Up Up and Away….Gelli project

Up Up and Away….Gelli project

Good morning!
Thanks for popping in.
After yesterday’s reality blog, 
and then Gracie getting the part in the film 
she auditioned for after all, 
Ooooh! It’s all so exciting!!
So I thought an hour of serenity and a little arty session this morning might calm the racing mind!
Thursday’s Blog is always Blue, right?
So here’s a piece I rustled up from my Gelli Plate stash.
See here? 
I keep the background backgrounds together on a ring…
Now which one to use…
You can see I was experimenting, 
trying to create a slice of land in the background. 

This way up?

Or this? Mmmm….
Yep. Can you see what I see?

When Grace called last night, she was twittering and chattering, and I have to tell you, if the NEC Trade Show weren’t this weekend,  I would have been booking a last minute flight to the Big Apple, to give her a big hug!
So our Hot Air balloon it is then.
Comes with a little silhouette and an anchor!
 You need a Black Archival or permanent ink type to stamp 
on acrylic paint, which is what I used here.
Now let’s define the background .
Out with a brush and torn paper.
Tumbled Glass is a good colour

Another brush, another hill, Dusty Concord is a great colour.

Let’s add some depth with pencils.
Spectrum Noirs and Polychromos are my choice.

Time to trim the artwork back some.
We sell a Fiskars trimmer, which I recommend.

Now to create a vignette , a shaded edge.
Slate Adirondack on the blending mat
and then use the mini blending tool to work around the edges.

Now do you see what I saw?

Let’s add more depth, by adding a few trees at the front.
This lovely tree is from the Wee trees set:
Ink blot plot the ones at the back along a piece of torn paper.

So you have this:

Now add the first generation trees at the front 
and along the front edge.

So you have this:

Mount on white and I think we’re almost done.
Add a waterline by sweeping Tumbled Glass along 
a straight piece of copy paper with a make-up sponge.

 A few white highlights and that’ll do.

Hope you like it. 

If you had to give this piece a title, what would you call it?
Ann Upupandaway has been taken!
Love & hugs,
Tomorrow we pick winners for the limericks AND the Starbook.
You still have time to join in!!

100 thoughts on “Up Up and Away….Gelli project

  1. So very happy for Grace and all of you too. Really hope this is the big break she needs and launches her into great things. Love this artwork. I would call it Twilight Escape or Serenity as it is so relaxing to look at. I can feel myself drifting into a dreamlike state just looking at it…or maybe that's the meds lol! Hope the Trade Fair is kind to you (especially as a hug with Grace would be preferable) love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Well done Grace! Are we allowed to know which film? Love this artwork – I don't know how you do it! My mind mustn't be as artistic as yours! I would call this Freedom which is what you must feel when you're up in a balloon. Love Alison xxx

    1. Hi, just sent off my February challenge card, and also sent my star book pics to Barbara this afternoon and entered the limerick competition! So that's me done for today 🙂 XX

  3. Flying High? Well done to Grace. Lovely artwork, Barbara. I have, at last, had my gelli plate out to use with inks but haven't had the courage to try with paint yet!! Mxx

  4. Oh boy – I'll have to try to get that star book sorted this afternoon! Love this scene, and I'm sure Grace understands that your virtual hugs are just as special as the real life ones – what a little star she is. My title for your piece – Cool, calm and collected.

  5. What a fantastically dreamy background Barbara and the balloon drifting over it is just perfection! I hope this movie works out well for Grace. x

  6. Hi Barbara! I love this piece of artwork!!
    I would call it – 'On Cloud Nine', it came to mind straight away. It is a well-known expression, and I have just looked up the meaning. It says 'In a State of Blissful Happiness' – which I think suits how you and Grace must be feeling today!.
    I am SO happy for you both – hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – I hope that you are feeling good today, I am heaps better than yesterday, after my enforced rest. As we both know, it does work and is necessary for us both at times! Huge hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi again Barbara! Very remiss of me, I forgot to say congratulations to Grace – and I wish her the best very of luck in what will be a very important next step in her career! Never under-estimate the collective positive powers of the Clarity Blog members, who all wanted her to achieve securing this film part! Sorry that work is keeping you away from getting on that plane Barbara! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi gilly having a few health issues got an app to see the breast surgeon a week today as cyst is back with a vengeance again on the bright side we have got the decorator comming at weekend to decorate the craft room .xxx

    4. Sheila – so sorry to hear about the cyst, I had one in the same place many years ago, so I know how painful it can be, Mine was sorted, hope that yours can be sorted again – for good! Take care, huge hugs Gilly xxx

    5. Morning just, you made me smile Donna
      Thank you gilly I do hope so as its back about every 3 weeks now they say you cannot have to many antibiotics but keep giving me them sending hugs xxx

  7. Fantastic piece of art Barbara, just love the background. Great news about Grace. I would call it Flying High on a Cloud. No time to do a star book I'm afraid, but will certainly get round to try it another time. Love Pam xx

  8. Beautiful art work it always amazes me how out of a gelli stash you make something stunning
    (I would call it soaring in to your future grace )grace will understand you have to work as that's how you provide the things you do for your wonderful family xxx

    1. Afternoon Diane have you booked your flight ?xx
      Afternoon Dorothy sending lots of hugs xx
      Afternoon Brenda hugs to you and daisy xx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila flight not yet booked we need to juggle dates to see if we can fit it in with Julian's work and Emma's lab week. We're trying to get our boiler fixed at the moment too – more expense! Hope you are ok today and have managed a little crafting xx

  9. I don't know which pleases me most – your beautiful piece of art or Grace's wonderful news! I might call this piece 'Heading for Cloud Nine'
    Tonbridge Sue

  10. Grace fully flying high . What wonderful news I don't blame you shame you cannot fly over for hugs with your beautiful grace she must be over the moon bet she keep pinching herself xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Such beautiful artwork and such wonderful news about Grace. What a shame it's the trade show, but I'm sure she will understand. It's been her dream for so long and it's starting to become a reality. I think flying on a wave of clouds would be a good title, your backgrounds are always so lovely. Enjoy your evening
    Love Diane xxx

    Ps star book is in mid construction but it won't be finished in time – I have enjoyed playing this afternoon so thank you got the challenge! Xx

  12. Firstly huge congrats to Grace. Secondly what a fabulous piece of art work Barbara, gorgeous colours you've used – right up my street they are. Now what would I call it? Well Flying High was the first thing that came to mind but that has been picked already so after a bit of thinking how about "Upwards, Ever Upwards" or "Floating Dreams" – Either way I love it. xxx

  13. 'Floating on a dream ' sprang into my mind so I will stick with that. Grace's dream has come true at last, so pleased for her. A lovely girl, was very happy to chat away to me at Open Day even though she did not know me. Great piece of artwork. xx

  14. Hi Barbara, love this, thank you for sharing.
    I'm sorry for going aaaaaagh yesterday. Guess it's been the straw that broke the camel's back. This latest problem mess together with feeling so trapped and me realising I've totally ran out of things to try to get people/organisations to actually give me the help and support I need and the chance of a bit of a quality of life. But that's no excuse for going aaaaagh here. I'm sorry.
    And thank you so much for all your supportive replies
    love Brenda xx

    Dot just you keep fighting Amy's corner, you'll get there. It's the people who do have someone fighting their corner that get given the help they need in this society xx

    1. Morning Brenda nodded off last night you know like you do when on the nightshift the night before..anyway will fight her corner till my last breath, there is a lot of help out there the only problem is nobody tells you about it just managed to get her a bus pass with companion so that's gonnie help when the better weather comes in you go aaaah here any time you like my daughter asks me all the time how yer doing as I talk about you to her a lot. take care my friend your a strong intelligent woman and im glad I know you..Dot..xx

  15. Lovely artwork Barb. I have been Gelli printing this afternoon and using my wee folk. An enjoyable session. I am so pleased about Grace getting the part. Talent, perseverance and determination has paid off!! Much love Jayne

  16. Hi Barbara,
    great artwork!!!
    I have no title but I would sing a song (if I could):
    "Fly, Robin, Fly –
    Up Up in the sky."
    Does anybody know this old song? Moons ago and one of only a very few german songs which made it in the USA (maybe in the UK???)
    Congratulation to Grace.
    Rolf xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, Fantastic news for Grace, Congratulations to her, no wonder you are beaming.
    This artwork is fabulous, you started with a brilliant gelli background and then added all the finishing touches, to produce a 'Work of Art'.
    'Journey across the Pond'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Fantastic news about Grace, all those positive vibes flying over the Atlantic. Sorry but for title, can't get past up up and away in my beautiful balloon, the old Nimble ad! Lovely artwork, I have this balloon, one of my first Clarity purchases. Hoping to get to Trade Show at weekend, doing some research on my potential business plan, although as car packed up on Monday and is still in garage not sure I can get there. Keep well Karen xxx

  19. Barbara , you see what I don't and that's why you are an artist and my inspiration and mentor . Joy now .
    What wonderful news about Grace .
    What you wrote yesterday I took to heart . My dear son has been trying to pass verbal French test in Montreal so he can work as a physical therapist . He just finished his schooling at McGill university but you have to pass French to work . Not easy . Tried several times ,very discouraging . Nothing I can do except pray and know that what is best will be .

  20. Great news about Grace! Onwards and upwards just like a the balloon in your picture!
    The background you have created could be where I have driven through today on our way up to Inverness!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  21. Great news about Grace! Onwards and upwards just like a the balloon in your picture!
    The background you have created could be where I have driven through today on our way up to Inverness!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  22. Hello Barb,
    Fantastic offering today, ooh I love the geli plate. I think it has to be called "Do you see what I see" ha ha.
    Congratulations to Grace. Now there's a superstar in the making, and congratulations to you for managing to resist the urge to fly straight to her.
    Maureen xx

  23. I love your gelli plate pieces and how you store them. I think one of the things that appeals to me about crafters is that hoarding is guilt free since we all do it!
    Many congratulations to Grace. What a lovely name she has Grace Gray.

  24. Hello Barb, Congratulations to Grace, fabulous news. Love the artwork, beautiful colours, and I think my title would be "Come fly with me, because of the next line – Let's fly away". Unfortunately I don't think I will get my starbook in on time. I blame the day job, look forward to seeing the others, may just send a photo of mine in anyway. Take care. Bx

    1. Morning just Dorothy had to go to bed early last night your right about having to find things out yourselves for care and things that are available as no one tells you hugs to Amy bless her she has a wonderful grandma who loves her to bits see you later on next blog xxx

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