lovely cup of tea!

 Jayne & Paul

Blimey, is that the time,  I must dash!

Places to be and people to see.

Hugs and love.

84 thoughts on “Day 1 at the NEC Trade Show

  1. Morning Fantastic stand wish I was there, but I know that I would be there all day unable to leave until my basket was over flowing.

    Have a great day and lots love to you all .

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Hi Barb,
    Wow! The Stand looks amazing. What a good job Dave has done. I bet you're chuffed to bits with it. Lovely to see Jayne too – I used to watch her avidly when she did her mandala stamping & decoupage, in fact I've still got quite a few of her mandala stamps on their wooden blocks. Have a good time at the Trade Show and hope it is successful for you and the company. Off to check on the invalid now, love Alison xxxx

  3. Your stand looks amazing, and so it should do with all of those fabulous products. And it's so good to see the lovely Jayne – she is so talented and I always loved watching her create beautiful stamped scenes. I will get out my DVD today and watch it again! Wishing you the best of luck today, and hope you get a few more opportunities to sit with an old friend and drink tea over the weekend. Susan x

    1. Morning Donna happy crafting Sunday xx
      Morning Dorothy wee hugs your way xx
      Morning Diana happy crafting hugs xx
      Morning pam hope your pains is bearable to craft xx
      Morning gilly lots of Sunday hugs xx
      Morning Brenda hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Decorating is comming on brilliant he said he will be Finnished tonight so will be sorting out with Tom over the days as cannot do it by myself so if you hear a big thud over the next week he will have passed out bless him .its a pity we don't have a craft place that we can exchange or sell things we don't use anymore .i don't do face book or e bay
      I've got a busy week Drs Tuesday / Wednesday and at the breast clinic to see the breast surgeon Thursday to see what they will do with the cyst my dr said they should scan it isolate it and take it out not looking forward to that one but cannot have it comming back every 2/3 weeks infected and having antibiotics so keeping positive for Thursday .
      How's your crafting going today ? Xxx

    3. How exciting, a posh craft room nearly ready to move back into to! I shall keep my fingers crossed for the clinic on Thursday, hopefully the surgeon will agree with your Dr and say it can be removed. Sending hugs for you and Tom and tell him if he wants to help me with my craft room I make a good cup of tea!! XX

    4. Chocolate biscuit no problem! Throw things away………….errrmmmm I may be busy……… errrmmmm may have to cancel I'm afraid!! Quick lock the doors!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    5. Hi Sheila a wee prayer gelling said for Tues/Wed so they get yi sorted out would love a wee craft room but to be honest I wouldn't really sit upstairs in it so that's how I like to know when folks are coming so I can get rid o the mess on the dining table lol..hugs Dot Xx

    6. Hi Sheila I've got everything crossed for you for seeing the surgeon, I'm sure she will do something to help you. I hope Tom doesn't get too ruthless with his tidying and you get straight again soon. Now I could do with a bit of ruthless tidying – does Tom like chocolate cake?!!! Take care xxx

    7. Hi Diane oh yes he loves chocolate cake decorator stayed back to Finish the decorating a wonderful caring man as he knows how ill I am as he decorated the bungalow last year when we had the leeks and was in the hotel for 4 months wow how that has passed .so looking forward to helping Tom put my craft stash back thank you for thinking of us your so kind xxx

    8. Hi Sheila! I'm very late today, so hope that you see this. I am pleased to hear that your decorating has gone well – it will be difficult getting rid of things, I'm not so good at that myself! I hope that all goes well for you this week, and that they agree to remove it. I had that done many years ago, and it wasn't so bad, and much better than having the pain. I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes. Extra hugs, Gilly xxx

  4. Lookin' great, hope you have a fab show. Lovely to see Jane…shame we don't see her on our TV's – would be great if she were to join Hochanda…. xx

  5. The stand looks wonderful, but it couldn't be otherwise. I only wish it could come up to Durham or thereabouts!!??!!
    Have a great day. It's lovely to see Jayne, it's so good to catch up with old friends…and new ones x

  6. Hi there,
    Happy days at the NEC. Great looking stand, too.
    Lovely to see Jayne again – used to enjoy her demonstrations.
    How did I miss your news re Grace landing the film part? Skim reading out of practice nowadays, I think! Congratulations to all. Well deserved.
    Have fun. ;~}

  7. Wow, what a great set up Barbara and you, Dave, Paul and the team obviously have it down to a fine art. Hope all is going well today for you. x

  8. Hi Barbara, Wow !! the displays look amazing, well done Dave. All those goodies, all your team's hard work culminating in this amazing 'stand'. Lovely piccies.
    Enjoy your few days at the NEC.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hi Barbara, your stand looks so smart. Clearly Dave is very talented too. Glad you're so pleased with it, makes everyone's hard work that's gone into it all worthwhile. I hope that table and chairs mean you're going to be sitting down most of the time to make it all a bit less arduous for you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I miss Jayne on the telly too. She came across as a lovely gentle and kind lady, and vey talented. Before you were on telly, I think it was seeing Jayne's demos that got me realising, and wanting to do much more with stamps. And sparked my interest in this proper colouring in lark too. I hadn't seen line art turned into something looking so real ever before, I was mesmerised.

    I've been sending you psychic good wishes today, hope they're helping the business people to realise what you've got to offer and they're signing up in their droves

    love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda so happy yir managing ti pop in here mare often hope yir managing a wee bit crafty stuff tae and wee Daisy is no jumpin aw our it.
      Hows yir nightshifts these days need ti try and cut mine oot guid job fir 24 hour telly ti keep us company.
      Here's yir cuddle ….Xx

    2. Hi you two, hugs back xx
      Is it back to school tomorrow Donna, or is this one where they add on an extra day or two?
      I did make a stash of spritz and flick backgrounds yesterday, some better than others. Everything is back to the trial and error stage as it's been so long. I got really down after so it's not had the effect I was expecting, and a lot more unwell today too, so not done anything crafty yet today.
      Aye Dot I'm still on nightshifts, 3-4am being an early night!!! I found a new channel on freeview before Christmas, one that hasn't been affected by the not working properly aerial! Since then my TV viewing from 1-5am is 2 hours of the Walton's, then 2 hours of Little House on the Prairie. Brilliant, except for when someone /something's got to die, then I get all upset. I even still remember some of the episodes from watching when I was wee. Dreading them ending showing them because then it's back to being BBC news 24. But maybe it would encourage me to go to bed earlier!!! I've somehow got to get up at 7am on Friday. Seriously thinking about just not going to bed that night and deal with the consequences after, as how on earth am I going to get up after not long falling asleep. How's Amy's body clock? It's a common feature of autism/Asperger's to have a totally different body clock to normal people. I actually wasn't too bad, but when I got CFS that also knocks off your body clock and it affected me badly. But I also don't like going to sleep so always put it off until I can't keep my eyes open or even beyond that point!

    3. Loved the Waltons know what you mean you go ti switch it off then get hooked on the next episode my problem is a fall asleep on the couch and dinae get to my bed.
      AS for Amy's sleep clock hard going to get her to sleep seems 4-5 hours does her she's the nightshift Queen then its hard to get her up for school then they let her have a wee nap on the beanbags if shes tired in the class which disnae really help either.
      Try an get yir body clock adjusted fir Friday no a good idea nae sleep if you've got ti deal wi something.Xx

    4. Hi Brenda good to hear you got some crafting done, I'm sure your backgrounds will look good when you look at them again. I remember the Waltons! Night Jimbob, night Mary Ellen – those were the days! I think you need to get some sleep before your early morning otherwise you will be out of sorts and not up to coping with what you need to be doing. Look after yourself. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Evening Brenda glad to know you have done some spritz and some backgrounds they will look great as you made them do like Barbara says squint and see what you see will be thinking of you for the week Friday especially stay with us dear blog friend you help us get through each day too xxx

    6. thank you Diane and Sheila
      Friday is the next instalment of the gas pipe upgrade!
      goodnight Diane, goodnight Sheila, goodnight Donna, goodnight Dot, goodnight Pam, goodnight Barbara, goodnight Dave (who's mama and daddy and grandma and grandpa?!!!)goodnight Gilly, goodnight Morag, (this will take me all night) och goodnight everyone xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Your stands are always good but this one is exceptional. I hope you do really well at the show. Lovely to see Jayne. She has always been a favourite of mine.
    Hugs from Chris X

  11. Hello Barb,
    Your display looks fantastic. Dave is certainly a handy fellow to have around!
    And how lovely to see Jayne, I can hear her in my head as I'm typing this with her lovely soft voice and way of talking. She's a miss.
    Good luck, I hope you have lots of sales.
    Maureen xx

  12. Hi Barbara Heavens I never realised you had to build and haul stands your shows thought they would just be their to decorate with all the Clarity goodies blimey well done you Dave and the team.
    Stand looks fab bet it stands out among the rest have a great show wish I could see it for real…xx

    1. Evening Dorothy it's a good job I live in a bungalow our 2nd bedroom is my craft room because it leads into the conservatory I can craft in their in summer too I just have to learn I don't need to put it away . you leave your craft on the table for your visitors to see
      Big crafting hugs dear blog friend it's lovley to hear about wee Amy hugs for her too xxx

  13. The stand looks amazing! Very business-like. Well done Dave, great carpentery skills and the rest of the team for setting up so well. I hope it attracted some profitable deals today. Hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  14. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, can't seem to comment individually on your comments as I normally do, it won't let me. Anyway thanks for your well wishes. Hope you've all had a good weekend and managed some crafting. Hope your pain has diminished a little Sheila it must get you down especially when it stops you crafting when you really want to do some. Glad your decorating the craft room is going well, hope your clearing out goes as well. Have a good day back at work tomorrow Donna. Wishing you all well Diane, Brenda and Dot. My back is a little better the pills are making me get a bit more sleep and I think that has helped. Take care all of you, lots of hugs Pam xxxxx

    1. Hello Pam it's good to hear you are managing to get some sleep, that's so important as it helps the body to repair itself and gives you some relief from the pain. I think it helps if you refresh the page using the curly arrow thing at the top if you can't post comments. Look at me being all technical!!! Xxx

    2. I think that's a blogger thing, maybe network too busy or something. Like Diane says keep refreshing the page every so often until it's working again. Depending on which browser you use you might not see a wee curly thing. Highlight the web address at the very top by clicking your cursor arrow on it. If that doesn't make it all go blue, put your cursor at one end of it and while holding down the mouse button drag the cursor along to the other end and let the button go. When it's all blue, click your enter button on your keyboard. (sorry if you already know how to do this, I didn't want to presume and leave you still not knowing) If you've written a comment already remember to copy and paste to somewhere before refreshing the page as you'll lose what you've written (mmm wonder why I reminding of this!!!!).
      If the page/your browser is frozen that's a different fix but I can easily tell you how if you need it.
      hope that helps xx

    3. Thanks a lot Brenda, can't make it out it worked then. I do this on my Kindle Fire not technical at all me. Don't know even how to copy and paste on the kindle. Thanks yo you too Dot. Xxxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I hope you've had a good day today and have got loads of orders. The stand looks amazing – well done Dave. Such a lot of tempting goodies! They will be flying off the shelves. How lovely to see Jane, I loved watching her on tv, she made the most beautiful boxes, I have some of her stamps. I met her at the nec many moons ago and she was such a gentle kind lady, I could have stood and watched her colour in all day. I hope you had a lovely catch up with her.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    The stands look great,Daves done a fantastic job.
    Wow Jayne Nestorenko haven't seen Jayne in many a year,loved watching her demo on TV.I do hope she's well and still producing fab stuff.

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