A colorful time California

A colorful time California

Greetings from a Colorful California. 
We are having a very productive time over here at the biggest craft trade show in the world and I am working on the same stand as the lovely Ken Oliver – a name you will have heard of from my various blog posts. Ken Oliver is the creator of the little bottles of magic powder called Color Burst and also The Best Ever Craft Mat. So I thought that today’s post should be about the little bottles of magic and recap a demo I did just over a week ago on Hochanda
Let’s begin with a piece of 7×7 Stencil Card and position the top part of the Rooftop Clarity Mask towards the top of the card. Take a piece of low tack tape and cover up the bunting
In order to get a really black silhouette take an archival ink pad and a makeup sponge and apply to the bottom half until it is totally covered. Use the makeup sponge to drag the black off of the mask and onto the card to ensure that when you remove it, you get a crisp outline
Carefully remove the top part of the mask and you will end up with this
Now take the bottom half of the mask and cover up the roof top – take you time as you want to get this right so that you don’t get a white shadow – place the large moon in position
The next part is important, make sure that you press firmly around all the edges as we are going to spritz with water and we don’t want any leaking underneath.
Spritz the card so that it is soaking wet.
The more water, the more the Color Burst will explode and move around

We currently have 2 colour options available
Now take the colours of your choice (I only used 2) and gently puff the powder onto the card and watch the magic explode in front of your eyes.
It gets me everytime how a tiny bit of powder can create so much colour and magic.
If you get pools of water, take a piece of kitchen towel and let it soak up the excess water or if it has gone totally crazy and too “in yer face” blot the whole piece with kitchen towel
You now have 2 options – be patient and let it dry naturally or use a heat gun to speed up the process.
When it is completely dry, carefully remove the masks
Before I go stamp crazy with the Wee Folk Fairies and Wee Folk Elves I have overlaid a piece of Tracing Paper so that I can stamp out my design before committing it to the finished piece
Once I am happy with the layout I can then stamp them into place
To finish it off, I have edged it with a black Sharpie and my ruler and then mounted onto a matching piece of card
Then I have mounted it onto a white card blank
Thanks again for tuning in from a Colorful California – I am just about to start another busy day whilst those of you in the UK are just coming to the end of the working day.

Much love and hugs

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  1. Barbara, so glad CHA is going so well. This tutorial is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately I was travelling and was unable to see the shows. Am hoping they will be repeated. I have all the supplies to give this a try at home. Thanks so much for sharing it. I have been watching the posts while I am here in the U.S from Canada and they are all so positive for Groovi. Am sure it is going to explode here in North America.

  2. Can't believe I will be one of the first comments. Strange but true! I just love this piece of artwork. I saw it first during your last shows on Hochanda and it was this that inspired me to order the fairies and loads of other stuff to try and emulate this look. I am really chuffed for you that everything is going great at the show. Sad news though today with the passing of David Bowie being someone who pushed the boundaries with this art and loved a bit of colour. In fact the colours of the colourburst you have used reminds me of that diamond patterned jumpsuit in the Ziggy clips. I imagine you will be getting the stage when you will be looking forward to returning to good old blighty now to put your feet up and sleep in your own bed! Keep spreading the Clarity word just for a little longer. Tell Ken I can't wait for my Colourbursts to arrive. Much love Jayne

  3. Wow! Bloomin fantastic!
    Sounds like you're having a fab show! Can't wait to see what new things you'll have for us to get! New colours of the color bursts would be good! Especially the pink! Xxxx

  4. Wow! Bloomin fantastic!
    Sounds like you're having a fab show! Can't wait to see what new things you'll have for us to get! New colours of the color bursts would be good! Especially the pink! Xxxx

  5. Thank you Barbara for taking the time to blog Fantastic that you going down a storm you deserve success you work hard for it I love the colour bursts on my wish list looking forward to Ken and Barbara show to see what you both fetch us big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, hope your treatment went well and that you're resting and pain free. Been for an X-Ray today, depending on the results probably be on a waiting list for physio. So hoping for positive results. Love Pam xxx

    2. Hello Donna Diane pam couldn't have my acupuncture today as it is not working as not giving any long term pain relief as the pain is only been a day or a odd day relief I was upset but I gave it a try I'm discharged now she will write to my dr to refer me to hospital pain management to see if they can do anything I do hope so as it will effect my crafting as it does now but I craft through the pain now and that's not good .big hugs to you all xxx

  6. Sooooo excited to get my powders! Almost finished a starter kit Groovi card………..not sure its good enough to send in, not what I was going for so I may try and tweek it tomorrow. Glad to hear CHA is going well still. I always knew you would be able to get the American market clamouring for the Groovi. Xx

    1. Hi Donna
      Home again after a long weekend in London – feet back and legs very sore but we've had a good time. Hope your cold is better today and you had a good start to the week xxxx

    2. Hi Donna, hope your day was good and that your colds a lot better. I've had a little go on the groovi tonight just a practise. If I manage to send in a card for the groovi challenge is it just with the 2 original plates and not the wild flowers. My practise didn't go that well. Love Pam xx

    3. Hi Diane, put your feet up and rest. That way you will be back to crafting soon. Xx
      Hi Pam, cold is almost gone so it was a quick one. Hope your back is feeling better. Xx

  7. So pleased that the shows are going well for you, and I'm enjoying the samples with the colourburst powders too. Enjoy the rest of your trip and try to get out in the sunshine for a little while whilst you're there.

  8. I love this card, the depth of black you achieved is amazing, I must try, I m getting into the colour bursts slowly, they are amazing. Glad all going well on the other side of the pond, thinking about you X

  9. Wonderful to hear about the great news from CHA – soo pleased that it is going so well – which will mean that you will be enjoying it even more! Keep up the good work and I really enjoyed watching you doing this card on Hochanda! Yet another great piece of artwork! xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Love the effect you get with the colour bursts – every one is different. So pleased the CHA is going well for you – that must be a huge confidence boost for you, especially when you are sharing it with your friend Ken and his wife and daughter and your lovely Dave. Have another fun day
    Love Diane xxxxx

  11. So glad it's going so well at CHA, Love this card, the colours are breathtaking. Didn't realise when I bought the Colour Bursts that there were two sets. Something else for the wish list. Love Pam xx

  12. Great effect! Glad it's all going so well.

    Had a funny day today, said goodbye to a schoolfriend who I hadn't seen since I left school and found out what she'd done with her life, sadly ended too early with alcohol problems but she'd done well and then met a school friend at her funeral that I hadn't seen since school. So she'd brought us back together – this friend is battling ovarian cancer, a second bout and currently under chemo again. It really made me think how lucky I am…….

    My first funeral of 3 this week….


  13. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a good day, had a bit of sunshine today between a few showers, makes you feel better, doesn't it. Can't believe that all the bulbs are shooting up already. Glad you had a good weekend in London Diane. We'll be going there for a wedding in April, won't have any time to sightseeing though. Try to give us a Hi Brenda, been thinking of you. Have you had a go with your punch yet Dot? Love to you all. Pam xxx

  14. Those Colourburst paint powders are just magical and that finished scene is a cracker Barbara and so pleased that everything is going well at the show. Hope you and Dave have another great day! x

  15. I do love this card Barbara. I have the brushos but think the colour bursts are worth trying too. Hope you are having a good time. Ken Oliver is brilliant, his work over there looks fab. Xx

  16. I ordered the color burst also . I'm running out of room here . I have so much potential as my son has told me , now I just have go use it — . Ok my New Years resolution . Use it or lose it . . Read all your lovely responses to my comment yesterday . Thanks so much lovely ladies .keep on with the joy – it's a choice you know .

  17. Tis Peter Pan like !! Great stuff Barbara – bet they love you doing things like this over there – a quintessential British picture by a Brit LOL.
    Hope its still going really well.
    Much Love

  18. Hello Barb, this is fabulous, I love my original set of colour bursts, and am just waiting to get the earthtones set. Need to invest in the wee folk fairies and elves stamps too, oh and some more word chains amongst other things. Hope you are having a great time. Take care. Bx

    1. Morning girls nodded off last night had a wee party for wee now teenage Ian
      doesn't seem like yesterday since I was helping change his nappies hope youe all well
      Brenda here's a morning cuddle what is it this morning Donna rice crispies…xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    This is great! Saw you do it on Hochanda but pleased you've given us the step by steps. Definitely need the Colourbursts – didn't think I would but the more I see them WOW! So pleased things are going so well for you at CHA. Love,Alison xxxx

  20. Lovely card. I love my colour bursts which I got at Catterick this year after Paul demonstrated them. My seven year old niece loves to play with them too! She asks for the magic powders and had my sister confused and worried the first time she said she wanted aunt Fiona's magic powders! I have the brights, but would love the earth tones too.

  21. Hope you had a good day. I have a set of these colour bursts and hate to admit not used them yet. Really must have a try. Love the effect here and the idea of using the tracing paper. xx

  22. Glad it's all going well over there Barbara, and everyone loves Clarity. It must be so exciting seeing all the new products, (that's if you have the chance to look round). The colour bursts look amazing especially for one off backgrounds. Good luck for the rest of the exhibition xxx

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