When Blitsy met Groovi….

When Blitsy met Groovi….

Last day of the California Trade Show,
and oh boy! Did it get busy yesterday!
Suddenly, loads of the connections we had been making since the start of the Expo started falling into place and coming together.
It was brilliant!

There’s a really dynamic young online team over here called Blitsy,
who promote and do Craft flash sales.
Smashing people, and so switched on!
Well, they also happen to be Ken and Judy Petersen’s kids,

who are our cool distributors over here and who we’ve been working with all week!

So they did a little Promo Video of Groovi for us.
Check it out…. 

It was quite amusing actually.
They approached me with their cameras and asked me whether we could do a little VT.
“Sure” I said. “How long and where do I look?”
They made a few suggestions, and reassured me that we could have a few runs at it if I got lost.
Lights, camera, action, and off we went.
Couple of minutes later I was done, 
and they looked at each other dismayed.
“Wow! You sure nailed that! That was awesome!”
So we high fived and laughed. 
Seven years of live TV and weekly Youtube videos for a year certainly help get in the groove!
It’s all about practice, isn’t it.
If you do something again and again, you get good at it.
That’s the theory anyway.
It doesn’t mean I’m a natural in front of the camera.
Not at all!
It just means I’ve done lots of it.
There’s a big lesson there, that can be applied to so many things….
You just have to do it once, whatever it is,
and be prepared to get it less than perfect.
Then do it again.
And again.
And again.
This little video is no way perfect, 
but it does what it says on the tin, quickly.
It introduces you to a new and groovy product!
Got to go.
One more day.
Sending love to you all the way from America xxxxx

65 thoughts on “When Blitsy met Groovi….

    1. My mobile hairdresser came today car was picked up for its service it's back home now and did a bit of groovi so not a bad day tried to ignore the pain doesn't work but I keep trying.
      Hope you get your groovi card sorted to send in have you taken a photo to see how it looks ? Xxx

  1. The love didn't have too far to go ,haha just from the west coast to the east coast ,but I could feel it .
    Such good advice to someone like me who wants things to be perfect ( of course I know better ) .so I just need to practice and not expect perfect .,joy now jan to everyone

  2. Great videos Barbara, says it all. So pleased it's all come together. Knew it would, hope you can relax now. Hope you've got a bit of time to relax with Dave before you fly back to UK. Safe journey home. Love Pam xx

  3. Fab! My first and only attempts at Groovi-ing were made into cards for my mum and John's mum's birthdays – I'm sure they will love them, as much as your Aunty Esther will love hers. Enjoy your last day at the show, and safe travels. Susan x

  4. Nailed it Barbara, bet they loved you and Groovi over there, just so long as we get you back again, happy to loan you for awhile but equally looking forward to getting you back again! Safe travels, hugs Karen xxx

  5. Pleased it is going so well, you must be in cloud nine. Great bit of video…except when it ended it gave me a suggested video to watch called 'pube facts'!!! I'm still blushing and no I didn't watch it.

    1. I got the same suggestion and I didn't look either needless to say I was rather surprised! I'm sure Barbara and Dave had no idea or they would be blushing too!

  6. Brilliant Barbara, you look in your element! Loving the heart corner lunch & do hope that's a tease of things to come SOON! Safe journey home xx

  7. If I didn't already own a stash of groovi, which I love, that VT would certainly have sold it to me. You look so happy which is lovely to see x

  8. Hi Barb, great video, as you always achieve and pity not long enough to let the USA realize all the other benefits of your exciting new groovy system. The calming and very satisfying achievements one can gain are so many, but when folks get into your fab blog, well, say no more, it's a no brainer. Glad you're loving it out there, and get very well deserved success with all you offer with CLARITY STAMP ..XXX

  9. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely video. Short and to the point with all main bases covered. You might not think you are a natural in front of the camera but, although I believe you, you hide it well.

    Enjoy the last of the CHA and a safe journey home.


  10. Brilliant demo – what a presenter you are. So pleased everything is going so well, you truly deserve it.
    Take care
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  11. Glad it has all gone well. Will watch video in a while just got to sort tea. Then must get a 21st Birthday card made for my grandson. I think you are brilliant in front of camera you always demo any technique well. xx

  12. oh i have bought off blitsy a few times. the only hitch is paying the charges at the post office. hence i haven't looked at them for a while. but they have great offers on, hugs xx

  13. Watched your video yesterday. I like to keep up to date with the posted videos on you tube from CHA. Been doing this for a few years. I enjoyed it, it was short and sweet, and got the product across nicely. Still looking forward to the Ken and Barbara show, I was looking at ken's videos as well. Have a good trip home, better than the flight over. Xx

  14. I'm sure Groovi will be a big hit over there as they are a nation of crafters at heart. Great video and a potted version covering all the key points of your fab system – how could anyone not like what they see?!?!? Enjoy your day and have a safe trip home…hopefully on a much smoother flight!
    Take care, love Carole xxx

  15. Great video. You did an awesome job as always. Was thinking if perhaps you put your blog address on the packaging that people would be directed to your fabulous blog for inspiration and education. Really can't remember how I came across your blog as I am from Canada but Clarity has turned my crafting around with so many fabulous products that aren't available from any other company. Your stamps are simply the best that I have ever used. I love the Groovi system as parching was something I was always interested in but didn't really know where to start. By checking your blog daily you have given me so many new and wonderful ideas to work with. Of course my bank account isn't happy that I found Clarity but I am. Hope you have another successful day tomorrow and a safe journey home.

  16. Well, what can I say!! Barbara – you are just going from strength to strength, and it really couldn't happen to a nicer and more generous person!! Well done and enjoy all of this special time!! Safe journey home xxx

  17. Great video, so glad it's been such a success. I agree with everything Cathie has said and even though I m not from Canada it took me a while to find you Barbara but the moment I did I ve never looked back! I m loving the calendar challenge too, the calendar is such a great size and the instructions for each card such a good idea. Thanks for everything X

  18. That's brilliant news so deserved going to be a busy clarity team busy busy busy fantastic hope your not to tired at end of today big hugs for got to say love seeing David crafting on pictures xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Great video and I'm not surprised that you did it in one take- all the practice you get!! I'm so pleased that everything has gone so well for Clarity in America – you really deserve it. I had a go at the calendar challenge today – result not bad but not as good as yours! Instructions were really easy to follow too. Thank you for taking time out to do the blog too. Love Alison xx

  20. Delighted to hear that you've been busy making business contacts / deals – your video from Blitsy was fabulous, as usual

    Hope the rest of your USA visit goes well and you then have a safe journey home

  21. Your little promo was great Barbara and in two minutes you got all the points across perfectly and as you rightly say your years of tv and making videos with lots of practice has paid off which is what crafting is all about really if you think about it as first attempts are usually not very good but with time and effort if you really want to do it you can succeed. Hope you had a good last day. x

  22. Blitsy was a new discovery for us, and as it is run some of the younger members ,of the Product Performers family , you know it's going to be good. Barb was on top form, and as they say….
    We've had a blast ! Donald ducked now though …….. Tomorrow it's Hollwood and then home xx

  23. Great video, says it all! So glad it's all going well and love the glasses that pick out the purple on your blouse! Look forward to seeing Dave on the telly soon !

    Safe trip home x x

  24. Such a pro! Just off the cuff like that. Done and dusted. That's our Barbara. My Ken Oliver Colour Bursts arrived today but didn't have time to use them. They keep looking at me and calling to me. Well you have done a good job over there and still had time to talk to us all here. Will be watching Maria tomorrow for my Clarity fix. Much love Jayne

  25. Barbara,
    What a great video. It was great meeting you and working side by side. You are a Wonderful Person and we are super excited to be carrying the Groovi System in our store. I cannot wait to see you and Dave again, Have a safe trip home.

  26. Dear Barb, so glad that everything is going well and taking off. It shows the strength of the Clarity name and the innovation, as well as the tenacity of the team behind it, starting with you and Dave. Long may it continue. Great video. Take care and have a safe trip home. Bx

  27. Hi Barbara
    I'm really pleased the CHA has been such a huge success for you, you have teamed up with some great like minded people this time so they will be behind you all the way. What a great new adventure for you. Enjoy Hollywood and safe journey home.
    Love to you both
    Diane xxxx

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