Hollywood and a pair of Daves….

Hollywood and a pair of Daves….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
The show wrapped up yesterday for another year, so we broke it all down, packed it all up, and called it a day. 
All in all a very successful show.
More will be revealed…
It’s our last day in California after the CHA.
Our flight is this evening, but what to do all day?!
The thing is, LA is so spread out.
Dave flatly refused to haul 4 suitcases round Hollywood 
or Long Beach, (how jolly unreasonable!)
and I have had just about all I can take 
of the Anaheim Disneyland vibe. 
Yesterday, just as we were beginning to think maybe we’d just go camp at the airport early, our friendly neighbour on the Product Performers stand, also a Dave, offered to pick us up this morning and show us the sights. 
How kind is that?!
Let me introduce you to Dave Miller. 
He owns another stamp company, Rubbernecker.
So we are all set to spend the day with him.
He spent 4 whole days literally an arm’s length from me,
listening to me wittering on about the Groovi System,
and not only did he offer to show us the sights today, 
before dropping us off at the airport;
he also decided to become a stockist for Groovi and take the whole collection on the road!
Now THAT is awesome!!!
So here’s a little card which says what I feel:
We have had such a super time here;
made some key connections,
met some very special people.
Saw a few familiar faces from C&C.
A few ignored me, even snubbed me,
but most hugged me and were happy to see me.
A couple even shed a tear and said they missed me. 
As an old friend once said,
Those who matter don’t mind;
Those who mind don’t matter.
 So I choose to focus on the friendly ones!
And the unfriendly ones can take a hike.
Much easier that way….
see you on the flipside!
love and hugs,

87 thoughts on “Hollywood and a pair of Daves….

  1. How nice of Dave to take you both under his wing. Hope you all have a fun day and a pleasant flight home. As fo the silly Billy's ignoring you well it's their loss isn't it. Your a wonderful kind caring lady . Xx

  2. Hi Barbara and stencil king Dave…. Glad it all went well. As for the others….you summed it up nicely. Looking forward to you coming home to blighty… We do miss you when you are not here. Have a grand day being tourist, have a good flight home and as you say…see you on the flip side. Hugs xxxx

  3. have a wonderful time with the two Daves safe flight home c&c who snub you are not worth the time thinking of them your a very special person looking forward to hochanda Maria today shows
    Big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, I'm so annoyed with myself as I forgot to record Maria's shows 🙁 must remember to do it the night before! Hope you are resting and your pains are easing. Xx

    2. Evening Donna how's your cold ? Will they re show Maria's shows ?my GP rang today going to refer me to pain management at hospital to see if they can do anything to help with the pains now acupuncture hasn't helped I do hope so .i had a dentist appointment today had to go in my wheelchair as couldn't hold my walking sticks with the pain but resting now hoping to craft tomorrow to do my calendar project to send in I've got plenty of days .big hugs dear blog friend xxx

    3. Hi Sheila hi Donna
      Oh bother I missed the shows too! Donna I hope you've had a good day xxx
      Sheila it's good to hear your doctor is referring you to the pain clinic, I hope you can find some relief. Sorry to hear you had to use your wheelchair because of the pain – hope the dentist didn't add to the pain! Xx x

    4. Hi Donna, Sheila and Diane,Guess what? I missed the show as well, they may repeat it as last time we saw that Paul's was repeated and so was Barbara's maybe even Maria's. Hope you've had a good day. Glad they're sending you to the Pain Management clinic Sheila. Wish you luck. Hope the dentists went well. The new plates for the groovi sound good by the comments, have to look at the website, feel an order coming on, or at least an addition to the wish list. Awaiting last weeks order. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    5. Well I'm glad to hear your Dr sounds switched on Sheila, living with pain is so exhausting. My cold has gone now Yay! Lots of rest ready to do your calendar entry. XX
      Oh Pam, Diane what are we like! Good thinking though, the shows will be repeated. Off to see what new plates were on. XX

    6. Hi thank you for your caring comments I'm waiting for a clarity parcel but my wish list gets longer I have the shows on record just haven't watched them yet that's for tomorrow or if I cannot sleep with the pain will watch through the night I popped over to see the new plates love the roses ans the lattice I like the background one that goes with the bells think going to need lots of cushions and don't think I will be on my own crafting hugs xxx

  4. Really pleased it all finished so well Barbara and thst you ha e made lots of new connections and also new friends. Former colleages should understand that sometimes things have to change and you were brave enough to step in a new direction, and those that don't understand this are not worth worrying about. x

  5. Pleased it all went so well. It's nice too to see that the friendly and collaborative culture familiar to most crafters and their ilk is worldwide, as in your new friend/stockist. As for the rest, well it's their loss. Safe journey. Carol

  6. So pleased it's been a successful trip. Enjoy your day with the two Daves. Hope the flight home is smooth.

    Snub or hug? Life's too short so hugs every time! Although I think some people really struggle to know what to say or do when circumstances have changed.


  7. Sounds like you have had an amazing time. It is always lovely to receive unexpected hospitality and it I am sure you will have made a long term friend too!
    Have a safe journey home and looking forward to hearing more about new things ahead.

  8. That's brilliant Barb, glad you had a good time. Can't beleive some people were so childish as to snub you, that certainly says a lot about them! Their loss not yours! Safe journey home xxxx

  9. That's brilliant Barb, glad you had a good time. Can't beleive some people were so childish as to snub you, that certainly says a lot about them! Their loss not yours! Safe journey home xxxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    How kind of Dave to show you the sights. Pleased you've had such a brilliant trip. Shame that some former colleagues snubbed you but it is their loss and I wouldn't let it bother you. Looking forward to having you back. Watching Maria at the moment and love the new plates. Love Alison xxxx

  11. "Friends" who snub you were never friends and so not worth even a second's thought. How wonderful that things have gone so well and you have obviously made lots of new friends. Have a great day, both of you, with the other Dave, and then a safe flight home. Above all – BREATHE! xx Maggie

  12. Got Maria on TV at the mo …… 🙂 Have a great day & a safe journey home and remember to smile at the snubbers – you'll have them wondering all day what you are smiling about. C xx

  13. I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable day. Those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter is a mantra I've used in my own life for the past few years, it really helps with focussing on the good people and not over thinking the bad. My new mantra is 'if not now, when?' which I'm trying to use to lose a bit of weight but I also use it to do more crafting. Just home from work and watching the tail end of Maria on Hochanda – lovely new groovi plates. I know I said I wasn't going to get into groovi but these are gorgeous. I remember saying I wouldn't get into gelli plating but I absolutely love it.

  14. Glad you had a good trip Dave two sounds lovely man and looks like going to have a fantastic day safe trip home and really don't worry about some people they really are not with the thought as could have been friends in first place you got plenty of us all out there that care and love you hugs from Joy and who loves you that's right Katie does she says Barbara is the best xxxx

  15. Why settle for one Dave when you can have two for a day? Hope you have a fabulous time, delighted for you that you have made new connections, and a little sad that some old connections had to behave so badly. My nan always used to say to me never to burn my bridges, and to beware of fair weather friends! She was a wise and very lovely lady, just like you. x

  16. Hi Barbara and Dave, glad it was a very successful trip for you both and you have a lovely day seeing the sights with Dave II. I wonder what you've got up your sleeve next for Clarity 🙂

    Take no notice of the ignorant people they're just not worth it. Have a hug on me xxx

  17. Great that Dave is taking you sight seeing. Maria on Hochanda was fantastic, lovely new plates too.made the first groovi card that I am happy to send to someone so moving forward with all things Groovi.
    Sorry that some people weren't able to see that sometimes things change and it doesn't have to be personal. Have a safe journey both of you x

  18. Ignore them, some people don't like it when other people move on without them. I'm so pleased you have had a successful time and made lots of connections. Hope you had a great day with Dave and Dave! Safe journey home. Xx

    1. Hi Brenda and Dot hope you have had a good day. Did you manage to see Maria on Hochanda? Hope you didn't miss it like we did. Love and hugs Pam xxx

      Hi again Donna, Sheila and Diane commented further up. Xx

  19. Enjoy your last few hours in LA , so glad everything went well for you , what a lovely neigbour to show you the sights ,,. Have a safe trip home ,,,.xx

  20. Glad to hear all went well and there are some truly lovely people out there when you least expect it. As for C&C some people are frightened of. Bit of competition. There is a big world out there and people like variety and what do they say about variety? It is the spice of life!!! So for all those small minded people, 'grow up'. Looking forward to your forthcoming how's and all the info about the sho. X

  21. Have a safe journey home take no notice those miserable people ,they cannot be real friends, cause real friends dont do that, have recorded shows cause cannot be hassled with Hubby interrupting all the time ,so i watch after he gone to watch tele upstairs hehe xxx

  22. So glad you had such a positive time at CHA…how could they not love you and your products???? But sad that some at C&C were negative…..we all have to move on at some point, and it was obviously your time to do just that. As you say, those that mind, don't matter. Onwards and upwards…. lol Jo xx

  23. I had an unexpected afternoon t home today and was delighted to see Maria on Hochanda. She's such a great ambassador or Clarity!
    Hope you have a lovely day out with the Daves – good things should always come in pairs!! xx

  24. So pleased to hear how well things have gone for you, over there! Not surprised at all, and you deserve it. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your news in due course. Hope that you enjoy your time sightseeing, and have a safe journey home. Sad to hear that you were snubbed by by some of the C & C people – but as you quite rightly say – those people don't matter!! xxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    I'm so pleased everything went so well,but I had no doubt that everthing was going to be great.What a great bloke the man from rubberneck stamps.Some people so nice,fortunately there more nice people than the likes of those who where quite rude to you from c&c shame on them.

  26. How kind of Dave to take you both out…there are so many generous people in this world. Sad re some of the C+C crew…glad you can be bigger than that. Enjoy the sights and glad the show has been a great success for Clarity xx

  27. Just the right attitude Barbara, no need to worry about anyone who is really just being a bit petty. So glad the show has been worthwhile. Hope you enjoyed your sightseeing trip, what a very kind man. Safe trip home. xx

  28. So glad it all went well and hope you have a safe journey home. To those lovely souls who snubbed you all I can say is "their loss" with bells on. As you quite rightly say not worth a second thought. Xxxxx

  29. So glad you had a good time and a successful trip – thank you for my beautiful card that I won in the 10 days of Christmas blog. It is beautiful and such an inspiration. Be yourself Barbara, don't change for anyone – you are perfect, just as you are xx

  30. Well done for being such a star and so pleased that everything went splendidly. I love your quote – so right. Also pleased that the end went so well – what a lovely man.
    My artwork for Hochanda winging its way to you – well you might say not really artwork in your true sense but anyway, I had a go.
    Wishing you and Dave a safe journey back home.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  31. I'm so glad that the CHA has been such a success for you Barbara. I have a plaque that I have at eye level in my kitchen, so I can remind myself of it each day. It says "Don't waste your time thinking about those that don't care about you. Use that time to focus on those that do" That means a countless number for you. So those miserables really don't matter a jot.
    I love your new rose and trellis boards. I've been so clever! I've cancelled the Sky movies, which we have never really had time to watch and stopped the lottery, unwinnable now! So my hubby is delighted that I've ordered your boards…and we're still into pocket! Yippee that means an order every month, which I'm not going to have to hide away!
    Safe journey home.

  32. I too am really pleased that everything went so well for Clarity – just knew the crafters over there would love you both and Groovi as much as we do. As for the C&C small-minded people – well, I am amazed that fellow crafting people would be so petty; shame on them! Onwards and upwards for Clarity I say… Beryl X

  33. Sounds like a really worthwhile trip with a bonus at the end to wrap it all up how blooming fantastic. As for those unfriendly folks…. Their loss and your gain!
    Safe journey to you both xx

    Much love

    Kim xx

  34. Glad your trip was successful and most people will be happy for your success, as for the rest who cares, they were never important. I feel your confidence has been restored after a difficult year last year and maybe your trip has been good for you, reminding you that lots of people believe in you and your products, get what you do and your trip seems to have gotten you back to your roots. So glad, you deserve your success. Much hugs Karen xxx.

  35. So pleased that the show was everything you wished for and very kind of Dave from Rubberneck stamps to take you sightseeing. Hope you've had a fantastic day. As for the rude ones from C&C ignoring or snubbing you, you've hit the nail on the head, those that mind don't matter. At least some acted like grown ups. Missed Maria as forgot to record, hoping they'll repeat it as they did last time, the new groovi plates sound brilliant. Safe journey home. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam I had a feeling you were posting at the same time as me – hope you are ok – is your back still causing you problems? Sending you hugs xxxxx

  36. Hi Barbara
    I hope you have had a lovely day with double Dave – what a kind man to offer to take you out – and to take your products too! That's a great new friend to have. This years trip has been really positive for you, can tell your excitement through your blog. I'm looking forward to what's coming next with Clarity. Shame I missed Maria today, hopefully the shows will be repeated. I like your thinking on the C&C people, such a shame after all those years with them but you know who your real friends are. Safe journey home , I hope the trip is better this time.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda, hi Pam , Hi Dot hope you are all ok and aren't suffering too badly with the weather xxxxxx

  37. You don't need negative people in your life Barbara. C&c seem to treat people who work hard with disrespect and contempt. I think you are totally at home on Hochanda, i love the presenters enthusiasm (like Charlie) and the friendly atmosphere. No silly gimmicks, just giving you super talented artists time to teach us. C&c's loss is our gain 🙂

  38. I don't know what happened with create and craft because I'm a late bloomer to the fabulous Barbara Gray but the only thing I do miss is that I could watch you live without my computer crapimg out and I did Ike a few of the presenters like Dean. Have a save trip and enjoy now ,cause now is all we have . Jan

  39. Really really pleased that you have had a good time (happy wise) personally and a good time business wise too – in fact both sound like very very good times!!

    I'm pleased that you got some hugs from your C&C friends; it's got that first meeting over and done with before you bump into them at a UK show sometime soon. As for those that ignored/snubbed – that is their problem – maybe they are jealous that you have escaped AND that it has been a successful escape too

    THANK YOU to US Dave for giving you a wonderful day of friendship and sightseeing

    I think you will be 'in the air' right now (21.30 uk time) – hope you are having a smooth and safe journey home

    I look forward to reading all about your CHA activity in due course – onwards and upwards for you and all the team at Clarity

  40. So glad you ve had such a good time! those contacts are priceless all sounds very exciting. c and C have lost a great deal more than you Barbara I suspect possible quite a few of us too! Not worth spending mental energy on. Love HOCHANDA and the presenters are lovely and genuinely interested in what you are doing, saw Marie today, love the new plates.
    Safe journey home X X X x

  41. Hope you had a good last day. All in all sounds a very successful and exciting trip. C&C's loss and Hochandas gain. I've got the shows taped to watch. We had a funeral to attend today, my second of the week, one more to go on Monday and then I've had my share for the year I think!

    Safe trip and have a lie in in the morning/afternoon whenever ! x x

  42. Hi Barbara and Dave hope you enjoyed you're wee trip around Hollywood with U.S. Dave and you're safely on your way home minus the sick bags.
    As for the c&c snubbers aye your right they don't matter we will always be here for you safe trp..take care. .Dot xx

  43. So pleased it all went so well but cannot understand the 'Snubbers!' My favourite phrase in situations like that is 'Don't let the turkeys get you down!' And to make it even better – just imagine their faces transplanted onto a turkey's body – even more cleansing! Safe journey home, hopefully without the turbulence. ;~}

  44. Oh wow, that's so nice of him. I love rubbernecker stamps, I have used them lots in the past. Good stuff. Glad you get to have a nice day out. I'm sad to hear you were snubbed by a few mean spirited people, but like you say, who cares about those ones. Looking forward to seeing what you bring back. Xx
    Amanda xx

  45. Hello Barb, so glad you got taken to see some of the sights, and that things went so well. Love your gratitude card. For those people that snubbed you, they don't have to make your decisions do they? Therefore they don't matter. I am glad that others were pleased to see you, and they are the ones you will remember. Have a safe trip home. Bx

  46. Morning, Love the gratitude card. At time in life one finds out who were are friends and who were not. It is their loss not mine or in fact yours. They are shallow people…and one can only pray for those who snub us and not let them affect our feelings or actions.

    Playing with the Gelli plate 🙂 again today

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  47. I love the card Barbara another lovely Dave to show you round. Just goes to show how people can turn. Worry not my lovely lady you are such a dear person so many people love you respect you and admire you I'm 78 and I can tell you it's there loss speech over love and safe journey home. June Horrocks xxxxxx

  48. Hello Everyone!
    I live in Southern California and had the good fortune to attend the CHA Mega Show on Tuesday as a volunteer for Charity Wings, a non-profit art center for people to Gather, Give Back and Create.

    The absolute highlight of my time (and of my life!) was to meet Barbara Gray and her dear Dave in person!!! It has always been my dream to do so, as she is my idol, but with her in the UK and me in the US, I never thought it possible – until now!

    Oh my goodness, this was the experience of a lifetime! Maybe all of you have met her and know her, and so I am sure you will agree that she and Dave are even more beautiful and handsome in person, and this beauty resonates from within. They were so very kind and genuine, and we chatted as if we were old friends. They just melted my heart so much that I shed tears of joy then, and continue to every time I think about this encounter with them.

    Their booth neighbor, the other Dave, was so very sweet as well. How nice of him to show them around after the show. (He demonstrated his Rubbernecker products while I was near the booth and they are lovely, so please do check them out.)

    I am so very thrilled to now have the opportunity to purchase more Clarity Stamp products here in the US due to the new "British Invasion" of the rock start Barbara Gray and her band, Clarity Stamp! I am letting everyone know on this side of the pond about her and her company. They are such good people and deserve all the best.

    Thank you Barbara and Dave, for an experience I will never, ever forget!
    Love, Cynthia

  49. Ohh how lovely of Dave to do that people never cease to amaze me
    As do others that snub you how dare they be so hurtful
    Glad the CHA was so successful for you safe travels. X T

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