Make a Sunny Scene x

Make a Sunny Scene x

Hi there.
Good of you to stop by.
We are setting up the stand at the NEC today, 
for the UK Trade Show.
So I can’t stop long.
Here’s the other step by step I did a while ago in the project club, for you to try.
It’s very easy, but very effective.
Try it!
First we need a mask.
Draw a line,

and cut it out.

Masking tape round all 4 sides of our stencil card.

Place the mask,

and brush in the grass.

Add a little yellow.

 Lift the mask and check out the hills.

Now cover up the grass with the other part of the mask.

Make 2 marks on the mask where the trees will sit.

Now stamp the trees into place. 


Just make sure when you stamp the trees 
that the baseline ends up on the copy paper.

Now for the moon mask.

Brush in the yellow, to make an orb.

Getting there….

Time for some grass in the foreground.

Dry brush a little yellow into the sky.
I replaced the inky masking tape at the bottom with fresh, 
so it didn’t muddy the yellow.

Remove all the masking tape. 

A very powerful sentiment stamp top left. 

I used a grey pencil to lightly add a little shadow 
underneath the trees.

Here’s what I used.

Love & Hugs,

82 thoughts on “Make a Sunny Scene x

  1. Morning Barb and all the clarity crew, I know it is very, very hard work at the shows, try and get at least a coffee break if you can, you will be a sell out. Good luck

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Beautiful job as always – so bright and cheerful. Hope today goes well – make sure you get a break during the day. I am sure you will be a total sellout. Xx

  3. Love this stamp. It just keeps being versatile. Hope the trade show goes well. Having another day crafting with a home full of family as daughter home for a bonus weekend, and hubbie is off work sick with chest infection he has had for weeks and he has finally given in to it and got antibiotics. Hopefully it means he is on the mend again.

  4. Beautiful card – there's something about these colours together that I love and the sentiment is true to so many situations. Have a great weekend.
    Tonbridge Sue

  5. Enjoy the show, Barbara, even though I know it's hard work. Thank you for the step by step I look forward to them each week. Lovely card will be have a go at creating it myself this afternoon. Best wishes, Alison Bates. Xx

  6. Hope you've had a good journey up to the NEC. Really like the card you blogged so will try this as I didn't do too well with the other one. I'm sure the trade show will go well, they'll love your products just as we

    1. Morning Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you are all well and that you haven't got all this horrible rain. Took my groovi up for our grandchildren to have a go with yesterday. They loved it and both made a lovely

    2. Afternoon Pam, no rain yet although its getting darker so I'm sure it won't be long. Glad you had a crafty time with your grandchildren, I bet they love seeing what you bring in your crafty bag! Xx

    3. Hi Dot
      We had drizzle most of the afternoon but it's been mild so not too bad. How lovely your grandchildren enjoyed groovi and made bookmarks. Just shows to good for everyone to do xxx

  7. This is a lovely demo and I actually have this project sheet but to my shame haven't tried this yet so must do so. Hope the trade show goes well and is not too tiring. x

  8. Hi Barb,
    I've actually made a card with this – when the project sheet came with the stamp. I was very pleased with the result ( not sure it was as good as yours though). Hope the NEC trade show goes well for you but also hope that it's not too tiring for you and your poor neck.
    Off to put washing machine on yet again – trying to keep up with cat mattresses is not easy – I've resorted to puppy training pads to see if they help with the situation. At least Scamp seems to be coming along slowly but surely, got a tiny bit of movement in her tail today so that's good. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  9. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful sunny card for an ugly weekend which we have here in Germany.
    I love your step-by-step instructions. (Know what a lot of work it is when I did some two years ago…)

    Have a successful trade show at the NEC
    Rolf xxx

  10. Thank you Barbara. Hope your setting up is going smoothly. I'll be sending you psychic good wishes for a very successful show each day. Please remember to look after yourselves too and have some rest time. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda got your wee message told my daughter and there is one near thanks they were at an open day at school and said they would help her with the forms which can be very daunting I'm sure you know what I mean. She's not done it yet but now I've told her you advise it she's going to give it a go thanks Brenda will let you know, here's yir cuddle..Love Dot xx

  11. Thanks for finding the time to share with us, and good luck at the NEC I hope it's a profitable show for you. I have missed a couple of blogs as I went down with a dose of flu even though I had the jab. My husband knew it was bad when I refused red wine and went to bed, if there had been a £50 note on the floor I would have left it. Worse still three of my children were leaving the grandchildren with us and three 6 month old puppies, all pre-arranged, it's ok Grandad will cope, I said. The two French bulldog puppies have been unexpectedly agile and can leap on a stool and up onto my work surfaces at a slight chance of food. Luckily Sheba my old schnauzer will have none of that and keeps them in check, the other puppy of questionable parentage, can do no wrong in Sheba's eyes and is even allowed on her much loved blanket and it's the most mischievous of them all. Little Chewie, not its real name but it looks like Chewbacca is a real rogue. We just saw a report saying some elderly people never see anyone from one week to the next and I heard my husband mumble lucky b******s under his breath, I know he doesn't mean it really. I am sitting here with my Lemsip and box of tissues, trying to look suitably miserable but really I am playing the glad game from my favourite film Polyanna. I am feeling a lot better now so I will take over and give the poor old soul a break, just after one more painting video on YouTube and I promise not to say, welcome to my world.

  12. Lovely project – must have a go at this, as I've still not used that NDC stamp yet (hangs head in shame). I've driven through rain and snow today to go to a clay silver jewellery workshop and had a fab time, came home with a lovely hand-made silver pendant. And so another potential use for my Clarity Stamps is born! Have a great show at NEC. Susan x

    1. I was also driving through that same snow and rain to get my eyes tested in Inverness this morning. The snowflakes were the size of golf balls at one point. Where did you go for the workshop? I've watched with great interest the clay silver shows on hochanada.

    2. Hi Shelagh and Julia – I did a workshop over in Cannich with the lovely Sue and Ali from Earthgems jewellery (they have a facebook page). They do beginners and continuing workshops that are very reasonable, and I might order some clay to practice at home. I was very impressed with my pendant as a first attempt – will try to blog about it in the next few days. Susan x

  13. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the step by step it's a stunning card.
    Hope you've had a very successful day.
    Just watched the repeat of Maria's show brilliant will have to order the music groovi's and doesn't Maria look fantastic.

  14. This card is lovely. I'm waiting for an order to arrive and it has this stamp in it so I'll be having a go at this design. I've had a fab afternoon playing at making backgrounds using stencils, copics and a new toy – Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer. The spritzer is like a manual airbrush. Needless to say my hands are filthy but much fun though and very pleased with the results. Barbara, I hope you've had a good day and aren't too knackered.

  15. Hi Barbara love that card think even I could give this a try don't have the stamp as just a new club member {yay} but think you can get back issues I will have a wee look.
    Hope you had a good day at the show and got your feet up now xx

    1. Hi Dot
      Been doing some major tidying today rather than crafting, it will be good when it's done as we can think of starting the decorating. I'm hoping to finish my star book tomorrow . Hope you are ok. Xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    I hope today has gone well for you and tomorrow is another successful day. This artwork is fab, I must dig out these trees and ave a play.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

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