A Step by Step canvas – what a load of Scrap!

A Step by Step canvas – what a load of Scrap!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Paul’s on HOCHANDA TV today, at 10am, 2pm and 5pm.
He has got some lovely demos lines up.
In the meantime, I couldn’t resist using the new stamps which are being launched in a couple of Sunday’s time, 
on Sunday 7th February,
when I’m back on HOCHANDA.
They were sitting on the side, calling out to me to be used!
So I did.
You will understand as soon as you see them…
So let’s do a step by step canvas, using a scrap of old copy paper in the background.
You know me and old bits of scrap; I remember this one;
I was cleaning ink off the 8×10 Gelli Plate, aka Gel Press.

Spread some Mod Podge sealant on the canvas board, 
using one of our brushes.
Wash it under the tap as soon as you have finished.
The brush – not the canvas board!

Lay the copy paper scrap onto the wet canvas board 
and brayer it out flat, to get rid of any bubbles.

On the back, use the Mod Podge to fold it in.

Avoid putting sealant on the front.

Texture time. 
Drag some Grunge paste through the Stripe stencil in one area.

Rough it up a little, and 

Clean off the stencil in another area of your canvas board.

Once the Grunge Paste is dry, use a brush and Peacock Feather Distress ink to add colour to the Texture Paste.

Sand lightly,

and add Squeezed Lemonade yellow in the white areas.

Now come the new stamps,
which won’t be available until that Sunday…
Sorry to tease; I had to make sure they work, didn’t I !

Beeeeyoutifulll !

Remember the Groovi Poppy Plate?

These are just a few of the elements in the new sets.
I think they are wonderful.

Time to make the flowers stand out.
Pencils. Whites, greys and blacks do the job.

Let’s mount the smaller canvas board on the next size up.
Our double-sided adhesive sheets do the job beautifully.

Stuck is stuck, trust me!!!

Happy with this.

You can see now how the wiped Grunge paste at the top creates clouds in the sky.

So now I must focus on Paul. 
Watching him with one eye while writing.

What a fantastic demonstrator and presenter he is.
Doesn’t miss a trick.
I’m obviously watching it from a different perspective, 
because I know what is going on around him in the studio.
Believe me – he is nailing it 100%.
And I’ve got to say, the art samples on the show are insane!
I know Maria was on while we were in the States, 
and she sold out because she is also amazing!

Sitting here, feeling happy.
And very comfortable in the knowledge that I have handed our new baby over to two very, very competent people.

love & hugs

118 thoughts on “A Step by Step canvas – what a load of Scrap!

  1. Oh Barbara this canvas is beautiful, so are the new stamps. Can't wait to get my hands on those. Im not too well today so am laying on the sofa watching Paul. You're right, he really is rather special at this demonstrating xx.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Amanda xx

  2. Just reading your blog whilst watching Paul, excellent show and yes both Maria and Paul are fantastic, they've been coached by the best…..you. The DT are amazing too. Before I get back to the show(recording too),must say stunning artwork and inspiration today. Hope you mean February, can't wait until March lol xx

  3. Have just watched Paul! A great job! Also watched Maria when you were in USA who was fab too! Love the simplicity of this canvas, and the idea of using unthrowable scraps, the stamps are gorgeous. Going to have to do some more chores around the house to get my pocket money!!!! Have a restful Sunday! Xx

  4. Barbara what an absolutely stunning piece of art work. hve been watching Paul this morning lovely show he is so calm and gets so much information and tips across so effortlessly, have been watching whilst preparing lunch looking forward to the next two shows.

  5. Simply beautiful! The new stamps look great ! Enjoyed the show today and looking forward to the next one so best get off and get my veggies prepared for dinner x

  6. Ooo quite excited for the new stamps. Missed paul this morn but set record for this aft. Must be a bit weird seeing something tjat is your product being demonstrated by someone else although both of them are quite brilliant. 7th can't come fast enough

  7. Thanks for this inspirational art work, hope it will get me going today. Feeling really blue today, I am stuck on jury service and I am finding it hard to take, so really need some distraction. Paints are out so think I just need to let art take me out of here. Much hugs Karen xxx.

    1. Sorry to hear you're feeling down Karen. Can you take a few bits of colouring with you for when the court session has a break, so that you can switch off from the case completely and do something that you enjoy? Hope the jury service is over soon.

    2. Have you got some groovy, wouldn't take up much room, I took a good book when I was on Jury service, some people had earphones with music on to pass the time, Hope you only have short cases like I did. We were sent home half way through the second week hope you are too. xx

    3. Thank you for your kind words, I am well stocked with colouring, knitting and Groovi, just need to get through next few days and be able to switch off the thoughts in my head. I managed to do some Groovi this afternoon which made me feel a whole lot better. Thanks again for your kindness. Karen xxx

  8. What a tease you are, Barbara! The canvas is beautiful, as are the new stamps. Watched Paul earlier, and will watch both shows this afternoon. Also watched Maria when you were in the USA. What a brill team you have, on screen, on the phone and places that we cannot see or hear ! xxx

  9. Shows finished wasn't it brilliant well done Paul . Was flicking through Facebook and found today's blog you stease they do look great a must have love poppies canvas is great of to put meat in slow cooker for later lots love Joy xxx

  10. Beautiful Barbara lovley stamps as always I've got paul on record so don't miss anything will watch 1st show later it's so good that you can hand the reins to such wonderful competent people as you say dear friends happy crafting today hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, hope you are feeling a little better at least. Just going to make a start on the card I tried to do yesterday. Only spending half an hour then off to cinema. One way to have a rest ha ha. Love and hugs. Pam xx

    2. Hope you got your card started enjoy the cinema,I'm struggling at present but have been crafting a little to help me through what would I do without my clarity xxx

  11. Another use for our scraps…see crafters should NEVER throw anything in the bin. Great artwork and will definitely treat myself to these stamps for my birthday in February. Watched Paul's show earlier and must say that you're right about the Groovi being in safe hands with Paul and Maria. Two very talented crafters and presenters. Off to put my head over some steaming menthyl now as feeling good rough. Not a pretty sight! Love & virtual hugs xx

  12. Beautiful. A joy to watch being developed after a morning spent packing up my craft room. Thought I would pack that room first to stop me being tempted to play rather than get on with the other rooms! Enjoy the rest of your day. F x

  13. The new stamps look beautiful Barbara. I do love poppies. It's great having extra Clarity shows each month. Paul and Maria do a fab job and it's interesting to see their take on things. x

  14. Beautiful art work. I need theses stamps!!! Can't wait to get them. I watched Paul too this morning and his hints ant tips will be very valuable. I spent last night colouring in some groovi pictures I have made over the last few days and I am please with the results. Now I need to mount them onto cards to send to friends. Looking forward to the next show.

  15. Beautiful art work. I need theses stamps!!! Can't wait to get them. I watched Paul too this morning and his hints ant tips will be very valuable. I spent last night colouring in some groovi pictures I have made over the last few days and I am please with the results. Now I need to mount them onto cards to send to friends. Looking forward to the next show.

  16. That's a beautiful piece of art Barbara and those new stamps look amazing. I have a serious case of "the wants " Oh well at least the move will be over by the time they are launched and I might deserve a treat by then lol
    Jackie x

  17. Just love poppies so will have to add these to my wish list. It keeps getting longer! Thanks for today's inspiration, Barbara. Will be watching Paul at 2 and managed to see an hour of Maria earlier in the week on a repeat. They're both great. Mxx

  18. Haven't tried working on canvas boards, although I did buy one. But seeing the new stamps I think I will have to have a go. Your picture looks so stunning, but also very simple.

    Margaret xxx

  19. Those stamps fantastic exactly what I have been looking for to complete a scrapbook page for my family tree. You never cease to inspire and amaze and your team are fantastic too. Diamond club here I come next week 🙂

    1. Oh Barbara, a gorgeous piece of artwork, the stamps are super, must have them. Roll on Feb. Need to try a canvas soon as I bought the whole set when they were on an excellent offer. How is Grace? There's a lot of snow out there, hope you've heard and that she is OK. Got Paul on record as going to the cinema to see Hunger games Mockingjay part 2. Look forward to watching him tomorrow. Love,Pam xx

  20. Hi Donna, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you're all having a good Sunday. Another set of beautiful stamps to put on our wish list, we'll have to get the cushions out again. Love and hugs Pam xx

  21. Beautiful stamps! And what a clever way to use the copy paper scraps – I always think they'll be too flimsy. So end up wiping waste ink etc onto "good" card, which seems a bit extravagant!

    I'm loving having all these extra Clarity shows on Hochanda, although hubby is complaining about the "box" that records them getting filled up.

    Trying to get through my accounts and tax return today to have some time left for crafting!

  22. Gorgeous art canvas step-by-step and the new stamps are, as you say Beeeeyoutifulll! I've seen Paul's great demos on both Hochanda shows so far – couldn't tear myself away. Will have to record the 5pm show though or I won't get anything done today!
    Tonbridge Sue

  23. Hi Barbara, Wow !!! this canvas on canvas is stunning !! the print you started with bears no resemblance to the finished project. You are a genius !! Thank you for the tutorial, what a difference the texture paste makes, and the new stamps look stunning !!
    I have just finished watching Paul and his techniques, always amazing. Maria was fabulous, you have two fantastic 'buddies'. I am saving up for the Groovi Starter Kit, the finished projects have 'blown me away'. I tried parchment craft and gave up, but watching the Groovi, it looks so easy and the finished results are all stunning.
    Thank you for all your inspiration.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Love the background and tips re fixing it. Love the new stamps, will need to save up now…..catching up with Paul who is doing a great job, loved Marie's show too, you have a great team, looking forward to your show in February and the one day special.
    Have had two days grooving for the first time really and absolutely loving it, THANK YOU X X X X

  25. Beautiful artwork Barbara love the idea of the canvas on canvas to create a frame and new stamps are just fantastic loving that peacock feathers colour ink.
    Sorry not been around for a bit been floored by a bit off serious lurgie virus but on the mend now I hope. it takes a lot knock me off my feet so cheering myself up watching Paul.
    lots of love Dot xx

    1. Hello Dot, you have been missed, I hope you are on the mend now. Now do you need a tonic to give you a little boost – haha just realised your mind has probably gone to some new stamps instead of the vitamin boost I was thinking of!!! Xxxx

  26. Having a relaxing day on my own as husband is off volunteering at ou local Youth Theatre Group helping to build scenery for their forthcoming production of the Wizard of Oz.
    Paul did a great job, so relaxing to listen to. Very calming
    .Loved your blog today. You keep tempting us with so many new things. Looking forward to 7th February, my husbands birthday, maybe I could buy him some craft stuff! That's an idea.
    Love x

  27. Hi Barb,
    What a gorgeous canvas – love the new stamps especially the poppies. Can't wait to get them, already have the poppies plate so will complement that. Watched both of Paul's shows and he is so calm and collected. Really enjoyed both of the shows and have recorder set for next one. Both him and Maria are a real credit to you and the whole of Clarity. Great to have the extra shows too. Love Alison xxx

  28. Wow Barbara that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Good to hear you're a happy bunny just now, I was feeling that coming across in your writings. Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone xx

  29. Very beautiful love it ,lovely canvas ,just watched some of Pauls while hubby went to shut chickens up ,loved it ,but he came back as Paul was doing the shaving foam bit ,so i asked him if he had some but he said No!!!! how mean is that xxx

  30. Love the colours you have used on this canvas and those new stamps are beautiful and I think I NEED them. Lol. I am hoping I get my email about the diamond club tomorrow – sooo excited about it. Shall watch Paul later as have spent a fabulous day with one of my bestest friends Maria Simms. You certainly have picked out 2 awesome friends to spread the Clarity love. Xxxx

  31. Oh Barbara I love this. The stamps are on my list lol..love the ones from the meadow grasses plate too. Just watching Paul using the shaving foam. Why doesn't he get in the same mess as me lol..

  32. Oh Barbara I love this. The stamps are on my list lol..love the ones from the meadow grasses plate too. Just watching Paul using the shaving foam. Why doesn't he get in the same mess as me lol..

  33. Absolutely gorgeous canvas Barbara!
    I love the new stamps…really lovely!
    Pauls been great on Hochanda today! He's a natural and so is Maria!
    Hope you have a great evening! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  34. Absolutely gorgeous canvas Barbara!
    I love the new stamps…really lovely!
    Pauls been great on Hochanda today! He's a natural and so is Maria!
    Hope you have a great evening! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  35. Having spent the whole of the day at Maria's workshop at Shrewsbury, and now come home to watch Paul's shows, what better way to spend a day than in the company of two brilliant teachers. I can't wait to put their ideas into action and play with them. Looking forward to seeing those new stamps for real. xxx Maggie

  36. Paul's great – Both him & Maria are naturals on tv….if they're panicking inside, it doesn't show!
    The new stamps are lovely, and that's a great piece of art Barb….as always.
    Looking forward to the next Clarity slots on HOCHANDA.
    Have a great week xxx

  37. I managed to liven up my 'spring cleaning' by watching your demos at the same time, Paul, so thank you for turning a tedious job into an enjoyable one. Do you think you could demo over the next few days too, as I have a more to do?
    BTW love the new grasses stamps! ;~}

  38. I love the canvas artwork – it is something that I have been wanting to do for ages – love the colour combination too. I have got both of those colours, so it will have to be done! Have recorded Paul's shows, as some close friends came over and took us out to our favourite fish & chip restaurant (Harbour Lights) in Falmouth today – it's Hubby's birthday and he is now officially retired! I shall no doubt enjoy watching Paul's shows tomorrow! Thanks again Barbara – for more inspiration and the stamps look beautiful too! Gilly xxx

  39. Barbara just had to blog again have loved all 3 shows today paul is fabulous so much inspiration love the shaving foam and making the bubbles super also the tags and stamping on parchment thanks Paul xx
    Just one question where do you get your make up sponges from or could you sell them on your website ?

  40. Hiya love this such a good idea and beautiful.

    Paul was fantastic so enjoyed the shows and have recorded them all. Will study the programme again tomorrow.

    Sheila I have see make up sponges in a well known super market that's "orange" not sure if I could mention the name.

    Crafty hugs x

  41. I got to watch Paul this am before going to church ( oh that's cute, his name is Church too )
    I was thrilled beyond words . We invested in a new router and higher monthly fee ( oh the sacrifice ) to watch live on my iPad here in the USA . He was fabulous . And it is worth every penny or is it pence ? Joy now to everyone who may be reading and those who are not . Jan

    1. Jan you were right first time – worth every penny, or in your case cent. You can also be worth your weight in gold – we have some lovely expressions! Hope you aren't struggling with the snow in your part of the US. Take care xxxx

    2. I really enjoyed your replies and I never know if I should respond by email or back here on the blog . I have a blog but I pulled out a lot of my hair and grew older just trying to set it up , so techno I am
      I've been reading and enjoying Barbara now for at least a year look forward to it every day . Just wish I had some of you talented ladies close by to lead me by the hand . . Keep smiling Jab

  42. I watched Paul's show this morning and have recorded the other two; looking forward to watching them later. I completely agree with everyone else that Paul and Maria re absolute naturals in front of the camera.
    This artwork is fab – I don't know how you manage to do it with half an eye on the telly! Have a great week xx

  43. Loved paul's programmes today -gave me ideas to use the stencil I bought last week. Also like today's blog project -might have ago once I find where I put my canvases!
    Hope my comment works this time -fingers crossed!!

  44. Excellent Barbara – some very typical Gray art – and some new stamps to be taunted by – you naught girl! LOL

    Love it

    Great shows today with Paul

    Much Love

    Kim xx

  45. I've thoroughly enjoyed the shows today. Paul is a super stand in for you, as is Maria. Your canvas is gorgeous, another now on my 'to do' list which is growing by the day! I can't wait for your new website to hear all about the new Groovi Club. You give me something to be excited about every day and I thank you so much for that. x

  46. this is fab. my kind of project. so glad you made stamps out of the groovi images as i must say i do like the images though i'm not into parchment. Paul has done a great job today as always, hugs xx

  47. Lovely canvas and yet more stamps on my wish list along with the grunge paste and line stencil! Didn't manage to see any of Paul's shows today so I'll need to keep an eye our for repeats. I got the shaving foam out today and I used my colorbursts with it. First I mixed them in little pots to make ink and then drew them up into syringes. I also puffed them directly onto the foam. Very impressed.

  48. Hi Barbara
    Love this canvass and you are such a tease with these new stamps. They look gorgeous. I watched Paul's first show today, Julian thought the new Groovie plates were lovely so we might have to invest in them! I've got the other shows recorded for tomorrow. Paul is so good at presenting and has a lovely calm voice. I hope Grace is ok in New York.
    Love Diane xxxx

  49. Hi Barbara
    I love today's canvas. The colours are perfect and I am so pleased you have made stamps to match the Groovi poppies. I have a long list for next month and I want to up my gold membership to diamond too. Paul did you proud today. I watched live and have just played my recordings. I am learning all the time.
    Hugs from Chris X

  50. I love those stamps! The art work is not too bad either! LOL Paul and Maria are great friends to have, the shows have been brilliant. you all add a little of your own magic.

  51. A beautiful canvas Barbara and such lovely spring colours, also the sneak preview of the new stamps… you tease! I saw Paul on Hochanda today and he did very well. It is great that you have him and Maria to represent Clarity and they do it fantastically! Looking forward to seeing you next week and seeing more of your new stamps. x

  52. Beautiful canvas Barb, and I'm sooooo loving our new stamps for tv, I predict a sell out!
    Didn't catch Paul's shows as I wS flying the Clarity flag in Shrewsbury, but I'm watching the schedule for a repeat, I know it will be worth waiting for. Xxx

  53. I love the look of the new stamps to come. Especially the poppy. As my mum has gone into hospice in the weald today. I live in Cumbria. So am finding it hard . I met you with hubby at crowbrough. (The good lady wife ). Photograph.

  54. I love the look of the new stamps to come. Especially the poppy. As my mum has gone into hospice in the weald today. I live in Cumbria. So am finding it hard . I met you with hubby at crowbrough. (The good lady wife ). Photograph.

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