What would you say?

What would you say?

Hi there.
Pull up a chair!
It’s good to see that you’re here and you care.
So Friday’s here,
I can hear you cheer!
And below is some art that I’d like to share.
One day in LA at the CHA,
nobody was giving me the time of day!
I’d smile and chat –
and they’d walk away.
I’d chat and smile –
and they’d run a mile!
So there I stood with my Groovi Selection,
and all I was feeling was total rejection.
They weren’t even slowing down their pace;
High heels and suits flew by in the race.
So before my head got my mouth into trouble,
I went into my Clarity Bubble,
and got into the groove with a plate or two,
did something that I like to do.
Stopped fretting about folks in the aisle,
or being friendly or trying to smile,
and focussed on the lines and squares.
So what if they walk by? Who really cares?!

Just for a while I let it go,
the business, the people and the show.

And when I looked up after a while,
there was a lady with a huge smile.
“This looks so cool!”
she said to me,
and opened the door, gave me the key.

That’s all it takes to build the bridge:
A smile and a positive word.
Not hard really.
I didn’t get to finish my artwork, because we got busy after that.
And I have to go now – can’t finish my rhyme!
Paul has just arrived for supper!
I will find this artwork in the suitcase and finish it tomorrow.
But the truth is it did its job in LA
It helped me clear my head. 
Which word would you add to the space?
I have one. Can you guess what it is?
Love & Hugs,

119 thoughts on “What would you say?

  1. Faith. I believe that from all the negativity you have experienced you have spoken to someone who admires your work. So have 'faith in yourself' this time it is going through happen and America conquered.

  2. Maybe I'd put 'Mindful' or possibly 'Inspire'.
    Sometimes it's a real struggle to get people on side especially if it's something as new and innovative as Groovi, but I'm glad it all worked out.
    Tonbridge Sue

    Tonbridge Sue

  3. Create and I the groovi got my cottages and groovi from your last show and wow could believe how big the house stencils is looking forward to playing with them. Enjoy your lovely dinner xxx

  4. How about "sod 'em"?!?

    I like "Faith" as Elaine suggested, or "Connect", one of my touchstone words.

    Whichever it is, what a powerful way to deal with a negative situation.

    Hope you're having a break and getting over the trip – it must have been draining. I hope your last day tour was good! Not too much work talk with Paul over dinner now!

  5. It needs to be Shalom – a wonderful word encompassing so much: According to Strong's Concordance Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquillity, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. All from one simple word x

  6. Friendly! After all, everyone needs a friendly smile now and again, or at least someone to make you feel that what you are doing is worthwhile 🙂 Have a lovely evening xxx

  7. Glad you are home safe and sound. I would put Clarity – that is what you had which put you in the bubble – a moment of Clarity. Hope you get some time to chill before Wurka and Hollick drag you back to the madness. Xxx

  8. I think I would choose Hello. It only takes a second but it shows you have registered a fellow human being who may just need a kind word.
    Enjoy ou weekend.
    M F Mxxx

  9. I would put Believe cos if you believe in yourself, you will succeed – as you always do Barb. Glad to see you are both safely home. Have a relaxing weekend before Wurka and Hollick get at you on Monday!!!

  10. I'd put mindfulness in there Barb….by focusing on just creating a door opened without you even trying. So glad it all worked out. Have a mellow weekend xx

    1. Ha ha must have been typing at the same time you got to remember my laptops coal fired compared ti yir hi tech tablet have a great weekend my friend celebrating my daughters 40th tomorrow so might be a bit late after the champagne and bits…take care.xx

    2. Evening Donna late tonight my internet is playing up enjoy crafting at the weekend
      I got my wee houses and shops today and the hen and cockerel set from the members sale hopefully craft over the weekend hugs xxx

  11. I think 'Hope' – which is the word that I have chosen to apply to my life this year. Both my husband and I have health issues, indeed at the moment we are awaiting the result of a biopsy that he had last Monday. I think that it would work for you in this instance too – because obviously you were 'hoping' that all would go well for Clarity at the CHA. Enjoy your weekend – we look forward to seeing the finished piece of artwork. Nice to have you back home, safe and sound! xxx

  12. All you need is LOVE
    All you need is love love
    Love is all you need
    We all love it so
    Let's build that bridge
    All the way from wee Edenbridge
    P.S. Dinae burn the sausage rolls ….x
    take care Welcome Home.

  13. Hi Barbara, such a poignant poem from you today. What a very sad and lonely, disheartening place to be. I can feel it. Even though I know it turned into such a positive experience for you. I would say you need to write more than one word – calm your mind, have faith. It's what I'm desperately searching for, and failing to find, today to put my rampaging gremlins and bad feelings in their place. Maybe I need to get my Groovi stuff out again, not well enough physically to do it just now, but I'll keep it in mind for when I am, now I've found the parchment! Good to have you back and glad it went so well for you in the end, it's the least you deserve. Big bear hugs and love, Brenda xx

    Thank you for all the wee messages and not forgetting me my blog friends, much appreciated. It would be totally understandable if you had! Sorry, I'm not strong enough in my head just now for explaining what's going on. Love and hugs, Brenda xx

    1. Dear Brenda, I don't often blog, but I read every comment every day, and like so many others, I have missed you. You have the love of many friends xx stay strong and lean on us if we can help in any way.

    2. Hi Brenda, lovely to see you on here again, hope you will feel strong enough soon to join us, even if it's just to offload yourself, you know what they say 'a problem shared is a problem halved'. God Bless love and hugs Pam xxx

    3. Hello Brenda, there you are, that's made my day. Lovely to see you and send you and Daisy a big hug. Hope you are nice and warm and not too much snow in your parts. Take care my lovely xxxxxx

    4. I read the blogs daily , and have missed you . Sending positive energy all the way across the pond from the good ole USA . May you feel,the loving presence and the joy within . Jan

  14. Good to see you back home. The word I would choose is 'Believe'. Believe that after all of your hard work, your dreams will come true. No-one deserves it more x

  15. Serenity is the word i would have chosen to put into the space. The only other word i could choose is Chilled. Groovi does this for me though my latest piece of clarity groovi is for much sadder reasons but it is i hope a beautiful piece.

  16. Really glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy your dinner with Paul! Looking forward to lots of crafting tomorrow as I have lots of birthday cards to make. Most will be stencilled and stamped. In the next two weeks I have four family birthdays as well as several friends. I am really looking forward to creating some nice cards.

  17. Really glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy your dinner with Paul! Looking forward to lots of crafting tomorrow as I have lots of birthday cards to make. Most will be stencilled and stamped. In the next two weeks I have four family birthdays as well as several friends. I am really looking forward to creating some nice cards.

  18. Hi Barb, great that you are back! I have loved reading all the suggestions and would choose either Faith or Hope, both so appropriate. When things are not so good, hope is always the most difficult, don't you think? Enjoy being back, and try to relax now! Love, Ruth

  19. Hi Barbara, I think I'd use Beauty because it's beautiful, Harmony and Serenity would also be good as its very serene and the flowers are in perfect harmony. Hope you and Dave have had a lovely meal and super evening with Paul. Hope you get time to relax this weekend after your busy week. Love Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam hope your back is more comfortable today, Emma's last day at home today so sorting out washing etc then we've just got back from London so she could catch the coach . I think she's going to find it extremely cold in Aberdeen when she gets back tomorrow morning! Xxxxx

  20. I think the word is Believe too. You just have to believe in your own talent, the quality of the product, and the beauty of parchment work…….
    ……If you believe, they will come!
    (A quote from Field of Dreams) x

  21. I think the word is Believe too. You just have to believe in your own talent, the quality of the product, and the beauty of parchment work…….
    ……If you believe, they will come!
    (A quote from Field of Dreams) x

    1. Just me and one other put Breathe! I am now wondering if we are the odd bods are the ones that realise breathe is just a word that relaxes me when I'm scared, frightened or worrying. I tell myself to Breathe and let the rest of it go xx

  22. I have read them all tonight and I think the word should be Believe as so many others have said believe in what you do.
    Lovely to enjoy such a great blog i try to pop in every day love your work and all your protucts waiting on a parcel to arrive x

  23. Before I read through the comments,
    My first thought was of 'Believe'
    But then got to thinking a little bit more.
    Of what Clarity Stamps has achieved.

    With a product as 'Special' as 'Groovi,'
    Then 'Happy' must please you, I'm sure,
    And for us 'Inspire' is the buzz word
    With all planned additions and more.

    But from your insightful description
    Of those who 'Walked on By'
    They are the ones who'll regret such a snub
    To Clarity, Quality and Pride!

    A late and I little ditty from the Metz house. ;~}

  24. Hi Barbara
    I'm so glad that lady stopped and smiled and changed your day around. It can be very lonely sometimes when you are surrounded by people can't it. I think the word should be Clarity.
    Hope you had a lovely evening catching up with Paul. Enjoy your weekend – and don't forget to relax!
    Love Diane xxxx

  25. Morning Barbara,I would say either Believe or Acceptance. Berlieve in yourself and accept that what happens is what is meant to happen at this time.
    Lovely work, I believe that seeing someone enjoying time with the product makes it sel! Itself

  26. Believe………..that is because we all believe in the wonderful groovi's and what you have so far achieved, looking forward avidly to the next releases, I have got every one of the plates so far…….what am I like.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  27. I'd put serenity as that is how I feel when I am being Groovi! Just started, seriously, I need more plates already!!! Not nearly as good as I'd like to be but practice, practice, practice!!x

  28. Hello Barb, glad you are back safe and sound. Hope you had a good catch up with Paul. Love the start of this artwork, looking forward to where you go with it. I think the word is courage, because you need that to just back off and not get embroiled in situations and with things you cannot control. I still have the Groovi system on my wish list, but well the bills have to come first. Take care. Bx

  29. Beleive. This wasn't the first word that popped into my head admitedly, sincerity was. Having done craft/trade shows in the past I know what it's like to have that barrier between you and them. Bridging it is hard, harder when negative comments are made in your earshot, but that's people. It worked out in the end with messers Rubbernecker. Love the poetry. Hapoy weekend, warm regards, Julia

  30. It reads more like a Mindfulness Wednesday post than a Friday 🙂

    What a week you've had, sorry you have to be ignored at first but sooooo glad that the week was successful after that. Pleased that taking time out for YOU and getting Groovi brought people and customers to you

    Hope the jet lag hasn't hit you too badly

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