Thursday – Puzzle me Cocky!

Thursday – Puzzle me Cocky!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I’m busy at the studios today.
11am 3pm and 5pm.
Hope you are able to join me!
Here’s one of the projects I am hoping to complete in the second hour, using the Cockerel and Hen stampset (complete with masks)
and our new Jigsaw Puzzle blanks.
So cool to do!
There are loads of pics, which a pretty self-explanatory really.
Rather than read the steps, say them in your head, as if you had to write them out.
You can say them out loud if you prefer…
In fact, you could sing them too.
Whatever rocks your boat, flaps your flares,
grips your groove…..

Easy wasn’t it. 
Tomorrow I is havin’ a day off.
I is not goin’ near the office.
I is stayin’ in my crib.
Love & Hugs,

61 thoughts on “Thursday – Puzzle me Cocky!

  1. You are amazing!!
    We were looking after the grandchildren last week – boys aged 4 and 6 and a delight to us. I came home on Sunday with daughter's lurgy and have been wiped out all week. Read your blog but couldn't raise the energy to comment then I watched todays programmes!
    If you can do all that TV and blog in between I had to raise myself to say thank you and how I am enjoying the shows.
    You always seem more comfortable doing inky stampy demos than Groovi but that gives me encouragement as I am less confident with Groovi at the moment.
    Have a good last show and a great day tomorrow with your parents and hopefully Dave too.

  2. I love a jig saw, I re order the show so I can look again! You're doing great! Have a lovely lie in Tomorrow you deserve it xx

    Ps my diamond envelope arrived today – fandabedozee ! I really wanted that stencil ! X

  3. And I is not blamin' you! Enjoy!!
    Seriously, this demo was a joy to watch and such fun, but don't ask me how you can craft and talk at the same time. Beats me!
    Tonbridge Sue

  4. You're shows have been wonderful, learn something every time. I've got them all set for record, so will watch 3rd one tonight. My Diamond pack arrived today….FAB-U-LOUS. What an achievement with Pergamano, yet more proof how fantastic the Groovi is. I hope you really do have a day of rest tomorrow xx

  5. Glad you are doing these jigsaw blanks, they are so effective and fun. Love these stamps. Enjoy that time for yourself tomorrow. Diamond pack came this morning, all three products just wonderful. I have also ordered my tickets for Open Day, looking forward to that. xx

  6. Love them watched first 2 and 3rd just came on but hubby just came in so thought better turn over for Chase will watch later in piece or will get comments from him I can do without … My Diamand pack came today will need to play,
    love them xxx

  7. Love this, and was talking it through in my head, but in your voice!! Enjoy your day in bed – treat yourself to a take-away too, and spend the afternoon finding a cleaner so that you buy yourself back a couple of hours a week of "me" time. x

  8. This is just fab, I like doing jigsaws and now that you are selling them it just top the day off.
    Have recorded your shows as I was out so I'll put my feet up later and watch you.
    Enjoy your day off.
    I got happy happy post today as my diamond pack came and can I just say, "that I love them all"👍 Xx

  9. Hi Barbara – I have really enjoyed the first 2 shows today, and I am recording the third – as I type! Husband;s turn with a tv prog!! You were really good on tv today, and looked very 'in control' – would I be right in thinking that you have lost weight!? It is music to my ears to hear you say that you are having a day off tomorrow – well done you!! Hugs Gilly x

  10. Hi Sheila! I have been thinking of you all day – I am really hoping that it went well for you, and they have agreed to solve your painful problem. Sending you a HUGE box of special crafty hugs!! Love Gilly xxx

    1. Evening gilly after 4 hrs saw dr scan back to see dr they are reluctant to do anything due to my diabetes and complications if they take it out got to see my own GP in a few weeks to see what he recommends she said he could refer me back shattered now thank you for your hugs and thoughtful messages I'm looking forward to a crafting weekend lots of hugs comming your way xxx

  11. Lol enjoy your duvet day in ya crib. Great pictorial, I have the pleasure of watching the shows this evening on my own (with the dogs) whilst hubby is at Band rehearsals yay me 🙂 x

    1. Hi Donna, sorry haven't commented for a few days, having trouble with technology. Hope you are well, only another day and its a weekend again. Hope you get time to craft. I've done a few groovy cards over the last week, that I am quite pleased with. Sending you a hug xx

    2. Hi Pam, technology is great…….. when it works! Hope your back hasn't been giving you too many problems, must be getting closer to your appointment? Glad to hear you have been crafting and getting Groovi. I have been making a couple of birthday cards and now I'm planning my Mothers day card. Xx

    3. Evening Donna thank you for thinking of me I'm so lucky having my blog friends if you read my answer to gilly I won't need to rewrite it glad to know you have been crafting I'm looking forward to a crafting weekend lots of hugs comming your way xxx

  12. So glad it has gone well today Barbara and that jigsaw is just fantastic with those lovely brIght colours. I know you said you visit your Mum and Dad on a Friday so enjoy a relaxing day! x

  13. Great shows, although I did miss a good chunk of the latter two, not by design but dealing remotely with some of my mum's care issues. I just wish I'd had the jigsaws when I was teaching – too late now though!
    Looking forward to a play with my Diamond goodies tomorrow once the housework's done. Spent a bit of today on a walk along a sunlit, snow-drifted estuary watching seals, eiders and skeins of geese flying over – could there be a card there I wonder?
    Have a great day of 'me' time tomorrow. ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila,
      How kind of you considering your hospital visit and hard times you are having. You are so thoughtful.
      Trouble is things happen without Mum's knowledge and although we know who has access, this facility appears to have been expanded to other services. Not ideal, I know but just deal anything troubling her as it arises.
      Enjoy your crafting time when you feel able. Bet your craft room will entice you.
      Warmest regards,
      S ;~}

  14. Hello. All your shows were wonderful and I enjoyed every demo. It was lovely to have a light-hearted show with Leonie to finish the day. Thank you for everything you and your team achieve. Enjoy yourself tomorrow and hopefully have a relaxing weekend too. x

  15. Great shows today Barbara, still have the 3 o'clock one to watch. Have a good rest tomorrow even if you do go to your Mum and Dads. Sorry not commented for a few days somehow my kindle wouldn't let me. Hoping this one goes through. Absolutely love the Artist set, was going to get it anyway but now with the verse and frame it's even better. Another order coming on.

  16. Hi Sheila hope things went well with the surgeon today and that you had some good news. Sending you a big

    Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot hope you are all well. Did you see the shows? The design club parcel sounds as though it's in its way and from what's been said sounds exciting. Sending you all

    1. Evening pam the design club parcel is fantastic will be having a crafting weekend with the baby groovi glad to see you have mannage to get your kindle back working to be with us again I've put a message on gillys about hospital saves re writing again hope you can get your pain sorted soon crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam, lovely to see you back, isn't technology wonderful! I managed to see all 3 shows today, weren't they fab. Oh yes the club goodies are fabulous! Xxx

  17. Missed the jigsaw one but managed to catch the stamping on parchment using the frame and cockerel which was great. The groovi designs just get better and better. Had my gold package today and it is lovely. The frame stencil and the stamp will be good for scrapbooking and cardmaking, I am delighted with both Thank you.

  18. Hi loved the shows have recorded them all for closer look.

    Fingers crossed my Diamond parcel arrives tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Aldo think I know what to get with my "winnings" when it arrives. (smiley face)

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. Hi Barbara, I loved watching you demo this project, it is fabulous !! I am so looking forward to getting the jigsaws, they will be ideal for two of my friend's cards, they are jigsaw enthusiasts. I also loved your 'marriage'of stamping and groovi, a fusion of gorgeousness !!
    I received my Diamond sets today, can't wait to play.
    Enjoy your 'me' day, if you can possibly do that hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Evening Barbara I came home from hospital to watch the last one of your shows after a very shattering day it was lovley to come home to relax with you and leonine watched a little of the jigsaw one fantastic idea .i got a clarity parcel today too my birds masks and flowers with free mega mount and stencil ready to do the April calendar challenge so looking forward to a crafting weekend enjoy your well earned day off crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Dorothy how are you doing ? Hugs xxx
      Evening Brenda will be thinking of you tomorrow hugs to help you through xx
      Evening Diane sending lots of hugs your way xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. I was thinking about you today Sheila. I've read you reply to Gilly, it must be so disappointing not having a good or proper outcome. At least we have out Barbara to keep or minds off things! Enjoy your crafting.

    3. Sheila m so sorry to hear you have had a disappointing day at the hospital, I hoped they would quickly sort you out. I hope your GP can help when you see her. Have a good rest tomorrow and hopefully you might manage a crafty weekend xxxx

  21. Yippee ! I saw all three shows , you were fabulous , the stamps and projects flipped my lid . , I can see a few new ones coming my way soon . Now you might be in your Jammie's so just put up your feet ,deep breath and relax . Jan.

  22. I enjoyed the shows very much and I love the way you present in such detail so that all experience levels are accounted for. The frame is super and so versatile; I really like that effect on your unmounted stamp packaging too.
    I hope you get some rest and unwind.

  23. Came in from a tiring morning to sit down and watch the recording of the first show only to find it hadn't recorded but, such joy, it was on the website. My platinum package had just arrived. Love it all and the Groovi was just right to make a first birthday card for my great niece. So I settled down with the iPad and watched while I created. Note to self – clear up the last project first! My Groovi folder slid off the table and one pocket split and all the pages ripped to the join top and bottom. Good thing they are held in securely. Boo hoo! I must be less untidy. Very pleased with the card though and enjoyed the other two shows live. Great to see you back with Leonie. Just like old times.
    Have a good rest day tomorrow. You deserve it. X

  24. Absolutely fabulous shows today Barbara. So glad Hochanda does the catch up shows now so no more getting up at 5:30 am Canada time to watch you. You were just awesome today and lots of tips were learned. So looking forward to the next shows. Enjoy your well deserved day off tomorrow.

  25. Been under the weather with a cold today and you know that feeling when your not too ill that you have still have a choice that you could actually do something but you think – no I am just going to sit here and indulge myself in being a bit off colour. Well I just sat, drank tea and watched your shows. I was pleased that you did some brayering as I had been struggling and now see where I have been going wrong so. You deserve a duvet day. Much love Jayne

  26. Hi Barbara
    I really enjoyed the shows today and the last one with Leonie was fantastic. Such lovely projects stamps and plates, you are spoiling us. I could hear you in my head as I talked through the stamps for this project, it was very reassuring. Now behave yourself tomorrow and relax , you are spending the day in bed!! Can you imagine the chorus of disappointed tuttin if you don't. Hair care
    Love diansv

    1. X hahaha x hair care! I remember years ago, a guy said to me, "grey hair" What?! I replied, flicking my then long hair in his face, "if you can find one grey hair, pull it out!" "Great hair! Great hair!" He spluttered, and ran away!

  27. I could only watch the morning show with Alexis you make a good couple. I love the parchment cards it's something in my wish lust to learn.
    Enjoy time with your parents and have a good weekend.
    Hazel c uk

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