Monday. Time for Stamps to meet Groovi….

Monday. Time for Stamps to meet Groovi….

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
It’s actually Sunday evening, 
but we have a very very very very 
busy week ahead, so I thought I’d clear my head 
with a little art first….
Dave and I were having dinner earlier.
Out of nowhere, Dave asked, “Could you stamp a reflection on Parchment by stamping on the back, so that it’s more faded?”
It’s time for stamps to meet Groovi, isn’t it?
Dave certainly seems to think so!
Maybe it was Paul stamping on parchment this evening 
that set the wheels in motion.
He did a stellar job, didn’t he!
I picked some fab Clarity-Trees, which will be brilliant for whitework.
Stamp them onto the upper half of a sheet of A5 parchment,
using Black Archival.
Rotate the parchment 180 and flip it,
so you are now stamping on the backside, so to speak.

Without reinking the stamp, line up and stamp again.

If you are impatient like me, you can speed dry with a heat gun.
Turn it back again.
Et voila! A reflection.

That’s the stamping done.
So now we can get back in the Groove.
Whitework on the trees.
Soft side of the mat and off we jolly well go!

Did I really pick a stamp with 4 trees?!?!?!

Ah well.
It’s good practice….

Fattest ball tool first (No. 4), then the No. 3.

No. 2 to go up the trunk and get in the tight areas.
As for the reflection, I just used the largest ball tool and lightly shaded the areas. 
There’s only so much of this I can handle!

Well worth it though.
Time to make a frame.
Out with the Groovi Plate mate and the Square Nested Plate.

Simply decide where the frame wants to go…

I thought I’d mitre the corners too.

Suddenly Grace popped into my head.
New York.
Snow drifts.
Must be freezing.
Hope she’s in the warm….
How about a little snow?
I used the Landscape plate from the starter kit 
to get the snow hill in place. 

The one in the reflection I had to copy freehand,
but we are getting quite proficient at this, so it’s not that hard now…

I think some snow falling always looks lovely.

The Snow hill has to look like snow.
So. More whitework. 

Let’s go round the edge in black.
 I have been thinking about him and his lovely wife all evening. 
The Count died this weekend. 
She was my closest friend for many years.
We drifted apart for no good reason.
And now her husband has died. 
I feel so sad for her and the family. 
Actually, that’s why I came upstairs into my little artroom;
that takes some digesting. 
So many good people have departed in the last month!!
What is going on???
Time to attach the work using thin double-sided tape 
on the back of the black.

How about that?

This Groovi Stamping thing 
opens up a whole new world, doesn’t it….

I like this very much.
It was very easy too.
And there was me thinking it was going to be tricky!

Time to go in and watch War & Peace.
Are you watching it too?
Love it!

Watched Sense & Sensibility with Emma Thompson last night.
I am a sucker for period dramas.
Poor old Dave!

Great stories?
And much much more….

Have a great week.
love & hugs,

125 thoughts on “Monday. Time for Stamps to meet Groovi….

  1. Such a beautiful piece of work, what a great idea. Haven't caught up with the last of Paul's shows but the first was excellent. I am watching War and Peace and loving it though wasn't sure I would. One of my memories of childhood is going to the library with my mum who was faced with a big fine as dad had borrowed the book and not thought to renew it and it had taken him weeks and weeks to read. Not sure she ever let him forget about that

  2. Love that technique Barbara. I must admit I'm finding it difficult to get into the "groove", it doesn't really do it for me, but I'm going to try this tonight. It looks fantastic.

  3. Oh wow Barbara this is absolutely gorgeous, I am mesmerized with it, how beautiful it looks, you are now taking this stamping and groovi to a whole new spectrum………..I can't wait to see what comes up next, I bet your design team are already on it, they are a fantasticly talented group of people…….when are the next lot of groovi's coming out. I watched Paul yesterday and was so inspired I dropped everything I was working on and did some groovi, it is not a patch on your design teams but I am so pleased with the way it has turned out, and that is all thanks to you, Paul and your team, thank you.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    This is stunning, absolutely gorgeous. Wasn't sure when you stamped in black but doesn't it make the white work pop? Love it. Will definitely be trying this one.
    I am enjoying War and Peace especially the beautiful costumes. I remember seeing the BBC series years ago with Anthony Hopkins as Pierre and loved it. In fact it inspired me to read the book which I've just started again!
    Hope Grace is ok in snowy New York. My cousin is in North Carolina & they have had horrendous frosts but not much snow I think.
    Love Alison xxx

  5. Morning, Wow just love this idea and as you say opens up a new "avenue" of crafting. Love the idea that one can do so much more all that stops one is not to have a go…nothing ventured nothing gained.

    My weakness is watching Call the Midwife – I am sorry to say.

    Fantastic shows yesterday and he is on at this moment on TV (repeat) love to watch and watch again.

    No more new about Mum just hope today the hospital DO the tests what ever they will be or send her home.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi pen have they manage to charge her mobile so you could chat to your mum or even take a phone to her thinking of you hope your mum gets home soon hugs xxx

    2. Evening everyone very pleased to say mum is now home. Been a very busy day with scans tests phone calls but mum is home. Did speak to her this morning and it did not look good however it's surprising how things can change.

      Many thanks for everyone's thoughts and love

      Pen x

  6. Morning Barbara!
    I love this technique and the artwork is beautiful. I played around with stamping an embellishment for a Christmas card last month and was surprised that it work so well. Discovered that heat embossing also works incredibly well, so it's good to experiment when you have time.
    Have a great week xx

  7. This is beautiful Barbara love it you are so gifted Paul show was fab loved it I will be glad when January goes my son in law so I'll after a chest infection and my husband had a very bad fall. So goodbye to Jan for me

  8. This looks a good idea. I also thought of using your stencils on parchment. Might give it a go and send a pic in. Have a great week. Sorry for the loss of your friends husband, it brings home our mortality doesnt it. Big hugs to you
    Love Sam xx

  9. How spooky I too tried stamping (& embossing on parchment) this weekend. I used the lovely bouquet stamp with a Groovi frame & sentiment. Quite pleased with my experiment but yours is stunning.

  10. This looks a good idea. I also thought of using your stencils on parchment. Might give it a go and send a pic in. Have a great week. Sorry for the loss of your friends husband, it brings home our mortality doesnt it. Big hugs to you
    Love Sam xx

  11. It has been a sad month with so many well knowns passing. Sorry to hear about your friends husband passing too. Love the step by step today, stamping on parchment opens up a whole new dimension for us. Hope your Grace is OK with the awful weather out there. We've been watching War and Peace too, didn't think I'd like it but I really do.
    Remember my parents listening to it on the radio years ago when I was still at home. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  12. Hi all

    How awful losing a loved one but more so if you are connected. Enjoy life while you can.
    Have not been a fan of groovy until I saw this. I found it all a bit wishy washy but this is different. Thanks Barbara for opening my eyes

  13. Sadly, January is a month when more people die, but the number of famous personalities the have gone together this year is quite shocking. I think many focus on Christmas and once that is over, they release their tight grasp and slip away. It is very sad for their family and friends. The year my mother died, we went to four funerals apart from hers within a fortnight. On a happier note, we will soon be seeing Dave demoing at shows and on the tv. I know you said you have a very busy time ahead, but make sure you find time for relaxation together in amongst it all. Looking forward to the Febrary shows and those new stamps. xx Maggie

  14. Oh, this is fantastic Barbara! What a great combo of stamp, groovi and white work. Spectacular! Remember doing reflection with a Clarity flamingo stamp on parchment at Maria's class a few years ago but that was before Groovi was even a twinkle in your eye and we certainly didn't do whitework.
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend of old. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  15. Wonderful, I have stamped on parchment but this is brilliant. Strange how we drift apart from some people, I have just got back in touch with a friend from years ago. Like there was no time between meetings, fantastic. Sad when we have to say goodbye to friends. Hugs xx

  16. Wow! That is amazingly brilliant! So effective. I love the reflection effect. I have spent time over the weekend using my groovi and I am pleased with the results. My 7year old niece also had a go and together we made an ivy wreath with her name on it. She wants to be an artist when she grows up once she has been an actor!

  17. Hello Barbara

    Wow! My head is spinning! So many possibilities, so little time. Fantastic.

    I am not watching War and Peace. My favourite Russian classic is Dr Zhivago. Watching Call the Midwife and Endeavour.


  18. A lovely piece of work Barbara – I'm sure all that white-work helped you to clear your mind. I keep thinking that the lovely designs and frames that you do with your clever corners would look fantastic on parchment with a bit of white work or colouring. Might have a little play later this afternoon, although I'm not a big parchment fan (too messy and impatient!). My mum loved the Groovi card I sent for her birthday today though, which I did with Jo at Clarity Glasgow. Susan x

  19. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, I'm early for a change. Hope you all have a good day and manage to craft. Hope your pain is easier today Sheila and that your cyst isn't troubling you so much. I'm intending to finish the Birthday card I started yesterday. The film was brilliant that we went to see at the cinema. Love and hugs typically Pam xxx

    1. Hello Pam I'm early today too! Good to hear you enjoyed the film, it's quite a long one isn't it. Enjoy finishing your birthday card, I'm going to do the ironing then get a bit Groovie ! Xxxx

    2. Hi pam it's a brighter day for me so going to do a little craft glad you had a good time at the cinema and manage to Finish your card today hugs xxx

  20. Using stamps with the parchment and then the white work is a wonderful combination Barbara and the reflection works so well and the mitred frame to finish. Gorgeous! So sorry one of your old friends has lost her husband and we all lose touch with people over the years which is sad but at the same time inevitable I think with our busy lives. We watched the first War and Peace episode last night and are already hooked but have never read the book though. Hope Grace is doing OK with all that snow in New York too. x

  21. Oh Wow! This opens up a whole new world. I wish I new what to start with first! I'm sorry to hear about your friend, it's sad when we lose touch with people. I drifted apart from a very good friend for nearly 20years. We got back in touch last year and it was just like continuing a conversation that had never had a break in it. Good friends really do last forever x

  22. This is wonderful Barb. I have just bought the starter kit and some other bits and pieces so can't wait to get started. Slightly anxious but confident your blog will see me through.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. My husband and I have a very simple philosophy – we make memories and live our lives now, in each day. I have also lost touch with a close friend for no apparent reason. Perhaps one day we will be back in touch.

  23. Hi Barbara, Well done, Dave !!! what a fabulous idea, and what a fab-u-lous creation Barbara, it is stunning.
    Condolences to you over the passing of your Friend's Husband, 'we need to live each day as if it is our last' is a definite philosophy to live by, but we never do, do we.
    Yes, I'm watching War & Peace too, I love it. I was most upset when Poldark was on, I had recorded every episode, and when I got round to watching the last episode, my Virgin box had deleted it !!!!!! the air was blue !!!! I'm still waiting for them to repeat it haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Hi Barbara, Well done, Dave !!! what a fabulous idea, and what a fab-u-lous creation Barbara, it is stunning.
    Condolences to you over the passing of your Friend's Husband, 'we need to live each day as if it is our last' is a definite philosophy to live by, but we never do, do we.
    Yes, I'm watching War & Peace too, I love it. I was most upset when Poldark was on, I had recorded every episode, and when I got round to watching the last episode, my Virgin box had deleted it !!!!!! the air was blue !!!! I'm still waiting for them to repeat it haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. What a lovely way to create a reflection. Great idea Dave. The white work really makes it! I've never seen it done like this before – there's nothing quite like a stamp on the backside – Groovi!! Paul's shows were brilliant I did enjoy them all and learned many more things. War and Peace is a great watch, but I hardly dared to as that beastly creep Anatole was working his sleazy 'charms' on Natasha – Yuk.
    Tonbridge Sue

  26. Wow, what a fantastic piece of artwork. Thinking outside the box for sure. Paul's shows were excellent. Was only able to see the last 2. Hopefully they will repeat the Groovi show as it sounds like it was wonderful. Sorry to hear of your loss.

  27. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely, I was only wondering the other day how you could get a Groovie reflection but I love the use of stamps on parchment too. Oh you are taking us on a journey aren't you. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friends husband – this would be a lovely piece of artwork to send her so she knows after all these years you are thinking of her – she might get in touch and renew the friendship. I hope Grace isn't too cold, mums usually send thermals because she wouldn't dream of buying them fir herself!!! Enjoy your busy week but do make sure you gave some me time, or at least some Dave and you time!!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hello Sheila, Brenda Donna and Dot hope you are all ok. Looks like we might have to battern down the hatches and craft over the next few days with the rain coming in again – at least it's not going to be snow! Take care everyone xxxxxx

    2. Hi Diane just joined the diamond club and put my order in for the wee houses / shops masks and the wonderful village set my voucher I won all spent now looking forward to the post man comming feeling a little brighter today so going to try to craft enjoy your crafting too xxx

  28. Beautiful artwork , I'm still just trying to turn out a decent stamped and stenciled card . I'm thrilled when it looks good to me , even put it on a little stand to admire it . Have never been an artist so finally at the age of ( ???) my hidden potential ,as my son has called it ,is being explored Joy now jan

  29. Barbara stunning art work and making it helped you always sad when you loose a friend .I must give this ago I need to make an anniversary card for end of this month so going to use my bag of tags from clarity they are so lovley to use and the wee couple on the bench and parchment like Paul did see how it turns out .
    I have joined the diamond club today they are so helpful at clarity towers thank you very much for all your care .what a wonderful team big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Diane Dorothy Brenda thank you all for helping me through with your lovley comments lots of crafting hugs xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

  30. Love this Barbara, so much that I just had to drop in and tell you…so dramatic…and eye catching…
    Hope your busy week goes well…lots of camomile tea I think…hugs…Jo. Xxx

  31. Lovely artwork, Barbara. I enjoy stamping on parchment, usually in white but I must try the black now. I sometimes use a groovi border around a stamped image too; pretty effect.
    Paul's shows were great especially the shaving foam technique, with variations. I still have one to watch.
    Sorry to hear about your friend's husband. My new year resolution most years is to get in touch with old acquaintances but I don't always manage it and was very upset last year when one died before I'd made contact – I left it too late! A sad lesson for me.
    Hope Grace is managing OK.

  32. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I forgot to say earlier how sad I was to hear your sad news. It is hard when you drift apart from close friends but you will always have your memories. My thoughts are with you, love Alison xxx

  33. So glad I have just found your blog and youtube channel. They have both been a big source of inspiration to me and I hope to finally (after a year) to use my gelli plate. Your shop looks amazing I wish we lived in the UK… I will have to try and order stuff and get it. Our postal service here is shocking and so much stuff goes missing 🙁

  34. Hi Barbara
    A great idea combing the two,it looks fab.
    Will the three memberships be available soon as I'm sure one of my memberships will be ending soon?and if there's going to be an offer on the three together.

  35. How simple and how beautiful. Love this screams class….I think you can tell I really like this one!! Probably because I am a messy crafter, and more is more, and I just don't do work like this,so I admire it. My thoughts are with anyone who has lost friends and family. This unfortunately is a popular time to die. My father also died a few Januarys ago, I miss him, but I think of him often. Xxx

  36. That is a lovely piece of 'Groovi-work', Barb. Think I'm going to go off and play tree-Groovi. I've been doing so much bright Quilling work over the last few weeks I definitely need a large dose of 'Mono'.

  37. Great goovi! I need to practice the white work so stamping and filling in may be the answer. Going to watch 'The Revenant' tonight, not sure its really sure its my thing but its up for lots of Oscars so I'm giving it a go. Xx

  38. Lovely canvas Barbara. I've not been tempted by Groovi (not enough money to do stamping, canvas', stencilling and Groovi) but truly this image and the technique has enticed me. I feel my will bending.

    1. Hi Donna still on the couch with a duvet but on the mend hopefully back on my feet soon Daughter missing my morning help not easy getting two teenagers up and coping with wee Amy for School run…xx

  39. Wow .. what a fab idea…not really into parchment..I don't have time but this I like – very much 🙂 Thank you yet again for even more inspiration. Wonder why you won that blog award again.. xx

  40. As I haven't yet tried parchment – being an avid stamper, I am excited to see stamping being used in conjunction with stamps. Watched Paul yesterday as well. An idea I will have to explore. I too love a good period drama. Noticed that The Pallisers – do you remember that series – is being shown again on BBC2 on an afternoon! I know these old series don't match the spectacles of modern series but they too have their own charm. I too love the adaptation of War & Peace currently being shown. I think I would have loved to have been a set dresser in another life. Much love Jayne x

  41. Ohh Barbara today's blog artwork is so beautiful
    I have fallen big time for the groovi system it is brilliant
    Can I ask if there are any plans for boards where the focal point is actually a meaningful verse / sentiment with the artwork going around the perrifial of this wording. Perhaps the artwork could be a Celtic or Rene Macintosh design
    Just my thoughts just wondered what you and others thought
    Have a good evening Barbara.

  42. Oh I'm kiking that idea Barbara I was wondering if stamps and groovi would mix together and was going to give it a go so your lovely art has just answered that wee idea I had.
    Take care with this busy week ahead and take a wee break when you can both of you. Love Dot.xx

  43. Today is my 60th birthday! I have had to readjust my thinking as to what is old. I've already received some Groovi plates and a border and I am told there are 3 more boxes coming. What else could I ask for. I really don't need anything else. Very excited!
    Funnily enough I was thinking about whether you could do a reflection on parchment. I tried doing a softer moon as a reflection with some success and then forgot to turn it back over when I coloured in the water. Much swearing!
    Happy Burns night to all the Scots. It was my misfortune to be born on Burn's night as I'm afraid I don't like haggis. Xx

  44. Absolutely stunning Barbara! Obviously lots of happenings going on at Clarity Towers – we are all waiting to see how the next chapter will unfold!! Gilly xxx
    Hugs to you Sheila, I didn't realise that you have been in pain and you are always sending me a hug! Love Gilly xxx

  45. Love this, looks so effective. Did a little Groovi last night myself, so very therapeutic. Just the trick to calm me down. Sorry to hear about your friend, this time of year is so difficult, roll on spring. Much love and hugs to all. Karen xxx

  46. What a beautiful piece of artwork. I am looking forward to the new Groovi Club. I will need something to help me relax. My mum's sister died on Friday and it falls to me to make all the arrangements as mum has dementia. Fortunately my brother has been very supportive but it is quite stressful trying to deal with mum – she and I are the executors, but clearly she can't cope with that.

  47. Oh, how gorgeous. The black and white pieces always jump out at me, but haven't tried one yet. The border is stunning, so simple but really eye catching. Lots to try when I get a moment!

    I hadn't thought about the reflections, but of course, working from different sides will do that…. now to go through my stamps and see what will work! Maybe my lazy day one….

  48. Hi Barbara
    Very striking art today and the reflection technique has worked perfectly. You have fantastic creative ideas. A dear friend took me out to a craft shop today and they had Groovi goodies. Needless to say I have 4 new plates to add to my collection! The owner of the shop said that they can't keep up with the demand-no surprise there. I hope Grace is OK in New York.
    Hugs from Chris X

  49. Oh I think this artwork is so lovely! Haven't quite got in the groove yet, but was wondering if you could mix it with stamping. This piece is very inspiring and makes me see the possibilities. More practice for me!! Didn't get on with War and Peace but Dickensian on the other hand oh yes!

  50. Lovely effect Barbara & Dave. I missed Paul's last show on Sunday so didn't get to see the stamping. I had had a go of stamping on the parchment and it worked ok so that was good.
    Sad to hear about Count Faber Castell and your losing touch with his wife, it happens when our lives get busy. I have a set of Faber Castell pencils and they are my favourite for the parchment colouring. xx

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