Let the games begin….Saturday

Let the games begin….Saturday

Hi there!
Greetings from California.
The sun was out today.
But we are here to work, so we really can’t go far.
Don’t think for a minute that this is a glamorous break.
The sky may be blue, but traipsing up and down a busy 5-lane road (that’s a mere 10 lanes from one side of the boulevard to the other)
 through a concrete hotel jungle with varying degrees of pomp
 to and from the Convention Centre certainly 
isn’t my idea of either holiday or glamour.
It’s such a different world from the one we come from.
Getting ready for Opening Day with the rest of the Product Performers team has been fun though.
Meet Ken Petersen, the owner of PP, and his daughter Amy.
Good people. 
To be honest, I’m quite apprehensive about 
launching the Groovi System here.
What if they don’t get it?
There’s certainly nothing like it out here.
So it could either take off or flop.
On the one hand, how cool to have something unique;
on the other hand, will Americans like parchment craft?
Oh well. 
I shall give it my best shot.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Either way, Dave and I are comforted by the fact 
that our friends and customers in Europe get it.
In fact, they can’t get enough of it!!
I was prepping a Groovi magazine article at the stand today.
I had to do it here, because otherwise I will miss the deadline.
And it was actually very therapeutic.
So whilst the carpet layers were shouting about how long theirs was
and the forklift drivers were whizzing round at breakneck speed,
(I’m telling you – it is radio rental here!)
I locked myself in that lovely Groovi bubble, 
switched off from the world momentarily.
and enjoyed a couple of hours of gentle art,
yoga for the soul…
It really came together rather nicely.
Not quite finished yet, but hey!
I have got 4 days to complete!
Fingers crossed, wish us luck.
We’re in good company.
love & hugs,

112 thoughts on “Let the games begin….Saturday

  1. Gorgeous Groovi work as usual Barbara, and I have a sneaky feeling that the folks over there will soon be just as hooked on this as we are here. As you would say….watch this space! x

  2. Hi Barbara, Hope all goes well for you. Lovely Butterfly. Have just come home from having a cataract done so hope this message is ok as things are a bit blurred as yet. Couldn't resist having a quick look at your blog though. Good Luck.

  3. Hi Barb,
    Wishing you good luck ( but you won't need it!) . I'm sure the Americans will love Groovi as much as we do here. It certainly has changed my crafting and what is there not to like? I know my relatives in North Carolina are in absolute awe of the Groovi cards I've made for them over the past year, so if they're anything to go by you'll be a massive hit. Once you show them some samples and some demonstrations, they'll be hooked! Anyway I will keep my fingers crossed for you though. The butterfly is stunning by the way – love the colours you have chosen. Love to you both, Alison xxxx

  4. One demo, that's all they'll need to see, before being raring to go themselves!! Everything crossed for you….and can't wait for the new Groovi magazine!

  5. Afternoon, I missed Friday! Will go now and catch up, I was obviously asleep when you posted. The whole will they, won't they question must be giving you flutters in your stomach but nothing ventured nothing gained! I must say though its a long way for Dave to go when he needs to turn the machines on to make new plates 😉 XX

    1. Hi Donna and Sheila, been raining here again. Hope you're both fit enough to craft sometime today. Going to have a go later. Been out food shopping just got back. Had phone call with some bad news this morning, Brother in Law has been diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. There's me going on about a bad back, puts it in perspective doesn't it. Love & hugs to you both. Pam xx

    2. Oh pam not good news hope he gets treatment to help and your sister too as they will need each other your back pain is still important as its hard dealing on daily basis with pain thinking of you xxx

    3. Yeah, luckily it was one of those that was gone quickly. Crafting at the moment, just taking a break. Finished my calendar challenge so just need to take a pic and send it in.

      Oh Pam, what a horrid start to the year for your brother in law and everyone else in your family. Thinking of you. XX

    4. Hi Donna glad your cold is better I'm busy making two birthday cards its my daughters 40th next week so grooving away for her and wee Ian becomes a teenager on Monday still thinking about that one….xx

  6. I can't believe they won't get it. After all Zentangle is big in the States and provides relaxation in the same way, as well as a beautiful end product which can be as complex or as simple and as monochromatic or colourful as you wish to make it.

  7. Afternoon here and its horrid weather rain rain and more rain. But I am getting in the Groovi to relax. If those over there do not get the Groovi system and how it works it will be their loss. Your art work Barb is just beautiful.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  8. It will be inter sing to see how well it goes . I've only been stamping a very few years and Barbara is different than the what is available in the USA — I live here . When she stated with create and craft I was concerned about the large size of the cards ,postage costs and the very large stamps like the eye glasses . I've not seen any parchment cards here or in the stores . Not sure either how it will be received . I don't think anyone reads my blog message but I hope this is helpful . jan

    1. Jan I always find it fascinating where people come from on the blog, we moan about our rain and others are having a heat wave ! It's good to see what the blog family are up to and I love your joy now ending xxxx

  9. I'm American and am waiting on an order from England but also order from Tupelo Designs LLC! I I fell in love with GROOVI just watching your videos and I think others just like me will be delighted
    When they see you the craft in person! Wish I could be there.

  10. With all your beautiful samples I'm sure the Groovi system will go down a storm – it's such an elegant and vintage look I can't see how the American crafters won't snap it up. Stay in the zone Barbara! Susan x

  11. Oh Barbara wow how can anyone not love the groovi it helps me in so many ways as I know it does with many of your clarity followers .you was stressing how we would take to it in the uk it went down a storm and it will there too sending lots of crafting hugs to you and Dave xxx

    1. Afternoon Dorothy
      Afternoon Diane
      Afternoon Brenda
      Afternoon pam hope your pain is easier and you manage to craft xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Evening Donna wow Finnished your calendar blog challange looking forward to seeing your entry I Finnished putting my groovi card together today so toms going to post it tomorrow see if I can manage to do the calendar one go for my 4 acupuncture on Monday xxx

    3. I know! Must be a good craft day, one of their rare days when everything comes together without too much thinking. Good luck with you session on Monday, there can't be many places left to stick the pins! XX

    4. Hi Sheila really praying your acupuncture helps don't like needles myself so your very brave. I to now have a beautiful Barbara card to stare at aren't we lucky especially when we cant get to the shows…take care ..xx

    5. So pleased you got your special card and voucher it makes each day special when you look at the card I got my clarity members sale parcel today realised I had already got the stencil what am I like hugs xxx

    6. Oh Sheila that made me laugh, proves it's a favourite then! Good to hear you've managed to craft. Now with all these pin holes do you leak when you have a cup of tea :)? Xxxx

    7. That's funny Diane. I don't like needles either Dot. Had acupuncture for my foot years ago, they put them in funny places don't they, I had them in my leg and knee. Knee hurt the most. Kept thinking it's my foot that hurts. Good luck Sheila on Monday. It's my husband's brother that's ill Sheila. He lives quite a distance from us, which is a shame.xx

  12. I stood behind someone in my local craft warehouse this morning with a handful of Groovi and a big smile. You are getting new fans all the time 🙂 The American market will just lap this up it is good on so many levels. Make time Barbara for you and Dave to have some R&R just remember all work and no play xx

  13. Hi Barb and all the Clarity crew, it will be a sell out, you wait and see, Groovi is the best product of 2015 so the people in US and Canada are going to absolutely love it as we do. I bet you are hoarse at the end of the day. Take a bit of time for relaxing when you can.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, Hugs, June Smith xxx

  14. Hello Barbara

    Well…. they will love you…………and the Groovi system.

    How could America not love something so unique……….that comes from Great Britain………and at wonderful prices. A Winner I have no doubt.

    Enjoy all that you see and do.

    Lol Barbara W xx

  15. I'm surprised you could work on this lovely piece with all that going on around you. Can't think of a reason why US folk wouldn't take to your Groovi-ness, but assuming they do it'll be sold out on the first day. Have a wonderful, successful time.
    Tonbridge Sue

  16. Oooooh I love that. Such beautiful colours. Glad you can find some space in the madness to chill out – nothing worse than being blown along with the hustle and bustle and not being able to get off!! I am sure the Groovi system will go down a storm – why wouldn't it?? Have fun. xx

  17. See you have done it again Barbara – managed to lose yourself in craft, and it never fails to soothe the mind and the soul!! Just keep positive about their reaction, and that will transmit through to your audience. Then it will be – 'Job Done!' Obviously it is NOT a holiday for you – but just try to enjoy that blue sky! Here in Cornwall it is horrid – windy, rainy, some sleet earlier and much colder than it has been, but it had to change eventually from that mild weather. At least we don't have floods where we are – thoughts with all of those people who are still going through so much xxx

  18. Hi Barbara, wow, beautiful card even though you say it's not finished, looks so lovely in the blue. Come on Barb stay positive, how can they not love it, when they see you demonstrating it they will see how therapeutic it is and how compact it is to take on their travels and so easy to access from its storage folders. Janice above was saying about the size of the cards because of postage, but you can make cards as small as you like with this system. Love and hugs Pam xx

  19. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope all this rain isn't affecting you like some places up north. Have you had a play with any of your crafty goodies? Going to try an hour or so later on. Enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam we are luck, just a bit of flooding in fields near us, nothing major but I am getting a little tired of all this bloomin rain! Keeping an eye on Aberdeen for Emma as she is due to travel back next week xxxx

  20. Don't worry, Barb, just tell them it was all the rage at Downton Abbey and they'll lap it up!!
    Only thing that worries me is it looks as if the words say, 150 today but I'm not good at reading back to front. Seriously though you have a fantastic product and it is new and innovative,can't fail.
    I'm flying to Florida tomorrow and I'll spread the word.

  21. Goodness who is 150 today?! Loving the colours on this. I'm going to have a go at Groovi challenge tomorrow I think, haven't used it since before Christmas, I've only made one card since then and that was a sympathy card yesterday. Not a Groovi one though. I think I will have to start a stock of them though.

    I'm sure it will go like a storm in USA – they'd be silly not to! Good luck and fingers crossed here for big success, although saying that I hope we don't get left behind in the rush 🙂 xx

  22. The very best of luck, I really can t see them not LOVING it. That butterfly is awesome, you ll knock their socks off. You are a great teacher and your enthusiasm and humour just wrap around your audience. Be thinking about you X X X x

  23. Good luck! If the Americans don't get it then you can be certain that it's not going to be through bad teaching – the whole European Groovi family is proof of your success in that! Fingers crossed here xxxx

  24. Your project looks great, going to enjoy reading it when it is featured as I buy the magazine regularly. I will wish you Good Luck but not sure you will need it. America will love the Groovi system. I have just enjoyed another wonderful day at Clarity Nottingahm. Lovely company and great projects. xx

  25. I hope you are having a fantastic day and have got the Americans going Groovi crazy by now

    Your Groovi art is looking amazing already – can't believe you are creating it amongst all the business of the show

  26. Glad I wasn't the only one wondering about the "150 today"!

    I turned up to Crowborough Open Day in June certain I wasn't going to get the Groovi kit, saw the samples and changed my mind, now I love it. So I'll be amazed if it doesn't go down a storm. But if the reception is luke warm, you know you did your best, their loss. Can't take these things personally! And you have a roaring trade over here still! Very excited about the new things to come in the next couple of months.

    I'm looking forward to some quiet craft time tomorrow, it's been a stressful few days as my father passed away on Thursday, so I've been at my mum's, lots to get organised. Very pleased to be back in my own home with hubby today, hoping for a good night's sleep!

    1. Thank you everyone. Although he was far too young, he had been beyond the point where his quality of life was acceptable to him, so a pain free, peaceful death, with family there in the last days, and superlative care in the cottage hospital, is a blessing of sorts.

      It wasn't a great night – little one is unsettled and I couldn't sleep. But I've had a bracing shower and hubby is taking us out for roast lunch!

  27. Beautiful colours in your design, and getting groovi in amongst all the chaos just goes to show how it can become totally absorbing. I'm sure all the lovely crafters in the states will fall as much in love with the groovi as we have x Pam

  28. Hi Barbara
    A lot of thought and hard work has gone into this product so I'm sure you'll have them engrossed and with you demoing I'm certain you'll sell it to them.
    Is the magazine celebrating 150years in production?

  29. All I will say is how many more machines can you cram into the unit back at Clarity Towers? If it does not take off over there, I would be amazed, given that parchment is such an ancient craft, that it is so calming (better than therapy and pills), and that it comes from Britain. Then, there is the Barbara factor to add in. How could it fail? We are all looking forward to the Ken and Barbie show. Go rock them! xx Maggie

  30. Please don't worry Barbara they will love the Groovi just like we all do here once they see it and try it they will be sold especially when they see your beautiful samples.
    Was on cloud nine this morning as the postie brought my blog winning card and voucher its beautiful I was so excited to open it and see your work for real thankyou so much and for the lovely wee message on the back I will cherish it.
    Take care go get em girl….Love Dot xx

    1. Hi Brenda hope your ok really cauld the night so got the heating on full blast hope your keeping warm to.
      Wee Ian is 13 on Monday so busy trying to think up a wee card for him he loves his Grannydot cards. here's yir cuddle..xx
      Hi Diane here is your hug hope it finds you well..xx

    2. Hi Dot
      Oh I am pleased your card and voucher have arrived, what a special treat for you. Thank you for the hug, sending a special one back to you xxxx

  31. My thoughts and condolences are with Lucinda as it brings back memories of when my father passed away and it is such a heart wrenching time. Your mother will take comfort that his legacy goes on with you.

    Barbara if the Americans don't get into the groove then it is there loss – but I bet they will. Much love – Jayne

  32. Hi Barbara
    Oh I hope they do like it, just think of the de stressing they would miss out on if they didn't! Wishing you all the luck in the world Barbara , i. Sure your stand will be buzzing tomorrow
    Love Diane xxxxxxxxx

    Hi Brenda hope you are ok xxxxx

  33. It's been a really good day folks ! Thank you for all the support you give us … I can tell you here that Barbara was on form, and the good people at Product Performers were great to be around.
    Its going to be Groovi…x

  34. Barbara as a Canadian I know they will fall in love with Groovi. I have already contacted my local store to let them know what a great product it is. Hoping the Canadian distributors will pick up the line so it will spread to Canada as well. Looking forward to hearing from you what a big success it was today

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