Round Midnight at home…

Round Midnight at home…

Hi there!
Can you believe it!!
4 minutes before the clock strikes 12
and I turn into a pumpkin!!!
This 8 hour time difference won’t beat me though!
I’ll be back in a minute!!!

Sorry about that! wanted to post before midnight your time.

We went for a late lunch,
and then I realised that I had left it way too late for my daily blog!

Found a great restaurant though.
Bubba Gumps Shrimp Factory.
Not only was the food excellent, but the whole restaurant was clearly based on that great classic film starring Tom Hanks,
“Forrest Gump”

Bubba was the lovely black dude who was in Vietnam with Forrest.
I remember sobbing buckets when he died in the film.

But hey. The shrimp factory was super.
And the Key lime Pie was out of this world!

Welcome to America.

love & peace,

39 thoughts on “Round Midnight at home…

  1. Hi Barbara and Dave, hope you are enjoying yourselves. Watch for you later, just got home from our sons so thought I'd check your blog. Maybe for once I'll be first. Love and hugs Pam xx

  2. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a good Friday. Has your cold subsided a bit today Donna, hope so, also Sheila that you are managing a little more craft each day in less pain. Love and hugs to you all. Pam xx

    1. Thanks girls, don't think it'll go anytime soon but trying to stay positive it's been on going, on and off for a long time. Thank you for your suggestions Sheila, will try anything. If all else fails will try a chiropractor (if that's how you pronounce it). Must try to get into crafting again, need to do a birthday card for next week. Hugs to you all xx

  3. My internet has gone down so having to use my phone cannot miss my blog fix before bed hugs to all catch you later today Barbara hope your having fun xx

    1. Hello Donna hope your feeling brighter and crafting hugs xx
      Hello dot lots of hugs
      Hello Diana hope your ok and managing to craft
      Hello Brenda sending hugs xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog
      Sleep time xxx

    1. Hi Brenda, hi Dot, hi Donna
      Hope your cold is a bit easier today. Xxxxxbrenda and Dot thinking of you both with all this wild weather xxxxxx

  4. Hi Barbara was it Run Forrest Run for to blog in time well you made it girl just in time.
    Just like the film..our Barbara is like a box of chocolates never know what your gonna get.
    Can you tell its one of my all time favourite films too.
    What is Dot doing up at this time your saying Well had to check you 2 were ok and ehhhh a pee break age doesn't come itself.
    Take care over there ….Love Dot..xx
    p.s. Morning girls see yi later Brenda here's yir cuddle…xx

  5. Hi Barb, Really should not mention Key Lime Pie… at breakfast time I now feel hungry. Have a great time in the USA.
    Thanks for my Winning Butterfly card and voucher arrived yesterday.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  6. Hmmm Barbara, Key Lime Pie sounds yummy to me, Loved the film Forest Gump. Hope the sun has come out there, even if you do have to buy some new shades. Hope it all goes well for you, enjoy the experience and some me time together with your lovely Dave. Hugs Pam xx

  7. We all love Forrest Gump in our house, a brilliant movie. Sounds like you are having fun eating American size portions and pudding while we are all at home watching our weight!

  8. Key Lime Pie is my favourite!!! Sounds like a great day. I've had one too as my Clarity order arrived this morning, so I've been playing nice with my new stencil and stamps. Have actually used my Gelli Plate for the first time. I've only had it a year!

  9. One of my most favourite films that was. The food sounds delish too. I know it is a work trip but I do hope you get to find some special together time too.

  10. We went to a Bubba Gump in Monterey in Nov, the food was great, but I think we spoiled the waiters day when he asked us film trivia and we didn't know any of the answers!! Hope your trip goes well xx

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