Blog Takeover

Blog Takeover

Hello everyone, Paul here.
I thought that since Barbara and Dave were flying home today, I would takeover the blog and fill you in with what has been going on back here in good old blighty and what I have been upto since joining the Clarity Family.
Firstly, apologies to all of the New Design Club members, unfortunately the January issue has been delayed and will go out towards the end of the month – but it will be worth the wait.
Secondly, here is some of the Clarity Team responsible for picking, packing and dispatching all of the orders that you place online or over the phone – if you place your order by phone, you will probably have spoken to one of them.
Debbie, Steven & Tom

Katy & Izzy
Since returning from the Christmas break, they have been working flat out so that you can get your Clarity goodies as quickly as possible. 
However, just when they thought that they could slow down from the “Gray Day” weekend, we now have the Club Members Unmounted Stamp Sale running, together with orders from when Barbara was on TV at the start of the month. 

The Wee Houses and Wee Shops designed by Jim here in the office are flying out!

Lee and Nick the stamp makers, are starting to feel a lot like Bob the Builder with all the Houses and Shops under construction.

So, although it says on the Clarity website that orders may take 5-10 working days, it may take a little longer.

So please with us!
We also have another picking, packing and dispatching team here at Clarity that deals just with TV and Trade orders.
Here they are processing all the orders from Maria’s Groovi TV Show on Hochanda yesterday. 

Jayne, Tom & Ian

The new Roses & Trellis Groovi Plates sold out in the 2nd hour!

If you missed the show, it is being repeated again today at 5pm

So, what else can I tell you…………

I officially joined the Clarity Family on a full time basis at the beginning of the year after working in London for over 20 years but  it really does not feel like I have just started a new job as I knew everyone beforehand.
Do I miss working in London? What do you think?

Obviously, I miss all of my old work colleagues, how could I not, but I do not miss the daily commute – I read earlier this week that trains were being delayed due to the wrong type of sun!

Here is my new workspace
I think I need another computer, I wonder if can persuade Barbara and Dave for one of these
Okay, so what else can I tell you about……………….

All I can say is that we have lots and lots and lots and lots of amazing stuff happening at Clarity this year
Yes, I know I’m a tease, but I really can’t say anything yet!
 So as a treat (and whilst Barbara and Dave are in the air) if you leave a comment below, on Friday I will randomly choose a comment and send the winner a £20 Clarity Voucher.
Whilst talking about Blog winners, I still have 2 unclaimed prizes from the 10 days of Christmas Blog – Day 9 (Gillyflower) and Day 8 (Ruth) so if you are reading this, please can you email me at

Right, I better get this posted before the plane lands!

Happy Crafting

207 thoughts on “Blog Takeover

  1. How lovely to have a private peek! Had we all better start saving the pennies? I'm sure you won't regret the move you can always stay in touch with people and you are already pert of the clarity family. Hope all goes to plan for you all!

  2. i have a desk like yours Paul,but i dont use it much now as i have my shed but its very cold in there at moment ,im sure they would get u that new one its brilliant but do you really need it, think your desk u have is better !!!! xx

  3. Good afternoon Paul, good to have you on here…I think Barb is getting this delegating off to a fine art…..with you on here, Dave doing the demonstrating …now that is what I call girl power!! lol…hugs to all…xxxx

  4. Hi Paul,
    I know it must seem an age ago but it was lovely to meet you and Barbara at the Summer Retreat. Congratulations on becoming a fully fledged Clarity team member….bet it's great fun !!!

  5. Its always hard starting a new job,but looks as if you've fitted into your new role as if you were there all along. Good to hear you're all keeping busy whilst the boss is away!
    Looking forward to all the new goodies to come in 2016.

  6. Hi Paul, thanks for a sneaky peak inside Clarity Towers. I am sure you will soon be truly settled in & I look forward to seeing the team on TV with lots of new goodies. Not sure my OH will agree though!!

  7. I'm all agog to see what Clarity 2016 will bring us, Paul! It's lovely to have you officially on board. Not sure you can swing one of those computers, though… 🙂 My Clarity order arrived a couple of days ago….I just have to find the time to play with it! Jo x

  8. Hi Paul, just sat down from a very quick romp around the lanes here where I live, the weather is just glorious. I did "work" this morning – making my entry for the Clarity Calander Challenge ….

    Lovely to read your blog today while I have a well earned sit down and a cuppa.

    Love the idea of all those computers….and you are a tease but SO looking forward to the fantastic progress happening at Clarity.

    Also you are a well deserved new member of the team 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all aspects of the products. Also LOVE to see faces to the team in the background.

    Well crafty hugs and happy crafting

    Pen x

  9. Hi Paul.really looking forward to receiving my rose and trellis. Only started groovi just before Christmas and now it is helping me get through a bout of bronchitis!

  10. Well done Paul, thank you for continuing the blog whilst Barbara is away. Missed Maria's show but hope to pick it up at 5pm today. Hope you will be very happy working at 'Clarity', how could you not be.

  11. Hi Paul, looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda on 24th. I enjoyed Maria's show yesterday – you are both excellent presenters.

    How about having Gray Day a few weeks before Black Friday next year. Hopefully, we'll get online easier and the fab Clarity team should be less stressed in the run up to Christmas. xx

  12. Lovely to hear you are enjoying your new role and have settled in Paul. I am a new crafter and have fallen hook line and sinker for Groovi. Such a fabulous concept and I am having such fun mixing elements from different plates for my artwork x

  13. How lovely to hear from you Paul, I am eagerly awaiting my order for the Wee folk, houses and trees to arrive as well as the NDC stamp and stencil but quite understand how busy you all must be. My 13 year old grandaughter is home from Oz for Christmas and is completely hooked on my Groovi goodies. Xx

  14. Oh Paul will you be in trouble when they arrive back, your such a tease, I agree with you about the commuting and love the sunshades on the train, they might even take not of this as they have so many wacky ideas anyway.

    Missed Marie yesterday as Hochanda was playing up big time so I am raring to go now, all ready and waiting, and yes I was lucky enough to get my order in for the 2 new groovi plates.

    If you get the new computer system (I remember them like this where I used to work) let me know and I will come and be your PA……..gosh what a great job that would be.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  15. Hi Paul – great to see where it all happens! Obviously lots of exciting things are planned for us all, and we all look forward to knowing just what they are!! I am one of the winners, and will email you. I did send an email as soon as I knew that I had won – but who knows where that one went!! I am soo looking forward to receiving my prize

  16. Thanks Paul for the blog and update. I was wondering where the NDC envelope was.
    Nice to see faces behind the voices.
    I think Barbara should encourage you to have your own regular blog! lol Just another job for you!
    Yes I have a members sale order in and I also ordered the plates Maria showed yesterday direct from Clarity towers. Temptation was too much.
    Are you ready to be on the tills at shows whilst Dave demos the stencils?
    Cheers Fi x

  17. never sure why when logged in to google it shows as unknown but…. hoping some of the new stuff is for piercing the parchment. anything that makes it easier as I get way too hot to do parchment, even tried gloves & covering the work and still it curls and goes wrong.
    Bet the commute is 100% better now Paul but you don't get to listen to the music for so long LOL

  18. How lovely to meet you Paul. I am new here too! I don't mind how long I have to wait for my Clarity orders, as I know they're always worth it. You all do such a great job. I can't wait to see what you all have in store for us this year. It sounds very exciting.

  19. Hi Paul. You won't regret your move. At least you don't have to get up early on a morning to commute to London. You just need to get used to not waking up too early on a morning. X
    You are indeed an asset to Barbara, Dave and the Clarity gang

  20. So….no pressure then. Thanks for anticipating my next query "where is my order". I feel really sorry for your picking dept (I refer to them as the fulfilment dept.)but I'm sure they are really dedicated to what they do – get them some cake.
    I don't know you, but I think I would get on with you just fine. You belong there!
    Keep up the good work.
    Maggie in snowy York (well….it's better than floods!)

  21. Great to from you Paul and seeing pictures of everyone at work glad your settling in well cannot wait to see what happens over the coming year. Let's hope Dave And Barbara arrive home safely not to jet lagged hugs to all at clarity towers and thank you all of you speak again love and hugs Joy xxx

  22. Hi Paul,
    Cracking the whip while the boss is away?? Ha ha.
    Only spoke to one of your delightful colleagues this morning as I was blaming our myopic postie for delivering my NDC elsewhere – there is history here!
    I'm quite happy to wait for my wee Shops and Houses and also sale items as I have a raft of stamping to do and knowing me, this would be put aside to lay with the new stuff. ;~}

  23. Welcome to the team Paul. It looks as though you have fitted in quite nicely as you are already familiar with them. Great news that Barbara's trip has been a terrific success over at CHA. It's good to know that the Clarity flag will be flying high over there. Can't wait for the exciting news that you are keeping under wraps for now.

  24. Hi Paul, thank you for the heads up about the monthly club, also the behind the scenes sneak peak! Such great products needs a great backup team, no wonder they are all busy! Happy New Year to all at Clarity towers. Looking forward to seeing what's new in 2016.
    Best wishes. X

  25. Glad you are settling in Paul and look forward to seeing your shows on Hochanda again. Looking forward to my wee houses and my club stuff – sure they'll be worth the wait!

  26. Glad you are settling in Paul and look forward to seeing your shows on Hochanda again. Looking forward to my wee houses and my club stuff – sure they'll be worth the wait!

  27. Lovely to have an update from you Paul – I'm sure Barb will be delighted! Congrats on the first two weeks in your new job – hope it will be all you wish for. Not having a long commute is like getting another whole day back in your week! I work at home, so my commute is all of 5 yards – do I miss the crowds and tube problems – not at all, but it makes the Radio 2 traffic reports all the more enjoyable!

  28. Welcome aboard the Clarity train proper Paul. Great pics. I bet you don't miss the commute, but it was a brave decision to give up your city job.
    Tonbridge Sue

  29. Afternoon Paul I love the cute bear that would make a lovley groovi plate with toys .so pleased your settling in you will be a fantastic asset to clarity I rang today to see if my parcel had been sent I forgot about the NDC envelope looking forward to what's in it it never disappoints
    I watched Marie shows today she is so talented
    I managed to Finnish my calendar blog challenge and e mailed it in to sazzle .
    Happy crafting Paul hugs Sheila xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna have you managed to craft or is that for tonight ?
      Afternoon Dorothy how are you doing?
      Afternoon Diane any crafting today ?
      Afternoon pam how's your pain in your back any easier?
      Afternoon Brenda big hugs missing you come say hi xx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Ooooooo well done on getting your calendar challenge finished, that's all three things ticked off now! You can have a celebratory white chocolate as you prize! Now rest up ready for next month. Well done my friend. XX

    3. Hi Sheila well done getting the last challenge done and sent off, must go and have a look. No crafting today ( well I made flapjacks!) just shopping off last minute warm clothes ready for Emma's return tomorrow. Sending hugs xxxx

    4. Diane My favourite home made flap jack ,Donna Tom bought me some white chocolate raffaello today so thank you I will celebrate with one of them I was going to try the shaving foam so can get some background stash for February's one as not used the shaving foam before happy crafting xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, glad you managed to finish your calendar challenge blog, that must have taken a lit of effort with the pain in your hands, you'll need to rest now. My back isn't any better as yet, be a bit easier if I could take painkillers but if I did they'd give me more problems, but thank you for asking. Love & hugs Pam xx

    6. Sheila I meant to say I have looked at the distress pens and I am ordering them after pay day. I am also hoping that the small ink pads will be in stock by then too. Thanks for pointing me the right way. XX

    7. Your very welcome Donna I love my little distress pads get more colours for your money
      Hi pam you try to rest up too pain is very difficult to cope with thinking of you xxx

  30. I can't see why you have changed your London office for a view like that Paul – really I can't!!! Lol. Seriously, who wouldn't love such a beautiful view? I am eagerly awaiting the email about the new Groovi club and monthly payment plan – soooooo excited. Just need to check the finances and then I shall be off shopping Clarity style. Glad you are enjoying the new job.
    Have fun. Make sure the kettle's on for when Barbara and Dave get back.

  31. What a great post Paul. Lovely to see behind the scenes at Clarity, everyone I have spoken too there has been really friendly. Been using the groovi stuff I bought on Gray Friday so probably just as well the NDC mailing will be later in the month

  32. Well done Paul for being such a good stand in! It's good to see behind the scenes and well done everyone for all that hard work with the orders! I'll be placing another this week! I'm glad you're enjoying your work ! How couldn't you?! X

  33. Lovely to hear from you today Paul. Today is a surreal day, as it is my last day of my job and you have hacked the blog!
    I am looking forward to having g lots of time to craft over next few weeks with all my lovely clarity products. I am particularly looking forward to using the brushios that I got at Catterick, as well as more groovi projects. Unfortunately I will need to do my tax return first though. Hopefully it should be straight forward! Then I can stamp, groovi and Gelli all day long!

  34. What a great post Paul. Lovely to see behind the scenes at Clarity, everyone I have spoken too there has been really friendly. Been using the groovi stuff I bought on Gray Friday so probably just as well the NDC mailing will be later in the month

  35. Thanks for your really funny blog Paul. Always nice to see photos of the Clarity family at work. I am hoping to join the Club but can only afford to join one at the moment and it is so hard to choose.

  36. Hello Paul… glad to hear you are full time now. Hope everything is going ok!! Im hoping there is some new groovi news soon. Barbara has been hinting. Is there any plan to have a members club for just groovi? Caught marias shows yesterday and cant wait for my new plates to arrive. The whole groovi thing is so addictive! Sue x

  37. Looking forward to all the exciting things that Clarity is planning this year. Thanks for the info on the NDC envelopes. Best wishes in your new job.

  38. Happy New Year, Paul. It feels as if you have always been part of Clarity. You have learned all about teasing us already. Can't wait to see what is coming our way this year. You cannot top the brilliance of the Groovi – can you? Hope the travellers have a good flight and don't suffer too much from the cold over here. xxx Maggie

  39. Hi Paul…..good to know you are now full time at Clarity……a good move….no more commutes and doing what you like and have a talent for….lucky lad.I am sure Barbara and Dave will find you a huge asset too! Good luck and enjoy….Sall x.

  40. Hi nice to hear you have joined the team full time, you lucky person its most clarity stamp fans dream come true to work with the fantastic Clarity team. I for one am very jealous, any way enjoy.Looking forward to the great things coming our way this year. Excited is an understatement. Happy new year to everyone on the Clarity team. Pearl xx

  41. Good to hear all the news Paul…what a great job you landed. I'm sure you don't miss the commute. You all look very busy but in business busy is good. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  42. Hello, glad you are enjoying your new job, thanks for the behind the scenes looksie, had my car serviced and mot'd today and luckily not to huge a bill, so more dosh left over for Clarity goodies to keep them all busy packing and posting!
    lots of love jillyxxx

  43. Great blog Paul ,spent hour with shaving foam today used colour burst on it worked well .hope your picking teams are ready for the 24th they'll be inundated again . looking forward to receiving the wee houses .

  44. Evening Paul, glad you're enjoying your new job, are they giving you tea duty as you are the new boy! Great to see behind the scenes, you all work so hard so I don't mind waiting as the saying goes 'the best tings are worth waiting for' Have a good evening. XX

  45. Hi Paul. Your blog was very interesting – nice to see the team all working hard to keep us happy. I too am looking forward to receiving my wee houses and shops plus other members sale toys to play with. And we club members still have our "happy post" to look forward to. Best wishes to you in your new role at Clarity Towers – you will definitely be an asset to the team xx

    1. Hi Donna, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you've had a good day, did you manage to watch Maria, Donna, I missed it again. No not snowed in, its not been a bad day here, so sorry for the families that have had the floods and now may get the snow. None of you have got it, have you? I hoped not. Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. Hi Pam, No snow here in Kent, although the weather man keeps threatening it! How is your back now? XX

      Hi Diane, I'm fine thanks, lots of crafty ideas now all I need is a week off work and a lottery win would come in handy too! XX

  46. Hi paul, glad you're settling into your new role – I bet knowing everyone first is a HUGE plus ! I'm really glad clarity towers is super busy – not at all surprised with your fantastic products .

  47. Oh how I wish You all the best Paul in your new venture into full time crafting. Thank you for letting us know about the delay I thought I was going mad (saying to myself 'you have received it') sign of getting old me thinks. Can't wait to see all the new stuff, will be amazing as always x

  48. Thanks for the update Paul, it's good to know my envelope hasn't gone missing as I was beginning to fear it had. I'm pleased you are settling into your role at Clarity and I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks and months
    Jackie x

  49. Welcome, Paul really great to have you on board, how exciting doing something so different!
    They ll be delighted to have you I m sure! Can imagine how busy you have been HOCHANDA must have put extra demands on you all as there are more shows in the month. Love it all.

  50. I love seeing behind the scenes, everyone always looks happy. So glad you enjoying your new job, don't think I would miss the commute but it is hard saying goodbye to good workmates. Thanks for all the info, was wondering if NDC envelope had gone astray so will happily wait. Looking forward to seeing all new and exciting things in the future. xx

  51. Thanks for sharing some of the Clarity life with us glad you are settled already. Had my Groovi starter kit from Santa & already seriously hooked can't wait to see what's coming this year, shame I didn't have the other £33million lottery ticket!

  52. Thanks for sharing some of the Clarity life with us glad you are settled already. Had my Groovi starter kit from Santa & already seriously hooked can't wait to see what's coming this year, shame I didn't have the other £33million lottery ticket!

  53. What will Barbara say when she gets back, someone else taking over her blog!! Loving your desk and I know how it feels getting away from London, we moved to Lincs 18 years ago and never regretted a day of it, not as scenic as Kent but, huge skies and no high rise buildings, bliss xx ps You can certainly blog again if doing freebies 😉

  54. Lovely to hear from you Paul. Missing today's shows as I am in London – trying to get out- and forgot to record (rats!). Glad all is happy xx

  55. Lovely to hear from you Paul. Missing today's shows as I am in London – trying to get out- and forgot to record (rats!). Glad all is happy xx

  56. Nice to see you in your new workplace surroundings. I was wondering where my wee shops and houses where – thanks for the update, I will try and be patient!

  57. Lovely blog Paul and so nice to see the hard working staff at their posts!!
    Clarity team is wonderful and everybody is so helpful when you speak to them.
    Really pleased you love the new job Paul, looking forward to whatever is next!

  58. Hi Paul
    How lovely to hear from you and see the pics of all those fab Clarity elves who work so hard to get our goodies on the way to us. I am sure the Groovi Plate Makers will be rushed off their feet when orders from the USA come flooding in. Be happy.
    X hugs from Chris X

  59. What a nice gossipy blog! Even if you didn't spill any beans – yet!

    I've never had a long commute, but it was still nice not to have the drive when I went on maternity leave, and now I'm working from home so still have that luxury. I hope that's not the only thing you enjoy about Clarity though!

    I'll be patient for my NDC package – and I'm still choosing my members club sale list – too much I want! Hubby has given me a budget! But I'll be decisive and place the order soon, honest!

  60. Hi Paul, glad you're settling in with the clarity team, thank you for showing us behind the scenes. Nice to put names to the voices we hear on the phone. Everyone certainly looks busy. Thank you for letting us know that our orders and NDC envelopes will be delayed as I have been looking out for the postman. Must be lovely to have a job that you enjoy that is,a hobby too. Really nice views too. Thank you too for stepping in while Barbara and Dave are away especially with a freebee. Missed Maria again today. Went into the blog at 5 to 6 so too late, I said Oh! Dash it, I don't think. Ha ha. My hubby would love one of those computers with all the screens too, for his flight sim. Happy New Year and all the best Paul in your new venture. Love Pam

  61. Well hi there Paul – great to see you on this there old blog! great to see the behind the scenes stuff at Clarity Towers – I for one do not mind waiting – am sure it will be well worth the wait! As you know I changed my job a few months back – and although my commute is very much longer than it used to be I do it in the Peterborough/Northamptonshire countryside instead of south east london – and have not looked back! so can totally identify with you on that front!!!
    As they say good things come to those who wait

    Much love

  62. Thanks for the Blog Paul, we are as they say 'cream crackered', But it was a great trip, with lots of new connections and US interest.. Frankfurt next. Thanks also for mentioning some of the team, there are of course several more , but not involved in the picking packing and dispatch so much. We are blessed to have such good people working for us and with us.
    Thanks again… See you in the morning !

  63. Great blog post, Paul, good to see what goes on behind the scenes. I've just joined the stamp & stencil club and eager to receive my first goodies. My best wishes to you, Barbara and staff. Alison.

  64. Hi Paul,
    So glad you are settling in well, it's always slightly terrifying making a big life decision like you did but hopefully you can now see the advantages. I still have to get up at stupid o'clock in the dark and I hate it but needs must as they say. Thanks for letting us know about the NDC delay – I was starting to wonder and thought I'd give to one more day before emailing (you saved me a job). Hope Barbara & Dave get back safely. Oh and thanks for the 'behind the scenes photos' it sort of puts it all in perspective really. Xxxxxx

  65. So nice of you to show us round and I'm sure all at Clarity are really happy to have you on board completely if that's the right expression I'm sure it must be great not to have to commute any longer and you can still keep in touch with your old work mates too. x

  66. Lovely to see all the gang at Clarity mansions. While is Jane hiding behind a groove pack???
    Love the new work space Paul and yes the 'new ' computer looks great…fingers crossed xx

  67. Lovely to see all the gang at Clarity mansions. While is Jane hiding behind a groove pack???
    Love the new work space Paul and yes the 'new ' computer looks great…fingers crossed xx

  68. Lovely to talk to you today Paul, and so glad you're settling in. That must be a dream job – doing what you really love! Most jobs are a "means-to-an-end", i.e. gathering pennies to buy craft stuff!! lol Looking forward to finding out what's happening for Clarity over the coming months……Have a lovely evening….And hope you've had a peaceful trip home Barb & Dave xxx

  69. hi paul so nice to see your new work palce and to know that u r happy at clarity in your new job both joan and i are always happy to see what u have been up to and to know that u are well and HAPPY sue

  70. Hello Paul,

    You seem to fit right in from the very beginning 🙂 It sounds really exciting with all the new stuff that you are teasing us about. Don't worry about delivery times; patience is easy when we know that is all due to Clarity's massive success! Here's to a great 2016!

  71. Well Paul a very fitting blog – have been waiting patiently for my clarity stamp design envelope so thank you for the update – will continue to wait patiently… Really pleased things are working out well for you in the new role…. Look forward to receiving my latest order too. You have now got me curious about the new developments for clarity and for that I am less patient lol!!!
    Best wishes for 2016 xx

  72. Thanks for the update. So happy to hear all is going so well for Clarity. Waiting for orders is never a bad thing when the prouct is so great. Tried to catch Maria's shows yesterday but the internet connection was terrible. I was so disappointed. Was only able to catch snippets here and there. Any chance you can post the wonderful projects she was working on so I can see the finished product?

  73. Well done Paul. The cats are bound to be back now and I'm sure they're grateful that you're there. Look forward to the secrets unfolding later in the year. Xx

  74. love your lighthearted banter. you did crack me up even though you didn't say anything that was necessarily funny. you are multitalented.
    do you really need another computer?! glad to know the postman hadn't lost my monthly clarity fix. xx

  75. Thanks Paul for keeping us updated.
    I think you did well changing your job. You can meet your old colleagues from time to time and stay in contact.
    Rolf xxx

  76. Hi Paul. Really pleased for you that you're settling in so well in your new job. Thanks for the tour of Clarity towers. It's lovely to see the faces of the lovely people who sort our orders. I always receive excellent customer service so please pass on my thanks. Looking forward to finding out what all the new ideas are for 2016. Hugs Jeanette xx

  77. Hi Paul and the gang – love all my new groovi plates – particularly Douglas – nowhere near as good as most of the samples I have seen, but loving the calm creativity of it all. Should really buy a few more plates – I have my eye on the cottage and the deer ones – practice, practice, practice!!

  78. Hi Paul, glad to see you on board and enjoying your new life and great you can help share Barbara's workload. I was wondering where the NDC letter was, am eagerly awaiting the new Groovi club and more of what you have planned. Great to meet some of the team, maybe we can meet some of the others over coming weeks. Now off to get my members sale order in! Much hugs Karen xxx

  79. Hi Paul, did I read right —-?? A free coupon/voucher ! Just look at the lovely comments all,hoping to be chosen . Reminds me of attendance at church .just say food and and —- well,you can imagine . Hope I win .
    Just lovely reading your blog and so happy you are enjoying your new job . Joy now ,Jan

  80. Nice look at the behind the scenes view! Hope you're enjoying your new role – commuting is awful…..pleased you've moved on and will hopefully have a much more relaxing journey to and from work! Claire x

  81. Hi Paul, nice to read your blog and am thinking that it indicates what an amazing team Barbara has at Clarity Towers! You all pull together and help each other out when needed! Looking forward to the surprise in store for us all.
    Best wishes to all. x

  82. Hi Paul
    Lovely to officially welcome you to Clarity, I'm sure you really enjoy lying in bed of a morning listening to the traffic report on train delays and chuckling to yourself. You have made a good move and at the right time of year too. Good to meet the staff behind the scenes too. Thanks for the heads up on the envelope, I've been looking for that! I must get on and order my sale stuff then rather than wait for the paper copy! Oooh I like your style, a blog take over and a cheeky voucher- nice one!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  83. I can see why you are with Barbara and Clarity full time now with your clever humor and positive attitude. Great job with the blog while Barbara is away. I just posted on yesterday's blog about meeting Barbara and Dave at CHA this week. That was the highlight of my life! I am so thrilled that those of us in the US will have an easier way to obtain the excellent Clarity Stamps products here in the US. I love what I do have and cannot wait to get my hands on more! Thank you for helping to make Clarity such a wonderful company, Paul. #1US fan, Cynthia

  84. Hi Paul… you are a tease, but I like you!
    I also changed my job and don't regret it at all; the past years have flown by! How wonderful to be in a creative environment working with such a fabulous team of people. Enjoy!! xx

  85. Hello Paul,
    Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work. We just purchased our first order of Clairtystamp products to carry in our store and we are so excited to receive them. Our Customers are going to be in Love. We love love the Groovi system and Barbara and Dave are Amazing. Enjoy your day!
    Stacy in the USA

  86. I think it's great that you are a fully fledged member of Team Clarity now, you must be thrilled. I didn't realise just how many "behind the scenes" people there were. I placed an order for the new Groovi plates last night, and I'm mega excited for the new Groovi club. I would like to suggest a storage binder just for border plates would be handy, just sayin'!! 😁

    1. As I don't see another way to leave a comment annymore… I put mine here… So good to see more of the people that make everything work at Clarity!
      Hope you will keep on enjoying all the new and known things about working at Clarity for years and years!
      Enjoy the weekend!

  87. While the cats on a flight the mice switch on a light xx lovely to have sneaky peek behind the scenes xx Paul I'll second + third the vote for you're swanky new 'computer request' motion carried quick get the order for it in before the plane lands xxxxx

  88. Hello Paul, thanks for letting us know about the NDC. Did you tidy your desk before the photo was taken or is it always as neat as that?! I wouldn't like you, or anyone else, to see mine at the moment! Mxx

  89. Oh Paul, you are popular – how many comments have you got? It's either that or the bribe of the voucher and then there is the teasing of the promise of much to come. The first photograph must be a scene that Barbara sees a lot because I instantly saw a classic Barbara landscape. I am also waiting for my wee hooses & shops and the NDC envelope but that's ok as I received my sale stuff today so plenty of new toys to play with.

  90. Lovely to read your post Paul and even better that you have joined Clarity full time – AND at what sounds to be a very exciting time

    It is nice to be introduced to the team even if some are hiding and it's only a virtual 'hello'

  91. So pleased to hear you are with Barbara at last. I am sure you have made the right choice. In point of fact, I am really envious. I would love to work at Clarity but stuck with the MOJ and far to long in the tooth to move. I wish you every success in all you do. You surely are an inspiration to us all. I remember the last retreat and my green splog and you were so kind not to post it everywhere!!! I really look forward to seeing you at the next retreat. You are a lovely person and a superb crafter. I eagerly await my order for the shops, houses etc etc – truly bankrupt this month!
    Love Anne (Reading) x

  92. Things are really going well for Clarity. It's great to see what goes on behind the scenes. Looking forward to all the secret stuff in the pipeline. Xx

  93. Hello Paul
    Thank you for giving us a tease regarding the lots of exciting things Clarity has in store for the coming year. I can't wait!! I am very excitedly waiting for my Wee Houses plus other items I ordered at the beginning of January and hope they are here soon to play with. With regard to the NDC I have eagerly been searching my post box for the past 4 days – the post boxes are outside my flats and after rushing outside into the cold with my slippers on it's now good to hear that they're not MISSING IN ACTION and I can keep my jimjams on a bit longer in the mornings. (Of course I have more than just my slippers on!!)

  94. Glad you are settling in and enjoying your new adventure. Must be wonderful to be doing something you love. More like play than work. So looking forward to all the new things for 2016. xx

  95. Hi Paul,
    Thank you for stepping in for Barbara today. Nice to see that you are enjoying your new job and fitting in so well – there was never any doubt about that! It must be great for Barbara and Dave to know that you and Maria are around to take some of the workload. I for one am pleased that you are a big part of the Clarity family. Thanks also for letting us know about the NDC envelopes, I was getting a bit worried. As for delivery – I received my members sale products last week and I don't think that's a long time to wait – I can think of a major supplier who takes forever sometimes and they are much bigger than Clarity! Maria's shows were great yesterday and I did succumb and ordered the new plates which were beautiful – I ordered direct from Clarity though? Looking forward to seeing what all the new ideas are. Thanks again Paul, love Alison xx

  96. You are so doing a great job… All of you! We would be lost without the team at Clarity Towers! I'm one of the very lucky ones who has met most, if not all, of the team… What an amazing bunch of people! I can tell yu're enjoying your work Paul… And who can blame you!

    Welcome home Barbara & Dave, great to have you home xxx

  97. Very well written Paul, can see you getting another duty added to your job spec! So glad you've settled in looks a great place to spend your days and can't wait to see what great things are coming our way this year. x

  98. Really enjoying watching and learning with you on the telly Paul. Thank you the news about the post delays and the January freebies, I'll continue to wait patiently for my orders which were ordered by phone and on-line.

  99. Brilliant. Blog Paul.
    It's so nice to see the people behind the scenes so often overlooked
    Thanks guys
    Glad you have settled in and I like a lot of others look forward to seeing the new stuff
    Take care Paul. X Theresa

  100. So cool to see behind the scenes! What an awesome Clarity Team! Looking forward to the new stuff – whatever it may be!!!! I am sure Barb is very grateful for your safe keeping of the Blog! xxx

  101. Hi Paul, so good to see and read your blog and see your workspace which I thought would have been more of a crafting workspace. It would be nice to know in your next blog what your job at clarity involves and what you did in the big city for a job.
    I would just like to thank all the very hard workers at Clarity I placed an order on the 5th January and then sent an email asking ever so kindly if under all their pressure they could get it to me as soon as, I had a birthday card to make for a chappie friend and had no stamps that I thought suitable for the guy. Tom emailed back saying they would do their best. I'm assuming you only have one Tom and that was him in the photos so I feel like I know him. Anyway I got my Clarity Parcel Wednesday. So Hi Tom and all the team thanks for getting my parcel out super quick I'm now in the process of making said card.
    Have a good Clarity year everyone.
    Bye Marie.

  102. Hi Paul ehat a lively responce to your bloggy take over and thanks for letting us meet the lovely team back st clarity towers think there will be a wee bit overtime coming your way soon.
    Wishing you every success now you're full time don't think you will need it though you come across as a lovely chap on the telly and love snd enjoy watching you on the telly but remember if your ever stuck when the boss is away there is slways the CCA volunteer bus on standby. .take care..Dot.x

    1. Morning girls to busy to run up and doon looking for you all so wish you a good Friday and see yis later.
      Brenda here's yir cuddle…xx
      Donna you'll be up fancy a bit toast got some o f my mums hame made jam …xx

  103. Just wanted to congratulate you on going full time. It must be nice for Barbara to know that you can take over the blog at any time. I have always loved your spin on things that Barbara demoed on tv. Looking forward to what you now have to show us now that you can give us more of your time. Exciting times.x

  104. Hi Paul, great to hear from you, and good news that you are now full time. Loved the blog post, some really great pics of the Clarity team. Some of the others are funny too, love the train with the sunglasses. I am sure having you on board will give Barb time to relax a bit more. Mmmmm I wonder what sits behind that Top Secret tag. Have a fab Friday everyone. Bx

  105. Hi Paul
    yes i've spoken to you and Debbie on the phone to place an order recently- an absoulute pleasure may i add!
    I hope you enjoy your new job, i think you might just do that! looking forward to seeing behind the top secret tag also, and Welcome home soon Barbara and Dave. x

  106. Hi Paul. Welcome to your new career! Im having Clarity goodies as a present from my daughter for my birthday (today). Didn't order them early enough (completely forgot about your members sale and the popularity of the wee houses!!!) but I was able to show her on my Clarity calendar what she was giving me so she was happy. Glad to see Barbara had success in America.

  107. Hope you're settling into that new chair nicely ! You helped me recently on a demo day in Northants with an ink pad I wasn't sure about & I just wanted to thank you properly for your expert (!) advice. Loved your demos as always & I'm now knee deep in Colour Burst backgrounds that I can use all year. Enjoy it when you are the locum on the blog…. just mixes things up a bit

  108. Hi Paul, A brilliant post, lots of insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes'.
    Congratulations on your new job, and your new desk looks great to me.
    Yes, you are definitely a 'tease' and I am really 'curious', what lurks behind the Top Secret tag, I don't have much 'patience' hahaha.
    Enjoy your new job, and it's great to see you here.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  109. Hi Paul, A brilliant post, lots of insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes'.
    Congratulations on your new job, and your new desk looks great to me.
    Yes, you are definitely a 'tease' and I am really 'curious', what lurks behind the Top Secret tag, I don't have much 'patience' hahaha.
    Enjoy your new job, and it's great to see you here.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  110. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for this it was insightful and had I seen it earlier I certainly wouldn't have emailed the team about my order. I knew they were busy but WOW extra busy! I have got most of the order and had some great fun playing with the colour bursts, they are amazing and you can get so many different effects depending on when and how you water. Great you are in a good place and I'm sure you and Barbara will inspire each other it seems like a great team. Cant wait for the TOP SECRET reveal hope it involves something about stamping as it's my passion. Got the Groovy but not quite got the hang of it yet.

    Take Care Marilyn

  111. I was wondering when my big white envelope was going to arrive! Thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to playing with the stamp and mask.
    Great post, by the way, Paul!

  112. Great to have a private peek Pail. Lovely to see the team, hard at work as always. I bet Barbara and David will be glad to be home again, but I'm sure they'll hit the ground running, so to speak (sorry about the pun). Xx

  113. Hi Paul – I know I will be the last comment you come to as i am a day late!! It must be great for you to be working full time with Clarity. I gave up work due to health reasons two years ago now and although money is more of an issue I don't regret it. I get to spend my days crafting and I think that although I have to make sure my purchases are considered now it is a fair trade off for not finding myself in an early grave and although I was able to buy stuff on a whim I didn't have the time to use it. You are a fabulous asset to the business and you really present well on TV. Looking forward to seeing more of you on Hochanda with some more fabulous stuff as always. Awaiting my wee houses, shops and fairy folks coming that I bought with my Christmas money. I am not worried about any delays as they will be all the sweeter when they arrive. Hoping Barbara and Dave have had a good flight back to Blighty. It nice to see the photos of where everyone works and the people who work for Clarity as I know you don't know us but we feel we enjoy getting to know you all and we want to share in the whole Clarity experience of production and dispatching and this is one way we get to be part of it all. Nice to hear you on the blog Paul. Much love – Jayne

  114. Many congrats on the new job, and for keeping us posted while "The Boss" is in transit! I am drooling over the Groovi system, but have been saving my pennies to pay for a surprise party for a milestone birthday for my hubby in 2 weeks time ( thankfully he does not read this blog!) Once all that has been paid for, I am lining up my orders, so A £20 voucher would come in very handy! Obviously need the starter kit, but where to go from there? Loving the butterfly wreath, so maybe that should be the first addition!

  115. This is what happens when you have fantastic products amazing designers and the best demonstrators and the wonderful Barbara at the helm! When would be a good time for Jim to work out what I need to pay each month for the coming year to have all three design clubs when I have already paid for one up to March and another up to June? I'm guessing at £13 a month from now to the end of the year but hey I may be wrong. Has he got a formula for working it out? I can't be the only one!
    Enjoy your new role in the 'slow' lane, not.
    Happy Days,

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