Skip through Central Park!

Skip through Central Park!

Hi there!
Mindful Wednesday today!
The day when we look at what we are doing today,
what we’re doing with our lives day to day,
and how we are dealing with Life – one day at a time!
So I’m sitting here in my little art-room, 
looking out at the birds in the trees.
I’ve whistled through some artwork ready for the next TV Show
(love it when it comes together that quickly!)
Designed a really lovely Groovi landscape plate with 2 birds, 
and handed it over to Jim to finish up. 
Teamwork makes the dream work!
Thoughts run through my head like cars along a busy road when I’m alone. 
Just streaming through…
They fly by!
..Have we finished up that proposal for March? Must call Paul…

….Leonie’s first day back at work after 6 months! 
Hoping she has a wonderful first day at HOCHANDA.

…..Maria’s travelling up to the studios for her Groovi shows;
hope she has a safe and happy day too.

…..Grace hasn’t heard back from that audition. Gutted for her.
And my thoughts get instantly mashed up. 
Positive, positive, negative.
Leonie will rock.
Maria will rock.
And Grace would rock if only they would only give her a bloody chance!
Here’s the thing.
There is absolutely NOTHING I can do about any of it.
But it would be so easy to get in Grace’s thought car and get caught up in her frustration, sadness and rejection. 
I’m her Mum!! Have to let it go though.
If it is meant to happen, it will. 
Grace made this career choice, 
and all I can do is be there when she wants me or needs me.
And of course, I am. 
I was really struggling with the whole daughter in New York thing this morning. She’s so far away.
Reality check:
This is the same as saying “I feel really sorry for myself, 
because my daughter is thousands of miles way.”
So here’s what I did.
Call me daft, but it certainly did the trick!
I was cleaning my teeth with my left hand, 
and had the other hand in my jean pocket. 
Being the multi-tasker that I am, and not wanting to waste a minute, I decided to put a new loo roll on the holder at the same time as cleaning my teeth, which involves unscrewing a bolt and all sorts. Not easy with one hand!
Moment of Clarity. 
I decided to give myself a reality jolt, 
a mindful kick up the proverbial. 
I struggled my way through the loo roll holder experience with one hand, then put said hand back in that pocket for half an hour.
I tried to do everything with one hand only. 
What a challenge that is !!
Try making the bed, making a cup of tea, cleaning the cat tray! (Didn’t go well)
Instant leveller though. And that was all using my left hand
 – the one I think I do everything with!
It yanked my thoughts straight out of Grace’s car I can tell you!
Gratitude crept in quite quickly. 
That I can pretend I only have the use of one hand.
That I can stop pretending at any time. 
So many people can’t. 
Then I thought about Grace from a different angle. 
She is very beautiful, slim, clever, 
 AND has the use of both hands. 
So what if she didn’t get the part! No big shakes in the scheme of things, eh. She gets to wash her hair, blow her nose and skip through Central Park !
And Grace, if you are reading this,
Wash your hair, blow your nose and skip through Central Park!
I shall shoot off to have lunch with Mum and Dad.
Remember my pledge this year?
Spend time with the people who are important. 
(Is that the same as saying don’t spend time with the people who aren’t?)
love & hugs,

103 thoughts on “Skip through Central Park!

  1. Fabulous post today Barbara. Good motto to live by. And only using one hand….well as you know that is what I have been doing for the past few weeks…..only I am having to use my left!!! I can't even carry a cup of coffee without spilling it lol! But I have learned to type and text a lot better with my left hand so I shall take that as a positive! Have a lovely day today with the most important people, your mum and dad xxxx

    1. Emma it sounds like you are on a steep learning curve but doing ok. Now hope you managed the one handed bra do up yet? That one failed me when I broke my elbow so hubby had to help me each day before he left for work – it caused great hilarity! Xxxx

    2. I had the same problem when I broke my wrist. All my friends were interested in was whether I would be able to type in the results of the event we were helping with. Fortunately, it was my left wrist and I am very right-handed. xx Maggie

  2. Enjoy your lunch.
    Looking forward to the shows today.
    Doing a reality check myself and have decided to use the craft stuff I have in my stash for the next wee while, tidy the craft room and junk the stuff I don't use. Clearing the corners of my mind along with the corners of my craft room. ;~}

    1. Hi Shelagh we are having the craft room decorated by a decorator this weekend toms beavering away getting it ready for him so then it will be a mass sort out of what I cannot or don't use anymore then will have to think of what I can do with the things that need to go happy cleaning have fun hugs xxx

  3. I spent a wonderful day yesterday with my Mum and Step Dad in London. Making memories that we will all treasure. I do love exhibitions and the on at the RA was stunning, full of beautiful Monets. I spent the day thinking of a friend who is struggling at the moment and wishing she could share the experience with me so I made the point to savour it all the more. Xx

    1. You will love it, the Monets water lillys are stunning. Make sure you get really close to the ones not behind the wire and then slowly step backwards. You go from seeing the paint layers and brush strokes to seeing the garden bloom in front of your eyes. Simply amazing! Xx

    1. Have been crafting, started my challenge card, started my star book and now sitting watching Maria on Hochanda. Great plates, really like the flowers and the netting which I have ordered. Xx

    2. Hi Donna
      Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday with mum and dad, the Monet exhibition sounds fab. I was going to start my star book today but we are having problems with our boiler so I had to make space for the gas man to get in the study to look at it. Hopefully he can fix it before he goes on holiday on Friday! Enjoy your crafty day xxx

    3. Evening Donna, did wonder where you were yesterday. Nice to hear that you had a lovely day in London with your Mum and Stepdad. Glad you are enjoying crafting today, don't think I'm going to have time for the star book. Not done any myself hoping to do some tomorrow even if it's only for a short time. Love Pam xx

    4. Hi Donna looks like your half term off to good start and you've had the wee cushions on again for more crafty time love your calendar challenge great background wish mine would come out like that.xx

    5. Hi Ladies, yeah very late yesterday but did get in before midnight. Lovely day today as well crafting and watching Maria. Hope you get your boiler sorted soon Diane. Fingers crossed you get crafty tomorrow Pam, bet you will do a little something. Thanks Dot, I bet yours looks great too! Xx

  4. I am having to do everything with one hand after falling downstairs and breaking my arm 2 weeks ago, yes it's frustrating trying to manage but I could have broken my neck or back so things are not that bad. On a lighter note, try doing up your bra with one hand…..its difficult!! Wishing Grace good luck next time x

  5. What a wonderful example of turning a potential wallow into a life-affirming experience. You are lucky that you still have your parents. That's something to appreciate, too, because some of us lost ours.

  6. Hi Barbara, I love your posts, they help to put me straight, well for a while anyway. Grace will get her dream part, everything happens for a reason and enjoy your time spent with your Mum and Dad. The most important thing in this mad world is spending quality time with the people we love most, thinking of you xxx

  7. This is exactly what my thoughts do when painting/crafting. Boy does it kill creativity – often resulting in achieving nothing. Letting things go is one of the hardest things, work or personal. Grace is so lovely. I hope she gets her dream role soon.
    I've also been there with toothbrush in one hand and loo roll in the other. Loo roll fell in loo – soggy mess (should've closed the lid, dummy)! I think I shall try some mindful colouring with my left hand today (that's the one I don't rely on). Have a lovely day.
    Tonbridge Sue

  8. That is certainly a good way to look at things. Be thankful for what we have and spend time with those we love. I am having a good day even though it has gone to plan as my car isn't getting fixed today. However it meant that I could nip over to my local caft shop to pick up display bags for all the cards that I have been making over the last couple of days. I love having more time for crafting (hubbie says it is more time for house work though!!).
    Take care everyone. Enjoy your day.

  9. I've only just started reading Barbara's blog, I just didn't seem to be able to get around to it before but I'm so glad to have read today's thought & I'm going to try & be better organised so that I can continue reading each day.

  10. It is so good to jolt yourself out of a train of thought, remind yourself of what you have rather than what you don't. Life is full of twists and turns, many you may wish you did not have to go down but many in which you can find something positive. Today I was delighted to see Leonie on Hochanda, it is so the right fit for her and for us too. Her first show was great, she picked it up like she had never been away but what was lovely was to see the genuine excitement and joy in her new place. Great. Grace, onwards and upwards, the part was not good enough for you, what's next. You are adding to the layers of your character and if you can continue through this, then you have a rich and velvety tapestry to call on for the rest of your life. And Mum, champion one-handed loo roll changer, somebody has got to do it! Mum, you are her rock, the reason she can keep trying because she has you there. Not only can she skip through the park, she can call you and know she has instant support. She doesn't even have to make that call, knowing she can just makes it better, her second or third hand if she needs one. So even though miserable outside today, a little bit of sunshine creeps in. Thanks you for reminding me to count my blessings too! Karen xxxx

  11. Afternoon Barbara enjoy your day with your parents creating memories grace is beautiful her time will come to have that big break into stardom she has your grit and determination and works hard towards her goal and that's all she can ask of herself .
    Just maybe the one she audition for they haven't chosen who they want yet xxx

    1. Hi Sheila! Hope that you are feeling good today – it is a challenging day for me, but I just need to rest, that I DO know! Lots of hugs on their way to you now! Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila I hope Tom isn't finding too many hidden purchases as he's clearing out the craft room! It will look lovely when it's decorated and sorted. Don't go overdoing it, make sure you get plenty of rest xxx

    3. Hi there Sheila, hope you've had a good Wednesday and if you're out of pain managed some craft. Sounds good you having your craft room decorated. Good excuse to have a clear out. I bet you'll find there's so much you've forgotten and not used for ages. Love Pam xx

    4. Hi Sheila my wee blog pal well you got that right about wee Grace they were just taking time to pick the right girl.
      Hope you've had a good day and your managing a wee bit crafty stuff have you been wagon falling the day…xx

  12. Oh Barbara! I DO love your Mindful Wednesday blogs – as they always get us thinking, and so very often they help us to solve things that we also struggle with. If Grace doesn't get that part – just maybe it's because another and better part will come along instead. Either way, she is a beautiful and talented girl – and no doubt has her Mother's determination too!! Finally, I think that your comment at the end probably does mean – NOT spending time with people who aren't important! I think as we get older, we automatically choose to spend our time more wisely!
    It is coming through – loud and clear – that you are making HUGE progress with how you use your time more wisely! Well done to you, and you really must feel a huge benefit from this! Hugs, Gilly xxx

  13. Thank you for another beautiful Mindful blog for Wednesday Barbara. For me, I've distilled your words into that old familiar: COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Like so many of us, I really need to do that more often. xx

  14. you are an inspiration Barbara. No matter how bad things seem there is nearly always someone worse off, we if only we stop to think about it. I spent the morning with two friends who both have serious health issues which limits what they can do. I don't think we stopped laughing the whole time. I came away with such a smile on my face and a great deal of gratitude that I have such wonderful inspiring people in my life.
    I can only imagine how much you must miss Grace & Mark, Barbara. There are times when you just want to give them a hug. I am lucky enough to be spending the day with my daughter tomorrow before she starts a new job next week. We are going to see Miss Saigon and then out for dinner & cocktails. I can't wait and hope it won't be long until you can spend time with Grace.

  15. Hi Barbara your words very true and we all need to spend more time with our family I lost my mum just before leaving school she missed being a Nan and my dad three years later the approx 20 years later my brother sudenly all with cancer then my prescouios daughter Sandie two years ago who I miss mych but in all those my family is so important spending time with them being there for them time with my beautiful grandchildren think for me my parents never meet my children see me married but try to live my life that they would be proud of me life is short time with each other is so special love Joy xxx

  16. Hi Barbara,
    Try functioning in a world where my brain functions very differently to everyone else's! I've had a very distressing day since 08.30 this morning, felt harassed by 2 different guys from the company, messed around, then gas pipe upgrade not even attempted, got distressed/upset when the workman was here. And still can't make sense of any of it all! And still got to go through it all and more another time! And still no contact/help from social services! life's too hard
    Sorry, but that's about all I can say right now xx

    1. Brenda what a shame you've had such an awful day, I can't believe you've still got no help or support from social services, that's dreadful. I hope you can find a quiet place now they have left and can do some groovi or colouring to help take your mind off it all. Sending you hugs xxxx

    2. Brenda so lovley you have come to share your bad day is so good to share we are not with you in person but with you in heart every step of the way sending lots of hugs xxx

    3. I do feel for you Brenda! Our Grandson is Autistic and I know how much he struggles with everyday life. I am so pleased for you that you have the safety of this blog to come to. xx

    4. Sorry you have had a bad day Brenda, but you made it here to your safe place where there are lots of people to support you. Lots of lovely messages from people who care. Think back some months and I doubt we would have heard from you because you just would not come and talk to us. Now at least you can tell us you have had a bad day, and we can all send you messages of support saying we are thinking about you. Look after yourself and give Daisy a big hug. Karen xxxx

    5. Oh Brenda, so sorry you've had such a bad day but hoping things will get better for you very soon and it will all be sorted out. Well done for telling us about it, we are all here for you to sound off to, maybe Diane's suggestion of doing some Groovi or some simple colouring will help you relax and stop you thinking of it for a while. Thinking of you Brenda and sending you lots of hugs. Love Pam xx

    6. Hi Brenda hope you've managed to calm down a wee bit I cant believe they are letting you deal with this on your own I so wish I could be there for you have had a lot off dealings and meetings with social services me and my daughter about help for wee Amy and I know it all comes down to budgets and money which is unbelievable but they didn't reckon on this Granny taking them on and telling them what I thought.
      Anyway rant over wish I had your back too. Keep coming here for a wee help even just to let it out ok your loved here Brenda here's yir cuddle…love Dot.xx

    7. Thank you everyone, you're all very kind.
      Well Donna, it is a straightforward job, the company have messed up at every stage from and including when the first engineer was here. They obviously don't want to admit that, ignored that fact and messed me around instead. 2 phone calls early morning and then the guy arriving unannounced and earlier than told, messed around again then, and then told he's not doing it today! And nothing that makes any sense. Hence the big state I'm in, all this on top of what I've gone through totally alone to get to this stage of it happening today. And all for nothing. And to make it worse, this is a really good company (which I'll be paying a higher hourly rate than for a normal company/workman), and this is the first time they've caused problems, when I'm on my own with it! I'm no coping at all, I've had enough now

  17. I do love mindful Wednesdays – great blog today, and it's always helpful to be reminded to let go of things that we have no control over, be that someone else's actions or choices, and to be thankful for what we do have. Enjoy your time with your parents and I hope Grace enjoys skipping through the park – maybe she will meet the poet lady again to share some joy! Susan x

  18. Hi Barbara
    I love your Wednesday blogs, they really make you think. Now I would have dribbled toothpaste down my top and dropped the loo roll down the loo! I hope Grace hears about the job soon, if she doesn't get this one there's the right one just around the corner. I've just been looking at flights to go and see our daughter, not as far as New York but we still miss her. I saw Leoni this morning – I'm really pleased for her, it's the perfect place for her creativity, it was lovely to hear her laugh and hopefully you can work together again soon.
    Enjoy your day with mum and dad
    Love Diane xxx

  19. I firmly believe that if Grace does not get this part, then it is not the right one for her. Determination and effort will bring her the perfect part at the perfect time. It has been a mixed day for me. My sorting and tidying has, so far, created chaos all over the house. I have developed a sneezy, streaming cold but I have found several things that had gone missing so I will focus on the positives. The mess can wait now till tomorrow, while I work out how to enhance my shaving foam background to show the landscape I can see. That will definitely take all evening and take my mind off my sniffles. Hope you had a great time with your parents. xx Maggie

  20. Not easy trying to change loo roll as well as clean teeth. We do take for granted our good health, I would be so miserable if I lost use of my hands. As for Grace so sad she did not get the part and we do feel our children's pain does not matter how old they are. Cannot put everything right with a hug anymore. You could well be hurting more than her, just because you are her mum. Hope you enjoyed time with your mum and dad, we took grandchildren out to lunch today. Gosh I wish I could eat like them and not put the weight on. xx

  21. Brilliant post Barbara. Grace will get her dream one day – she is not her mother's daughter for nothing!! Hope you enjoyed lunch. I'm feeling a bit down at the minute – few health worries but hopefully it's nothing serious. Have to be honest though – it's a bugger waiting! Lol. Anyway – thought I'd watch Maria's show and boom – there's my card again! What a lovely surprise and really cheered me up. So thank you Maria and thank you Barbara for giving me the challenge in the first place. xxxxxxx

  22. Thanks for wensday Barbara I wish you lived next door to me well maybe not you would get fed up with me. Very worried about my 72yr old brother very ill with Parkinson's his care is worrying he's alone a lot I'm older and disabled myself. Love and hugs June xxxxx

  23. I so look forward to your Wednesday blog. It always makes me stop, think, then feel better! I too am a great believer in 'everything happens for a reason' For me, it has been proved time and time again. Grace will get her chance when the time is exactly right for her. Just as your dreams have come to fruition at the right times for you.
    What have I been doing today???. For a couple of lovely hours.. stamping and colouring accompanied by, as usual, an audiobook. When listening to one of these I'm able to really enjoy my crafting without the intrusion of negative thoughts. xxx

  24. you made me stop, think and roar with laughter at your loo roll description! You are so right, my daughter is where grace is but with her writing, and you re right its very frustrating when you can t do anything to help. I remember when she was a little dot sitting playing with her toys and when i could pick her up, knew where she was and give her a big hug to make things better. I still give her a big hug, but can t do the rest for her any more x x x x x

  25. Always enjoy your Wednesday's post. You always give us something to think about which takes us away from our own problems and worries. I could just imagine you trying to change the loo roll whilst cleaning your teeth and that made me smile. We all ought to think about how lucky we are sometimes, we've all got something to be grateful for even when we're down and don't think we have, there always someone worse off than us. Hope you had a great lunch with your parents, it's wonderful that you still have them and that you make the most of your time to be with them. XMissed Maria again today, do hope they repeat the shows, I also missed your first one. Love Pam xx

  26. Oh great Barbara, so very pleased for her and you too. She so deserves to do well, Lovely that she has your determination and has kept up her spirits to carry on

  27. Hi Barbara
    Great news I'm sure Grace is over the moon and you for that matter.
    Great read today,I've done the loo roll change in the same manor many a time only mine has a spring, most of the time I get it but there is the odd occasion the spring goes flying then I have a good laugh at myself for making more work for myself.

  28. Something to ponder over when I shouting at two teenagers. I did manage to stick my toothbrush in my eye the other day whilst I was lifting the towel off the floor…ouch.

  29. Yes your right Barb. We need to take time to be grateful for what we have because others may not be as fortunate. I have to remind myself of that most days as the black dog is always lurking and luring me into its lair to dwell on the negatives of this life and loose track of the positives. A constant battle rages in my mind most days especially on these dreak February days. At these times I remind myself that "it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop" (Confucius). So the last few days have been slow days but I have kept going with things. At these times I crochet as I find it relaxing and comforting and I may not be breaking eggs with sticks but I still haven't stopped. I am starting to wonder though if your dog can have too many crocheted doggy coats. He so hates the fittings!!
    Grace is still out there doing her thing and living life and at the end of the day that's a great achievement in itself. Much love Jayne

  30. Firstly congratulations to Grace and her persistence has obviously paid off!! We should all try to think positively although it is difficult sometimes, and try thinking what will be will be. Anyway, you have one great positive from today's musings and you must be feeling so good right now! x

  31. Love Wednesday blogs so helpful to a lot of people this blog glad you've now got the time to share with your Mum and Dad and the people you care about and as for Maria another two great shows really enjoyed them good choice there Barbara she done you and Clarity proud.
    Again so chuffed for Grace now she can dance along Central Park.
    Take care..Dot..xx

  32. Great blog, and love the reality check using one hand. Fantastic news about Grace. Congratulations lovely Grace if you are reading this. Can we ask what the film will be? (Just so we can look out for you) You'll be amazing! Love & hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  33. well done Grace!
    as expected Maris did ell and how nice was it to see Leonie back on telly. i must say i was very surprised to see her on Hochanda though! i really believed she would be on the craft channel with Dawn. hugs xx

  34. Great news about Grace! Patience is a virtue and virtue is a ……

    We've had a day with friends at the races, a very wet day at Towcester, but a profitable for them and my hubby (me? not a sausage). Despite the dreadful weather we enjoyed each other's company and had a laugh.

    I haven't had chance to see the new Groovi plates but the samples on FB by the team are looking fab. I did manage to see Leonie introduced this morning at 9 a.m. though. Great to see her back on t.v. and Hochanda getting a silver award too so a good day all round.

    A lovely thoughtful blog as always on a Weds x x

  35. Hi Barb,
    Just read today's blog and thought it very thought provoking. Was also going to say that no news is good news but then read the post and I see that Grace has got the part! That is fantastic news, I bet you are so proud and on cloud nine. I wish her every success with it. Love Alison xx

  36. Hi Barb, such a lovely and heartfelt blog post. I can just imagine you doing everything one-handed. Grace will get her dream part eventually. Great to see Leonie back and Maria's shows were super. Waiting to get enough together to buy the big Groovi starter kit. Have a great day. Bx

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