Happy Day. Very cool new Groovi Step by Step technique

Happy Day. Very cool new Groovi Step by Step technique

Happy Day!
Thanks for popping in!
I can’t hang around long though-
we’re off up to London to the Royal Albert Hall,
to see the Cirque de Soleil!
A bunch of us are meeting at the train station in an hour.
Typing fast here !!!!!

Saturday’s Blog a new technique, right?

Well here’s a Groovi project I wanted to share with you from the TV show last week, inspired by the very talented Susan Moran.

Looks complicated – isn’t.
Check it out….
Make a double frame with the largest Octagon Nest.
Comes with a superb Tag Border. 
If you only want one or tuther, call the office on Monday xx

Use the Lace Corner Border next….

3 for 2

Same pattern on 4 sides.

Now join them up with the same corner.
Simple so far….

Whitework on the soft side of the Groovi Blue mat, 
using the larger ball tools, 
and colouring in with Polychromos or Spectrum Noir pencils.
This takes time, but is well worth the effort. …

TOP TIP: Dust the artwork with talc before the next step.
Eliminates finger prints.
(How does she know these things??)
Using one of our Stencil brushes loaded with Denim,
stay on the backside, so to speak,
 and start brushing to and fro, to and fro.
Avoid the centre of the artwork.

Add your sentiment with the word borders.
There’s a 3 for 2 on them, too.

Look! The white work and the colourwork 
shows through the blue ink beautifully!
Very happy!

And here’s the finished piece, all mounted on white and complete.
Clever technique. 
Thanks for the inspiration, Susan xxx

Got to go.
Got a train to catch!

Love & Hugs,

66 thoughts on “Happy Day. Very cool new Groovi Step by Step technique

  1. So glad you put it up. Got my timings wrong and only caught the end of the show. Love it loads, and want to make mother's day card's. Such a beautiful and inspirational card. Thank you both for talents. Better go and order some more goodies. Have a wonderful day in London x

  2. Have a super day Barbara. Loved this one by Susan Moran when I saw it on TV. So pleased you've blogged it, thank you. Luckily enough just ordered the hexagon plate. Love Pam xx

    1. Afternoon pam hope you put your cushions on for your fall of the wagon enjoy it when it comes have a lovley day at your sons hope it's a pain free day soon be March for your appointment lots of gentle hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam enjoy your day with your family, hope you've got some sunshine instead of rain! I dithered over the hexagon plate but went for the lace collection instead. Will have to buy that one next time! XXXX

  3. This is stunning! Just ordered new groovi plates, but didn't get these 🙁 Thanks for inspiring us to use our supplies in different ways and well, yes, it has made me desperate to buy these plates the next time I order 🙂

  4. Hiya Have a fantastic day and oh how I wish I was there too. Heard alot about the Cirque de Solei wonderful

    Going to try to relax today, doing a bit of crafting me thinks.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  5. Gosh, this is really beautiful – and the step by step shows that it's not as complicated as it looks! I can't try anything like this just yet, as Mum & I haven't "got into the groovi" yet – but we've just joined the Diamond Club so are looking forward to some interesting times ahead! It was the Baby Plate Mate that decided me – I love dinky things and the original Groovi Plates were just too daunting for me – set a pristine A4 sheet of card in front of me and I'm hesitant, don't know where to start, but I'll gather up the tiniest of offcuts and try to make a project from them! That's why I like the tiny stamps, too – the Wee Folk, etc, and the £1 miniatures that you used to make.
    Wonder if you'll come back from your trip to see Cirque de Soleil full of inspiration for new designs! Enjoy!

    1. Hope you don't mind me saying, the groovi can be used for any size I mainly use the A5 parchment but you can do smaller A6 or whatever size suits you. You'll find once you get into it that you'll have more scope with the bigger plates to mix and match, along side the baby Groovi. Hope this helps. Pam x

    1. Afternoon Donna happy crafting weekend
      Afternoon Dorothy are you on a crafting weekend or resting after grandchildren?
      Afternoon Diane happy weekend
      Afternoon gilly sending lots of hugs
      Afternoon Brenda how are you doing lots of hugs for you and daisy
      Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila hope your well glad I nipped in early today no rest from kids yet promised to take them for new wee hamster this afternoon better get my skates on or skis as its snowing hard here just now see you later …xx

    3. Hello Sheila hope you are having a good day today. Just thinking of starting a star book – rugby is on, rain is pouring down food shop done – what more can I do! (I'm ignoring the dust, that will still be there next week!). Xxxx

  6. A beautiful card Barbara and love that colour of blue you have used, thanks for the step by step, especially as you are in a rush. Hope you enjoy tbe Cirque de Soleil! x

  7. Hi Barbara just nipped in to catch up on yesterday's blog as I was babysitting till late last night and here you are early bird today but lovely that your off enjoying yourself.
    Thanks again for blogging this love the lace corner borders need to get these soon love the blue my favourite by far card making colour going to order and try this very soon as I am now addicted to Groovi have a great day..xx

    1. Hello Dot
      Watch how you go in the snow, we don't want any mishaps. Have a lovely time at the pet shop with the grandchildren- don't bring too many animals home! Xxxx

  8. Hi Barbara, This tutorial and finished card is stunning !!!!!!
    I hope you have a lovely time at the Royal Albert Hall, enjoy.
    I received all my goodies for my membership to the Diamond Club this afternoon, I am such a happy bunny.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Have a wonderful time at the performance. That is a lovely step by step using the borders. I have been practicing my white work using the frilly circle. I have ordered more storage for my Groovi collection-the 1st album and traveller are full. I have used my baby Groovi lots and am now deciding what clever corner to use when I try to make my 1st star book.
    Hugs from Chris X

  10. What a wonderful evening you're going to have Barbara. Enjoy it! This demo has just persuaded me that the octagon is a must. I absolutely love it. I loved seeing it on the programme, so the recap is great. xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    This card is so beautiful, it really caught my eye on tv and I'm so glad you did a demo and have now blogged it. Thank you Susan for allowing Barbara to share it too! The colouring is fabulous and the ink finish is wonderful, now the lace collection are on order, I just need the hexagons! Where did I put my cushions!!!!
    Have a wonderful time tonight and have a lovely time with your friends.
    Love Diane xxxxx

  12. Fabulous tutorial Barbara. I just placed an order for these plates, so looking forward to them arriving so I can try this out. Missed these Groovi shows as I was away, so glad to see the tutorial. Received my baby Groovi and it is so cute. Looking forward to my Diamond membership. Have a great time tonight.

  13. Lovely card, well done Susan! I think I might just manage that. I'm sat here pondering now about whether to do one of the girls for my niece's birthday but not sure I'll get may act together !

    Have a great time today Barbara, I wonder what ideas you will come back with for plates/stamps/stencils from what you see today! Xxx

  14. Hi Barbara love this demo, it is beautiful, thank you for blogging it.
    Enjoy Cirque De Soleil, we saw Allegria by them in Birmingham, it was fantastic!! Enjoy your evening and your down timexx

  15. Liked this one when I saw it on TV. The hexagons are next on my list. Received my meadow grasses and poppies stamps today along with my new groovi storage and border plates. Just in time for crafty plays next week. Enjoy the circus. XX

    1. Hi Sheila! Hoe that you are well today – I am 'nicely tired'! Just got back from Falmouth – went there to our favourite Fish & Chip Restaurant, overlooking the harbour. Fantastic food and a stunning view over the harbour too! Take care my crafty blog friend, love and hugs from Gilly xxx

  16. i really love this. i don't usually comment on the parchment ones as not for me but this i love. must be the blue and the fact that it has a simple design that is easy on the eye. this is something i could do actually, hugs xx

  17. Is it possible to get the lace corner border separately, as I bought the 2 lace borders before the extra freebie came out with them. I love this card. The blue colour makes for a stunning combination with the white work.

  18. This is a gorgeous piece of Groovi especially like the ink technique. I've had a wonderful time with Susan today at her Parchment class. What a talented, lovely lady she is. Hope you've had a lovely time in London. Hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    I loved this when you did it on the show the other day. What amazes me is that the white work and pencil colouring is still dominant when you colour the parchment with ink. Love it! Need to get the lace corners border plate and pleased I can get it on its own.
    Hope you've had a fantastic evening at the Albert Hall – lucky you watching Cirque de Soleil – always wanted to see them but not Dave's thing at all. Love Alison xxx

  20. I adore this card, it is so beautiful, and blue is my favourite colour. I'm going to do this for my m.i.l for Mother's day. I'm so jealous of you going to see Cirque de Soleil. I saw it in Downtown Disney Florida, and was blown away, so special. Mind you, I remember being a bit miffed too. I had paid for my dad's ticket, and he slept through best part of it, haha!!!
    Enjoy the show x

  21. I adore this card, it is so beautiful, and blue is my favourite colour. I'm going to do this for my m.i.l for Mother's day. I'm so jealous of you going to see Cirque de Soleil. I saw it in Downtown Disney Florida, and was blown away, so special. Mind you, I remember being a bit miffed too. I had paid for my dad's ticket, and he slept through best part of it, haha!!!
    Enjoy the show x

  22. Hello Barb, this is just beautiful, got my Diamond club package, so hope to get some time to play today. Hope you enjoyed the show, and had a fab time in Old London Town. Take care. Bx

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