Starbook Competition Winners and Limericksters!

Starbook Competition Winners and Limericksters!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in on this sunny Friday !
We have been having a hearty laugh at the brilliant limericks here at the office.
There has been much hilarity 
as I have read them out to the crew here in the art-room.
On the laughometer, this one definitely hit the spot….
There once was a woman called Jean
Who bought a sewing machine
She was in over her head
Lost sight of the thread
And sewed her nose to her spleen……
Yep, the Nose & Spleen has it. 
So a ยฃ20 Gift Voucher goes to Cedric.
Very well done to all of you though; 
laughter is so good for the soul. 
Now. Less of the Hilarity and more of the Clarity!
Remember the Star Book Challenge I set last week?
So many lovely Starbursts! Really lovely!
I thought it would be nice to showcase a selection of the 
entries received,
so that you can see how delightful they are too.
Alison Metcalfe
 Donna Brookes
Eileen Chicote-Hughes
Jocelyn Butler
Julia Evans
Moira Parker
Penny Hewitt
Rolf Wilhelmi

Dawn Sirdefield

Susan White

Arenโ€™t they exceptional ??! 
Each and every one.
I was especially impressed with the parchment pieces – they must have been so hard to do!

A winner? Impossible. 
Youโ€™re all winners in my starbook.
So ยฃ30 Gift Vouchers will be sent out to all of those lovely pieces posted here today.
Because you are all stars.
(Email me your addresses and I will get it organised next week)

Have a great weekend xx
Love & Hugs,

106 thoughts on “Starbook Competition Winners and Limericksters!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Thank you so much for your generosity! I know what mine will be used for – the new plates that Maria showcased, now I can get all three sets- yeah!! Congratulations to the other winners too – yours are all works of art. Congratulations to Cedric too for the Limerick – how funny was that. You've made my day today Barb, I needed cheering up as Scamp ( my cat) broke her pelvis/ hip yesterday and has to have very restricted movement for 10-12 weeks in a cage. We got the biggest one the pet shop had ( for a Rottweiler !) so we can put everything in it for her. She is so miserable poor little thing, can't walk and is somewhat incontinent because she get balance! Washing machine going non stop at moment. Still on the bright side, I've still got her and she should make a full recovery. So thank you for cheering me up, love Alison xxx

    1. Well day done Alison! Sorry to hear about your cat. Years ago one of ours had a pelvic injury and even had her tail amputated! She lived on for 19 years with no further problems once she healed. We kept her in a very large computer box that I brought home for work and had to put chicken wire over it. Why we didn't buy a cage I have no idea ! Also my in laws used to call in each day to sit with her while me and hubby went to work! Brings back memories! Our cats send yours pussy hugs X x

    2. Thanks Jackie. scamp fast asleep and snoring at the moment! Just managed to get first lot of medicine down her – put it in some Bisto gravy! Xxxx
      Thanks Morag as well xxxx

  2. Well done everyone. That Limerick was a good one. I printed the star book instructions out so will have a go one day when less pressed for time! It was good to see the different ones. I'm going to do some shaving foam papers this afternoon and have a go at the calendar challenge! X

  3. Wow wow wow – Thank you soo soooooo much for your generosity, love and support.

    I am over the moon. Well done everyone else and I have nearly wet myself with the limerick. Fantastic…. just what I needed today.

    Well a great big Crafty hugs to everyone.

    Pen x

  4. Congratulations every one! Your starbooks are fantastic. Congratulations too to Cedric..a very funny limerick.
    Barbara a great competition, and such wonderful generosity in giving them all a much deserved prize xxx

  5. Boohoooo am sobbing here. I sent my starbook in and it isn't here! sob sob sob. These are all gorgeous and way better than mine but I did send it, honest injun! Well done Cedric, brilliant limerick. xxxx

  6. All lovely designs, and well deserved winners. Mine must also be lost in the email ether with Dawn's, as I still have the inky fingers to show that I made it!! Great limerick too – well done Cedric. Susan x

    1. No problem Barbara – I've been having my own little battle with technology for the last few days, and the lovely Emma Burns has been helping me to sort out my blog blinky problems, with only one fully functioning arm! I was fully expecting it to be me (again)…x

  7. Beautiful starbooks, that is a very generous thing to do Barbara. Not sure I would have been able to choose. I so wanted to make one but the week disappeared with grandchildren to look after. I will have a go though, think my great niece would like one for her birthday. Limericks were wonderful, so funny. xx

  8. Wowee and thank you, you are a very generous lady, Ms Barbara Gray! I'm just so thrilled to see my contribution on screen. A great display from all participants, too.
    As for the Limerick, visualising it is so funny.
    Rubbish day here – very wet and very windy so now the curry prep for tonight's dinner is done, off to craft; new Groovi plates have arrived.
    Thanks again.

  9. Oh Cedric quite revoltingly funny. Love the star books that I have never tried but lots of ideas to get me going. How fantastic that you all won, how generous is that.

  10. WOW!!! What a great start to the weekend!!!
    Barbara, you are the most generous lady I know!!! Thank you so much.
    Congrats to the other winners and cedric for his limerick.
    Rolf xxx

  11. What great Limerick Cedric and star bursts beautiful confessed didn't get time to do one next time I must make more effort but this cough and cold getting me down lots congrats everyone have a good weeken everyone hope all goes well at trade show Barbara hugs Joy and Katie xxx

  12. Wow Barbara you are so generous. Well done everybody the star books are lovely and I laughed at all of the limericks, (i am hopeless at them!!).Haven't attempted a star book yet, as we are away and I only have limited supplies but will download instructions and have a go. Have a good weekend at the trade show xx

  13. Hi Barbara, what an exceptionally generous lady you are. Congratulations to all the winners.
    And to those that didn't maybe it will be your turn to win a prize next time. You've still learned a beautiful new technique that you wouldn't have otherwise, that's a win in my book.
    Hopefully if things get sorted out here I'll be able to start joining in your wee challenges at some point, to feel a part of it. Although definitely not your limerick competitions, couldn't write one to save my life!!!!
    Very best wishes and good luck for your trade show
    love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda how lovely to see you. I'm sure a bit of crafting will help you to relax and forget about things for a while. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. Thank you everyone for your lovely messages :-). It's to be wet and windy here all weekend so no sun to entice me into my craft room, but I'm going to try. I think, if I get there, I'll be making a wee stash of spritz and flick backgrounds. I need yellow/green ones, but I'll do a stash of random colours too for my scrap box. Something that can't go wrong, famous last words eh!!! Plenty other things lying to be done if my head gets in the zone.
      thank you xx

    3. I did Dot and I know it's because you care and worry :-).
      Do you know you get drop in places in town centres that's free and they are very knowledgeable people, they'd tell you everything Amy and your daughter is entitled to, help you fill in the forms with the right information to get the best outcome, and help you if you need to appeal anything. Please tell me what part of Fife you live in and I'll have a search online to see if I can find your nearest one. If I can't find one I'll give you the number of the really good one in Edinburgh that my old service use. You could phone them to ask where it is or they may be able to help you over the phone if there isn't one near you.
      I'm not forgetting about helping you with recording Barbara's shows via your laptop. I've had very big complex official complaints to write on top of everything else, but I'm almost done there. let me get those finished and sent off and then I'll help you with it, in wee baby steps at your pace. It seems straightforward, and you can put what you record on DVDs and start your own Barbara library ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  14. What fabulous Starbooks, congratulations everyone! Congrats also to Cedric. I have to admit it was your limerick that made me chuckle the loudest – it conjured up such a picture!
    Have a great time at the NEC this weekend, Barbara. Hope it's not ALL work and no play. May I ask, if/when we see the Ken and Barbie Show – or were you just kidding?
    Tonbridge Sue

  15. Yay! What a treat for a Friday! I loved making my mine so will be using this technique again. Thank you Barbara and well done to all the other star book winners, I really love the parchment ones too. Xx

  16. congratulations on all the starbooks .so generous of you Barbara,I didn't get round to doing one as back to work ..looking forward to receiving the feb diamond club goodies though ..

  17. Wow Barbara how generous you are so many stunning star books no wonder you spoilt them all all very worthy winners congratulations to you all .the Limerick was a brilliant choice too
    Have a great weekend at the NEC.
    Lots of hugs xxx

    1. Evening my dear blog friends decorator comming weekend to decorate craft room Tom has found out how much craft I've got as he has had to move it all into the conservatory I can still get to my groovi and I know I will need it tomorrow thank you for messages they keep me going xxx

  18. I'm not long home from doing a double shift at work – my back aches and my feet hurt. I've been down in the dumps all week and I read the blog and I'm in it and I've won a voucher…woohoo, I'd do a dance if I wasn't so stiff – I'll just have to have a wee glass of something instead. Thank you Barbara, you've fairly cheered me up. Well done to the others who did a star book, amazing work. The limerick was a cracker. I'm off to the website to see what I'll spend the voucher on.

  19. How generous you are Barbara, I wouldn't have been able to pick one winner out of all those entries. They were all brilliant. Well done all of you winners enjoy your prizes, also Cedric a very funny limerick. Hope you enjoy the Trade Show

    1. Hiya Pam I'm fine the night got a weekend off from Granny duties now so now its going to be Groovi weekend think I'm getting a wee bit addicted my daughter has just pinched my baby one never been interested in crafty stuff she has well until now…xx

  20. Great limerick and fab starbooks, congratulations to all the winners. I did try to make one but truly got confused but will have a go another time …….maybe. x

  21. Hi Barbara – sounds like you have made some people very happy!! Well done to you all, they are beautiful, and Cedric – what can I say, you are obviously a natural at this limerick composition!! Well done!! Hope that you have a very successful time at the NEC Barbara – I am sure that you will! Hugs from Gilly xxx

  22. Hi Barbara
    What a good Limerick choice, that one made me chuckle too, well done. Cedrick X
    The star books are stunning – the parchment ones are fabulist! Well done everyone, enjoy your spend. Have a great weekend in Birmingham Barbara
    Love Diane xxxx

  23. Dear Barbara thank you so much for being so generous. I am thrilled my project made it through such tough competition. Well done to the other star bookers. You are such a generous lady, your team fantastic and this community that I feel part of, who also show everyone such kindness through their thoughtful words and comments on your blog. Thanks everyone.Moirax

  24. Oh flip! I must have sent my email to the wrong address too on 16th. Gutted, that might explain why I didn't get a response about another matter I'd emailed about too. Which email address is the correct on? I just thought Barbara had picked these as her favourites and mine wasn't one of them. Congratulations to all the winners, the Limerick made me laugh.Wx

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