Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

Hi there 
Thanks for popping in.
Things are definitely hotting up here at Clarity!
What with the new Groovi Club ready to launch this week,
the phones ringing off the hook,
and the Frankfurt Trade Show this coming weekend,
I have to say, I am all at sixes and sevens today.
I think Paul’s beginning to wonder whether giving up his day job
was such a good idea…
And I haven’t even had a cup of tea yet !!
This really will not do.
Wurka and Hollick, those two pesky rats,
 have surreptitiously wormed their way in again,
and are having a right old laugh at the old girl this morning. 
Be gone, I say! Be gone!
(This is what they used to say before we came up with much juicier profanities.)
Jim’s on his way over here to make a You Tube with me,
and I’m supposed to sort out a Power Point Presentation before he gets here.
So I sadly don’t have time to make a card for you today; 
art just flew out the window.
But what better than a little promo video, 
which Gentleman Jim made for me yesterday, to take to Frankfurt…
It’s only a minute long, but speaks volumes.
Just watched it through again myself. 
We really do have something special, you know. 
When you’re up to your arse in crocodiles 
and can’t reach the kettle,
it can be quite daunting.
But when you stop and take a little look at all the brilliant people who come together under the Clarity Banner, 
then I would say it’s all worth it.
It really is.
Gotta go!
Love & hugs

105 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. OOh exciting. I cant see anything about the new groovi club on the website…have i missed something? do other people know about this? Groovi is so relaxing and easy to do in the evenings in front of the tv – just got to get to grips with attaching the groovi to cards especially how to choose the right background. Thanks for all your inspiration barbara….make sure you factor in some me time!! x

  2. love the video says it all chill with a cuppa and a biscuit with Dave and clarity family be proud clarity speaks for itself have a fabulous time in Frankfurt looking forward to Thursday launch diamond club proud to be a member crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – hope today has been a better day for you and you've managed some crafting. I've been baking cakes again – fancy a slice of coffee cake? Xxxx

    2. Hi Donna Tom got me some White raffaello chocolates one a day enjoy crafting xx
      Hi Diane ooooooo that would be lovely I've managed some crafting today so a good day
      I'm at Drs tomorrow afternoon see what she says about cyst as antibiotics not working this time lots of crafting hugs xxx

  3. Please can I be your personal Tea Lady, Barbara?

    We really do appreciate all you and your Team do for us! Thank you, thank you!

    Love your blog, read it everyday, it always makes me smile, it makes me laugh out loud sometimes
    too. Xxx

  4. Oh Barbara you make me laugh I was up to my Arse in crocodiles two weeks ago my old man had a bad fall my son was in hospital I wish I'd known that phrase then love you barbara grey xxx

  5. The trailer says it all. You have created a real family feeling in this Clarity community. Make sure you get plenty to drink otherwise it will be you rushed to hospital with a kidney infection caused by dehydration. I think most of us would volunteer to be your tea lady just for the chance to sit quietly and watch you creating your masterpieces. Hope all goes well with all your plans for the next couple of weeks. xx Maggie

  6. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant little trailer which sums Clarity up. It must be really hectic for you and the team at the moment. I say this because it took me nearly an hour to get through on the phone this morning! Then I confused the poor girl that answered as I said I was in the Platinum club!! She thought there was something you hadn't told her! For some reason Platinum has stuck in my brain instead of Diamond. Anyway, I digress. I hope everything goes really well for you over the next couple of weeks and really can't wait for my envelope to arrive with my new goodies in – so looking forward to it and I'm sure the new club will be a huge success. Just banish W & H for ever!! Love Alison xxxxx

  7. Oh Barbara you can't expect to manage all that whilst tea-deficient!! Get that kettle on now!! Whilst i can agree that your first illustration definitely summed up the office when i rang, Paul definitely didn't sound like the second picture gives to suggest!!! (I, on the other hand, was all of a dither cos i was talking to the bloke off the telly !!! Daft i know.)
    Love the trailer. So clearly demonstrates the positives of the lovely clarity community.
    Alison xxxx

  8. That trailer is perfect! Glad you think it's worth it – make sure the calm times balance the hectic ones, and try to enjoy them all for what they are. The Clarity community is fantastic, supportive and inspirational, why else would we all turn up here day after day?

  9. Lovely video trailer, says it all! Must upgrade to the Diamond club, I rang at the weekend but spoke to a lovely lady and we laughed as I said I wanted to upgrade to the Platinum club, she said you're one in front and we wondered what we could come up with for the Platinum one!

    Give W & H a kick up the bum! Good job you have Paul now as well, I'd offer to do the tea but I really can't do early mornings anymore and Oxford is just too far to come!


  10. Wonderful promo Barbara which shows all the fantastic things you and the team do and have done to make Clarity great in every way. Hopefully tomorrow will be less manic. Don't let W and H get the better of you! x

  11. I would love to be there and I'd be you're biggest groupie and helper too but I'm many miles away in Virginia . I'm soooo jealousy of all you ladies who are ble to drive and not swim to see Barbara .
    I'll just have to settle for my daily fix via my trusty iPad ( oh what would I do without you dear iPad )
    Have to be careful tho , my husband thinks I have a problem ! Hahahah ! Joy now , feel good jan

  12. Great video, it reminded me how much I enjoyed the Catterick open days. A retreat up here would be wonderful but open days are the next best thing. I upgraded to the diamond club yesterday and am looking forward to my goodies arriving. The lovely Pete was so calm and helpful there was no clue about what was going on at the towers though I knew it must be frantic.
    Best wishes for Frankfurt xx

  13. Lovely! I was right back in Croborough there. Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday. We've explored parts of Somerset in the rain today but had enough of getting wet so it's back to the hotel to get back in the groove! My elder daughter couldn't believe I'd take crafting away with me but the other one understands and organised for me to receive some new plates before we came away. Time to experiment.
    Have a good week Barbara. Keep breathing and it will soon be done and you'll wonder why you were panicking. Xx

    1. And watching it again, I've just spotted my shoulder with me reading the magazine with Barbara in it! I had no idea that had been filmed at the time but saw it on the video after the open day.

  14. Know exactly how you feel – well maybe. Just catching my breath before a two week trial blitz for the MOJ – keeping everyone safer.
    Rang Clarity Towers this morning and would you believe it – got Paul. He recognised my northern Accent straight away. Made my day hearing his friendly voice. Also made a card for my dentist and got a kiss and a how sweet. Crafting and Clarity sure make life a better place. Big thank you to everyone and love too
    Anne (Reading)

  15. I hope your trade show goes well, bet it will the product is amazing. I want to join Groovi club did ring before Christmas, not sure if I need to ring again as was told I would be rung back. I really don't want to be a pest and make the teams life more difficult. They are so patient when I do have to call the office. Going to miss you at the NEC in March but fully understand your reasons. So it will be the Open Day again for my Clarity fix and hopefully retreat again. Go and get that cup of tea to recharge your batteries. xx

    1. I agree Lynne I am in the same boat. It would be great if someone from Clarity could perhaps say if they have made all their phone calls to members waiting to upgrade then we can all either breathe a sigh of relief or make a call if something has gone awry. I too don't want to ring to check as must be so busy in the offices at the moment

    2. Hi Lynne,
      Hope the following helps.
      I ,too, had phoned up a while ago and was thinking of phoning again today, when I was contacted this morning. Now a paid-up member with email confirmation seconds later. Thank you, Paul – impeccable service from Clarity! ;~}

    3. Thanks Shelagh. I will be patient. I have always had wonderful service and certainly did not want to be a pest. Hope you are keeping well, are you planning on going to retreat this year. xx

    4. Thank you Shelagh. I too phoned between Christmas and New Year and was thinking I should phone again as people were saying they were now all joined up. Like Lynne though I didn't want to keep phoning as I know they are busy. I will be patient and wait to be contacted. Xx

    5. I had an email asking me to phone because Clarity couldn't contact me – wonderful service and a lovely lady to speak to when I phoned. Xxxx

    6. Wonderful Shelagh, hope we can be on the same days would love to catch up with you again. I agree definitely written in stone, Fred knew after last year it would be repeated. xx

    7. Oh I'm so jealous as I cannot make a retreat to meet you all but it's so nice to be part of the clarity blog family
      I rang on Monday to put in an order and up graded to the diamond club went so smoothly a big thank you to Stephen got e mails confirming immediately after xxx

  16. Fabulous Promo and it says everything about what Clarity stands for and does. Enjoy Frankfurt, I am not surprised it is overwhelming sometimes so as somebody else said earlier keep breathing and enjoy! xx

  17. Great promo very well done . I also phoned re new club before Xmas thought someone was phoning back . Will wait until Friday then get in touch again as go back to work next week . looking forward to shows and retreats again this year . good luck at the trade fair all will be fine .

  18. Great video, it shows it all, beat those gremlins over the head with it. You know we do all feel like a family and I know I feel as if I ve known you forever through the blog and all you do. Hope your week goes well and you manage to enjoy it in and amongst! X X X X

  19. You DO have something special – 'all the brilliant people who come together under the Clarity Banner'! Excellent promo video Jim (is this the same Jim who drew my recently-ordered Wee Houses + Shops)? Love them. Frankfurt will adore Clarity if they don't already.
    Tonbridge Sue

  20. Fantastic promo. Sums up what Clarity is all about in a nut shell. We don't expect new art every day! Sometimes other things come first. Without the business, the community wouldn't exist. Sometimes you have to nurture the business and trust the community to understand the pressure. Deep breaths…..

  21. A great promo for Clarity. I cannot praise your company enough – I had to contact the office last week and everything was dealt with so professionally, and without fuss. The same applies today, when Paul phoned re the Diamond Club. It is so refreshing to deal with a company who cares! ;~}

    1. Hello Donna yes wet and windy herd too – know what you mean about the children, my friend popped in at lunchtime to escape from children madness for half an hour! Hope the weathers better tomorrow xxxx

    2. Hi Donna, the same here wet and windy, according to our Nephew it's 2 degrees in Cyprus today. Mad isn't it, it was 16 degrees here yesterday. Wrong way around isn't it. Hope you have a good evening especially as the children were wild. Our dogs used to be like that when it was windy, is yours? Love and hugs,Pam xx

    3. Yes, she stands in the garden, nose in the air letting the wind ruffle her ears and goes crazy running around barking! Did your birthday card get finished? I bet you liked it when it was done. Xx

  22. Hi Barbara
    That VT says it all. Lots of positivity and smiling faces. I am all ready for the new Groovi club. I have scissors and a few tools now so I can advance to cut work. I have had a try but I find it hard so see the holes. New specs needed I think or perhaps there is a Clarity solution. I agree with you Donna. My MIL always said that wind makes children naughty.
    Hugs from Chris X

  23. Hi Barbara
    Now think back a couple of weeks to the CHA and look how well that went. I know, it's always a worry but you will be wonderful. What a lovely promotional video, it really sums up Clarity and there you are laughing at the end – perfect. I hope you've sorted out the PowerPoint presentation and the kettle has been boiled many times. Make sure you get some time to relax before the weekend.
    Love Diane xxxxx

    1. Hi Diane, hope you are ok too. I'm still here, not pleasant though is it? Yes cushions out just in case, although I spent a lot earlier in the month. Have to see what's new as I paid for the whole of my Diamond club, as my others ran out on 31st Dec. Got a few things on the wish list so far.

  24. If anyone's making tea, I could seriously murder a cup !! There' an Acrylic Avalanche going on here you know…..arrrrgh. But do you know ,reading all these lovely comments makes it all worthwhile…….White no sugar thanks. xx

    1. You deserve all the fabulous comments clarity rocks don't forget to grab a biscuit with that tea and a big hug for Barbara a crafting hug a day makes everything better hugggggggggg 🙃

    2. I bet there is Dave, hope we're not wearing you out with all the diamond groovi plates you're having to make. Hope someone is making you a cuppa you certainly deserve it. Pam xx

  25. Great trailer Barb and I'm very excited to hear of a new you-tube! I hope you and Dave have managed a cup of tea by now or you will both be piles of dust. Wishing you continued success, and put that worka and holic back in their box with a padlock!

  26. What a fabulous little video. Totally sums up Clarity to a tee. One big happy family all together having a laugh. I also spotted our Maria in there – my god girl you have come such a long way – huge well done. Go team Clarity – the future's looking Groovi. Xxxx

  27. W & H are everywhere at the moment, January does that to people, mind you, you've got more on your plate than most. Great bit of video, we are so lucky that you have a great team.

  28. I too phoned up before Christmas and I had a lovely call from Paul this evening. Now I am a signed up member of the diamond club. Den, my partner thought I was mad cos I said that was Paul off the tv…

    The trailer is great and wonderful to see Barb having a great laugh. Just fantastic the community love there is here on the blog and with all the Clarity team.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  29. Hi Barbara, safe journey, good luck and hope everything goes well. Try to manage a bit of you and Dave time while away. So looking forward to the Diamond envelope coming through the door, not long to wait now. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  30. Hi Barbara, They say if you want something doing to ask someone who is busy, you are definitely that !!! I think you should do a 'chillout' for a few minutes, take a few deep (and meaningful) breaths and a bit of 'me' time. I do hope everything goes well, and you have a safe journey to Frankfurt, you will 'Wow' everyone with your expertise.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  31. Hi Barbara, They say if you want something doing to ask someone who is busy, you are definitely that !!! I think you should do a 'chillout' for a few minutes, take a few deep (and meaningful) breaths and a bit of 'me' time. I do hope everything goes well, and you have a safe journey to Frankfurt, you will 'Wow' everyone with your expertise.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  32. I'm sure Paul understands 😉 The people in Frankfurt are bound to love you and your products – how could they not? At work and under pressure I used to say three deep and, as someone earlier said, meaningful breaths and carry on. It's amazing how many times it worked even if I had to do it two or three times!! Make sure you include time to look after yourself. Mxx

  33. I love your film – it really captures all things Clarity

    Please take care, it's not good going 100mph all the time.

    I hope you have a busy trade show and then some time to breathe and reflect – oh wait, that comment should be on mindfulness Wednesday

    take care

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