DAY 1 in Anaheim

DAY 1 in Anaheim

Hi there!
Greetings from a hotel in LA!
The flight was long but good.
When it comes to Virgin Atlantic,
Richard Branson certainly has it.

The food, the service, the entertainment.
All brilliant.

Unfortunately, even he can’t control the weather (yet)
and the turbulence about an hour before we landed was pretty bad.
You know how it is, when one person pukes, 
it has a domino effect, and suddenly there were all sorts of gagging retching and burping noises going on around us.
The couple in the seats behind us were particularly authentic.
In fact at one point, I covered my head with the red blanket, and adopted the brace position, just in case the projectiles flew between the seats. (Dave meanwhile oblivious to all of this,
rocking out to The Who in Concert with his headphones on.)
Ok. I’ll stop. 
But suffice it to say that the little girl to my left who chucked up the entire contents of her happy meal
wasn’t very happy.
Then when we joined the eternal immigration queue, 
we bumped into my good friend Jacqui from Create & Craft –
and she looked as pale as me !!
What a caper.
You’ll be pleased to hear it is raining stair rods here.
Hailstorm in the night.
Did we bring a brolly? 
Did we bring sunglasses?
But we DID bring a Groovi Kit and a suitcase full of Clarity stash!
The good news is we can BUY a brolly and shades over here.
love & hugs,

78 thoughts on “DAY 1 in Anaheim

  1. Oh my goodness, glad you have your feet on safe ground now. I remember a fight into Miami in a Thunderstorm lightning strike….in a very small plane – having made a "hop" from Boston to Miami. I thought the world was going to end…Needless to say it did not as I am still here to tell the tail.

    Have a great time and Crafty hugs Pen x

  2. Oh err Mrs……….sounds horrible flight, still you arrived in one piece and will have a fab time while you are there………just hope the flight back is a smooth one, take care xx

  3. Glad you have arrived safely…. With your lunch intact….don't envy you that flight!! Have a marvellous timeliness through usa. See you on the flip side xxxx

  4. Glad you have arrived safely…. With your lunch intact….don't envy you that flight!! Have a marvellous timeliness through usa. See you on the flip side xxxx

  5. I hate flying! If I was on a flight like that it would probably be my last one. Plenty of beautiful places to have a holiday in the UK. In fact I only fly when my sister forces me to do it. Hope the journey back is better and success at the show makes it worthwhile. Xx

    1. Evening Donna oh no flu chickenpox measles ???? Only one more day to weekend photograph your blog challenge card to send in bless you big hugs xxx

    2. Dot that's made me itch!!!!! Oh no poor you Donna, not another cold! Hazard of working with little darlings! Dose yourself up and stay warm. My sister now refuses to fly so they go on cruise ships or travel by train across Europe! Xxxx

    3. A cold! Can you believe it. We need some extra cold days to kill off all these germs. Oh well, fingers crossed this one goes as quickly as it came.
      I have taken my challenge picture and sent it in. Probably do the calendar one next. Xx

    4. Bless you glad you sent your card in will look for it popping on blog I sent mine in but don't know if sazzle got it as had problems last month as she didn't receive it first times don't know what I'm going wrong .
      Are you doing a groovi? I'm doing a groovi a little bit each day but don't know if calendar one will be too much as only have a small gelli plate will look forward to yours hugs xxx

    5. Morning Sheila, my plan is to do all three so I might do the Groovi next as I need to send that one. I only have the 6×6" gelli plate so I was using that one. Did my sale order yesterday and got one of the stamps I was missing. I shall look for yours too. Xx

  6. Glad you and Dave arrived in one piece Barbara, but there is nothing worse than a confined space with the smell of vomit in the air! I'm sure from here on in everything will go swimmingly and look forward to your news from LA. x

  7. So glad you are here is Southern California Barbara! Welcome. So sorry the weather is bad. This is certainly not normal. Hope to see you at CHA.

  8. Oh how awful for you and everybody else. Arm yourself with an eye mask, earplugs or headphones and something floral smelling to hold on your nose for the flight home then you will probably have the smoothest flight ever!! Enjoy CHA XX

  9. Well you remembered the essentials then, so all ok. Turbulence, not too sure I would have been very good, probably more scared though. Not too good with flying. I remember coming home from Minorca on one occasion and landing was not good , we circled a few times. The little girl next to me was scared stiff and held my hand. her parents were taking no notice of her. She helped me though I had to put on a brave face for her sake. Hope CHA goes well after all that. xx

  10. Glad you got there safely sounds like an eventful flight. I m sure it will be an exciting few days and you ll wow those Americans. Love your demos on the 4 th on Hochanda. Your enthusiasm shone through and really good to see some stamping and lovely backgrounds as well. Thank you x x x

    1. Evening Dorothy you made me smile with your lovley quirky comments yesterday dear blog friend xx
      Evening Diane
      Evening Brenda lovley to have you back with us
      Evening pam hope your feeling brighter and not in as much pain thinking of you xx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, you can always rely on Dot to make us all smile, you don't do a bad job yourself. Hope your pain is easing, tried having my beany as a heat pad and it does help a bit. Love and hugs thanks for thinking of me. Pam xxx

    3. Hi pam the lady who did my acupuncture yesterday suffers with her back she uses tiger balm she said its hot but works thought it might help you .i cannot use wheat bags as it make my pains worse but you try anything to relive pain hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, Hi Pam Hi Dot lovely to see you all. My chiropractor always recommends ice rather than heat for my back, you don't rush to cuddle up with an ice pack but it does help! Hope you have managed to do a little bit of crafting today xxxx

  11. Ugh – don't like flying and hate even the slightest bump of turbulence……. grip the seat arms like a woman possessed, although how that would actually make me any safer is beyond me! lol Have a good time now you are back on terra firma. C xx

  12. Gosh Barbara – it's good to have all of that behind you now! Mind you – it sounds as though Dave had got it sorted!! Hoping that the show goes well for you and that you only have NICE polite people watching you demonstrate at the show!! Take care, and above all enjoy!! xx

  13. Hi Barbara and Dave, how awful to have a flight like that, can't stand anyone being ill I'd be joining in, ugh. Don't like flying much anyway. Still you arrived safely so it can only get better. You remembered the most important things, have a great time and may it all go spiffingly. Love and hugs Pam xx

  14. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot , hope you've had a good day, thank you for your messages nice to know someone is thinking of you. Sending love and hugs you all. Pam xxx

  15. Hi Barbara what a horrible journey. I hope your visit gets better from now on. I just wanted to say that my calendar arrived today it is amazing I was showing my husband and we were both gasping at the images. I am thrilled to own it and having your signature is such a bonus. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  16. Hi Narbara and Dave when I saw the blog header pic I thought braw they have stopped off at Branson Island to have a word about Hochanda on Dot's telly but sorry to read it was the sick bag situation I would have been under the blanket to.
    Glad you arrived safe sorry the sun's not shining hopefully you will need the shades soon looking forwards to reading about your CHA trip ….love Dot.xx

    1. Evening Brenda have clocked in esrly tonight fir yir cuddle hope it finds you cheery.
      Hi Diane are yi a wee bit lost wi your bairn away back up here hope she's no nere any flooding.
      mmmm Nabara where did she come fi….lol.Xx

    2. Hi Dot, oh that made me chuckle – I can just imagine Barbara having a 'polite' conversation with Mr B! Think I know who would win that one!!! Emma is still down south until next week but getting a bit worried about getting back up there. The price of flights have dropped again so if needs be she can fly. They seem to ok where they are but they went for a walk by the river before Christmas and took photos and that's all under water now. Hope you are ok where you are. Sending hugs xxxx

  17. Hi Barbara – glad you have arrived safely if perhaps a little pale! Have just had to purchase some more goodies off your website after I came to the conclusion I just don't already have enough – no really its true I can fit in more goodies into my craft room – ok so probably I will have to give up the space I sit in!! Can't wait to hear more of your adventure. Much love – Jayne

  18. Hi Barbara
    Lots to look forward to and I am glad you have arrived safely. I hope you get some rest and then do what you do best – create beautiful art and inspire all who meet you. Don't forget to treat yourself to something new. Some more fabulous boots perhaps!
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. Oh dear. You should have handed around the groovi plates to take people's minds off the turbulence! The air and the smell of the earth is always so lovely after a rainstorm – I'm looking forward to that tomorrow too as there's a lot of weather about here too! Susan x

  20. Hi Barb,
    Pleased you've arrived safely although sounds like a nightmare flight! I hate flying at the best of times but with a journey like yours, I don't think I'd get on another plane ( although I know you've got to get home again!! ) Enjoy you're time in the States, love Alison xxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness what an awful journey, I do feel for you. It's not nice when people are being I'll all around you. Well who would have thought you needed a brolly! You went there for a bit of sunshine! Now just think of that lovely empty case you will have at the end of the show to fill with boots and bargains! Lovely that you saw a friendly face at the airport too, hope you manage to catch up and have a chuckle or two with the old gang.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxxx

    Hi Brenda hope you are ok, sending hugs to you and Daisy xxxxx

  22. Oh dear, I did giggle at your description of the puking plava going on around you, obviously not nice but very comical the way you described it , Dave definitely had the best idea. Glad all you landed safe and sound, have fun x

  23. Glad you both arrived safely ………reminded me of a rather long transfer on a skiing holiday when winding mountain roads had the same effect !

  24. Oh dear, at least it was towards the end of the flight. Your blog fairly cheered me up tonight, I've had a pretty crap day, nothing to do with vomit though, just a really stroppy teenager.

    1. Julia – I was once at a Special Educational Needs lecture given by a nun who posted a cartoon on the overhead projector.
      Just picture it – a tree full of roosting bats but with one upright and not hanging upside down, bat-fashion.
      And the caption – 'Just ignore him, he's a teenager!'
      This sentiment has stood me in good stead over the years! ;~}

  25. Hello Barb, glad you arrived safely despite the turbulence and the unsettling effects. Hope the rain eases up. I am sure that your Groovi kit and Clarity stash are going to go down really well. Take care. Bx

  26. Oh the joys of turbulence – when I flew out to HK in an RAF VC10 many years ago, the girl next to me spent the entire journey with her head in a bag, so your experience won't have been pleasant!
    As for rain, when we drove up from my mum's yesterday, we were stopped on the dual carriage way a mile outside my old home town of Brechin by flooding; after a couple of hours wait the powers that be managed to clear it but at one point there was talk of us all having to turn round and drive down the road in the wrong direction – now that would have been fun!
    Enjoy!! ;~}

  27. I hope I am posting on the right blog! I am hoping Claritycard cardstock is going to become available in the U.S. and I heard Barb Gray is the go-to gal trying to make it happen.

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