Starry Starry Night….and some new masks

Starry Starry Night….and some new masks

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in!
Thursday’s Blog is always Blue, right? 
So I thought I’d have another look at the sky.
remember on Tuesday, we got our Clarity Cloud Mask out 
with our brushes and a few Distress pads?
 (sale ends midnight tomorrow).
I notice that I am always drawn towards artwork which has dark skies with stars.
So let’s have a play, shall we?
The Wee Houses and Shops went down an absolute Storm
when we launched them on TV!

All nicely stored in my folder….
Mount the ones you want to use before you start.

I stamped onto Theuva Card A5,
because I know it will take the ink beautifully, 
which I’m just about to soak it with!
Stamp a row of Wee houses and shops across the sheet, 
leaving gaps in between the buildings.
They need somewhere to put the dustbins!!

What I need now are some masks.
Stars. I have a few from the Santa set.
I know I cut out the houses before, 
but it sure would help if we had the masks for these.
Let me ring Jim…

Cover up the area beneath the houses before you start on the night sky. Blend Black Soot and Chipped Sapphire on our Clarity Blending mat with a brayer.

Making sure there’s no ink on the brayer edge,
then start spinning the roller across the houses, back and forth, 
back and forth.

Get more ink from the mat,
but do a wheelie on the brayer edges, to avoid striping.
Keep loading more night sky, and gradually working your way up.


Use a make-up sponge to get in between the houses.
Now let’s remove all the masks and take a look.

Trim the card back a little.

Let’s add some more tiny stars.
and a Groovi Stylus does the job beautifully!

I think Dad and his lad would be perfect here.
Wee Folk are so lovely.
Black Archival ink works best here.
Hang on though. They’re levitating!
Let’s ground them…

Mount the piece on another piece of Theuva Card

Add a little yellow or blue colour to the windows.
Who’s still reading?
Who’s already in the land of Nod?
YOU decide!

All done.
Now do you like the artwork tall and fading to the top?
Or would you cut it back, so the sky is really dark?
I have covered the top to help you choose.
Let me know! Jury’s out in my head!

God bless Jim!!
He’s just called and told me he has made the Wee Shops and Houses masks! AND stars! AND dotty Planets!
So now we can buy them online

Well that will certainly make life easier!
Everyone needs a Jim.
And a Dave.
And a Paul !
(While we’ve got Jim shackled to the mask machine, what other shapes do we fancy?)

love and hugs,

132 thoughts on “Starry Starry Night….and some new masks

    1. And a wee church to make the will age complete! Would a duck pond be too much? – the couple on the bench would like that wouldn't they. Xxxx

    2. Yes yes! A church! Oh how wonderful that would be…
      How about mini geese?
      I've got an Alex, so nice to have a handyman. But what would we do without a craftlady, namely, Barbara?!

  1. Well done Jim …. I need those masks (all of them!!) and well done Barbara, I love the night sky and personally, I like the fade at the top. xxx

  2. Wow I am learning so much with your step by steps, thank you. Love this artwork, Barbara. I can feel a Clarity purchase having to be made. Can't comment on any future masks needed as I am a newbie still.

  3. Love the artwork, Barbara. I really like the faded top to the picture as it matches the faded bottom! Great to have the masks. Having just put in an order for distress inks and another visit to the sale, I'll have to wait a while for the houses and masks 😉 Mxx

  4. Wee transport would be good – you know trains planes and automobiles. Lol. Coaches lorries vans etc – great for male cards and so versatile. Love the card – tall and fading away is the one I like best. We all need a Clarity Team – present company included. Xxx

    1. I would love a non Christmas version of that gorgeous car with the Christmas tree in the back (full size….. Wee would be good too) I think Mel designed it, it is so useful but the Christmas tree makes it difficult to use all year. I m sure I m not the only one who loves it :). X X X

    2. Ooh yes transport would be brilliant, however, I can't keep up with all the new stuff!! I have just signed up for the Diamond Club, how clever of Barbara to make it monthly installments, I always chose to but stash before (bank account won't pay out for everything!!) I have not had much success with brayering but may give it another go. Wee houses etc on wish list……
      Fab demo as usual Barbara love the starry sky and I like it without the fade at the top. xx

  5. Beautiful ! I like the sky fading at the top . So good of Jim to sort you out with masks . Must try and get the wee shops and houses and masks next. Xx

  6. Absolutely love this! Looked for the houses masks when I placed an order this morning so just rang the office and Pete has added them to my order, I think it took him by suprise a bit!
    Loving the new website, so smooth but also great to have confirmation of order and invoice immediately. I think you ll have created a wee town with all amenities before too much longer. I think I too like the faded top almost looks 3 dimensional X X X

  7. I'm going broke for sure if you keep tempting me with these beautiful creations no drling cute little ( wee ) images .
    I like the scene fading out as its hopeful for a bright day tomorrow . May you all have a joy filled day and night . Only 10Am here so I'm off for a walk in vey cold weather . It's finally winter here and expecting a snow storm. Must be sure we have enough wine 😃

  8. This is so lovely, I hardly know what to say. I am now absolutely certain which Clarity products I'm going to begin with.
    Tonbridge Sue

    1. I also meant to say that I like the fading sky ever so slightly more. I'm amazed at how quickly Jim has made all those masks!
      Tonbridge Sue

  9. Lovely image and although I prefer to work on square card I love the fading sky. As to what other shapes we want masks for I'll need to ponder that one. I will be buying the new masks. I was playing with the two ying and yang cat stamps the other day and they needed masks.

  10. suggestions for existing stamps: flowers (esp. the gerbera; new and interesting – volcano tops (side view) and craters please – oh and some dinosaur babies hatching from eggs! Enough randomness, leave the top dark.

  11. Wie toll ist das, eh? Sooper dooper design and instructions yet again and I like the cropped sky best – probably! And let's hear it once more for Jim with those wee buildings masks [my stamps arrived yesterday, thank you]. Oh and I'd love a pub stamp, too [or maybe a set of pub signs to fix to any of the buildings that looked pubby enough?].

  12. What a lovely Christmas card for this year. May manage to collect everything together by then. The trouble is you keep finding us new stamps etc. Not complaining though it's always so exciting. Masks for everything for me makes adding the colour so much easier.

  13. I like the darker sky. Beautiful card. I was going to order the wee folk and the houses this week, but now I can't afford them as some 'delightful' person drove past my car when it was parked and smashed my driver's side mirror. They continued driving and there were no eye witnesses either. My car is going to the garage tomorrow and is costing a lot of money to fix. So today I am going to skt and play with my gelli plate and my stencils and forget about garages!

  14. I love both versions but maybe the dark sky best. I want the shops. Reckon you might have opened another can of worms there Barbara you will be inundated with requests for masks. xx

  15. I like the fading top on this lovely card. The wee houses and shops are on my wish list along with many other stamps. I've come to Clarity Stamps a bit late and found I like working with them the best so it's going to be a slowly, slowly stock up on more. Fran x

  16. I love this. I like the fading it the top best. I'd really like some authentic British steam train stamps. Most of the ones you can buy are the American kind which is no good for my steam train mad husband! I know this isn't strictly speaking masks but you need them to go with the stamps!!!

  17. Fading sky I think Barbara although both ways looks impressive!
    I so need those stars and moons and the houses….I did cut myself some out of the blank masking material you sell but I could do with more of each one! Love and hugs! Xxx

  18. I like the faded top best, and as I've just received my wee houses and wee shops, I shall have a play tonight and try this out, my star masks will be gold stickers for now, but the star and wee houses and shop masks will be added to my ever growing wish list.
    Janine x

  19. Got all the wee folk, shops, houses and trees on order, I am waiting for Mr Postman every day… excited. I just need to order the masks now and off I go. Just love this card Barbara xx

  20. Fading sky I think Barbara although both ways looks impressive!
    I so need those stars and moons and the houses….I did cut myself some out of the blank masking material you sell but I could do with more of each one! Love and hugs! Xxx

  21. Love the artwork! Like the dark sky the best.

    Have just received my order of wee house, shops, grasses and trees. THEY ARE DELIGHTFUL! I can't wait to play. First I must finish my first ever Challenge! Bit nervous about it but hey I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of doing it. Then I have to email it in, which will be a challenge too, being technically challenged (pardon the pun😉).
    Off the order the masks, good on ya, Jim xxx

  22. I really like the fading sky, really draws the eye down to the houses. Great news on the masks will be adding them to my next order for sure! I really think they will be very useful. Thank you Jim. Xx

    1. Hi Donna the cyst is getting bigger and more inflamed at Drs tomorrow for blood test with the nurse so if I can I will see if I can see the dr in surgery .
      How's your eye any crafting tonight ?xxx

    2. Hi Donna how's the eye today? It's been a bit warmer here today, light cardi instead of thick jumper but it's getting chilly again tonight. Hope you weren't on playground duty today! Xxx

    3. Hi Donna and Sheila, not so cold here today, my orders came today so have been putting it all away. Hope your eye is healing Donna and so sorry your cyst is worse today Sheila, as if you haven't been through enough. Sending you both love and hugs. Pam xx

  23. I too love both versions – but I think that the fading sky just gets my vote! I too am new to Clarity (and this amazing blog family), and need so much more practice. Will have to carry on using the Clarity stamps that I already have, for the moment. However, I love all of the 'Wee' stamps, and love the ideas already put forward for pubs, transport, post box etc. Gilly xxx

  24. Gorgeous. I like the tall view. Asking what masks we would like……all of them. There are so many beautiful stamps in the Clarity collection. Must email and ask for these one's to be added to my order.
    Have a great evening Barbara and Dave xxxx

  25. Stunning card Barbara. I love the sky fading up, it makes a lovely change from doing it the other way around. I wonder if he's pointing to Major Tim on the ISS? lol x

  26. Absolutely wonderful – good to read the blog after a hard day working. Still waiting for my houses and shops to come and then I can get cracking. I guess you must still be busy getting the orders out.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  27. Brilliant! Post Box I believe would be good, were lamp posts too – in fact a wee village with some wee vehicles xx

    It's great to have people to delegate too isn't it, I can only begin to imagine how having Dave back in good health and Paul there too is lifting a great weight off your shoulders

    Much love as ever


  28. Personally I love the fading sky! I have some of the mask sheets that I got from Jo, so I tend to use those for stamps I use all the time, and only have to cut them out once. X

  29. Afternoon All, Love love love the pictures and the masks. The Fading sky is for me, but both are just great.

    OH DEAR more to buy …. but so useful the masks.

    Transport has been mentioned well thats a must for stamps.

    Update on Mum – she HAS had a stroke, has been for an MRI scan today and waiting now for those results. Unable to talk to her today and her phone is now "no longer" run out of battery, and the hospital do not transfer you to speak to her. Just fingers crossed messages are getting through.

    well best get on. Posted my entry for the Blog Challenge today so all in all I suppose its a good days crafting.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Pen I hope someone is able to charge your mums phone for her so you can speak to her soon. I'm sure the nurses tell her you've phoned though no matter how busy they are. Sorry to hear she has had a stroke, but now they know they can start to treat her and get physio sorted. Sending you a hug xxxxx

    2. Try not to worry too much Pen – I'm sure your messages are getting through to your Mum. The nurses know how much it means to the patients to know that their loved ones are checking on them. Mum's in the right place to get the care she needs 🙂 xxx

    3. Hope your Mum's stroke is a mild one and that she recovers soon. Such a shame her phone has given up but I'm sure the nurses will pass your messages on. Thinking of you and your Mum.xx

  30. Love it ! Especially the fading sky. I agree with the others – we need wee transport! Hang on I haven't got the houses or shops yet, nor the masks . This stamping lark is becoming an addiction!!

  31. Hi Barbara
    A lovely atmospheric composition today. I like both the tall and the short version-maybe the short version has the edge. My Wee Houses & Shops are ordered and should be here soon and the storage system too. I will order the stencils and masks soon.
    Hugs from Chris X

  32. Hi Barb,
    Love your artwork and I think I would graduate the sky otherwise it would be too dark. The wee uses and shops are fabulous and so p,eased you did decide to do the masks to match. I like the idea of a pub and post office too. Love Alison xxx

  33. The tall one is my favourite stunning beautiful,glad the masks are on sale will have to order them with my next order well done to the clarity team .i rang today to ask about the diamond club Ann was so helpful will be ringing tomorrow to join .
    Can we have some wee toys or a girl or boy holding a teddy bear playground items would be good xxx

    1. Hello Sheila hope the antibiotics are doing their job and you are feeling more comfortable today. Sending you hugs and a cheeky little one for you to pass on to Tom 🙂 xxxx

  34. Hi Barb – lovely picture! My wee houses and shops have arrived – hurrah!! So guess what I am doing next. Yes you guessed it going straight to buy the masks and some lovely stars. I also got the wee trees that look fabulous. I am really enjoying all the "wee" products. Much love – Jayne

  35. Hi Barbara
    When I saw the faded at the top sky I thought how lovely it was so I'm sticking with my first thought. The artwork is fabulous and we stop and look at the stars like that too on clear stary nights – just has to be done doesn't it. I added the wee houses and shops to my sisters birthday present order the other day and they are lovely – Julian spotted them yesterday and said they're lovely so that's ok !!! Might order the masks when I sort my sale order out, just so I've got them of course. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope it's warmed up where you live, it has here. We had two power cuts last night, not for long, we managed to find the candles, lit a couple then it came back on, about an hour later it did it again. Hope you are all ok. Love and hugs Pam xx

  36. Oh brilliant, so glad about the masks, I will have to have some of those. I think I like the faded out sky best. I'm going to have a play with the houses tomorrow I think. Xx
    Amanda xx

  37. Fading light has my vote, too.
    Love the masks and will end up buying them, however, I actually quite enjoy masking the old post-it way as it takes me too long to rifle around looking for those I already have; they are filed away safely!!!!
    Looking forward to receiving the wee shops etc and also being contacted about the Diamond club. ;~}

  38. Lovely artwork ,I would go for the darker sky like you I'm drawn to darker skies. Yippe off to order wee house masks ,have yet to use stamps but rather than cut out think I may wait till masks arrive ,then again maybe not !!!!!! x

  39. Looking at this wonderful dark, dramatic sky I'm so glad I slipped Chipped Sapphire into my sale basket yesterday. And I soooooo need all these masks! With 2 orders in already, they will have to wait for next time. Its tall, fading sky for me. Xxx

  40. Hope you are keeping Jim well supplied with cuppas whilst he's shackled to the mask maker machine like both versions but I love a really inky black sky that you see in countryside middle of nowhere with no lights xxx

  41. Hello Barbara

    Love it! Love it! Love it! I like the work in its' entirety as you get the sense of a never-ending night sky.

    Hooray for the masks. Will definitely be ordering those.


  42. great artwork. i know the majority went with fading sky but i think the cropped one makes the houses look sharper. and i'm all for dark and black anyway. gvreat masks, we all need a Jim really, hugs xx

  43. Both versions of the night sky are beautiful Barbara and I do like the finished shape of the cropped version, but I do like the faded out effect a little better. I think the idea of a pub to go with the rest of the wee houses is a great idea. x

  44. Hi Barbara, a lovely piece of artwork again today, prefer the tall one with the fading sky, but the other with the darker sky is great for a square card. Your at it again tempting us, would we have it any other way. My wee houses and shops arrived today along with my groovy and sale orders. I'm like a dog with two tales. Will order the masks soon, Agree with the bloggers who would like a postbox, pub, car and an old fashioned lamppost they would all be good as wee stamps. I would like masks for some of my bird sets Lapwings, Nuthatch and Moorhens, couldn't see them on the website but must admit haven't looked at the new site as yet. Thanks Jim for even more masks. Love Pam xx

  45. Definately the faded sky, it makes me feel as if i'm in the picture, looking up. I love the less is more about this card. Might just try and get something into the challenge, I only managed half the year lst year.

  46. I just received the houses and shops. They are brilliant. Can't wait to get the masks. Will wait until next week even though it's killing me so I can get what ever else is new before the January sale ends. I like the taller version of the card with the fading night sky.

  47. Just realised I forgot to leave a comment as I clicked the link to buy the wee house masks and got sidetracked
    I love this artwork, like the square dark version bestI think. Really loving all the wee stuff, houses folk, trees everything. And Jims masks are brilliant, as my cutting out is not the greatest

  48. Beautiful cards Barbara. Masks for the Swan and the two Flamingo stamps would be great. I know these are old stamps but a bit of a pain to cut a mask, especially the spindly legs on the flamingos. Here's hoping Jim can work his magic.

  49. Beautiful cards Barbara. Masks for the Swan and the two Flamingo stamps would be great. I know these are old stamps but a bit of a pain to cut a mask, especially the spindly legs on the flamingos. Here's hoping Jim can work his magic.

  50. Like both versions . ordered masks .waiting patiently in anticipation for the call about the new club ,phoned Dec to put my name on the list ,.. Now going up to craft room to play …trying to do challenge if I can work out how to send it lo!

  51. Like both versions . ordered masks .waiting patiently in anticipation for the call about the new club ,phoned Dec to put my name on the list ,.. Now going up to craft room to play …trying to do challenge if I can work out how to send it lo!

  52. Hi Barbara, I love, love, love, this card, and I would choose the tall sky as it fades to the top, and I love the colours on the windows. Stunning !! I adore the wee houses and shops, and they are on my Wish List, and now the masks too.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  53. For me, I'd keep the tall top 🙂 I love these houses, although they're not in my stash – yet! I've been thinking along the same lines as others clearly have, it would be great to have some vehicles too – it initially occurred to me when you had the car on the mega stencil next to the houses when you launched them!

    Glad the early dental trip today was tempered by spending the rest of the day with your family. I need to get my butt in gear and make a card before a big (for us anyway) family get together tomorrow.

    Claire x

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