What a day at the CHA…

What a day at the CHA…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!
It’s 6am and I thought I’d catch up with you before the show. 
Yesterday went swimmingly – really well.
After all those fears and worries about it!
Lots of interest, plenty of orders.
the Groovi went down an absolute storm, 
so tomorrow I will go back!!
I met lots of very genuinely interested and hands on women.
A few suits looking to make a quick buck out of us, but the creatives were there in force.
In the meantime,
how about a quick step by step 
using the new wee houses and shops?
These stamps are awesome!
Stamp out a selection of them next to one another 
on a piece of Theuva Card, and colour one of them in.
Cor, wouldn’t you just love him for a neighbour?
Let’s glaze the colourful one.
Go over the colour with a Versamark Pen,
and coat with Clear Embossing Powder

Heat gently from underneath using a heatgun.

Cut out masks.
I go back and forth on whether we should get the masks machine cut and supply them.
On the one hand it’s very convenient.
On the other hand, they are really easy to cut out.
Mind you, so are the Letterbox stamp boxes, 
and we can’t make enough of them!
What do you think?

Cover the houses, add a mini moon mask, and then 
lightly dust back and forth with a Clarity Stencil Brush
loaded with Black Distress ink.
These brushes were selling like hotcakes here at the CHA yesterday.

 Trim the card back and edge with a Black Sharpie pen and ruler.

Mount on a piece of card which brings out the colour 
in the house that you don’t want next door.

Keep it simple, eh.
I’d best get up and get going.
Lying here in bed with my Mac Book Air isn’t going to get it done!
Love and hugs from California, 

138 thoughts on “What a day at the CHA…

  1. Glad yesterday day was good just as I expected it would be happy day to today for you lots sale mask's would be good waiting for my houses to arrive have s blessed day hugs xxx

  2. Good morning in LA, you are up very early, amazing that you are ready for your blog, great.
    I am sure that you will have a great success in US, I will Keep my fingers crossed. Have fun there and enjoy , Gisela

  3. Knew you would be a great success. Don't know how you still had time for a tutorial for us. You must be exhausted and another long day ahead. Think the masks are a great idea. Knock them dead again today. You are so brilliant at what you do.

  4. Glad you had a great day yesterday at CHA. I would say YES Please to masks and that is also for most of your stamps as I struggle with cutting out. Enjoy the rest of CHA. Cheers Fi x

  5. Who wouldn't love Groovi! Glad all is going well. Thank you for blogging! Have just ordered the wee houses, shops, grasses and trees. Just love em and gotta have em. Tis a big aye me for the masks, please. So much easier. Have fun xxx

  6. So glad it's all going well, Barbara, especially re Groovi, which is such a genius innovation crafty people are bound to love it! And I love these wee stamps too. Re your question, I'd say Aye to getting a machine-cut mask with the wee houses stamps. Yes, they're quite easy to do, but those tiny chimneys need precision cutting or we end up with white tidemarks around them so, I'm an Aye! 🙂 I love using all the small stamps – it's fantastic that they can be used together to make so many different designs. Hope everything keeps going well in California! x

  7. Hi Barb,
    So pleased to hear that yesterday went so well – I knew it would as Groovi is just a fantastic product. Really like what you have done with the Wee shops and houses. I think masks would be a brilliant idea. I don't mind cutting out but then I lose the blooming things! So yes a big thumbs up for masks from me. I hope today is as big a success ( or bigger) as yesterday. Love Alison xx

  8. As usual all your doubts have been brushed aside! (Did ya see what I fid there?) Lol.
    Glad it is going well and thanks for this awesome creation – it has finally made my mind up for me!!

  9. Mask every time for me, please, as I am just starting out with masks/stamps so anything that makes things easier is a yes from me. Don't work too hard, Barbara.

  10. hope day 2 is as good as yesterday, I am sure it will be. Masks sound a good idea to me, they would be an exact fit & lie snug to the paper when adding colour over them as with the moon mask.

  11. It's an Aye for me. We, your followers, never had any doubts that Clarity and the Groovi would go down a storm in the States. It is just too good a product not to work. Glad it is all going well over there. How many more machines does Dave need to fire up? xxx Maggie

  12. You are so right – these stamps ARE awesome and I AM going to buy them and I would also buy the masks if they were available 'cos I'm a real beginner at this (actually I haven't even started yet – just limbering up so to speak). So pleased everything went well for you yesterday.
    Tonbridge Sue

  13. So pleased for uou that thst your sales are taking off with our American friends never doubted it for a minute crafters know a great product when they see it.
    Hope your showcasing the wee stamps to there as I know they like there wee cards.
    Tell those quick buck suits to bolt politely just one of your get stuffed looks should do it..lol….Xx

  14. So pleased all is going well. I knew the groovi would go down well.
    I'm loving playing with the houses and think the masks would be good as then you could have the inny and the outy which would be really useful! Xx

  15. No doubt about it that you succeed with your items, Barbara. Crafters always are interested in something new. And you are unique with the Groovi system.
    Best of luck
    Rolf xxx

  16. So pleased everything is going well. Lovely blog – just ordered the shops and houses. A very big thank you for my extra special Christmas card which has arrived – truly treasured.
    Anne (Reading)

  17. So pleased everything is going swell over there Barb. These stamps are really lovely and your sample today shows how it is so easy to do something really simple but totally effective. Brilliant!
    I shall have to order the stamps and if you had masks too I would definitely order them! Di xx

  18. So happy that the Groovi system is going down so well. It's a wonderful system. In fact I have been in the groove this morning making a card for a friend. I love the wee houses but haven't ordered them yet for the simple reason I have ordered a lot of clarity recently and am dangerously close to being addicted! However the masks just might sway it! If you didn't do masks they will fall in my basket very soon! Have a good time in LA xx

  19. Glad everything went so well, you have worked so hard for it.

    I love having the masks with the stamps. The masks don't take long to do … but I always want to get on to the colouring part. Maybe I'm just too impatient!


  20. So pleased the Groovi has proved a hit Barbara, but it wasn't ever not going to be. Love the way you have highlighted just one of the wee buldings and then added that bright sunny yellow which really goes with the weather in LA I'm sure. x

  21. It's wonderful to hear how well things went for you yesterday – but then all of us never doubted it for a moment! Wonderful piece of artwork – as always Barbara! xxx

  22. It's wonderful to hear how well things went for you yesterday – but then all of us never doubted it for a moment! Wonderful piece of artwork – as always Barbara! xxx

  23. How could they not love the groovi it's awesome like all the clarity products.
    Awaiting my wee houses and shops masks would be great .
    Have another fabulous day .you don't need the suits you have an amazing team xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, oh I must go and have a look at your artwork. How's the pin holes today? Hope all is well. We are having a lovely weekend with Emma but I'm very footsore now and tired! Take care xxxx

    2. Hello I've not had a good day so rested all day lovley to see our cards on the blog will pop over to see your calendar one as didn't know that was up on the blog .
      More pin holes tomorrow afternoon got some bruises from last time trying to put colours too them like yours Diane so pleased your having a lovley time with Emma hugs xxx

  24. Very pleased for you Barbara. You really deserve the reward of hard work and genuineness (Is that even a word?) Masks every time, got little time to craft as it is so any time saver on boring cutting out masks is more than welcome


  25. Hi Barbara, It is a yes from me for the masks as they are so durable and I can see this style being used a few times. Thanks for finding time to share. Good luck(not that you need it!) for the rest of the show.

  26. Hello Barb, I have to say aye to the masks, they are such a time saver, especially if you are doing a few cards, and the postit notes lose their tack or lift. So pleased to hear that CHA is going well, but I don't think we doubted it would. Look forward to hearing about the rest of it. Take care. Bx

  27. Great that all is going well .def yes to masks as they will be airtight like other masks ,after all what is easier than a moon mask and they go down a storm ,just got my colour burst waiting for wee houses .have a good day

  28. Hi, great news that it all went well yesterday but I didn't think it would go any other way.
    Yes please to the masks and I am also looking forward to my wee houses and a load of other goodies 😄 Xx

  29. I'm so glad it's going well for you – it's always a worry beforehand, will they/won't they like what I do etc etc. Love the card you've blogged today, right up my street – no pun intended. Hope it all continues to go well for you. Xxxx

  30. Yes please to masks, I am not so good at cutting out & the details make the stamps. I am gearing up to buy them both but might hang on until you decide yea or nay.
    Enjoy the USA & good luck.
    Ann x

  31. Yes please Barbara I would like you to supply masks. I know they are easy to cut but yours are convenient and reusable and it just allows us to get on with the creating bit. I knew everything would be a success for you. You are an inspiration and your enthusiasm is contagious so no one would fail to be impressed by you or your products. I am so pleased you are having a successful visit. I just love the wee houses and shops and can't wait for my order to arrive. Much love Jayne

  32. So pleased for you and Dave that all your hard work is being appreciated State-side. Love how you have coloured just one house – have to say, I would probably be the person who lives in it, as I love bright colours! Just as well we're in a conservation area and I'm not allowed!!! Susan x

  33. Yes please to the masks, just getting into the colour burst powders and post its just don't work for this. Glad to hear it was a success yesterday, better tell Dave to get the machines on! Hope you are both managing a little bit of sunshine. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, afraid not, just still not in the mood. When my order comes from Clarity it might kick me into having a play, haven't even tried the Colour Bursts or my new stamps yet or my Groovy Plates that I had for Xmas. Never mind tomorrow's,another day. Have to look for your cards in the challenge, well done for doing them so quickly. Have a good evening. Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. Hi Donna I'm off to see your challenge work in a minute. Those little stamps that come with the handmade stamps are fab aren't they. Hope you are feeling better tonight xxxx

    3. The love was handwriten and then over stamped with the flower. You can not imagine how many times my pencil almost touched the card till I thought "OMG its just a bit of card, if it goes wrong just ink another one!" The stamping didn't worry me at all although that's the bit my Mum said she would never be able to do ! Xx

    4. Oh Sheila I'm jealous I really need all those new colours. I knew I didn't have that colour which is why I asked what you had used. Oh dear more shopping, its a dirty job! Xx

    5. Hello Donna I don't know if I'm allowed to say this on Barbara's blog appoligies if not
      I got mine of Joanna sheens web they are just under £3 each you get free postage if you spend £9 I got mine each month as they came out all 12 colours are stunning I also bought the small ink pads as you get 4or 5 small ink pads for £7.99 it works out a lot cheaper than the big ink pads hope this helps xxx

  34. One more comment ,thankyou all for saying that you do read me .. That made me feel so good . It's amazing how a few kind words help . Have a joy filled week . Sun is shining here in Virgina and its 64F very unusual weather .

    1. Hi Jan we often reply to your wee posts so always come back and have a wee look and join in glad you saw yesterday's messages rain rain rain here in Bonnie Scotland ..take care and joy to you to…Dot..xx

    2. Hi Jan it's been dry down south today but not a huge amount of sun. Think I might prefer your weather, if only to dry out for a bit after weeks of rain. I hope you have a week full of joy too .xxxx

    3. I always read your post and everyone else's. There are a few names that I expect to see every night – your's is one and then we have the D's – Donna, Dianne, Dot and then Sheila and Pam and I always like it when Brenda comes on. I could go on but if I don't read everyone's post then who will read mine?

    4. Come join in Julia and Jan free life tome membership is the CCA only one stipulation {whoa big word fir Dot} you gotta be nuts Clarity nuts that is can jist see Donna wi her cornflakes saying speak fir yirself Dot….he he…xx

  35. Hi Barbara, there you go, knew it'd be a success, how could it not. Thank you for the step by step, my goodness you don't get a minute do you? It's much appreciated though. Hope it's just as much a success today. Regards to Dave too. Ah neatly forgot, masks would be great, saves so much time and as your friends above say, need them with the Colour Bursts. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  36. Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, thank you for your comments yesterday, it's lovely to know that you care. Hope you've had a good Sunday, I've had a better day today and Pete cooked us a lovely roast dinner, so I have been spoiled. Love and hugs to you all Pam xxx

  37. So glad you had a good day yesterday, keep up the good work lol,,, for the houses I say nay as they do look easy to cut out , and it's half the fun doing it all yourself,,. Have a great day today too,,xx

  38. I am thrilled for you that you are doing so well. It was beyond doubt for your fans, but I can understand the fears for yourself. The masks are a great idea. I'm another who struggles to cut out at times.

  39. My wee houses arrived yesterday but I've not had time to play with them yet, I love the way you have used them today and highlighted just one of them – i'd love to live in any of them, saying that as they are they are smaller than my wee flat but I would love to live in a nice house.

    I'm really pleased you are having a good time at CHA, I knew you would be fab and that you and all things Clarity/Groovi would go down really well

    Hope the rest of the show and your journey home goes well


    PS – I don't think I would use masks for the houses so personally i'd prefer to see them as an added extra so people can choose to buy the stamps with or without the masks.

  40. I like these little houses and shops as well. For myself I can easily cut out the masks but I know there are a lot of people who find cutting out difficult. Knew you would be ok at CHA who could not like Clarity and the Groovi system. Lovely card today. xx

  41. Hi, I have just ordered the "Wee Houses etc" and am looking forward to receiving them. I am really pleased everything is going well in the USA. I really hope the Groovi system takes off, I ordered this for my Dad to give to my mum for Christmas, as she has been using mine, now she has her own and loves it…. I really like the card design today, simple, but lovely….xx

  42. Hi Barbara
    Really pleased (but not surprised!) that the Groovi system is doing well in the States. Now you can relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the trip without the anxiety of it being a hit or miss.
    I'm waiting for the delivery of my wee houses and looking forward to playing with them. Personally, I'd say Yay to masks everytime – lazy, I'm ashamed to say!
    Karen xx

  43. Masks please agree with everyone else and they cling so well that ink doesn't bleed under them. The stamps are on my wish list and masks would also be. Glad Groovi is going well I think we all had more confidence than you I remember your first TV presentation and it was back to the old sweaty palms! On benefit is that it stops you getting complacent and keeps you focused on the customers so you are always on to a winner. XX

  44. So glad it's going well Barbara. Love the house and shops and whilst they are easy to cut out post-it notes don't stick down completely whilst your lovely masks do. Hope today goes as well xx

  45. Hi Barbara
    I'm so pleased all is going well for you and they love Groovi and Clarity. We knew you could do it! Today's artwork is gorgeous haha I think I would probably be in the house opposite this one knowing my luck! I think the masks will be useful, especially for people who use colour bursts – I've not tried them yet but love how they look.
    Take care and have fun
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Brenda hope you are ok. Sending you and Daisy a hug xxxxxx

  46. Glad everything is going so well. Yes to masks from me, in fact I think all of your stamps should have masks – I'd buy them to match my stamps. Having masks to go with the stamps might also be unique to Clarity. I'm just going over the challenge blog as I got an email saying my entry is on it. This is the first time I have put in a card!

    1. Thanks guys for your kind comments, I was just pleased that I had come up with an idea. You lot are so creative. Donna, I started with Process Magenta and took it off with Pistacihio (system 3) I then stencil brushed with Adironack Cranberry. I find it really funny seeing all the entries appear as I could only think of one way of doing my card – so many different ways to do the same thing!

    2. That's what I love about the challenges, we all have the theme but not one card is the same or done the same way. Thank you for the colours, I was hoping they were system 3 as I haven't got any Fresco paints (yet!) Good luck in the challenge. Xx

  47. So glad it's going well. Not surprised at all, though.

    I haven't got any Clarity mask yet, but I get envy every time I see you using them, so I'd say yes!

  48. Funny, great minds and all that, just finishing a card for my father-in-law for his birthday with similar idea, check it out at https://kazzieb.wordpress.com. I just picked out some of the houses in a colour panel using Pan Pastels. Glad event going well, not surprised they love Groovi, don't we all, but hoping this really puts you on the map in U.S. I definitely vote for masks, all for making life easier. Enjoy rest of your event, looking forward to seeing Ken with you on Hochanda on your return. Hugs Karen xxx

    1. I was watching the stampboard lady on Hochanda who just used sponges to apply them from outside edge in. Check her out when she is on, she made it look easy and I was pretty pleased with how background came out. I'll post another picture tomorrow of a wee house on stampboard, this looked OK too for a first attempt. I guess if you use a little like inks with makeup sponges and do a Barbara, build it up slowly, seems to work. At least given me confidence to try and use them some more as they are delicious colours. Have a play and see what you come up with. Good luck Karen xxx

    2. Hi Karen I've got the sponges that go with the pan pastels I use them for my inks too I think I put too much on as it comes off might try with a little less and what the stamp board lady thank you for your help xxx

    3. Found stampbord lady's name. Fiona Jones, this is her website http://www.projects4crafters.com and she has a blog too. I checked out youtube and the idea is you just sweep twice across the palette, don't go round and round as you get much too much. Guy who invented them says if you are getting lots of loose powder on top, you are overloading the product. Less is more as our Barbara would say

  49. Glad things are going well over there in in the USA. Not surprised they live the groovi system
    I am hooked too love it
    Enjoy the rest of the show
    Hugs T xx

  50. Hi Barbara, So pleased all is going well. Great that the groovi is appreciated in the USA too! You deserve success. Masks for the wee houses and shops would be fantastic! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Hugs Marian

  51. Hi Barbara
    It's wonderful to hear that things are going well. I never say no to a mask and yours are so good. The ink doesn't drag as much as it does on paper ones. Looking forward to more news from the CHA.
    Hugs from Chris X

  52. Great little house stamps and so attractively arranged in your blog and TV samples. I do like the effect of highlighting one. Yes we can cut out post its but very fiddly and less durable than masks.
    Pleased its going so well for you over there. Carol

  53. Loving your artwork with the new wee houses, wasn't sure I needed them but your artwork and that of the DT have convinced me otherwise so they are on the wishlist.I would definitely welcome the addition of masks for the wee houses and shops.
    Glad all went well, how could they not love the Groovi system, it's amazing!!!
    Have a great day xx

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